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Tempoh Adoption Percuma Dilanjutkan Hingga 31 Ogos..
19th Aug 2022, by Malaysia Animal Association

Tempoh adoption percuma dilanjutkan hingga 31 Ogos 2022. Terdapat lebih 100 ekor kucing menghuni Galeri Animal Malaysia memerlukan anda semua untuk berkongsi kasih sayang bersama mereka. Galeri Animal Malaysia terbuka kepada pengunjung secara walk in untuk berkunjung atau membuat adoption dan dibuka 6 hari seminggu iaitu pada hari Selasa hingga Ahad dari jam 11.00 pagi hingga 6.00 petang dan hanya ditutup pada hari Isnin. Galeri Animal Malaysia No.5 Jalan Balam Taman Million 51100 Kuala Lumpu...

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Confused Pets
18th Aug 2022, by PetFinder.my

It doesn't take much to confuse a pet! 😹

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Thanks Csr.malaysia For Inviting Scas As 1 Of The ..
18th Aug 2022, by Second Chance

Thanks @csr.malaysia for inviting SCAS as 1 of the NGOs to present our shelter & issue a certificate of appreciation to us 😉😉 We will keep working hard to promote sustainability & bring a better society 💪 The event is amazing and hope to attend it again next year 🙏

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The Spca Selangor Virtual Run Has Been Extended Un..
18th Aug 2022, by SPCA Selangor

The SPCA Selangor Virtual Run has been extended until 31 Dec 2022! 🐈🐕🏅 Jet has completed the run and earned his Terrific Tabbies medal! The run is not just for cats; dogs have the opportunity to earn a Marvelous Mutts medal, too! Want a medal of your own? Sign up here: https://www.spca.org.my/news/take-part-in-our-fir st-virtual-run/ *All profits go to SPCA Selangor! #SPCASelangor #BeKindToAllKinds #VirtualRun #Fundraiser #FinishersMedal #CatModel

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Can You Help Us By Promoting Sales Of Our 2023 Cal..
18th Aug 2022, by SPCA Penang

Can you help us by promoting sales of our 2023 calendar? We are using the funds from sales to boost our TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program. If you think you can help with sales, please do contact us. #spcapenang #calendar2023

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Orange Is Super Sweet, Cute And Good-Tempered. A H..
18th Aug 2022, by PetFinder.my

Orange is super sweet, cute and good-tempered. A handsome boy with soft fur, huge eyes and fluffy curved tail! When you look at him, he will gaze back at you affectionately. Adopt Orange at Sepang, Selangor: https://PetFinder.my/pets/119301

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Did You Know? In 2020, 2 Million People In Malaysi..
18th Aug 2022, by WWF Malaysia

Did you know? In 2020, 2 million people in Malaysia did not have access to safe drinking water, according to data by WHO and UNICEF. Join us in our effort to create a water-sustainable society by answering a survey on water literacy. Brought to you by WaterEd and WWF-Malaysia, the survey will help us develop better water conservation initiatives for the health of the environment and human well-being. Click on this link 👉 https://bit.ly/3JWp2eZ to answer the survey either in English or Baha...

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Let Love Be Passed On. I Am Sure, Its What Kay Kay..
18th Aug 2022, by Second Chance

Let love be passed on .. i am sure, its what Kay Kay will want. Kay Kay was adopted from SCAS 3 years ago. She was 8 yrs old then. She got sick and will fair better in a home. In her new home, Kay Kay fell in love with her mummy Pauline. Even developed separation anxiety, followed her everywhere even to the toilet. Kay Kay's fav thing is to spend 24 hours with her mummy. Which she got her wish during MCO. Attached are many of her pictures and her life. She was brought everywhere. She has lodg...

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They're Upset As Can't Play At The "Central Square..
18th Aug 2022, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

🌧️🌧️🌧️🐶🐶🐶 . . . ä¸‹é›¨å¤©ä ¸èƒ½åŽ» “中央广场“ 玩 大伙郁闷中 . 🥲 #无安乐死收容所 #三千多只流浪猫狗 #全马最高收容量 #可选择每月助养或捐狗粮 #ç»™æˆ‘ä»¬åŠ›é‡ å®ˆæŠ¤è¿™äº›æ¯›å°å­© 🙏🏻 #链接在留言区 They're upset as can't play at the "Central Square" on this rainy day 🥲 . . Choose to monthly sponsor or feed our 3,000+ rescued shelter furries. The link is at the comment section. #TheHighestStrayIntakeInMala...

