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Latest Pet Comments

2019-02-22P2sxrandrh said: what type of mixed breed? and is it still availabl..
2019-02-227 Adorable Pupsharvin said: 0103724849 plz WhatsApp me..
2019-02-227 Adorable Pupsharvin said: Hi
2019-02-22Tonyelvinvun said: hi Tony still available?
2019-02-22Purebred RottweilerAnandvjay said: Hi sir...still available
2019-02-22Xiao XiaoSiewli2299 said: Yes
2019-02-22Easter's Puppies smpang08 said: is puppy still available?
2019-02-22Ruthsmpang08 said: is it still available?
2019-02-22Jojoyuligun said: hi! what a cutie! is she still available? i can wh..
2019-02-22Rottweiler Puppysuren22 said: I realy intrested this puppy..pls contact me on 01..
2019-02-22AvaAmandaLai said: Pm please 0162453966
2019-02-22Tydus (Short Legged)AmandaLai said: Pm please 0162453966
2019-02-22Rottweiler PuppyAmandaLai said: Hi please contact me 0162453966
2019-02-22BubuLeeloo said: Hello.. is the puppy still available??
2019-02-22Terrier MixLeeloo said: Hi there... Is the puppy still available??
2019-02-22BubuLava2 said: Still available?
2019-02-21Xiao XiaoChrislxm said: Hi is this still available
2019-02-21Rottweiler Puppypatandrew80 said: Hi, i got a 1 yr old female rottweiler at the mome..
2019-02-212Male GuineaPigs For Adoption-Putrajayapheers85 said: Hi,is this still available for adoption?
2019-02-21PutihFarahAida said: Hello, is putih still available? Im interested :)
2019-02-21TeatoeMoMoYee said: Hi, is the cat still available?
2019-02-21Sammyetodajoseph said: handsome guy
2019-02-21DinahAllergicRescuersKL said: Hi Hamiza, yes, Dinah is still available but she w..
2019-02-21Abuftnqiela said: Hello, sorry for late reply.. you can whatapps me ..
2019-02-21DinahHamiza said: Hi...still available?
2019-02-21SixpenceMomothecat said: Hi.how to adopt sixpence?
2019-02-21GingeryMomothecat said: Hi.how i can adopt gingery?
2019-02-21Roborovski HamsterCharleneChin said: hi is this still available im interested in adopti..
2019-02-212 Male Guineapigs-Klang/Shah Alam/SubangCharleneChin said: hi is this available ? my number is 0167230987 i h..
2019-02-202 Male GuineaPigs For Adoption - CherasNurulAmira said: I stay in Cheras too
2019-02-202 Male GuineaPigs For Adoption - CherasNurulAmira said: Hi. I'm a married woman with no kids. I'm interest..
2019-02-20Rottweiler PuppyLeeChinzz said: Hi I’m very interesting to adopt this baby pleas..
2019-02-20Dorashaveen24 said: Hi, MiztaJack can you please contact us at 0177639..
2019-02-20Tydus (Short Legged)soongyee said: is this available?
2019-02-20Shih Tzu Mixed 12345soongyee said: hi can send me more details?
2019-02-20BubuChooBuSheng said: Interested, what area at w.p?
2019-02-20MichelinAdlinAwi said: hello
2019-02-20AbuAdlinAwi said: hello
2019-02-20Mico, Chocco, Chici & Moly ImanUmar said: Hi JuaNnafie, their mum is around. they are almost..
2019-02-20Mico, Chocco, Chici & Moly ImanUmar said: @hasmie87 hashila, please whatsapp me..thanks!!
2019-02-20Mico, Chocco, Chici & Moly ImanUmar said: Hi..i am not frequently open this chat.. please Wh..
2019-02-20A.JBeulahBen said: AJ is not for adoption anymore. Tq
2019-02-20Qian QianHowardLim said: He's being adopted
2019-02-20Little George Siewli2299 said: Yes
2019-02-20PoodleSiewli2299 said: Karlie, you already blocked me on WhatsApp.
2019-02-20White Family janar2124 said: Please don't believe this account person he n she ..
2019-02-20Berryjanar2124 said: Please don't believe this account person he n she ..
2019-02-20Biancajanar2124 said: Please don't believe this account person he n she ..
2019-02-20Fluffy Foxjanar2124 said: Please don't believe this account person he n she ..
2019-02-20Liangjanar2124 said: Please don't believe this account person he n she ..

