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The following statement comes from a brave rescuer in Egypt whom has demonstrated years of devotion and determination to keep her pack alive:

“My friends, I want to share with all of you the severe circumstances our shelter is encountering especially this month,” Freedom Shelter Founder Hoda said last night. “The shelter has daily needs.. such as collecting garbage, cleaning the sewer pipes, vet and vet assistant daily visit for the dogs with chronic diseases.

All these needs are a big load on me as I have to pay their expenses on daily basis (same day of service) without delay to maintain their service availability. Other than the above, I have the basics monthly payments to be paid every month from day 1 to day 5.. such as 3 workers salary (EGP 4000 x 3 workers = EGP 12000), 2 shelter courts monthly rent (EGP 4000 x 2 courts = EGP 8000), daily cleaning and sanitizing materials cost per month is EGP 2500, monthly medication not less than EGP 4000.” (All this is about $1,700 US dollars or 1,245 British pounds sterling in total)

“I buy the food from the supplier and I give him the amount I have and ask him to give me some time to pay him until I get the rest of the amount,” Hoda continues. “So, this is how it goes to fulfill the shelter needs, whenever I get donations, I pay some of the debts. And again, it becomes too difficult as the donations I get covers food for one week only. So I am forced to ask for donations every week for paying some of the debts and buying next week’s food. Sometimes, the supplier refuses to give me food unless I give him money for the new week’s food. Currently, the weekly cost for food is $538. If the situation continued like that, the shelter will be closed for lack of money and I cannot afford alone. I am begging you to help me find a sponsor to any of the above mentioned needs to be able to continue with the shelter or the shelter will be closed and the 300 dogs will be thrown in the street. Court owners or suppliers don’t help or wait for their money. You pay or you are out. Please please please help the poor dogs.”

Donations today will go directly to helping the 300 dogs here with essential care during the rest of January and February. You may also donate on our website at www.HarmonyFund.org

Source: https://www.facebook.com/HarmonyFundAnimalRescue/photos/a.13..



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