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Darren Was Rescued Outside Klcc, Crying In Despair..
18th Aug 2022, by PetFinder.my

Darren was rescued outside KLCC, crying in despair. He is very domesticated, likely abandoned by his owner. A smart, loving and playful boy that gets along well with other cats. Adopt little Darren at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur: https://PetFinder.my/pets/119148

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Chitra Muthiah Needs Help. The Dog Was Rescued Fro..
18th Aug 2022, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

CHITRA MUTHIAH NEEDS HELP The dog was rescued from majlis perbandaran . It escaped from car on her way to vet for spay, nearby tan chong motor jalan segambut. When escaped it was on chain leash. Anybody see this dog please call Mr.mohan 010392631.

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Hatching Animals 🐣
18th Aug 2022, by PetFinder.my

These little animals have their first experience of the outside world. 🥰

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Smallest Horse In The World Tries To Follow His Dad To Work
17th Aug 2022, by PetFinder.my

World's tiniest horse tries to follow his dad to work every day — and sits on his lap at the dinner table ❤️

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Rescued Pup For Adoption Eng. 821. _. 30. Meet The..
17th Aug 2022, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

🐶 rescued pup for adoption (eng 👇🏻) 腼腆软甜的小三妹 🐶 (是小三妹不是小三 å¥¹æ˜¯è¿™ä¸ªæ˜ŸæœŸå¤©ä ¼šåŽ»é¢†å…»ä¼šæ‰¾å®¶çš„其中一个孩子 ❤️ 园区在约两个月前收留了小三妹 å½“æ—¶é‚£è¾¹çš„çˆ±å¿ƒå“¥å“¥è¯´ï¼Œä¸çŸ¥é“æ˜¯å“ªä ¸ªæ²¡è‰¯å¿ƒçš„把她丢在工地,很瘦很小又 å…¨èº«éƒ½æ˜¯çš®è‚¤ç—…ï¼Œçœ‹èµ·æ¥ç ´ç ´çƒ‚çƒ‚åˆè‡ ­è‡­çš„ .... åœ¨å·¥åœ°è¦æ‰¾åƒéš¾ä¸ŠåŠ éš¾ï¼Œçªç„¶åˆæ ¥äº†ä¸ªå°å®¶ä¼™æ¥æŠ¢èµ„æºï¼Œå·¥åœ°çš„å…¶ä»–æˆå ¹´æµªæµªå½“然不æ...

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Dear All,. When Mullai And Her Husband Chanced Upo..
17th Aug 2022, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Dear all, When Mullai and her husband chanced upon a post about three motherless puppies stranded near Semenyih - they went to rescue them without a second though. We need more people like them. The puppies appeared to be ill and when they brought them to the vet, it was discovered that the puppers were infected with parvovirus. The puppies are now admitted at Little Paws Veterinary Clinic in Rawang. They have been asked to pay a deposit of RM1,500 which is beyond their ability at the moment. Th...

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Sarawak Spca Wins Bid To Host Asia For Animals Conference 2023
17th Aug 2022, by SPCA Sarawak

Join us next year in AfA Conference. https://dayakdaily.com/sarawak-spca-wins-bid-to- host-asia-for-animals-conference-2023/

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Cute Cats
17th Aug 2022, by Second Chance

20 cute cats r going to meet up with u at the adoption drive at the Square Jaya One in front of Starbucks from 11am to 5pm😻😻 Let's block your calendar & jio your friend and families ❤️

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Rm6k Fund Raising For 3 Water Pumps 3 1m Pups Is C..
17th Aug 2022, by Second Chance

RM6k fund raising for 3 water pumps & 3 1m++ pups is closed 🔐🔐 We r so grateful to receive many blessings & donations to help us sustaining the shelter & continue our Mission : rescue & rehome 👍 A total of RM5,810 donations being received . We are able to settle 3 water pumps bills & to pay the new rescued 1 month + pups medical bills 👏👏 Bubble, Bravo & Vivian , 1 month + puppies, found around a dead body of mother dog, all were rescued & sent to the clinic for checkup 🙏...

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The Monthly Rescuer Adoption Drive Is Back This Sa..
17th Aug 2022, by SPCA Selangor

The monthly Rescuer Adoption Drive is back this Saturday and Sunday (20th-21st August 2022) 10am-4pm! Come and support your local rescuers and find the rescued animals a home!

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Enhance Your Life Through Adopting A New Furry Fri..
17th Aug 2022, by SPCA Selangor

Enhance your life through adopting a new furry friend! SPCA Selangor is teaming up with ProBalance to provide you the opportunity to adopt an animal with ZERO fees! Visit SPCA Selangor to learn how you can adopt and enhance your life by welcoming a new family member into your life! #SPCASelangor #BeKindToAllKinds

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