Kitty – A Childhood Memory

There was a cat under the car. I couldn’t quite see it in the darkness, and no amount of coaxing would persuade it to come closer to me, so I gave up. I was seven years old, and little did I...
Oct 16, 2013


Tabs Goes Berserk…because Of The Tshirt!

We thought that since Tabs is looking for warm mats and warm places to rest in, putting on a tshirt might make her more comfortable. That’s Indy’s tshirt, remember? But Tabs...
Oct 14, 2013


Show Your Cute & Funky Pet | PetFinder.my Furry Halloween Contest

Want to win state-of-the-art, elegant FLEXI leashes for your pet, and delicious food and treats from EUKANUBA / IAMS? Join our Furry Halloween Contest now and let the world decide on how cute and...
Oct 7, 2013


An Official Holiday With Kopi To Langkawi! :)

It was a great holiday! I got to spend time and had so much fun with Kopi! This was back in the days when he was still a single furchild : He obviously enjoyed himself tremendously during the trip...
Oct 3, 2013


Oh No! There Was Fur Flying All Over!!

There was a huge fight at the patio this morning. It was the unmistakable shrill sound of catfight and it was between Mr G and Vincent. They were locked in fierce battle. Mr G had been going on the...
Sep 7, 2013


《再一次幸福》 – 鄭心羽 / 《Another Chance To Love》 – SinYu

再一次幸福 (Another Chance To Love) – Newly-released Chinese song by local artiste 鄭心羽 (SinYu), who is a compassionate and active animal rescuer. This beautiful and touching charity...
Sep 3, 2013


Willy, Mr Zurik And The Water-Gun!

Willy came for dinner this evening and oooh….I was so happy to see him again. Willy, Willy! He prefers wetfood to kibbles. Ginger came out to greet this fellow orange friend. Willy...
Aug 22, 2013


Meet Ippo The ‘Zonkey’ : Rare Foal From Zebra & Endangered Donkey

MEET IPPO THE ‘ZONKEY’: Rare Foal From Zebra & Endangered Donkey A rare ‘zonkey’ – the offspring of a male zebra and a female donkey – has been born at an...
Aug 13, 2013


Oh No, Tabs!! What Did You Do?!!

Ever since Connie painstakingly grew these four pots of catnip for me, I’ve been taking really, really good care of them, waiting for the day when I can harvest them and let the cats enjoy...
Aug 3, 2013


Free Willy!

It was dinner time at 6.30pm. A bit later as I was out. Everyone was here, including Heidi. Vincent and Mr G too. And that’s only because Mr Zurik is not here. Otherwise, the patio...
Jul 23, 2013


The Tao Of Meow

Shared by Cindy Hoong:  There are many kinds of rulers. The highest rule by virtue and their authority is invisible. Those they rule are unaware of being ruled. They may even believe that they are...
Jul 15, 2013


Meet The World’s 1st Driving Dogs!

Introducing the 1st driving dogs on Earth – Porter & friends! In a bold and creative collaboration to prove that stray animals are so smart and lovable, SPCA Auckland has teamed up with...
Jun 24, 2013


Of Cat Politics And Taking Opportunity Of The Winds Of Change

Ever since Cow retired as the alpha of Bunny’s Place, Indy took over and now rules with an iron fist (and a Spider-Cat mask to boot). If you think Cow was cranky, Indy is worse. Our private...
Jun 10, 2013


Night Out At Betty’s

To all foodies and dog lovers out there, here’s another great place to go to for your dinner for 2 These days my dinner for 2 has turned into a dinner for 5! It’s quite a brood I have...
Jun 9, 2013


Catching Willy, Part 1

My plan is to feed Willy for a few more weeks before attempting to catch him to be neutered. I don’t think he has an owner anymore now as he is often sighted at the blue dustbins and inside the...
Jun 2, 2013


Paws In Malta

I recently had the privilege of spending a couple of weeks in Malta, a tiny country (population about 400,000) of three islands in the middle of the Mediterranean, halfway between Italy and northern...
Apr 9, 2013


Playing In The Tube, Anyone?

With Connie’s scary experience of the 2m long python coming right into her compound and the fact that the council grass-cutters came to our area this morning, we were wary that there might be...
Apr 8, 2013


Olate Dogs – Winner Of America’s Got Talent 2012

Watch the wonderful OLATE doggies perform – winners of the America’s Got Talent! Amazing what excellent training and a strong bond between owners and pets can do. Enjoy the weekend...
Mar 24, 2013


Indy On The Warpath And The Tshirt Peace Resolution

Indy was caught bullying Cleo yesterday…  Oh no!  Poor Cleo…look at her ears. But I know Cleo can certainly defend herself.  At this point, I intercepted and broke up the fight...
Mar 14, 2013


Dawn’s Doggy Diary, Part 4

I went for walkies with Dave in the morning and did my wee wee at various spots to mark my territory. Gotta show these Bandar Kinrara dogs who’s boss. Then he heated up my healthy gourmet doggy...
Feb 15, 2013

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