Pippin & Shell For Adoption To A Loving Home

Pippin and Shell keep us all feeling young with their energy and joy. These two darlings are a perfect match for each other. They are roommates at LASSie and get along like a house on fire! Both are...
Jun 30, 2012


New Dogs For Adoption At LASSie

Gizmo, Baz and Winston are three handsome & healthy dogs now looking for a new home. Do come over or get in touch with LASSie if you can provide them with attention and a loving environment....
Jun 29, 2012


LASSie On The French “30 Millions D’Amis” TV Show

LASSie was just featured in the most popular animal programme on French TV, called 30 Millions d’Amis (“30 Million Friends”). It gives a great exposure to LASSie and we hope it was...
May 28, 2012


Bev Luff, Founder Of With Compassion & Soul, Shares Her Story

Millions of animals are exploited, abused, tortured, neglected, & slaughtered around the world daily. This very fact made it difficult for me to choose only one issue to make a stand against and...
May 23, 2012


Nikita Looking For A New Home

Nikita is a survivor. Yet another victim of reckless driving, she was saved by Sonia’s family but she is now paralyzed from her hips down. Here’s her story. Please help us look for a new...
May 8, 2012


From Sweden With Love – The Story Of Harriet

Recently, Harriet said goodbye to LASSie after two years of brightening the lives of everyone at the shelter. A new chapter of her life has begun : she was adopted by Maja, who lives in Sweden and...
Apr 16, 2012


A Word From Narelle…

Well, we tried, but no way could we beat a competitor that put on 3,500 votes in three days… We voted in what we believe was the good old fashioned way and in the spirit of  the competition. The...
Mar 1, 2012


LASSie On SunSuper Dreams!

LASSie, the Langkawi Animal Shelter & Sanctuary Foundation, has just been nominated on the SunSuper Dreams website, which gives us a chance to win a much-needed AUD5,000 grant for the shelter....
Mar 1, 2012


Adopting From LASSie

Most cats and a few dogs at LASSie are ready for adoption and looking for loving owners and a place to call home. When they first arrive in the clinic, most of them have to be spayed/neutered,...
Jul 8, 2011


The Story Of LASSie – The Langkawi Animal Shelter & Sanctuary

Bon Ton and the animals go back a long way. Over twenty years ago, Bon Ton Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia began rescuing and sheltering street dogs, seven of which made the journey to Langkawi...
Mar 1, 2011

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