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Latest Pet Comments

2020-03-29Pure White Ragdoll Kitten Cat SulaimanRusmi said: why are sold cats available to search. i only want..
2020-03-29JudeRisika said: Tomorrow I call you ayana ok
2020-03-28LunaYiannim24 said: Hi I am interested in Luna! I live in the greater ..
2020-03-28JudeRisika said: Can I get this dog sooooooooooo cute and call me 0..
2020-03-28Princess And DashJonnyShuarex said: please contact me 010-4389530
2020-03-28DreamyLizCBuri said: Hi is this puppy still available?
2020-03-28NO NAME GIVENFebrellDave said: Hi there! Im interested to adopt this cute puppy. ..
2020-03-28Puppypleongpy said: 0123067411
2020-03-28Puppypleongpy said: yes puppy is still available. can you please messa..
2020-03-28Aiko The Lil Loved OneTinaSia said: Hi. May i know if aiko is still up for adoption..?..
2020-03-28Milk Tea (Silkie Guniue Pig)AbiThasri said: Hi I want to adopt this guine ..still available
2020-03-28WinnieAbiThasri said: Hi I want to adopt this guine still available
2020-03-28LolaSawZheyu said: Hi! Please contact 017-6917820. I’m really keen ..
2020-03-28Hope (Spayed)Izam said: Hi. Is she still available?
2020-03-27PF98291Ainieahmad said: Still available ke?
2020-03-27PF98291Qismis said: Is it possible for u to send them to me?
2020-03-27JIMMYDogIover said: Are they still there
2020-03-27Aoki & Akiraallergicrescuerskl said: We are still accepting applications. Please send a..
2020-03-27Aiko The Lil Loved Onehana_so said: is adoption for aiko still aivailable if yes i wol..
2020-03-27Name Them Your Own! (Mixed)hana_so said: yang jantina tu still available ke? if yes i would..
2020-03-26LokiSriVellan said: Hi sir is the Pet still available
2020-03-26DOMINICHalim said: Hi is Dominic still available for adoption? Im int..
2020-03-26PF94571Iamlogasree said: Hi is it still available
2020-03-26Razorsasi6541 said: Puppy still available?
2020-03-26Wawa & Wanniealex4724 said: still available?
2020-03-26Bobboys alex4724 said: still available?
2020-03-26Snowyalex4724 said: is it still available?
2020-03-26Snowyalex4724 said: is it still availablr?
2020-03-26Aiko The Lil Loved OneCaticornRescueKL_HongSian said: Hi Rach1...kindly whatsapp me. Thanks
2020-03-26Miumiualex4724 said: still available?
2020-03-26Pumpkinalex4724 said: still available?
2020-03-26GingerChristinaMegam said: Has she been adopted?
2020-03-26MochiZaphyrAmirEzan said: hi, im interested
2020-03-25BUTTERCalistaCarine said: Hi is Butter still available? Please whatsapp me a..
2020-03-24Rooney (poodle) & Ceprat (mix Schnauzer)Helios said: Please contact me 0147024470
2020-03-24OreoHelios said: Im interesting
2020-03-24SOLO GIRLKwangYew said: sorry. we dont want. TQ
2020-03-24BerryKwangYew said: can you come at 28/3/2020.
2020-03-24SOLO GIRLKwangYew said: can you come at 27/3/2020.
2020-03-24OlieKwangYew said: can you come at 26/3/2020.
2020-03-24OlieKwangYew said: i will wait out side.
2020-03-24OlieKwangYew said: i live in jalan damai perdana 1/4c no10.
2020-03-24SOLO GIRLKwangYew said: i will wait out side.
2020-03-24BerryKwangYew said: i will wait out side.
2020-03-24BerryKwangYew said: i live in jalan damai perdana 1/4c no10.
2020-03-24BerryKwangYew said: ow hello there you little cutipie.can i have this ..
2020-03-24Colaabigailv88 said: please contact me at 018-7864137
2020-03-24PF98021abigailv88 said: please contact me at 018-7864137
2020-03-24Three Kittens For Adoptionabigailv88 said: please contact me at 018-7864137
2020-03-24OlieKwangYew said: 016 287 3052 my kids phone number

