Vaccination Aid For 4 Cats In Cheras (Lum Kah Wai’s)


We have provided an aid of RM100 for the vaccinations of these 4 cats.

Good morning Dr. Chan,

I have brought the 4 kittens, Susu, Kopi, Sushi and Rambo to the vet for second booster vaccination on the 28th of July.
The vet doctor was surprised that they have grew so much (by 600gm each!) within one month.
They are no longer staying in the large cage i built for them as I have give it to one of my neighbor (I was driving pass by this neighbor’s house back from work and saw some of his cats and kittens playing in the middle of the road. I met the neighbor and offered to give him the large cage to keep his kittens safe.). I will be moving into a condo unit by the end of this year, can’t bring the DIY cages with me so might as well I give it to someone who needs them.
Now all of the cats are staying indoor with my wife and me, and have occupied one of the empty room in my rent house. Plenty of space for them to play and run around.
The first vaccination of the 4 kittens can be found here: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/07/15/vaccination-aid-for-4-cats-in-cheras-lum-kah-wais/
I have already posted their application forms and receipts on the 6th of August.
Attached their picture and vaccination record for your reference.
Thank you Dr. Chan.
Lum Kah Wai

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/08/14/vaccination-aid-for-4-ca..




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