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Latest Pet Comments

2020-07-16Rosacatleyow said: Yes, Rosa is still available. Please message or w..
2020-07-16No NameUsaman86 said: Hi,,, is this available ?
2020-07-16No NameAnastassiya said: Pls pm 0189856885
2020-07-16AngelVeniseLee said: Hello, is this kitty still available for adoption?..
2020-07-16Jacky Anastassiya said: Please contact me 0189856885:)
2020-07-16TigrosAnastassiya said: Still available? Pls text me 0189856885
2020-07-16SunnyAnastassiya said: Still available?
2020-07-16TeddyNadamalek said: How much ?
2020-07-16Pip The PlayfulAzafia said: Hi, yes he is. Feel free to WhatsApp me for more d..
2020-07-16Tiniekokiandy said: could you please WhatsApp me?
2020-07-16Tiniekokiandy said: Hi yes
2020-07-16 Maryam123 said: Still available?
2020-07-16RosaMaryam123 said: Still available?
2020-07-16Pip The PlayfulMaryam123 said: Is he still available ?
2020-07-16TinieMaryam123 said: Are they still available?
2020-07-15Mimibellena said: No, I only have hamsters for now so I was thinking..
2020-07-15TeeteeLokeKaylynn said: pm
2020-07-15Lola & Benson Juniper said: I am wondering how big they might grow into?
2020-07-15Female Puppies For AdoptionSallyMildredChua said: Hi Is the dog with the brown fur with black mouth ..
2020-07-15SundaeJuniper said: May I know how big Sundae might grow?
2020-07-15AlbusIreen2211 said: Thank you for your interest. He has been adopted.
2020-07-15DameKanesanMunusamy said: Still available
2020-07-15DameKanesanMunusamy said: Hi I am interested on
2020-07-15AllieKanesanMunusamy said: Can I adopt
2020-07-15AllieKanesanMunusamy said: Still available
2020-07-15Big Head BlackieVmCheok said: Do you still have a black head female for adoption..
2020-07-15Zoka, Luza, Batcat And NonoNeesmila said: Is this cat still available
2020-07-15Big Baby Terrier Mix For AdoptionMaheswarySaravanan said: Is it one one can adopt not othwrs??
2020-07-15Two Sisters And Three BoysKomala78 said: Yea still availble for adoption . Pls watsapp at t..
2020-07-15Haru jphang said: Sorry?
2020-07-15Two Sisters And Three Boysecchihentai said: Hi, still avaliable for adoption?
2020-07-15DutchessRivka said: May I have her? Tried to contact you through the n..
2020-07-15PF98244SherlenSaw said: pm
2020-07-15TeddySherlenSaw said: available
2020-07-15NicoleFaizAli said: Is it still available?
2020-07-15MimiCindyPoh said: Hi .. u will put mimi at ? U own now got others do..
2020-07-15TinyKirthiKirthi said: Ok
2020-07-15RosieSherlenSaw said: hi available
2020-07-15Cookie SherlenSaw said: available
2020-07-15KadenSherlenSaw said: pm
2020-07-15StormiSherlenSaw said: may u show me the photo
2020-07-15Toby SherlenSaw said: pm
2020-07-15Haru SherlenSaw said: may u show me the dog photo
2020-07-15PF99744SherlenSaw said: may u show me yr dog photo
2020-07-15PF99719YuyingLaw said: hello, is he still available for adoption? thank y..
2020-07-14Is This Your DogYw1234 said: Thanks
2020-07-14Rosacatleyow said: Hi, Denissh! Yes, Rosa is still available. Please..
2020-07-14Marigold, The Laughing Pup!catleyow said: Hi, Denissh! Yes, Marigold is still available. Pl..
2020-07-14TinyAshe said: Its 1000rm
2020-07-14TinyKirthiKirthi said: I'm want a puppy

