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Pet Profile
Triplet Kittens - Domestic Long Hair + Singapura Cat
Triplet Kittens
Posted: 2016-12-03
Updated: 2016-12-18


Breed:Domestic Long Hair + Singapura
Gender:Mixed Gender
Age:7 Months
Color:Black, Golden, Yellow
Size at Maturity:Medium
Fur Length:Long
Health Condition:Healthy
Amount:3 Pets
Location:Klang, Selangor
Adoption Fee:Free
About The Pet

*Terms & Conditions (条规):

a) must provide medical attention when sick. Please keep in mind that you are willing to spend. Vet bill can go up to hundred or thousand for serious illnesses. Can you afford? (病了一定要看兽医,经济能力稳定)
**b) must spay/castrate them when they reach 6-7months old to prevent unwanted litters (一定要结扎避免繁殖)
c) all family members must have mutual agreement (家人同意)
d) no students allowed (学生不能领养)
e) treat like own child- no 24hr cage/chain (像儿女一样对待)
f) it is a 10-15 year of commitment. (愿意照顾它10-15年吗?)
g)monthly update 每个月需告诉我们狗狗的情况
h)make a pet tag with your phone num on it & microchip(做狗牌一定要有主人的电话号码)
i) provide us your info like phone num & home address for record & visitation in future 给个人资料
j) have time for them. If you are a busy person and seldom at home please do not adopt 如果每天很忙要出外晚上很迟回家没时间请你不要养宠物
k) premium food / home cook for better health 不能随便喂因为不好的食物会影响健康和皮肤
l) no free roaming outside the house/ must leash during walk 不能让狗自己出去流浪/遛狗要用狗链

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Triplet Kittens - Domestic Long Hair + Singapura Cat

Triplet Kittens - Domestic Long Hair + Singapura Cat

Triplet Kittens - Domestic Long Hair + Singapura Cat

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