What Happened To The Two Fighters (Indy & Ginger)


So, they fought and it looked like Ginger won (again).

That night, Indy slept on the bed and looked quite miserable. I had checked and he had a scratch wound on his paw and it also looked like he lost one of the claws on his hind legs. Both were cleaned with hibiscrub and povidone iodine was applied on them. They did not look serious, though.

But I did not discount the fact that he might need a trip to the vet’s since he needed one the last time he lost in a fight with Ginger.

He ate, though, so that was good.

He slept a lot.

But when Pole had her baby food, Indy came too.

“Well, I’m sick, so do I also get baby food?”, he asked.

I don’t think you are sick, Indy, but why not?

So, Bunny also asked for some.

When Bunny asks for anything, you just cannot say no, because Bunny is 80% blind.

And Tabs said she’d like some too.

And so, Heidi had some as well.

Tabs had hers.

And Indy slept again.

Putting his injured paw on a cushion, as it rightly deserved.

But then, Ginger came into the room.

And behaved as though he is the new boss now.

He wasn’t even afraid of Cow!!!

The winds of change….indeed.

The elderly has to know when to make way for the young. That’s just the way of life for everyone, you know.

This morning, Indy had his breakfast with everyone else.

He looks perfectly okay, so I don’t think we need a trip to the vet’s.

The scratch on his paw is almost all gone by now. The missing claw wound is healed too.

Yes, it is business as usual for Indy.

You cannot keep Indy Jones down, right?

It’s back to normal for him. He also made a lightning escape out of Bunny’s Room, headed for the patio, but….

Ginger was there and Indy stopped short. Okay, he knows he should not try his luck. That’s smart, Indy.

Is Ginger the new boss?

Even if he is, it would be only among the males.

There’s still Cleo Patra to contend with.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2020/05/13/what-happened-to-the-two..




AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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