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Pet Profile
Precious - German Shepherd Dog Dog
Posted: 2012-01-05
Updated: 2017-01-02


Breed:German Shepherd Dog
Age:13 Years 1 Month
Color:Black, Brown
Size at Maturity:Large
Fur Length:Long
Health Condition:Minor Injury
Location:Pekan Nanas, Johor
Adoption Fee:RM 350
About The Pet

Precious is an abandoned pure breed German Shepherd being rescued by H.O.P.E lately. She was found by a kind-hearted lady somewhere near her home.

One day she saw Precious lying on the side of a busy road which is extremely dangerous and immediately, she helped to move her to the small grass field beside the road and provided her with fresh water and food. But as she did not have any experience in dealing this and have no ways to send her to vet clinic, she called and asked for our help anxiously.

When we’ve arrived we found Precious was crawling from the grass field to the road again for unknown reason. She was like an unwanted doll being thrown on street, malnourished and in filthy condition. She looked at us weakly and it is extremely heartache to see her in such a condition. The kind lady and family assisted us in the rescue action. According to them, they saw Precious before in that residential area, but this few days they saw her loitering on street more often and even get hit by car lately. And therefore we are quite sure that Precious was being abandoned by her owner. It wasn’t easy to carry her to the car as a gentle touch on her hind leg caused a great pain and Precious was crying out loudly.

According to vet’s estimation, Precious is a 6-7 years old dog. X-ray shows that her pelvis was severely broken and having inflammation internally. German Shepherds are usually having rear-leg diseases of all varieties and the common one is Arthritis - it is a condition that involves calcium deposits in the joints, usually caused by improper contact of the joint ball and socket. Precious is suffering from Arthritis which made her feel really painful all the time, but thing gets worse when she was hit by the car.

Precious is now able to walk and recovering well, for more details please visit Precious's album on our facebook page:

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Precious - German Shepherd Dog Dog

Precious - German Shepherd Dog Dog

Precious - German Shepherd Dog Dog

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1 Comment [ View All ]
Posted on 2012-01-08 9:29pm:

The story brought tears to my eyes. I also found myself so very angry at the bloody owners! I pray that they will get their just payback for what they did to this dog! In case you need $$ for the medical funds for the dog's recovery, please let me know. Email me at . I would be happy to help. Not able to adopt anymore as I have already adopted 3 abandoned doggies and have space constraint.

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