The Poll Results On The Meatless Tshirt… (drumroll…!!)

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2013/07/15/have-yo u-voted-for-our-new-tshirt-part-3-of-the-voting-pr ocess/ Many thanks to everyone for voting. Your enthusiasm is much appreciated (and we hope that...
Jul 15, 2013


Shadow Trade Movie: Trailer

  View Movie Trailer >>   Preview the upcoming documentary on Thailand’s dog meat trade, produced by Soi Dog Foundation and Environment Films. A joint collaboration between...
Jul 9, 2013


“Civilisation” = Our Break With Nature And The Enslavement Of Animals

Nothing beats the old-fashioned way of curling up on the chair with a good...
Jul 9, 2013


Abuse and Neglect: Who Should I Call? SPCA?

As I watch conversations both in the PetFinder.my Forum and on the social media pages of various animal welfare NGOs, I realise that there is a great deal of misunderstanding concerning the role...
Jul 3, 2013


Culture, Ecosystem And Economy To Reap Benefit From Turtle Conservation – WWF-Malaysia

22 June 2013, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu: The extinction of marine turtles in Malaysia would mean a significant loss to the country’s cultural and natural heritage as well as potential revenue...
Jun 24, 2013


The Importance Of Ear-Notching, Part 15 (or More?)

We have been going on like a broken tape recorder about the importance of ear-notching or ear-tipping for 4 years now, because one of the first things we did when we started in 2009 was to emphasise...
Jun 11, 2013


Breeding Ignorance

We are all used to raising (and hearing) great outcry over sensational issues involving animals. Shark-fin meat industry, civet cat fur, baby seal clubbing and leatherback turtles gagging on stray...
May 30, 2013


Go Veggie Once A Week!

How about a veggie Saturday today? By doing so, each one of us will… Save a few of the over 10 billion animals slaughtered for food – This is how many land animals are killed each year in...
Apr 20, 2013


Things Every Potential Animal Rescuer/Fosterer Should Know

  The rise in the number of animal rescue organisations in Malaysia is an encouraging sign that our society is progressing and extending help and concern to all living beings. Animal rescuers...
Mar 19, 2013


Love Is Just A Call Away

I was notified when I saw an announcement by a local shelter (MIAR) that DBKL will be putting some dogs to sleep if no one were to adopt these dogs. Many kind-hearted souls turned up to show their...
Mar 15, 2013


Find Alternative Solutions to Euthanasia of Service Dogs

The Fire and Rescue Services Department’s Sniffer and Detection Dogs Unit inadvertently created an uproar among Netizens when they published photographs of their retired service dogs being...
Mar 6, 2013


Tips To Improve Your Cat’s Quality Of Life

So you are a better than average owner and you are wondering what you can do to help make your cat’s life better. Here are a few things to consider for further reading. Diet Stop feeding your cat...
Feb 20, 2013


Vegetarian Recipes For Chinese New Year & Whole Year Round

It’s time for the big reunion luncheon or dinner for most Chinese families today, followed by eating and more eating along with the merry-making in the tradition of “abundance”...
Feb 10, 2013


Quality of Life, Quality of Death

This is the subject that no pet-lover wants to think about, but those of us who share our lives with pets have either been there already or know deep in our hearts that the day is coming. One day,...
Jan 24, 2013


Start With Education

“Do you want a Golden Retriever puppy?  My friend wants to give his away” “Why?” “Because the puppy is too active and naughty.  Keeps chewing their...
Jan 3, 2013


For The Sake Of The Animals, Let’s Clean Up Our Act

Let’s face it – Malaysians have dirty habits. The massive amount of litter along highways, in forests and in our seas and rivers is injurious to the Planet. Our rubbish clogs waterways and...
Dec 2, 2012


Factors For Successful Acupuncture Treatment In Pets

“Can acupuncture help my pet?” This is of course what every pet owner wants to know above all else when considering a visit to Asia Paws.  Dr. Susanna Brida-Hofherr has reflected upon her...
Nov 23, 2012


Book Feature: Here For A Reason, Dr.Chan Kah Yein

Dr. Chan Kah Yein of AnimalCare has recently authored a new animal welfare book entitled “Here For A Reason”, which focuses on educating the public on Care-Neuter-Release/Return-Manage (CNRM),...
Oct 21, 2012


What To Do When A Bird Flies Into Your House

This article was originally drafted for the Malaysian Nature Society Eco Kids Column, after a tearful friend called me for help when a bird hit the ceiling fan in her home and died of its injuries....
Oct 17, 2012


Parents Take Note

As a young child, I’ve always wanted dogs.  I was envious of friends who had dogs and would always bug my parents for one.  Their reply was always “How can you take care of a dog when...
Oct 5, 2012

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