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Latest Pet Comments

2024-05-30LatteKelseyMiles said: Done!
2024-05-30LatteAngelblondel said: Hi there. The WhatsApp button doesn’t seem to wo..
2024-05-30LatteKelseyMiles said: Hello! Please WhatsApp me on 0108960845 if latte i..
2024-05-30Munchynaurra said: hi is munchu abailable still
2024-05-30PutihAbel98 said: Yes still available
2024-05-30PF133998syde03 said: Hi. The kitten shown in the photo are female. If y..
2024-05-30CikingMohdTaufikAbuSalim said: Hi, Ciking is not available anymore. Thank you ..
2024-05-30Munchynekoo said: whatsapp already not reply
2024-05-30BSH Mix-Panda TeengWong said: U can direct WhatsApp me Because here notificatio..
2024-05-30BSH Mix-Panda TeengWong said: Hi yes panda still available
2024-05-30Snowy 😍Thurgaa22 said: Are you looking for ahh other puppy
2024-05-30Snowy 😍Thurgaa22 said: She passed away already 💔
2024-05-30Snowy 😍Thurgaa22 said: Hi sorryy n
2024-05-30Stella🤎Thurgaa22 said: Are you still looking for puppy
2024-05-30Stella🤎Thurgaa22 said: Hii
2024-05-30PF131497Thurgaa22 said: Still looking for puppy adoption?
2024-05-30PF131497Thurgaa22 said: Hii
2024-05-30ZuraMohdTaufikAbuSalim said: Hi, masih ada
2024-05-30ZuraOiyaMyra said: Hi ada lagi
2024-05-30CupcakeOoiKokZhen said: Hi, is it still available?
2024-05-30Black Tips And DarlieAccidentalCatRescuer said: Here’s my number in case you want to WhatsApp me..
2024-05-30Black Tips And DarlieAccidentalCatRescuer said: Hi! Yes it is still available!
2024-05-30Black Tips And DarlieAinaFaridaAR said: hi is darlie still open for adoption
2024-05-30CikingMohdTaufikAbuSalim said: You are most welcome
2024-05-30CikingYKLOW82 said: Well noted. I will whatsapp you later. Thanks
2024-05-30CikingMohdTaufikAbuSalim said: Sure, 017-3923957 Please do whatsapp and introdu..
2024-05-30CikingYKLOW82 said: Thanks for the clarification. Can i have your cont..
2024-05-30MinaHasnizaAbdullah said: Dah ada org booked
2024-05-30Dewiaishahmh said: Hi. Yes she is
2024-05-30CikingMohdTaufikAbuSalim said: Requirement: 1.Have steady income or at the..
2024-05-30CikingMohdTaufikAbuSalim said: Thank you for your interest.
2024-05-30CikingMohdTaufikAbuSalim said: Hi
2024-05-30DewiAnimalLover2330 said: Hi may i know still available?
2024-05-30CikingYKLOW82 said: Any requirement to adopt the kitten?
2024-05-30MinaAqilah1 said: Ada lagi ke ?
2024-05-30ZuraMohdTaufikAbuSalim said: Ada. Baru je iklan ni
2024-05-30Zuradoojacat said: hii ada lagi?
2024-05-30Siamese Ragdoll Qikyee said: Can pay up to 400
2024-05-30Siamese Ragdoll Qikyee said: Helo still available? I would love to adopt !!!
2024-05-30BSH Mix-Panda Qikyee said: Helo still avail ?
2024-05-30FeliciaQikyee said: Hii still avail ?
2024-05-30BSH Golden NY11Qikyee said: Still avail ?
2024-05-30HappyYingShi said: Hi still available?
2024-05-29LolipopMahiusharaseeGnanasekaran said: Sorry she’s been adopted
2024-05-29CocoKentCw said: 我是在古来
2024-05-29爱心猫LowYongyong said: already adopted
2024-05-29Baby Syrian Hamster LMayeeE said: Just out of curiosity, why are the hamsters so exp..
2024-05-29Grey GingerEvaLee1 said: Hi pls contact me I want adopt 01111841148
2024-05-29PF133998Ielaakiela said: Hi is it male or female for the left kitten ? How ..

