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Latest Pet Comments

2019-08-19PF95124anson007 said: Is this puppy still available..? My contact no. 01..
2019-08-19Rannyanson007 said: Is this puppy still available
2019-08-191 Male Guinea Pig For Adoption - SunwayEtricCheng said: Hi, is this still available?
2019-08-18PipiGabrielPudunGariso said: Is he still available??
2019-08-18SnowieAzlin13 said: Masih ada lagi tak?
2019-08-18[Give Away] Hamster Cage & BeddingFarahImanina1 said: Can i just buy the bedding?πŸ˜…
2019-08-18The Siblings@ Mottu Satiskumar said: Still avaible
2019-08-18[Give Away] Hamster Cage & BeddingFarahImanina1 said: does this include hamster?
2019-08-18WhiteSitiLiyanaOmar said: Masih ad ke? Berminat nk adopt
2019-08-18Margarita (Rita) & Martini (Tini)PawgwartsKL said: Yes, thank you. They are beautiful cats and still ..
2019-08-17Mr Little OyennJieWeyLee said: Hi, is it still available ? Thank you
2019-08-17Four Bunnyjunyik95 said: Pm to my phone number (018-2638770)
2019-08-17Snowiejannahnor said: Hai, do your cat still available for adoption?
2019-08-17AlexisSen1 said: Available for adoption?
2019-08-17Zeus shaleni09 said: Available ?
2019-08-17Bobbie & OskarAmerShah said: Im interested. Please contact me at 0129029136
2019-08-17Cupcake And TeddyEtricCheng said: Is this still available?
2019-08-17Four BunnyEtricCheng said: Is this still available?
2019-08-17PoodleJW33 said: This for selling not for adoption. Maybe put at th..
2019-08-16ShadowAmyHo said: Hi. Please whatsapp me. Thank you
2019-08-16Lab CrossedYihCheanLee said: Mixed or Pure?
2019-08-16ShadowSazmeister2 said: Hi there. She's lovely and her coloring is so uniq..
2019-08-16Margarita (Rita) & Martini (Tini)Wendylim93 said: Beautiful cats
2019-08-16β™› ..Ferauni.. β™›damiakamal said: hi,is it open for adoption?
2019-08-16AslanShidaShidot said: please let me know is azlan taken. i really like t..
2019-08-16Yoda And Precious LindaWood said: Sure can I call you when I am with a Chinese frien..
2019-08-16SephoraFelisha92 said: Hi @ssang my contact number is 0127752804. Pls wat..
2019-08-16Labrodor Ridgeback Mixbganes said: Does puppy still available?
2019-08-16PF94928SyedMus said: Hi there, im interested to adopt this rabbit, is i..
2019-08-16Sephorassang said: still available to adopt Sephora ? thanks
2019-08-16PeterValeriyEsparam said: Is he still available?
2019-08-16LULUValeriyEsparam said: Is he still available for adoption?
2019-08-16PoodleValeriyEsparam said: Is he still available for adoption?
2019-08-16No NameHoangLS said: Has been adopted by Faizal and Zahreen.
2019-08-15FoxyJuaNnafie said: We released her this afternoon. She is ok! Someone..
2019-08-15Lab CrossedSiewli2299 said: Yes
2019-08-15Yoda And Precious DouFeng said: I only know a little English. Do you have any frie..
2019-08-15Yoda And Precious LindaWood said: Hello sorry I only speak English . Which cat are y..
2019-08-15Margarita (Rita) & Martini (Tini)PawgwartsKL said: Hi, yes both these cats are available for adoption..
2019-08-15TommyAzaBella said: yes he is manguanlee
2019-08-15Poodle, Brown With Purple Collar,SimSim said: Pet lost, please contact us if you found him.
2019-08-15PF94823ReginaCSLee said: Hi bganes, mixed breed large bone. for further inf..
2019-08-15Lab CrossedYihCheanLee said: Still available?
2019-08-15QuapoRach1 said: Hi there, is Quapo still available to be adopted?
2019-08-15URGENT: ADOPT OR THEY DIEMeeLee said: Maybe try to contact SPCA Ampang for help? I know ..
2019-08-15PeterStandg905 said: I m interested. How to contact you. ? I m from Ser..
2019-08-15AmmuNeshmira said: I’m interested
2019-08-15Blueberry DumplingJoannaSuhanaSabtu said: Is she still available for adoption?..
2019-08-15FoxyEtricCheng said: how is the Foxy now?
2019-08-15Leiamessycat said: Yes, Leia is still available for adoption.

