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altus1314 Joined: 2009-01-18

Name:Ooi Wen kheng
Location:Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia
Experience:Dog (14 Years)
Cat (3 Years)
Hamster (2 Years)
Interested In:Rescuing Pets
An Animal Lover

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About Myself

i am a student now stay at wangsa maju and studying in tar college!I can be a volunteer hope i can help you all in rescue animal!! ^^

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Lingo, 10 Yrs
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Posted on 2009-01-21 7:02pm:

oh... now i know why ure angry at my comment. i just realized u and daphne are related and having the same pet.

i really sorry if my comment on daphne offend u or daphne but please trust me that im neutral and im not trying to side the vets. i just think that the seller of yuuki should be the one who's responsible.

im not trying to create problemss. thanks :)

Posted on 2009-01-21 6:56pm:

Hi, im sorry if i missed out anything daphne said. well, I did say that i've no good impression in segar vets too... and in fact, i personally boycott them.if u think im not right just because i dun sounds like supporting daphne, then ure wrong, u can see my comment about segar vet on cari.com.

but the thing is, since yuuki was not vaccinated completely means he's most likely infected with parvo virus when daphne bought him.

therefore, I agreed segar vet is not professional but instead of angry and taking action on the vets, why dun just take action on the petshop/breeder (whereever she purchased the pup)Because thats already proved that they are not responsible petshop/breeder and they r selling unhealthy puppies. the problem come from them first...

although i understand that no matter what the petshop/breeder return to daphne, it will not ease her pain and make yuuki alive, but at least let people know these people are selling unhealthy dogs so tat others wont be trapped.

Posted on 2009-01-19 11:08am:

Hi Qing, Do u think tis vet is Pro?
try check and see.


Posted on 2009-01-18 11:38pm:

1. Chicken is not good for their fur/coat and they tend to have skin problems.
2. Lamb/Beef it too 'hot' for them with malaysia tropical weather, ticks and fleas tend to grow if their body temperature is high.
3. Their mouth + their poo stinks! Haha.. :-)

Generally there is nothing wrong with giving table food but it is NOT ADVISABLE.

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