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Latest Pet Comments

2018-12-13Blue 👀 QUEENhuikoontan said: Hi. She has been adopted.
2018-12-13HugoMuhammadFarhan1 said: Hi is this still available
2018-12-13Rough Collie MelonShetty said: Not by owner, but the breeder...
2018-12-13Adorable Smooth Coat Chihuahua Puppies EeJie said: Is it still available?
2018-12-13Adorable Smooth Coat Chihuahua Puppies EeJie said: Can you sell RM1000 for the Chihuahua?
2018-12-13HugoSerena_Chong said: Hi Magdalene, I've just dropped you a mail in ur i..
2018-12-12Blue 👀 QUEENAliceCc said: Is she adopted?
2018-12-12Lucky GirlDharvinPillai said: Hi can I know how big she’ll grow up to be ?
2018-12-12JulieDharvinPillai said: Hi can I know how big she’ll be when fully grow..
2018-12-12No Name (Just Found Behind My House)Juliea said: 😍😍😍😍
2018-12-12BindyEeJie said: Is Bindy still available
2018-12-12HugoShenjun said: Tks
2018-12-12Shizzotgcheong67 said: She is lovely!💖💗 She is so well taken care o..
2018-12-12JaeyongeFairuzFair said: Jaeyonge had found his owner. Thank U your interes..
2018-12-12Rough Collie Melontgcheong67 said: Debark by previous owner!😱 This is so terrible!..
2018-12-12Big George: Good WatchdogEileen08 said: hi micky i just saw your comment. yes he is do cal..
2018-12-12Lady Amber Eileen08 said: yes do call me but please do read the description ..
2018-12-12PupsEeJie said: What is the breed of pups ?
2018-12-12B.B EeJie said: Is B.B still available?
2018-12-12LollieEeJie said: Is lollie still available?
2018-12-12BunnyEeJie said: Is bunny still available ? I'm interested in adopt..
2018-12-12Tyker (Singapura Kitten)halicat said: I've replied to all your comments via email, pleas..
2018-12-12Tyker (Singapura Kitten)halicat said: Hi everyone I would appreciate if you could send m..
2018-12-12ScarEeJie said: Is scar still available?
2018-12-122 Female Rabbits For Adoption - CherasNaveedkh2008 said: I m intrested
2018-12-12ButterflyEeJie said: Is butterfly available? I'm interested to adopt bu..
2018-12-12JeremiahEeJie said: Is Jeremiah still available?
2018-12-12PF78652Xiangwen said: Still available?
2018-12-12MarieEeJie said: Hi is Marie still available for adoption?
2018-12-12ChewieEeJie said: Hi is Chewie still available?
2018-12-12RascalEeJie said: Hi is your dog still available?
2018-12-12Hana And AriaEeJie said: Is this dog still available ?
2018-12-12Ember DinoEeJie said: Do you have a picture of Ember Dino?
2018-12-12PiccoloEeJie said: Do you have piccolo's picture?
2018-12-12REXEeJie said: Do you have the puppy picture
2018-12-12DashyEeJie said: Is she still available?
2018-12-12Brownie weisin0610 said: dear all there are 3 puppy left, feel free to drop..
2018-12-12Hugomagdalenetay87 said: I see. We only have one hedgehog. Well if you chan..
2018-12-12Chloe Catherine Joanne CystalAdamCher said: Hi, is still available?
2018-12-12Xiao XiaoAdamCher said: Hi, I am interested on her. Is she still available..
2018-12-12HugoShenjun said: Interested but too big finding three to four month..
2018-12-12Tyker (Singapura Kitten)MuhammedAreeb said: Your number please
2018-12-12Jaeyongemarvinchong said: Can I adopted this boy? I’m a newbie. I love cat..
2018-12-12Lady Amber tengej said: Is lady Amber available? I'm interested to adopt l..
2018-12-11Terrier Mix (Cream)tengej said: Hi ,is cream still available
2018-12-11Chewietengej said: Hi ,is Chewie still available?
2018-12-11Rascaltengej said: Hi ,is your dog still available?
2018-12-11Happytengej said: Hi , is happy still available?
2018-12-11Bambizeaarika said: Hello, Has Bambi found a new home?
2018-12-11Spikekbean said: Yes. He is available for adoption. Pls contact Rac..

