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Latest Pet Comments

2019-10-16RockieGilbert said: Is Rocky still available for adoption
2019-10-163 Male Guinea Pigs - Sitiawan / KL PJanisZulkarnain said: Hope that the future parents will adopt them 3. Th..
2019-10-163 Female GuineaPigs Adoption-Bukit JalilAshErykah said: Hi.. i’ve got 2 guinea pigs that need friends....
2019-10-16SummerTarithepoodles said: Hi pls call or whatsapp me. 0164830021
2019-10-16PF96053ChewKeenTan said: one more dear ~
2019-10-16LouraFatin_cats13 said: She is availble
2019-10-15MickieSteven1965 said: Oh, I just cut his hair short. He don't have any ..
2019-10-15PF96053baka said: Hi... Which one is still available?? The yellow ki..
2019-10-15Zaro (vaccinated And Neutered)IzzanHajiAbdullah said: Id love to...but im not familiar with the area, S..
2019-10-15Tofuwelson8520 said: tofu还可以领养吗?如果可以请加我what..
2019-10-15PF96133Kikuya said: hi, iswarina can we contact directly? If possible
2019-10-15Jackmisha_paul said: Hi there! Yes he still is up for adoption :) maybe..
2019-10-15Sweet SiblingsSueG said: Yes he is pls whatsapp me if u r interested
2019-10-15PF96053ChewKeenTan said: i still got 2 of them~ u may what app me for more..
2019-10-152 Baby Rabbits For Adoption - PenangJohnTang said: Hi,Im interested on the black bunny, please kindly..
2019-10-15PuppyCandyMelon said: I would like to adopt this dog, have WA you.
2019-10-15PF96133iswarina said: hi, still available?
2019-10-15PoopsAyumi_ said: Hi, is Poops still available?
2019-10-15Evelynn (Eve)Ayumi_ said: Hello, is Eve still available?
2019-10-15ObeyAyumi_ said: Hello, is this cat still available? If yes, I will..
2019-10-15Tara Ayumi_ said: Hello, Is Tara still available? I really like her ..
2019-10-15Baby HazelAyumi_ said: Hello, is Hazel still available?
2019-10-15MickeyAyumi_ said: Hello, is Mickey still available?
2019-10-15步步,BubuAyumi_ said: Hello, is Bubu still available?
2019-10-15MollyAyumi_ said: Hello, is she still available?
2019-10-15LouraAyumi_ said: Hello, is she still available?
2019-10-15CoffeeAyumi_ said: Hi, is she still available? If yes, I will gladly ..
2019-10-15PF96115amier said: STILL AVAILABLE
2019-10-15AkitaRescueRehabRehome said: Yes, pls contact Bessie
2019-10-15Zaro (vaccinated And Neutered)RescueRehabRehome said: Hi IzzanHajiAbdullah, would like to consider adopt..
2019-10-15PF96133Kikuya said: Hi, Pipsadz90 You can send me a message via “sen..
2019-10-15LokiWeiHen said: Have anyone take it already?
2019-10-14CleOMaeceeCastroCharles said: Hi im very interested.. imcan promise you that i c..
2019-10-14DanaMaeceeCastroCharles said: Hi still available
2019-10-14MONGREL GIRLSMaeceeCastroCharles said: Hi im interested
2019-10-14SnowyMaeceeCastroCharles said: Hi im very interested..
2019-10-14AkitaMinahLee said: Still available?
2019-10-14PF96147MinahLee said: I'm interested for adoption. Please contact with m..
2019-10-14TofuKelvinThongCW said: Is Tofu still available? Can I know more about him..
2019-10-14Mickieelainekpp said: He having skin problems that his fur is not growin..
2019-10-14Zaro (vaccinated And Neutered)IzzanHajiAbdullah said: I admire Zaro too...He looks almost the same as my..
2019-10-14PF96133Pipsadz90 said: Is there anyway that I can contact you directly? I..
2019-10-14PF96133Kikuya said: Hi, Not yet. I’m still looking for it.
2019-10-14LeoPipsadz90 said: Hello. Has he been adopted yet?
2019-10-14JackPipsadz90 said: Hi Misha. Jack looks so cute. Is he still availabl..
2019-10-14ArchiePipsadz90 said: First of all, stunning photos. Next, is he still u..
2019-10-14TigerFelivy said: Is he still available for adoption?
2019-10-14ObeFelivy said: Hi...can u show the dog's picture?
2019-10-14Sweet SiblingsFelivy said: Hi...is the dog still available for adoption?
2019-10-14BoboyPipsadz90 said: So adorable. Has he found his forever home?

