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Calculate Your REAL Maxis, DiGi & Celcom iPhone 5s Cost!

What's this gotta do with homeless animals at PetFinder.my? Nothing.
But who says we geeky animal lovers can't have a little fun crunching some numbers?

Compare Maxis, DiGi & Celcom iPhone Plans and find the BEST Deal for yourself!

"Which telco offers the best deal, and which plan should I choose?" You might ask. The answer is: Depends.

Really, there is no fixed answer, as it largely depends on your current mobile usage. Do not be overwhelmed by the bells and whistles, and mind-boggling calculations that the telcos present you. In the end, it all boils down to how much more you need to spend in the coming months to acquire that seemingly irresistable iPhone 5s, compared to your current monthly usage.

To help you get a clearer idea of the actual cost, we have created a simple calculator for you. Just fill in the amount you spend on each month's phone bill, estimated call minutes and SMS amount, and we'll calculate a chart for you to analyze and compare Maxis, DiGi and Celcom's iPhone plans.

We have illustrated a pre-calculated example below based on the assumption that you currently spend RM90/month, with 300 minutes of voice calls and 200 SMSes.

The best plan for each iPhone 5s model will be highlighted in red.

Specify Your Monthly Usage
Monthly Bill: RM Average amount you spend per month
Call Minutes: How many minutes of voice calls you make per month
SMS Amount: How many SMSes you send per month

Apple Store Retail Price
iPhone 5s (16Gb)
RM 2399
iPhone 5s (32Gb)
RM 2749
iPhone 5s (64Gb)
RM 3149

Maxis iPhone 5s Plans
 iValue SimpleiValue 1iValue 2iValue 3
Monthly Fee50100155250
Free Call Mins2003336671500
Free SMS100100010001000
Free Data1 Gb2 Gb4 Gb6 Gb
Call Rate0.
SMS Rate0.
iPhone 5s (16Gb, 1-Yr Contract)2249189917991399
iPhone 5s (32Gb, 1-Yr Contract)2549222921491729
iPhone 5s (64Gb, 1-Yr Contract)2899254924492049
iPhone 5s (16Gb, 2-Yr Contract)-15991199599
iPhone 5s (32Gb, 2-Yr Contract)-19491749949
iPhone 5s (64Gb, 2-Yr Contract)-222920791299
Extra Monthly Fee-401065160
Extra Call Cost20000
Extra SMS Cost15000
Actual iPhone Cost (16Gb, 1-Yr Contract)RM2189RM2019RM2579RM3319
Actual iPhone Cost (32Gb, 1-Yr Contract)RM2489RM2349RM2929RM3649
Actual iPhone Cost (64Gb, 1-Yr Contract)RM2839RM2669RM3229RM3969
Actual iPhone Cost (16Gb, 2-Yr Contract)-RM1839RM2759RM4439
Actual iPhone Cost (32Gb, 2-Yr Contract)-RM2189RM3309RM4789
Actual iPhone Cost (64Gb, 2-Yr Contract)-RM2469RM3639RM5139

DiGi iPhone 5s Plans
 iDiGi 88iDiGi 138iDiGi 238
Monthly Fee88138238
Free Call Mins2004501000
Free SMS200400600
Free Data1 Gb3 Gb5 Gb
Call Rate0.150.120.10
SMS Rate0.100.100.10
iPhone 5s (16Gb, 2-Yr Contract)14931085317
iPhone 5s (32Gb, 2-Yr Contract)18281420652
iPhone 5s (64Gb, 2-Yr Contract)21631755987
Extra Monthly Fee-248148
Extra Call Cost1500
Extra SMS Cost000
Actual iPhone Cost (16Gb, 2-Yr Contract)RM1805RM2237RM3869
Actual iPhone Cost (32Gb, 2-Yr Contract)RM2140RM2572RM4204
Actual iPhone Cost (64Gb, 2-Yr Contract)RM2475RM2907RM4539
* DiGi does not offer 1-year Contract PlansView DiGi iPhone 5s Rate Plans >>

Celcom iPhone 5s Plans
 Prime 98Prime 128Premier 168Elite 238
Monthly Fee98128168238
Free Call & SMS (Total RM value)404080150
Free Data4.05 Gb6.05 Gb6.1 Gb6.2 Gb
Call Rate0.
SMS Rate0.
iPhone 5s (16Gb, 1-Yr Contract)2038193818381738
iPhone 5s (32Gb, 1-Yr Contract)2368226821682068
iPhone 5s (64Gb, 1-Yr Contract)2698259824982398
iPhone 5s (16Gb, 2-Yr Contract)1938183817381638
iPhone 5s (32Gb, 2-Yr Contract)2268216820681968
iPhone 5s (64Gb, 2-Yr Contract)2498239822982198
Extra Monthly Fee83878148
Extra Call/SMS Cost353500
Actual iPhone Cost (16Gb, 1-Yr Contract)RM2324RM2574RM2484RM3074
Actual iPhone Cost (32Gb, 1-Yr Contract)RM2664RM2924RM2884RM3624
Actual iPhone Cost (64Gb, 1-Yr Contract)RM3004RM3254RM3164RM3754
Actual iPhone Cost (16Gb, 2-Yr Contract)RM2324RM3090RM3110RM4690
Actual iPhone Cost (32Gb, 2-Yr Contract)RM2664RM3320RM3140RM4320
Actual iPhone Cost (64Gb, 2-Yr Contract)RM3004RM3650RM3490RM4650
* Celcom First Rebate already taken into accountView Celcom iPhone 5s Rate Plans >>

Extra Monthly Fee:This is the additional basic fee you must spend each month with this plan. If the figure is negative, that means you are saving money in monthly fees by choosing this plan.
Extra Call Cost:This is the cost of call surcharges incurred per month after you finish up the free call minutes.
Extra SMS Cost:This is the cost of SMS surcharges incurred per month after you finish up the free SMSes.

Purchasing Tips
If the Actual iPhone Cost of your desired telco plan is MORE than the phone's retail price at Apple Store, it may be more worth it for you to retain your existing phone plan and purchase the iPhone 5s directly from retail outlets.

Please note that this iPhone 5s Plan Calculator is provided based on our own estimations and algorithms, which are by no means guaranteed to be accurate. Certain figures that are deemed less important have been omitted from the calculations, such as MMS cost, external network SMS rate and data bandwidth usage.

Please do not throw your iPhone 5s at us if you ended up spending more money than needed. However, if you managed to save money, feel free to donate a little to the animal shelters and help the homeless animals! =)

If you noticed a bug in the calculations, please let us know.

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