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Latest Pet Comments

2021-09-20TofuIsmaizaIsmail said: Hi. Can I just adopt one kittten?
2021-09-20🎂Hello Kitty💕akochi said: yes. I am looking for foster parents.
2021-09-20😺MOM💕akochi said: yes. we are looking for foster parents.
2021-09-20PF108823WaiMun2 said: Hi all thanks for the interest but all just recent..
2021-09-20YoYoVincentChu said: hi interested how can we discuss more ?
2021-09-19Winter Dwarf Hamster AsyrafKhalib said: Hi, 011-1331 1067 can whatsApp ya
2021-09-198 Pups 7 Stars Around 1 Moon And Mummykenkoh said: Anyone without short tail?
2021-09-19Young OnesVino1996 said: Pls wassp me angie ng 0165303664
2021-09-19No Names Yet. shazkitty said: Hi . Sorry for the late reply
2021-09-19SamuiTomatoHo said: Is Samui still available?
2021-09-19Kitty CaresalotRhaddhunt said: Yes she is! Please message me via WhatsApp for mor..
2021-09-19PF109746Phoebelim said: Yes, please email me your contact number. Tq
2021-09-19Mum N Kittens SaraPurr said: Sudi adopt satu keluarga ke sis?
2021-09-19Mum N Kittens SaraPurr said: Slm
2021-09-19Fluffy Bunnyjace_ng said: Hi can u give me your WhatsApp? My friend interest..
2021-09-19NIKKObruhtabbybmt said: Hi is he still available?
2021-09-19PF109746Anies said: available ?
2021-09-19Bubu And SuAnies said: available?😭
2021-09-19Jason & AviraARMEN said: Sorry guys they are adopted
2021-09-19GianARMEN said: Dah adopt sorry
2021-09-19Fluffy BunnyChloeL said: Hello, are they still available?
2021-09-19MoanaLiloo said: Hi is the cat still available?
2021-09-19WhiskersNorAzrizal said: Whiskers has been adopted this afternoon. TQ for y..
2021-09-19AgodaNorAzrizal said: Agoda has been adopted this afternoon. TQ for the ..
2021-09-19Beckybryanc10 said: You can come and have view on the dog
2021-09-19FelixNityaKannespuram said: Sorry, i am more comfortable with you taking the c..
2021-09-19Bebe And Cecesamapg said: Hi they have been adopted we shall amend the post ..
2021-09-19PF109886Nesamani said: Where are you located
2021-09-19Yoyo MeowNurNabila said: Hi
2021-09-19No Names Yet. NurNabila said: Hi
2021-09-19Mum N Kittens NurNabila said: Hi
2021-09-19LilyNurNabila said: Hi
2021-09-19FelixNurNabila said: Us pet taxi
2021-09-19FelixNityaKannespuram said: Would prefer if someone who can travel to pick him..
2021-09-19FelixNityaKannespuram said: Ohhh... Um I'm not sure how to help you
2021-09-19FelixNurNabila said: I don't have transport😅
2021-09-19FelixNityaKannespuram said: Oh wow hahaha do you mind travelling? Since the bo..
2021-09-19FelixNurNabila said: Yup but i live in shah alam😅
2021-09-19PF109886Diyva said: Hi I am interested on male dog are they available
2021-09-19AgodaSitiNurZalehaAzmi said: Hi masih ada lgi ke?
2021-09-19PF109886jolll said: Yes available
2021-09-19CoffeeBlabla_ying said: 嗨可以问问嘛
2021-09-19Mini Power RangerVioletChong said: Hi oni left Oreo
2021-09-19Beno TariqAlShiraify said: Hi, I'm ready to adopt
2021-09-19PF109886KamalDhaliwal said: Hii got pup
2021-09-19KL 1 Male BunnySicQio said: Hello, i’m interested on adopting your bunny. ^ ..
2021-09-19PF109886jolll said: R u interested?
2021-09-19PF109886jolll said: Yes still available
2021-09-19PF109886Nesamani said: Male black puppy Still available for adaptation
2021-09-19AgodaNorAzrizal said: You can email me. Thx

