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Pet Profile
Blue And Ashton - Siamese Cat
Blue And Ashton
For Adoption
Posted: 2017-07-01
Updated: 2017-11-13


Gender:Mixed Gender
Age:6 Months
Color:Cream, White
Size at Maturity:Small
Fur Length:Medium
Health Condition:Healthy
Amount:2 Pets
Location:Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Adoption Fee:RM 100
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About The Pet

Blue (6 months) is a Siamese/Burmese mix with eyes the color of summer blue sky. She was about a month when i found her. She is lively kitten, full of life, tearing around the room and trying to provoke the other cats into a game. And when she is tired she lies on top of you to sleep :). Blue has a very loving character and is always following me around. To the kitchen or toilet. Everywhere. And if you are busy she will wait patiently for you to finish before she follows you back to her favourite spot.

I will be spaying Blue before I give her up for adoption.

Blue is young and needs a companion to play with. She is best buds with my other siamese mix kitten Ashton (rescued separately and also up for adoption).

Ashton (2 months) is the handsome male in the house. He has perfect blue eyes like blue and a perfect brown nose. Ashton's colours are lovely. Starts with a lovely white face and ends at his perfect long ringed brown raccoon tail. He is very playful and loving. First one to greet u at the door. He loves food. Games and his spot on the chair.

Ashton has not been spayed due to his age. Spaying by the new family is compulsory at 6 months.

Please consider adopting both together as they are close friends and it is great entertainment to watch them play.


Indoor cats: I would prefer my cats are kept as indoor cats with space to run around and play. I am very strict about not caging my fur kids and hope you don’t cage them (unless required by vet). Cats are curious animals and are constantly exploring their surroundings. Give them space to walk and run around. But also remember to kitty proof your house.

Good Quality Food: My cats are fed some sort of premium brands. Good quality food is important to maintain their health and more beneficial for you in the long run (less vet visits!)

Companions: Cats are very social animals and it is healthier to adopt two so they can have another cat to play or interact with. Especially if you are busy at work or otherwise most of the day :). But if you can only get one cat, then please consider adopting an adult cat. Adult cats are usually litter box trained, spayed and easier to take care. Their personality is developed and you know what you get. They are also more independent and mellow in their games and spend a lot of time napping ;).

Medical/vets: My cats are not spayed/neutered if less than 6 months. You must agree to do so at 6 months. You must also agree to give booster shots (if required) and yearly veterinary examination.

Other Conditions: You will need to fill an adoption form when you adopt my cats. If you ever feel you can’t cope with them, they have to be returned to me. I love to receive updates on their progress with pictures. If you are travelling, i would like first right of refusal for taking care of them when you are away (depending on my schedule).

Taking care of fur kids is easy. All they need is some food, lots of love & attention and they will be at your side all their life. But before adopting, please consider your financial situation. Good quality food, vet visits, etc will need to be budgeted.

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Pretty Blue
Pretty Blue

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Blue and Ash
Blue and Ash

Handsome Ash
Handsome Ash

Handsome Ash
Handsome Ash

Handsome Ash
Handsome Ash

Blue and Ash
Blue and Ash

Handsome Ash
Handsome Ash

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13 Comments [ View All ]
Posted on 2017-09-19 2:42pm:

Hi pls call me at

Posted on 2017-09-18 5:48pm:

Hi . Just to ask either ur cat still available to adopted. If Yes, i luv to be a part new family for your cat. I luv wth that cat when i view the pic. U no need to worry coz i am cats lover and I will take care as u alwaysz do..

Posted on 2017-09-03 8:21pm:

Hi the cuteness at still available?

Posted on 2017-08-27 1:05am:

Hi. Is Blue still available? WA me at

Posted on 2017-08-17 12:27pm:

HI..is blue still available for adoption?

Posted on 2017-08-07 2:41pm:

Byaatrish. Please whatsapp me for details.

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