It Takes A Spark. Sometimes When The Skies Darken,..



Sometimes when the skies darken, all it takes is a spark. Today we’re taking on two different shelters, one in Bosnia and one in Romania, where dogs are being kept in significant neglect. The goal is to get authorities to allow seizure of the animals and placement with safe shelters. This work is not easy on our hearts and we certainly won’t burden you with graphic details or photos. But we will not turn away from these tough cases.

We appreciate any love and light you can send our way!


Source: https://www.facebook.com/HarmonyFundAnimalRescue/photos/a.13..



Animal Rescue Chase

The Great Animal Rescue Chase celebrates the art of animal rescue with a worldwide race to rescue one million. It’s a free event, open to all, and is perhaps the only global animal rescue event aimed at helping any animal in distress, anywhere in the world. Our ambition is to create a culture of enthusiasm and pride in animal activism. We believe in teaching, by example, that there is a hero in each of us just waiting to be unleashed. Empowered animal lovers can not only save lives, but build the momentum for powerful animal welfare reform.

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