The Big Indy-Ginger Fight (guess Who Won…again?)


Indy has been acting up for the past week or so with (1) his lightning-speed escapes from Bunny’s Room to the patio and (2) his constant war-cries on Bunny.

So this afternoon, I heard his war cries, but remember he was at the patio. I thought he was war-crying on Bunny on the patio side of the Stargate, so Bunny would be safe. I did go in to check and Bunny was perfectly alright.

Little did I know (silly me!) that Indy was war-crying on Ginger. I thought Ginger was inside the house. You see, whenever Indy sneaks out to the patio, I lock the patio door, so that he remains outside (at the patio). It is also good that he stays at the patio so that Bunny would not be bullied by him.

So, it was actually Ginger and Indy fighting. I paid no attention to his initial war cries as I didn’t know the two were actually fighting.

By the time I realised it, there was so much Ginger-fur all over the patio and the two were in a locked-body struggle. I had to use the water hose to separate them. Only Ginger moved. Indy stayed (“spray all you want, you think that’s going to stop me?”). 

This is the aftermath….

I scooped up Indy and shoved him into the cage to prevent him from launching another attack on Ginger.

If you remember, in the last fight last year, Ginger actually won and Indy had to go to the vet and be on antibiotics.

Smurfy was afraid and was hiding low in his blue hanging basket. I could only see his big eyes and the top of his head.  Minnie wasn’t the least bit affected (“silly boys….fight all you want, I’m safe in my condo”).  

It was also lunch time, so I left Indy and Ginger alone first and fed the rest. There were some leftover food, so I gave the two bowls to Indy and he “sapu habis” (cleaned up) the two bowls.

Ginger, however was too traumatised to eat. He was clearly shaken. Tabs was too traumatised, although she was not involved in any way. Heidi ate as usual. The Cow Clan also ate and so did Minnie and Smurfy. So only Ginger and Tabs could not eat.

Ginger needed recuperation on the sofa.

After about an hour, I offered baby food to Ginger and he ate.

Tabs also ate.

Primal for Ginger later.

Ginger was checked for wounds and I did not see any. But he did have some diluted blood stains on his fur. I don’t think it is his blood.

After about one-and-a-half hours, I let Indy back into Bunny’s Place.

He’s clearly not happy that he had to be in “jail” at the patio.

Ginger is still traumatised.

It was later that I checked Indy for wounds.

Found this scratch, so I cleaned it with hibiscrub and applied povidone iodine. Then, I saw blood stains on the table and that came from Indy’s paw. Upon checking, there was another wound at one of his claws. Cleaned that too and applied povidone iodine on it as well. Then, I had a brainwave – put the e-collar on him – dual purpose: to prevent him from licking off the iodine and also to restrain him from being naughty.

I know this is an insult for Indy. I know.

Indy figured out how to use the plastic e-collar for more naughty antics – to push the chair. I missed the first part where he pushed the chair around. Just managed to video the last part.

And I don’t know what he did, but it finally became this – all the green netting got pulled down.

I kept the e-collar on Indy for about two hours.

When I finally took it off him, it was dinner time.

Indy didn’t feel like eating…aww.

Took some persuasion and finger-feeding, just once, and he started eating on his own.

“Sapu habis”.

And he’s been sleeping since. Must be some delayed fatigue.

Will watch him and see if he needs a vet visit tomorrow.

So, who won this round? I think Ginger did….again.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2020/05/11/the-big-indy-ginger-figh..




AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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