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Oct 11th 2016
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Someone commited suicide in my neighbourhood and I was one of the first that saw the body. I couldn't sleep and was thinking about the person a lot. Always a scarycat, a week later I was on my bed thinking maybe I should get a cat to accompany and calm me down. I was browsing on petfinder listing the traits that I wanted in a cat; an orange one, male, preferably a grown one, I wouldn't even mind a skinny one cause I was thinking I could fatten him up later. I eventually decided against it as I was not confident that I could take care of one. I've always had pets my entire life but never one that was truly under my care, it was always my mum that schedule all the visit to the vets and all.

About a week later, my colleagues; Awa, Rizal and I were having dinner at this new place in Cyberjaya near our office. It was raining cats and dogs, I noticed a cat was walking at the shops around and even went underneath a car but I never paid attention thinking people already feed it food. It was very unlike me, usually if I see a cat I would try to feed it but not this one. It was my colleague Awa that was trying it catch its attention. I didn't even notice that the cat went underneath our table at that time.

Awa was trying to give it fish but it went past her and on a bench next to me. I looked at it and said 'hello'. It went straight to my lap, sat down and immediatly start sulking on my jacket. All of us are shocked. I remembered the heavy rains, the cold gush of winds and Awa saying 'Oh my God, oh my God'. We were just looking at it when Awa said "You should take it home Dee, it choose you". Now at that time I was quite reluctant to bring it home mostly bacause I was broke and I couldn't possibly take care of a tiny soul, plus we were working that night and to send it home would take us another half an hour more. Not to mention that I have no food nor cat litter for it and couldn't afford one at that time. We sat there for another hour or so but it never buldged. It purred and suckle on my lap the entire time.

Awa suggested that she got extra cash to lend me and buy some supplies. She kept saying that it chiose me and that she never seen a cat do that before. Still I was reluctant to bring it home. I don't know what got into me but the next thing I knew we were walking to the car and going to a mall to buy supplies. I was still confused when I sees it underneath my bed. It was in my home, I am now responsible for it.

It is my pride and joy now. He settled in like we've known and are suited for each other. Always purring and sucking on my shirt when we go to bed. Stepping on me and scratching the wall trying to wake me up when I'm late for work, and he always knows when it is my working day as he never do that when I'm off. Meowing and talking to me when I reached home. Running to my lap when there's thunder. Turns out we're both easily scared. As soon as he comes home, I became so much braver and the nightmares were gone. He brings out not only the best in me but also unconditional love and bravery that I never knew I have.

Thank you Keegan for making me a proud cat lady.
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