Latest Member Comments

2021-09-19NesamaniNesamani said: I'll update you when I'll come to see
2021-09-19Diyvajolll said: First come first serve
2021-09-19Diyvajolll said: There r 3 males
2021-09-19Nesamanijolll said: Desa cemerlang
2021-09-19NesamaniNesamani said: Where are you located
2021-09-19Nesamanijolll said: R u interested?
2021-09-19DiyvaDiyva said: Are there any male
2021-09-19Diyvajolll said: U can contact me at 0127208028 to look at the pupp..
2021-09-19Diyvajolll said: Hi yes the puppies r available for adoption
2021-09-19Nesamanijolll said: Hi the male puppy is available for adoption
2021-09-18GayathiryViswanathanAmoy said: hi how can i contact u miss?
2021-09-17MinMiniSaravananMinMiniSaravanan said: Hi yes
2021-09-17TiffanyLeongMeiJun said: Hi may I ask if Bushy still available for adoption..
2021-09-16VioletChongVioletChong said: Thank u
2021-09-16VioletChongVioletChong said: Pls pm me yq
2021-09-16VioletChongVioletChong said: 0173038123
2021-09-16VioletChongarsalan298 said: +601116090049
2021-09-16VioletChongarsalan298 said: Sure
2021-09-16VioletChongVioletChong said: Thanks
2021-09-16VioletChongVioletChong said: Ok im sorry, i cannot find ur phone number here.. ..
2021-09-16VioletChongarsalan298 said: 2 years at leat im here after that ill bring him w..
2021-09-16VioletChongVioletChong said: If u plan to back to motherland, will u bring alon..
2021-09-16VioletChongVioletChong said: How many years u stay in Malaysia and plan to stay..
2021-09-16VioletChongarsalan298 said: Seri kembangan one south
2021-09-16VioletChongVioletChong said: Where do u stay?
2021-09-16VioletChongarsalan298 said: Ok ill get for him
2021-09-16VioletChongVioletChong said: Great! Peanut needs milk as he is very little..not..
2021-09-16VioletChongarsalan298 said: 1. Im alone and i had cat and dog when i was in my..
2021-09-16VioletChongVioletChong said: If u are keen, can u pls answer few questions belo..
2021-09-16VioletChongarsalan298 said: Hello this my whatsapp number +601116090049
2021-09-16weiling86aroom said: is it still open for adopt?
2021-09-16EstheronnMohsinhassan said: Kittens available?
2021-09-16luyeeMohsinhassan said: Kittens available?
2021-09-15IrishIrishZakirRazif said: Ada lagi tak?
2021-09-14sagittariustina2401 said: Hello, hedgehod still available?
2021-09-14banushavprema5 said: yes, they are. please whatsapp or call me at 016-6..
2021-09-14QistinaAzahamyzamyzo said: Hi qistina. I rescuer demok and dodi and they stil..
2021-09-14AzleenaSalmaShahurudin said: Still available
2021-09-14YanuGanendra said: Bullshit bastard
2021-09-13Animal_lover1RaoSharveen said: Hello
2021-09-13WaiMun2WaiMun2 said: Hi there all were adopted ya. Thank you for your i..
2021-09-13MinMiniSaravananSureshh said: Puppy still available
2021-09-13MinMiniSaravananSureshh said: Hi
2021-09-12allergicrescuersklbruhtabbybmt said: Hi, could I please have your email?
2021-09-12charmainecmyjmmmmmm said: my friend want to adopt the fish ·how can i conta..
2021-09-10bruhtabbybmtangiekeun77 said: GUI Jingyang. Kindly contact me at 012-6707800 tq
2021-09-09lilblackdogIshikaMeetra said: Hai
2021-09-08ARMENARMEN said: Ada nombor ke miss? I will WhatsApp you
2021-09-08ARMENAzizahAbdullah said: 0195080231
2021-09-08NatasshaMNordinEstherKoon said: Hi, can I get your number for WhatsApp? Thx

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