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NameFareen Dzulkifli
JoinedOct 2009
LocationDamansara, Selangor, Malaysia
ExperienceRabbit (2 Years)
Cat (5 Years)
Hamster (1 Year)
Interested InAn Animal Lover
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I generally like animals but l find cats very fascinating. Most people accuse cats of being dumb as they are not as trainable as dogs are. But think about it, cats get you to do anything for them with little or no expectations of them! They practically have a mind of their own, refuse to be told to sit or beg or roll and still get away with it!! Now who says cats are dumb? LOL!

I find it hard to define my relationship with my cats. They're like the family I chose, or chose me :) They're like my kids who will never grow up and will always need me....

I love certain pedigrees like Ragdolls, Norwegian Forest Cats, Mainecoons, British Shorthairs, American Shorthairs,
and not to forget our Domestic Cats for their
individual physical characteristics and personalities.

I have so much room in my heart for these wonderful felines but unfortunately only a limited space in my home to ensure their well being and that they all get my undivided attention.

I've promised my hubby to only have a maximum of 5 cats in the house. And he's even sulking to that! LOL. At this point of time, I've reached my quota of 5 cats. Am I going to stop? I dun think so! Finally my hubby gave in and said 'as long as we don't have cats at every corner of the house!' hahahahha. I think I can manage that ;)

I would love to meet other likeminded people and also gain more knowledge about cats in general, different breeds as well
as be more informed of petsheltering/rescuing efforts.

Feel free to visit my pet profiles and say hi! :)

Fareen's Pets

Sophie, 15 Yrs
Owner's Pet

Optimus, 14 Yrs
Owner's Pet

Dexter, 16 Yrs
Owner's Pet

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pipit   Dec 28th 2009 at 7:07PM
pit nk celah ckit, pit tgk kn g vet yg dr. nye org chines lg better... sbb brdsarkn pemerhatian dan cara, diorg lg teliti n puas ati, pit klo kcing skit pit g saint angle..
deanil   Dec 28th 2009 at 10:01PM
Sarah.. naper x mandikan dulu dgn medicated shampoo. lepas tu br sapu ubat..
SarahMelanie   Dec 29th 2009 at 7:09AM
Deanil: sarah guna syampoo with price RM20++ erm tak tau la medicated ke tak. later sarah check.If not sarah beli and gif a try.Erm actually c Jojo tu bukan telinga je yang tak de bulu..ngan badan sekali lost hair..

Pipit: Sarah gi tu Malay doc.. and dia nyer consultant fee is qt cheap pipit. But cheap pun if everyweek hav to visit vet will cost me more..

Crool: Nak try g Gasing but melawati jauh. But the location tu at PJ, Gasing Indah. Area uptown yg lama tu ke Crool?
Fareen: Fareen nyer page ni dah jadi discussion room lak
pipit   Dec 29th 2009 at 9:29AM
bkn nk ckp Dr. mlyu xbgus, cuma bila pit tgk la kn Dr.mlyu ni mmg jnis asal bleh, diorg tnye kite je lbih, bkn nk check smua2, ye la kite bkn nye tau kot2 de skit len ke, ni kite ckp skit mate, mate je check..
Fareen   Dec 29th 2009 at 11:07AM
Sarah, xpe, x kisah pun. mcmana jojo boleh kena teruk sgt? dia kena Dari your house or adopters house? dulu masa dexter kena fungus vet rekomen antifungal shampu called Sebazole. harga rm45 beli kat vet.
deanil   Dec 29th 2009 at 4:22PM
Fareen dah blk!!!
SarahMelanie   Dec 29th 2009 at 6:01PM
Pipit: Tu la..masuk minggu ni kali ke empat injection masih tak ok gak..dia cakap kene pegi 5 kali, but through experience sepatutnya second injection dah ade perubahan..hai..kene tukar vet la ni jawabnye pipit.