Latest Member Comments

2019-10-15Pipsadz90misha_paul said: Hi there! I saw your comment on my cat Jack, could..
2019-10-14MuhamdAldalatiElijah123 said: I would like to adopt him... 0136160144
2019-10-14HLSquareWeiHen said: Can I get your phone number so we can contact beca..
2019-10-10eddienicewkahseng said: Hi eddie, saw you are interested in Tofu. You can ..
2019-10-08NorAin1nudaziz said: Hi, sorry lambat reply ya, dah lama tak check webs..
2019-10-05ChristyWilliamhalim8998 said: Is the cat still available? Tq am Halim
2019-10-04charmingbabyLovely said: Yes, happy still available
2019-10-03Davidsim168Davidsim168 said: 458098500295057 Block B-11-07 PV12 PLATINUM LAKE C..
2019-10-02masterpillowAmyHo said: I’m very interested. Can you contact 0102203930 ..
2019-10-02susie70Alile said: Saya nak beli ini bole tak
2019-09-30Y27KylieY27Kylie said: Hello
2019-09-30MartaKondrynrene1979 said: hi,is she still available?
2019-09-30ericlau21siva9 said: hi eric is it still available pls contact me601678..
2019-09-29FairuzFairVeerakumar said: Hello mam. Iam intetest in adapt that parrot
2019-09-29Y27KylieVeerakumar said: Hello
2019-09-29bunmamaVeerakumar said: Hello
2019-09-28kellyyhengg0elainekpp said: .. for Bailey
2019-09-28kellyyhengg0elainekpp said: Hello, WhatsApp or call me at +60137020180 - elain..
2019-09-24Mswong1NicoleWon said: Please let me know if the dark brown and gray is s..
2019-09-22NgtianfuMandyc said: Are you able to come and take the kitten yourself?
2019-09-22CastelleineInaAmrinaAmran said: Cats for adoption available
2019-09-20annesunitaannesunita said: Yes there is .. but baru one week, lets hope she g..
2019-09-20AlamGhaibAlamGhaib said: No status
2019-09-20pheers85WanRazie said: Salam.. If Lollypop Still Available..? Saya Nak Pl..
2019-09-19annesunitaJoshYong said: Hello. yea... that vet charges a bit expensive, I ..
2019-09-18cnixxchanAshErykah said: still available?
2019-09-17lynxctslpearljade said: Hi Lyn Tan. May know if this cute pie still availa..
2019-09-14JoshYongannesunita said: Hi, i paid RM161 :(( so sad for two weeks medicine..
2019-09-13sr71myfelice_sue said: Please send to Noah Ark pet shelter home.
2019-09-12LeeAnneBenc said: Hi Lee Anne, kindly update is Smarty still availab..
2019-09-11CastelleineCastelleine said: Please email me!
2019-09-11CastelleineAttya said: HI Sarah i am interested to adopt Marmalade or Mer..
2019-09-11mimi86vanessa97 said: Hi Mimi, I currently have a mother cat and her two..
2019-09-11yana0601vanessa97 said: Hi Yana, I currently have a mother cat and her two..
2019-09-10NurFatihahCahayaMataHati said: Asslama Cik, is oreo still available?
2019-09-10LeeAnneGeordy said: Hi Lee Anne, I've been trying to contact you. We ..
2019-09-10krrishfelice_sue said: hello, which dog?
2019-09-08Mswong1ananojey said: Hi, I’m interested in the four bunnies and hopef..
2019-09-06AisyahRozBodieMohamed said: I loved this cute kitten and i wish to buy it
2019-09-05CastelleineSeowSeow said: Dear Sarah, sure.. If you need anything or if ther..
2019-09-05CastelleineCastelleine said: Hi Kimmie - am getting quite a few requests that I..
2019-09-05CastelleineSeowSeow said: Dear Sarah, Hope to hear from you on my adpotion ..
2019-09-03yasmin_aminMohamedaAlbadri said: Hi please contact me iam ready to buy it 018310725..
2019-09-03yasmin_aminElishafoong said: Hi, I am interested to adopt your kitten. Pls cont..
2019-09-03LimKelvin2Anneoug said: Hi..Sorry. It has been adopted.
2019-09-01TambiboyTambiboy said: I'm looking for low cost Shih tzu can uh frenz 014..
2019-09-01TambiboyTambiboy said: Hi frenz
2019-08-30wongmunhonAliciaTan said: Hi you can email me using Petfinder system regardi..

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