Latest Member Comments

2020-07-15IvyChingChingSherlenSaw said: pm
2020-07-13OyonIzharSaveOurStray said: Please text SOS at 017 354 5179 to adopt.
2020-07-13AsheAshe said: yes, going for only 1k
2020-07-13AsheRasathiPerianan said: Hi the poodle still available for adoption?
2020-07-13AyunKimJinHanPhan said: The kittens are still available
2020-07-12Geetha99chung9232 said: Is he still available? How to adopt him?
2020-07-12AidilRaziqueBakhtiarTalhah said: Regarding Mystique - you can WhatsApp me at 017211..
2020-07-12farahyayaBakhtiarTalhah said: Regarding Mystique - you can WhatsApp me at 017211..
2020-07-12Gracetjhshiraf said: hi, im interested to adopt ur hamster
2020-07-12saldali707Abbyboii said: WhatsApp 0147362114
2020-07-12saldali707Abbyboii said: I get
2020-07-11Balqiss13Timtim said: Okay sure, when you're ready to adopt her again yo..
2020-07-11Balqiss13Balqiss13 said: I hope the cat can find its forever home.
2020-07-11Balqiss13Balqiss13 said: Hai tim tim. Sorry for disturbing you and the late..
2020-07-11Balqiss13Timtim said: Sorry for late reply ya, was quite busy till now π..
2020-07-11Balqiss13Timtim said: Can we meet at Aeon Big Bukit Rimau front door? :)..
2020-07-11Balqiss13Timtim said: Yes sure!
2020-07-11maxchong80MrLim said: Hi Max, remember you adopted the dog, Beauty, from..
2020-07-11AkkshanaAkkshana said: Hi
2020-07-10annieamzajanteng said: Yes, Maggie still available. Email me and I will r..
2020-07-10Tojessjanteng said: Yes, Maggie still available. Email me and I will r..
2020-07-10NxFtynWeiShanNg said: If you interested can WhatsApp me through 01641299..
2020-07-10NxFtynWeiShanNg said: 2 months old, calico long fur
2020-07-10NxFtynWeiShanNg said: Hi we still have a kitten up for adoption
2020-07-10Balqiss13Balqiss13 said: Is it ok if I take her next Tuesday? I actually fr..
2020-07-10Balqiss13Balqiss13 said: Hi. Thank you for the immediate reply!
2020-07-10Balqiss13Timtim said: The cat is still available!
2020-07-10Balqiss13Timtim said: Hello
2020-07-10Animal9521Lyss said: Pleass WhatsApp 0173211661
2020-07-10Animal9521Lyss said: Hi
2020-07-08DraculaxyLeongMaeLyne said: Yup
2020-07-08DraculaxyDraculaxy said: Good luck for us πŸ˜‚πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€
2020-07-08DraculaxyLeongMaeLyne said: ya i was plan to adopt one onlyy
2020-07-08DraculaxyDraculaxy said: Noo what am only 16 can't handle 7 cats πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜‚
2020-07-08DraculaxyLeongMaeLyne said: I was wondering if that u were going to adopt all ..
2020-07-08DraculaxyDraculaxy said: R u planning to adopt one of them?
2020-07-08DraculaxyLeongMaeLyne said: Sadly I don't not know
2020-07-08DraculaxyDraculaxy said: How do u make a passport for a cat to travel w u i..
2020-07-08DraculaxyLeongMaeLyne said: Ya?
2020-07-08DraculaxyLeongMaeLyne said: Nope
2020-07-08DraculaxyDraculaxy said: I wanna ask about smthing πŸ₯Ί
2020-07-08DraculaxyDraculaxy said: Isn't allowed to only take one ?
2020-07-08DraculaxyLeongMaeLyne said: But they would prefer if the adopters can take the..
2020-07-08DraculaxyLeongMaeLyne said: I was hoping to adopt one of it
2020-07-08DraculaxyDraculaxy said: Unfortunately no i am a student and i can only tak..
2020-07-08DraculaxyLeongMaeLyne said: Hi, where u looking to adopt all the kitties plus ..
2020-07-07kowernSoosookho said: Hi.. I'm looking to adopt your lop or dwarf rabbit..
2020-07-06SahoorafCarolineThomas said: Hi there are you interested in adopting Pepper?
2020-07-06DarleneAnneMorrisnicoleannthomas2020 said: yes Derek is still available but will be viewed by..
2020-07-05wjoann95trishjht said: Hi, i lost ur no. pls watsap me, is everything ok ..

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