5 Nights Ago, Whilst We Were Feeding The Stray Cat..


5 nights ago, whilst we were feeding the stray cats at SetiaWalk, this gentle male cat approached us with a bad injury on his right eye. He was then sent to our panel clinic for check up and treatment.

An update from the vet revealed that the cat has corneal ulcer and conjunctivitis, possibly due to a cat fight. The cat is currently being hospitalised for treatment. The vet also said a corrective surgery on the cornea may be required if the condition doesn’t improve with the medications.

2 days ago, we visited the cat and we are pleased to see that he is responding well to the medications. His right eye has improved, but he will continue to be hospitalised for treatment and observation until full recovery.

We seek your kindness to help us with the cat’s medical bill later. Thank you.

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