Latest Member Comments

2024-05-30EvaLee1EvaLee1 said: 家里没有其他猫,有一只狗,但是狗..
2024-05-30EvaLee1EvaLee1 said: 我在jb
2024-05-30KentCwMadelinelau said: 谢谢
2024-05-30KentCwMadelinelau said: 早,猫咪比较适合在固定的住宿,如..
2024-05-30EvaLee1Madelinelau said: 家里如果有其它猫,要先隔离。它会..
2024-05-30EvaLee1Madelinelau said: 这只猫咪比较怕生,带回家需要放在..
2024-05-30EvaLee1Madelinelau said: Hi 您好, 请问妳住在那一个地方?
2024-05-29RemeSriMeskutta said: Hi reme... R they still available
2024-05-29ky0312nekoo said: how much?
2024-05-27JiaHuanJiaHuan said: 01133009268
2024-05-27JiaHuanYukaT said: Can we lias through WA as got few questions if you..
2024-05-27JiaHuanJiaHuan said: hihi i got a cat 2yrs before
2024-05-27JiaHuanYukaT said: Hi. Are you inquiring on QQ? May I know if you go..
2024-05-27Myamism_Sekhmet_ said: Hi Maryam, thanks for asking about Candrine. Yes s..
2024-05-27HaydenLiaoCynsoh said: Hello u like to adopt d 2 stray kittens ?
2024-05-26AnushiaAchuthanJay2983 said: Available
2024-05-25MyamismCainny02124 said: Sorry to hear that. thanks for letting me know. W..
2024-05-25MyamismMyamism said: Hi I just lost my 7 year old cat three months ago...
2024-05-25MyamismCainny02124 said: Hi Juni still available. May I know more about you..
2024-05-25PushpasDillaAdillia said: The cat 🐈 still available for adoption
2024-05-25PushpasDillaAdillia said: The sat still available
2024-05-25DinithakumarDillaAdillia said: Still available for adoption
2024-05-24virginiawangvirginiawang said: Could you WhatsApp 0129858599 please, thanks a lot..
2024-05-24virginiawangvirginiawang said: Still available
2024-05-24virginiawangSyahiraaSaid said: Hi flashy still available ?
2024-05-23Krithika_03CindyWG said: sorry for late reply, i was oversea for few week. ..
2024-05-23EimaHurilAinFaiView said: 0133378093
2024-05-22PutriSaraPutriSara said: Hello sorry I just opened this chat. Unfortunately..
2024-05-22MehalousLyss said: Hi Please contact 0173211661 for Nico Thank you
2024-05-22nurinajasminehanifFaiView said: Hi ms jasmine. Walrus is atill available Do conta..
2024-05-22SugeeweeIlonaa said: Good afternoon, I would like to know if kitten sti..
2024-05-22Ajajayangiekeun77 said: Hi Aj Ajay, Benny and Bobby still available. kindl..
2024-05-22JiayiChanCynsoh said: Replying u on my Whatsap now . Tq
2024-05-22JiayiChanJiayiChan said: 0175608100
2024-05-22JiayiChanJiayiChan said: I wan 1
2024-05-21ShafiqKentCelestrina said: Hi Misty is still available. Where is your locatio..
2024-05-21AinaFaridaARYukaT said: I have other cats for adoption
2024-05-21AinaFaridaARYukaT said: Hi. Thanks for your interest but all got adopted
2024-05-21JiayiChanCynsoh said: Do let me know I m at 0123839775. Kittens r with m..
2024-05-21nzimh_FaiView said: Ho cik nur hazimah. Kita ada kitten lain kalau nak..
2024-05-21nurinajasminehanifFaiView said: If u still interested with our kitten, u can wasep..
2024-05-21nurinajasminehanifFaiView said: Hi ms nur. I aaw your massage just now
2024-05-20D369HCynsoh said: U still keen to adopt kittens ? I hv 2 5 weeks ol..
2024-05-20D369HCynsoh said: Hello
2024-05-20JiayiChanCynsoh said: We still have 2
2024-05-20JiayiChanCynsoh said: U keen to adopt d kittens
2024-05-20JiayiChanCynsoh said: Hello
2024-05-19YWenOngMwanashaKhamis said: No it's not my first time
2024-05-19YWenOngYWenOng said: Do you mind if I ask if this is your first time ke..
2024-05-19SyafizashaharSyafizashahar said: Sorry on that. I have changed and made it to publi..

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