Latest Member Comments

2019-02-20MelissaFrancisangiekeun77 said: hi Melissa,puppy still available. Do contact me a..
2019-02-20KarlieMercedesGanSiewli2299 said: About poodle. You blocked me on WhatsApp and I don..
2019-02-19theonekennelNesh_7 said: Hi Is the pug puppy is available?? I want male pu..
2019-02-19TammyWongGanesanKrishnan said: Is the Huski still available.
2019-02-18YoonWengWongangiekeun77 said: Puppy's Bruce and Brinx still available for adopti..
2019-02-18TammyWongNavsandhu said: Is tat blue eyes puppy still available?
2019-02-17davwenyiGYeenChew said: Is Blackie still available if is than contact me!
2019-02-17davwenyiGYeenChew said: Is Blackie still available
2019-02-15denisegomezdenisegomez said: could you whatsapp a few more pics & tell me m..
2019-02-15denisegomezSUIFONG said: Yes, tiger is still available for adoption.
2019-02-15izzatibatrisyia_SUIFONG said: Yes still available. Would appreciate if you can ..
2019-02-15ElvinXiongSUIFONG said: Hi, Chitty is a female. Would.you be able to come ..
2019-02-13CKLokeChris_83 said: please contact me if interested, 012 3109182
2019-02-11ntsyastarprincess said: Please call or sms me at tel.017-3887633 for detai..
2019-02-09SharifahkibitSharifahkibit said: Still available?
2019-02-08sarahsuryainJochie said: Hi,is whiskey dong well? Can I meet him
2019-02-07rendyalexanderthenValleeDas said: Hi can u wattsapp tiz nmbr 0162563346
2019-02-06KawinSueG said: Hi kawin pls whatsapp.me to arrange adoption. Tq
2019-02-06DennisYongSueG said: Dennis yes she is still available
2019-02-06ReemAliReemAli said: @izzatibatrisyia_ Hello, toffee has been adopted a..
2019-02-06PrisciJocelynNg said: Daphne, I don't remember my pup has a sister in yo..
2019-02-05miyoko91MeshalMansour said: Hi Miyoko How are you I’m Meshal from Dubai A..
2019-02-05chongliyingSueG said: Hi there previously interested in a white puppy bu..
2019-02-05RydiarahmanKatrinVorobyova said: Hello. I found a cat looks like yours. Can you con..
2019-02-05ReemAliizzatibatrisyia_ said: is toffee still available ?
2019-02-04Priscidaphne1993 said: Erm boboy is taken. But we have a female puppy, hi..
2019-02-01DevdeepaDevdeepa said: OK
2019-01-31kry183drshan said: hi good day, im Dr.Shan from puchong. im really ha..
2019-01-30Charlesliewangiekeun77 said: Hi puppy's beauty still available. Do contact me a..
2019-01-29PrisciJocelynNg said: Family adopting with you? Pls whatsapp me.
2019-01-29chng5255KennySaw said: hi your corgi still available? Please contact me ..
2019-01-27alicesaw83Nadz_ira said: Hi is the sugar glider still available
2019-01-27DevdeepaSushmitha said: I've already adopted Moana
2019-01-25ainfazieraJuaNnafie said: Hi! Are you still interested in the hamster? I ..
2019-01-24ABCBootsJuaNnafie said: Dear Robyn, yes I still have the hamster, and cage..
2019-01-24choonstDY1003 said: Hi, do you still interested to adopt rabbit Muffin..
2019-01-24kbean2420tboy said: Great deed...
2019-01-22pancakittyRabiyaabu30 said: Still available kitten?
2019-01-22Sophie1130JuaNnafie said: DearSophie, yes my hamster is still available.Are ..
2019-01-20deveshUthia said: Hi dev..spot still avail cl or watssup 0177345358
2019-01-19haneerahaneera said: sure thing. 0183577582
2019-01-19haneeramarissaliah said: Hi Haneera, can I have your contact number?
2019-01-18marissaliahRaihanRozhan said: Hi can email me,im interested Raihanrozhan91@gmail..
2019-01-18AliciaTanZaiZ said: Hi Alicia, I emailed you earlier but no reply. If..
2019-01-18PhyllisPhyllis said: Hi Meghan just noticed this messaged. Yes i am sti..
2019-01-17Rascal19RathinahKumariMunusamy said: Hi is yr puppy available for adoption
2019-01-17IswariyaNagarajanIswariyaNagarajan said: Is that Puppy available? I'm interested on the pup..
2019-01-16eerainelaiAlexLeen said: Agree. Thanks for the info.
2019-01-16eerainelaieerainelai said: They are actually very gentle and loving dogs. The..
2019-01-16eerainelaiAlexLeen said: Can I ask how is the temperament of Rottweiler dog..

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2018-02-22Dogs & PuppiesManeki Neko: RE: Lost Dog in USJ 1
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