Latest Member Comments

2019-08-19EstheronnShahnazShahizan said: Thank you for bringing the kittens into our lives...
2019-08-18BellelowBenHong said: hey if rex is still available please do contact me..
2019-08-13SharimilaJazzJohnson said: Hi please contact Jackie@011-28131163 for further ..
2019-08-13SubaSuberamaniamJazzJohnson said: Hi please contact Jackie @011-28131163 for further..
2019-08-13DerekPhoonthivia27 said: I want to adopt this puppy
2019-08-13PutrazqFaridahMohdZin said: Assalamualaikum... Yes... Timmy is still avaiable..
2019-08-12NicoleeeLSLim said: Hi you were asking about Woggy the black dog? Pls ..
2019-08-12NicoleeeGrace2011 said: Pls text me at 0123276583 Tq
2019-08-12HannaLeeHannaLee said: My contact is 0176678519 Thanks
2019-08-12daughter_of_ganesondaughter_of_ganeson said: Says number not in service mam... cant contact
2019-08-10daughter_of_ganesonangiekeun77 said: Hi , please contact me at 012-6707800
2019-08-10KateLittlenisha1906 said: Do u still have...im interested
2019-08-10HannaLeezeushyuk said: may i hv contact no pls
2019-08-05zoldyckjannah1 said: Saya berminat can you watsapp me at 0102324752
2019-08-05reyazulkifleCalissaCamry said: hi, yuna ada lg ke
2019-08-04Rozi66Kitten4 said: I have 4 kittens found in my backyard. You can vie..
2019-08-03JohannaLeeLyss said: Hi Please contact me 0173211661 about Benny
2019-08-03limkarmuLyss said: Hi Please contact me 0173211661 about Benny
2019-08-01gobalansamNimmyBK said: Hi Mr Gobalan.Thank you for your interest in Mojie..
2019-08-01savinaliusavinaliu said: Hi dear: Sorry for my late reply. We adopted one s..
2019-08-01JaniceThongJaniceThong said: Thank you for updating. Appreciate it very much. I..
2019-07-31gobalansamJamesQuahSooEng said: Dear Mr Gobalan Sam ... yes, Mojie is available fo..
2019-07-31YenJiGrace2011 said: Pls WhatsApp me at 0123276583
2019-07-31JaniceThongRonnie120 said: Fyi, Ollie has been adopted.
2019-07-29ManiSaraniaManiSarania said: thanks
2019-07-29ManiSaraniaChan17 said: Sorry. No poodle
2019-07-28Alxy23zp24 said: Hey are you still interested in the kittens?
2019-07-28YenJiGrace2011 said: Hi YenJi Mathana is still available for adoption ..
2019-07-27bernnnsofieeahh said: Hi there! You said you're interested in my cat Sal..
2019-07-26dianachongangiekeun77 said: Hi Diana, please contact me at 012-6707800 Thanks
2019-07-26JPetersadelyneanuar said: hi do u still have this cat ?
2019-07-26savinaliuMashail said: hi dear, sorry for late. U asked me about Bingo. w..
2019-07-26MellisaSofeaIdunnola said: Hello, are you still open to accepting a cat?
2019-07-26jonarcisoRonnie120 said: Hi Jo, he is still available if you are still inte..
2019-07-26AinaSofiRonnie120 said: Hi Aina, he is still available if you are still i..
2019-07-25JaniceThongRonnie120 said: Btw I have updated some recent pics of him.
2019-07-25JaniceThongRonnie120 said: Hi Janice, Veronica here. Presently Ollie has yet ..
2019-07-24wanieamiNurulainBtRaizam said: salam wani.. masih jadi fosterer ke? sebab sy ada ..
2019-07-24kumaripohChan17 said: Hi. Are you still interested in the corgi mixed?
2019-07-21Ashchenlytengt said: Pls whatsapp me
2019-07-21Irene7LinusMiranda said: Can we come today to take him... Sent us the locat..
2019-07-21Irene7LinusMiranda said: Pls let me know. And where is location
2019-07-21Irene7Irene7 said: My hp no is 012-6116671
2019-07-20LemondNgangiekeun77 said: Starlight still available, please contact me at 01..
2019-07-20Irene7LinusMiranda said: Can you give us the your contact number
2019-07-19BenjaminWBeaT said: Hi Benjamin. Which is Coffee and which is Horlicks..
2019-07-17syaheedakmlSarahZain said: HI are you still interested in PIngu?
2019-07-17Balqis4SarahZain said: HI are you still interested in Pinggu
2019-07-16NaziraNoorHishamsherororo said: Hai nazira. Is this pet still available?
2019-07-16samcopauDonYoo said: Is SHE still available?

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