If You All Remember, Basset Hound Mr X Was Handed ..


If you all remember, basset hound Mr X was handed to us a few weeks ago by some Subang Jaya residents. They alleged that he was neglected by his owner. They also claimed that a year ago, another dog owned by the same man had died due to serious neglect and deprivation of food. Now, when posted about the dog here, a man private messaged us claiming that the dog was his. We asked him about the allegedly dead dog but he evaded the question. He then went and complained against us at the Subang Jaya Adun’s office. The Adun’s assistant called us and patronisingly asked us if we were registered. Triggered by such a rude question, we gave him a severe tongue lashing. Then the man went and reported us to the police. The police called us and we explained to them that the dog’s welfare was of paramount importance and the man must explain to us first about the allegation that one of his fogs had died of neglect. Then today, we have been receiving a string of long PMs from a lady claiming to be his friend. We asked her why he evaded the question about the alleged dead dog. We have contacted the people who made the allegations and told them that they have to back-up their allegations against the man by lodging a report with the Department of Veterinary Services and must be prepared to have their statements recorded. The person whom we spoke to has agreed to do so. As far as MDDB is concerned, we only want what is best for the doggo. Our requests are:

1. Owner to explain the allegation about the dead dog.

2. Owner to explain why Mr X is in such a poor condition with injuries to his paws.

3. Neighbours to to explain in depth to us why they believe that man should not have the dog anymore

4. The neighbours to lodge a complaint with the Department of Veterinary Services and push for investigations.

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Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better is a canine welfare programme initiated by non-profit organisation Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII).

MDDB's main activities revolve around rescuing dogs from the local council pounds as well as off the streets. Once they have been rescued, the dogs are vaccinated and neutered before being put up for adoption.

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