Latest Member Comments

2020-03-27Jasbaby2002Krishkumar said: Still available i would like to adopt
2020-03-26Halimjanteng said: Please email to me. I will reply ASAP.
2020-03-26AylaDee24 said: Hi how can i contact you?
2020-03-24SarahTalhahimanishak said: The kittens are available. Please Whatsapp the num..
2020-03-24CeceliyaJaLiimanishak said: The kittens are still available. Please text to th..
2020-03-24Fluffangiekeun77 said: Hi Dana, do contact me at 012-6707800 for more inf..
2020-03-23Annyapatrix7 said: Not for apartment.dog is available.for house. Stay..
2020-03-23JENNYjeni0102421405patrix7 said: Not for apartment,dog is available for house. Stay..
2020-03-23Betty1patrix7 said: Not for apartment.dogs is available for JB area.
2020-03-23alex4724patrix7 said: No apartment
2020-03-23Heldipatrix7 said: Yes only for JB area.not for apartment
2020-03-22azira2391wwwainahanis said: Hello, please contact me 011-37348624
2020-03-22AziraAmirulAhmadShahir said: Ada lagi x?
2020-03-21alex4724patrix7 said: Yes.both dogs are available in.johor bahru
2020-03-21Vonellenciloe said: Hey vonelle, do contact me at 0126906768 :) i am i..
2020-03-20Jfkoh88Jfkoh88 said: Probably hosted by another already!
2020-03-20Jfkoh88KuzaSasuke said: Unavailable. Unable to find him for 1 week now. He..
2020-03-16belle86alex4724 said: hi is pipi still available?
2020-03-15JackieChaialex4724 said: hi jackie, may i know panda still available?
2020-03-14MadinazzzMadinazzz said: Hello, yes he is still available.
2020-03-14FarynJonathanAag said: Hi you didnt leave your contact for me to reach yo..
2020-03-13catleyowRanaWaleed said: is appam still available i’m really interested i..
2020-03-13MadinazzzRanaWaleed said: is simba still available for adoption because i’..
2020-03-13anis90Vonelle said: Hi Anis, I saw your post on my profile page. Could..
2020-03-12yuenmahLyss said: Please contact 0173211661 for the puppy
2020-03-11DrXandrorasyademir said: Hi, I am urgently looking for a foster home for my..
2020-03-11Vonelleanis90 said: Hi Vonelle, this is Anis.. I would like to adopt o..
2020-03-11AyunKimTaper03 said: Hi Ayun - please whatsapp me on 0162048550
2020-03-09AyaNasspang519 said: Hello! Izzit Jude been taken? If not u can text me..
2020-03-06MsLyzanazimah said: salam Lyza, i baru jumpa u punya page. Nak tanya..
2020-03-02WCLIMangiekeun77 said: Hi WCLim, Mont still available. Please contact me ..
2020-03-02LakshmiNaiduSimonSurin said: Still available
2020-03-02whit3puppySimonSurin said: still available
2020-03-01agraceNanthini33 said: Hi can I adopt the white kitten please ?
2020-03-01CJ16CJ16 said: Thanks Graham. So far, the ones adopted are doing..
2020-03-01CJ16GrahamAnderson said: It’s very sad that they have to be split up, hop..
2020-02-29CJ16CJ16 said: Hi, perhaps I was teaching when you called. Try ..
2020-02-27drsicLimKimSai said: Still available?
2020-02-26rickwongKash123 said: Call me 0182914980
2020-02-26Katsube5656 said: Hi there! I would like to know whether Zoey has al..
2020-02-25CJ16partyof5 said: Hello. I've tried to contact you but the number do..
2020-02-23Mikefadldarren10955 said: Hi...this is Darren You posted your interest in Ha..
2020-02-21CJ16CJ16 said: Thanks Michelle for your moral support. Very muc..
2020-02-20NabihamonjaNekoLaw said: Hi, Pls contact me in Whatsapp if you willing to a..
2020-02-20claire2310valar87 said: hii claire this puppy still available?
2020-02-20CJ16MichelleTeng said: That's a wonderful deed to do for your friend and ..
2020-02-19Malar1409petpetpet said: hi i received your email and you may contact me at..
2020-02-18TaeJiHwangSabaaaaaa said: Hi please message me on about the kitten (choco) 0..
2020-02-16AimanAbdulazizkatkit13 said: hello you just commented on my kitten post just wa..
2020-02-16Risha11Gregory said: :) God bless

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