If It’s Furry, It’s Mine!

Kitties! Do your Pets leave the house efurry day with lame excuses like “I have to work” and “Somebody has to buy the steak”? And do they sometimes come home, smelling of...
Jan 24, 2013


Dinner For 3

There are truckloads of foodie blogs and websites of good food with cheap prices… It’s easy to find good places to eat with reasonably good food quality and somewhat ‘boleh...
Dec 26, 2012


Squizzle Time!

It’s raining efurry day and as it’s too wet for cats to go outside and play, I am spending lots of time with the pets. I am also pleased to tell you that my Campaign For Domination gas...
Dec 16, 2012


WAGisode #2: SpenDOGholics

Wagisode #2 – SpenDOGholics My  throat is sore, my bum is sweating and there seems to be an additional ten years added to my actual age right now. Samba and Steve, as much as I love them,...
Nov 22, 2012


Why I Am Trashed

In our house we get to go out all day but we’re in at night. We Cats don’t get out until 5AM. So last night I spent some time training my pets to open the door whenever I want. Pets are...
Oct 24, 2012


Butch – Professional Food Thief & Eating Machine, Part 2

Back in Part 1, we were investigating the mystery of the missing junk food in LASSie, and we were absolutely stumped. Until a month later, when I caught sight of something beneath my...
Oct 16, 2012


Zeus – World’s Tallest Dog

Zeus was the father of the gods in Ancient Greece, and his namesake, a 3-year-old Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan, USA, can today be referred to as the “father of the dogs” as he is...
Oct 3, 2012


Butch – Professional Food Thief & Eating Machine, Part 1

If dogs had eating competitions, long-time LASSie (Langkawi Animal Shelter & Sanctuary Foundation) resident Butch would win paws down. Not only will this gluttonous canine eat anything and...
Sep 17, 2012


Dawn’s Doggy Diary [ Part 2 ]

After my bath, I was gently towel dried and then the Girl gave me my first fur trim in a long time. “Aiyoh, you poor thing, your hair is all tangled and matted up” she said. Ah, finally someone...
Sep 10, 2012


Pet Or Servant?

Do you efur wonder what to call the bi-peds in your life? Au, the Senior Cat in our house, is furry old-fashioned. He calls for De Survunt and De Male. Most of the time he gets exactly what he meows...
Sep 1, 2012


Animal 3Rs: Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome [ Part 3 ]

In Part 2, we talked about how all animal rescuers carry out the good work they do on the premise that we owe a collective responsibility, as humans, to the animals that we are supposed to care for...
Aug 23, 2012


Benefits Of Owning A Dog

Now, who needs a DOC when you have a DOG? =) Click on image to view high-resolution version: Source: TheDogTrainingSecret.com PetFinder.myPetFinder.my is Malaysia's leading Pet Adoption...
Aug 13, 2012


Steak, Lovely Steak!

Hello kitties! I have good news to report! I have trained my pet to give me steak twice a day! This is how you do it. You wait until your Pet is eating Red Meat. Then you go over and you show...
Aug 11, 2012


How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

As a young child, I loved this song simply because I loved dogs.  I never thought much of the lyrics as it seemed harmless.  It was an innocent and simple song.  Recently, I heard the song being...
Aug 1, 2012


Dawn’s Doggy Diary [ Part 1 ]

Yes, today I am an abuse survivor, actor, model, celebrity spokesdog and animal welfare activist and have a human guardian who adores me, but this was not always the case. This is my diary that I am...
Aug 1, 2012


How To Dominate The Sofa

OK, all you cats have to Promise not to tell anyone else about this blog.  Put your paw on your heart and say, May My Tail Fur Fall Out If I Tell!   Right, now we can talk.   As some of...
Aug 1, 2012


WAGisode #1: House Training The Rock Stars

Wagisode #1 – It’s a Dog’s Life Our household consists of more canines than there are humans. My partner, Greg, and I have somehow ended up keeping whatever strays come our...
Aug 1, 2012

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