Fareen: Tq Fareen..nanti Sarah cari Syampoo tu.and giv a try. Ntahlah Jojo kene dari mana sebenarnya..bab yg kat umh tu, kene kat telinga je and bila sarah letak losyen dah ok. But jojo ni sampai badan pun tak de bulu. dulu time g bukan main handsome lagi..but bila return balik dah gondol. Kalau la diorang inform Sarah awal..at least we can control it.ni sampai takde bulu c jojo tu baru dia return balik.
Fareen   Dec 29th 2009 at 6:31PM
haha deanil, I pergi bertapa jap :p

Sarah, hmm sampai x de bulu kronik tu. fungus ni lagisatu, if stress pun dia keluar. so maybe duduk rumah adopter hari tu dia stress. I baru hantar 1 stray pergi heshmael vet kat KD tadi. Dia Ada fungus kat telinga. dr bagi pill. lagisatu cream fungus natural pet is also very good.
SarahMelanie   Dec 30th 2009 at 7:10AM
Fareen: erm maybe Jojo stress kot. Now dah beli balik umh balik he look happy and manja mcm biasa. Cream Fungus Natural tu beli ke atau doc yang bagi Fareen? or Sarah kan buy it from the petcare shop je?
Fareen   Dec 30th 2009 at 8:46AM
fungus cream tu bole beli petshop. kat petsmore Ada. Giant KD dekat ngan Sarah kot. brand dia natural pet tau.
SarahMelanie   Dec 31st 2009 at 6:56AM
Sarah biasa pegi kat petsmore carrefour kepong, rasanya kat sana ada.Nanti nak try shampoo sebazole and cream fungus tu..Fareen bagi makan ape kat Dexter and Sophie sekarang?
deanil   Dec 31st 2009 at 8:49AM
Shampoo tu penting sarah.. kalau cream tu dia lambat sikit.. kalau guna dua2 sekali lg cepat kut..
Fareen, the white kitten kat bangsar tu still available.. yg booking tu x jd ambik.. tp i dah black list kedai tu.. sebab grooming larry.. i x puas hati..huhu
Fareen   Dec 31st 2009 at 1:11PM
Sarah: betul ckp deanil. try dua2. shampu and cream. dah pergi try vet lain? sophie x pernah fungus. only dexter. dexter mmg rajin fungus cos dia senang stress. so kalau x serious, Fareen just sapu cream sikit. dorang punya main food is barf (rawfood) pastu fareen kasi kibbles Orijen. baru tukar. dulu Addiction.

Deanil: napa x jadi yg putih tu? Hubby Fareen x suka Putih so x tersampailah hajat kucing putih hehe. Fareen dah decide grooming sendiri je atau kat petepicure. sbb Fareen tgk Dophie especialy lasak. kalau bagi kat org sebarang tak tau camane dorang layan kucing Fareen....
deanil   Dec 31st 2009 at 2:30PM
yer lah Fareen, i suspect something lah.. sebab larry 1 minggu buat perangai murung. x selera makan dan dia cepat takut.. Skrg baru ok..
SarahMelanie   Dec 31st 2009 at 2:40PM
Fareen & Deanil: tu la Sarah nak try dua2..then if no improvement ahad ni baru g vet injection. Sebenarnya if tak serious letak cream fungus dah ok. Sarah tak pegi vet lagi Fareen, biasa sarah pegi weekend. sat or sun. tapi sure tak gi dah vet yang sarah selalu pegi tu. pegi gasing or heshmael.

Brand food 'RC' to royal cn ke? bab sarah nak try selain dari IAm..
deanil   Jan 11th 2010 at 8:24PM
Fareen.. check ur email.. important.. heheh
Fareen   Jan 12th 2010 at 9:09AM
dah reply dah :)
deanil   Jan 12th 2010 at 8:40PM
Fareen.. i ader reply to ur email.. tp rase mcm x deliver jer.. anyway.. i like it!!! jelesnyer!!!!

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