Latest Member Comments

2018-12-11Bloomstarkbean said: Pls contact Rachel 012-6933833 for the adoption
2018-12-11zeaarikamichellechanpj said: Margot Kitty is still available. Please WhatsApp m..
2018-12-10baoxianmichellechanpj said: Margot is still available. Please message me via W..
2018-12-10nina1234JacintaLiauChyi said: Hi, I have a lot of cat rescuer friends here and t..
2018-12-10farahluckettJacintaLiauChyi said: Hi, I have a lot of cat rescuer friends here and t..
2018-12-10KhairilamirinJacintaLiauChyi said: Hi, I have a lot of cat rescuer friends here and t..
2018-12-10JuaNnafieMino4991 said: Hai hello.. The hamster still available, adoption ..
2018-12-10DindyGraeliwi said: Hi Natalia is still available
2018-12-08KathrynTanKathrynTan said: Hi Mandy, thanks for your response. But I'm gettin..
2018-12-08KathrynTanMandyc said: Hi Kathryn, do you mind waiting for another month ..
2018-12-08jc7oolljc7ooll said: Only left puppy 05
2018-12-07RadiMandyc said: Hi Radi, are you still interested in the kittens? ..
2018-12-07KhaiTingAliciaTan said: 你好,发了个电邮给你。请查查看哦
2018-12-06Brittanie_peijiaCharlson said: hi there...the 2 puppies still available? please c..
2018-12-04KennyDamianKennethWilliam said: Mr Kenny Sir, are you still interested in adopting..
2018-12-04liwiHidayahShukri said: hi is natalia sparkles still available?
2018-12-04BerniceKennethWilliam said: Hi there Bernice, my name is KW and was wondering ..
2018-12-04DrXandroKennethWilliam said: DrXandro, Hi. I m KW and would like to know if you..
2018-12-03VanessaGOHVanessaGOH said: 非常感谢
2018-12-03SamanthaBoudvilleHidayahShukri said: hi is lucy still available?
2018-12-03LyssPutriNurSabrina said: I want to adopt please but I can't contact you...
2018-12-03VanessaGOHAliciaTan said: 你好我已经whatsapp你了 谢谢
2018-12-03Jack1990pcyoong1 said: she is still available - u want her? Pls message ..
2018-12-02jc7oollFlairThong said: I wanna adopt 06 puppy it is still available?
2018-12-02sallylimVanessaGOH said: 不好意思我找不到你的号码…我将从fb..
2018-12-02AliciaTanVanessaGOH said: 请问兔子有人领养了吗?我想领养兔..
2018-11-30VerniceLoke1CeciliaJayaKumari said: do you still available the kittens
2018-11-27DharsigaAliciaTan said: Hi Dharsiga, I don’t have your contact details. ..
2018-11-27Wyda_01nathasya said: Hi wahidah, my new number is 01128012970 im cola t..
2018-11-26joroslijorosli said: Thanks for the reply. I am looking for a male kitt..
2018-11-26joroslipcyoong1 said: Hi pls whatsapp me for cat Sam? 0122010183. She is..
2018-11-26jc7oollLimwh said: Hi, is the puppies still avaiable
2018-11-25RadiLyss said: Please call 0173211661 if you're interested in Enn..
2018-11-25TkHowLyss said: Please call 0173211661 if you're interested in Enn..
2018-11-25faaqilahLyss said: Please call 0173211661 if you're interested in Enn..
2018-11-25NedabazaraLyss said: Please call 0173211661 if you're interested in Oce..
2018-11-25Bellgill25ccwmarc said: Hi Bellgill. You may whatsapp me at 0173000523. On..
2018-11-25hemhemdeguzmanJerrell said: Hi, this is the owner for Happy, the shih tzu schn..
2018-11-25MichelleBiiJerrell said: Hi, this is the owner for Happy, the shih tzu schn..
2018-11-24MichelleBiiBryancute17 said: Hi if youre interested with the shih tzu i have on..
2018-11-24hemhemdeguzmanBryancute17 said: Hi if youre interested with the shih tzu i have on..
2018-11-24Rascal19hemhemdeguzman said: Hello. How to contact you? I wanna adopt Rascal if..
2018-11-23supaisupai said: Hi Emma.I saw your email.Can I contact you by What..
2018-11-22supaiemma95 said: Hello I want to adopt bu.. how can I contact you?
2018-11-22Felisha92TanLiMing said: i am interested in adopting! how can i contact you..
2018-11-21SukYinglarayumyum said: you are giving both of them or just one ?
2018-11-21lisapetfinderhuikoontan said: Hi there. Only 2 left. The black and white male an..
2018-11-21SukYinglarayumyum said: yaaa hai ! which one is the calico ? you have ws ?..
2018-11-21larayumyumSukYing said: Hi, you were looking to adopt my kittens. U commen..
2018-11-20sally755JimengThum said: Hi,can i know your golden retriever dog are still ..

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2018-09-26Rescuers & FosterersManeki Neko: RE: Found 3 Litters of Puppies in Melaka!
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2018-08-30Health, Disease & Dietseaniqabi: NEW: Wet FIP
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2018-08-22Vets & Docs ReviewsDogForever: RE: BANNED! Palm Spring Veterinary @ Kota Damansara
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2018-02-22Dogs & PuppiesManeki Neko: RE: Lost Dog in USJ 1
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2018-01-20Cats & Kittenspottycats: RE: Litter sand
2018-01-15Cats & Kittenslydkwan: RE: [PHOTOS] Orgaderm for ringworm - bad effect?

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