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Mimi - Domestic Medium Hair Cat
CatDomestic Medium Hair
ProfileFemale, 11 Years 2 Months
BodyMedium Size, Medium Fur
ColorBrown, Gray, White
LocationSubang, Selangor
Posted19 Feb 2010 (Updated 10 Apr 2010)
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I live at apartment. I usually go down and feed the "kucing liar" eat my left-over food. When I found her, I was on my way to feed them. She was at my apartment staircase below level . By the time, i think she was new member which was only just "ngam ngam" reach 1 month. She was found in a shoe box at the corner of the staircase. Now, she was like 8 months old oledi. I investigated and in my opinion. I think is my below level jiran thrown her, becoz the next few days after I brought Mimi home. I saw the same brand new shoe out side their door front, which is the same brand shoe box used to thrown Mimi. Eversince then i took care of her, becoz she so kesian kena thrown. But recently, i felt like throwing her out from my window........ OMG~! she's damn kacau, naughtly, ego, hyperactive! Very hard to teach~! Her stories~!! if wanna talk~ 3 days oso cannot habis talk~! Now everyone at my house felt like throwing her out from the window~!!! but after I read some members here said "at least they reach 12 months, they will be more steady n relex!" so I give her more 5 months chance. 1 month BONUS, if 5 months still like tat. She is available for adoption oledi~!!!!! Photos tell more than words........
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the next 2 days when I brought her home
the next 2 days when I brought her home

so sad!!
so sad!!

Mimi - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Mimi - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

but i dont let them meet!!
but i dont let them meet!!

Mimi's boyfren come n visit her...
Mimi's boyfren come n visit her...

Mimi's kutu..then i bath n i bath n i bath her sampai kutu hilang
Mimi's kutu..then i bath n i bath n i bath her sampai kutu hilang

Mimi - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

i am here~~
i am here~~

where r u?
where r u?

behind her, tat's the Buddha God she owas go kacau
behind her, tat's the Buddha God she owas go kacau

then she sapu all de tissue into de WC
then she sapu all de tissue into de WC

she pull all de tissue wic is newly put at de paper holder
she pull all de tissue wic is newly put at de paper holder

1 of her masterpiece
1 of her masterpiece

8 months old, lastest photo
8 months old, lastest photo

4 months old
4 months old

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the next 26 days when i brought her home
the next 26 days when i brought her home

the next 11 days when i brought her home
the next 11 days when i brought her home

Share your comments here14 Comments
Naddy   Mar 17th 2010 at 2:50PM
very cute....hopefully u still dun have the feeling to thrown her out of the window...lol
Fareen   Mar 17th 2010 at 3:39PM
hahahaha naughtynya!!!! reminds me of my cat Dexter. kdg2 we say, jom kita jual dia kat petshop haha. kita byr petshop supaya amik dia! haha. my dexter is eksyen, poyo, demanding, Susah nak pegang. He will stimes poo in the litterbox, stimes on the floor. kdg2 suka hati dia on the pillow ke, sofa. bill drycleaning dah melanbung tinggi! hahaha. but he's still my fav cat :)
Naddy   Mar 17th 2010 at 4:17PM
yup...warna pun almost the same like dexter kak fareen....attitude pun maybe the same...lol..
well if my cat naughty i will spank her buntut tp at nite when i'm sleeping she will bite my nose, lip, toe, i think it sum kinds of revenge hahahaha....
Fareen   Mar 17th 2010 at 4:32PM
hahaha Naddy. Nasib baik bukan akak yg terjumpa mimi ni!! if not runtuh rumah! hahahaha
Naddy   Mar 17th 2010 at 4:50PM
double the trouble lah kak fareen..haha ..
anyway faichai ur cat is hepi staying wit u..that y she trying to drive u insane...its their way showing they luv u...lol
faichai   Apr 10th 2010 at 6:37PM
dui dogok~~!!!! Mimi is a very action Cat...recently got boyfren suda...anyway, eversince i have posted her photos about telling how bad she's in petfinder...macam dia tau saja. Now she seem like abit insaf..abit steady oledi. when she was alone at home, she dint bite the mouse wire, internet wire, earphone wire n dint korek the pasu habuk josstick for buddha God oledi...sometime even duduk diam diam sendiri like thinking of something....then she know how to play by her own. but sometime still got kacau-kacau us lah....anyway it's almost 2 months pass of her 5 months chance....i guess she's getting better n better....the feeling of throwing her out of the window is getting less n less....hahahaha...thanks for petfinder members tanya khabar~!...thanks for perfinder member sharing experiences...if not, I hav had thrown her out from window oledi! ;)
LouiLoui   Apr 10th 2010 at 7:30PM
Please SPAY/NEUTER all your cat and dun let them multiply. If you really love cats, pls pls pls control their population.
faichai   Apr 10th 2010 at 9:13PM
last time when she was 3 month old...i'm thinking of spaying her...but some frens said...spay oso need RM300...issit true? so mahal lah. where can i get a cheaper offer???? pls help?
ManekiNeko   Apr 10th 2010 at 9:17PM
Hello, FaiChai -- Try calling Klinik Kembiri (associated with SPCA Selangor.) They offer discounted spay and neuter prices. I hope other Petfinder members will come forward with other suggestions, maybe near you in Subang. Life will be much better for you and Mimi if you spay her! :-)
LouiLoui   Apr 13th 2010 at 3:17PM
$300!!!! This amount can spayed lotza cats. Where your fren learn that from? Is she/he a doctor? Go to the nearest vet and just ask how much. It shd range fr $30-$60 per cat.

Manekineko is right. Klinik Kembiri give discount rate.

Dun wait! Dun delay! Cat goes on heat every 3 mths. So pls hurry.
faichai   May 2nd 2010 at 9:45PM
I see...last time i heard it from a fren. they said they spay their dog..costed them RM300 but it's a private clinic...ok now i know roughly the range cost..i'll sure go to pay Clinic Kembiri a visit! thanks alot guys...ur little help really help me & Mimi alotss~!! thank u thank u~!!!!
macgyverjune   May 27th 2010 at 12:09PM
Fai Chai,RM300 for neutering a cat?? Don't listen to people who talk without checking their facts.Bring your cat to Klinik Kembiri in Jln Air Panas Setapak. If you cat is not pregnant yet they only charge you RM70 for female and RM50 for male. They are open on Saturday and Sunday too. Call Mr Krishnan at 012-2581041.Neuter cats are normally more manja and calmer. Though my Max still behaving like a kitten when he is already 1 yrs plus because I neuter him when he was 5 mths old. He still keep his kittenish behaviour.

BTW,don't throw your cat out.Pity her.She's only a cat.She behaving like a cat.We as a human must learn and understand what the cat is thinking. Why is she being naughty?? Do u know how to keep begging for food while you are eating?? Do you know how to disipline a cat?? Go and find in the internet on cat behaviour and learn how to manage their behaviour and prevent them from climbing your kitchen or table while u and family having your meal.
thekerazeepanda   Apr 16th 2011 at 3:30PM
ohhh so cute la she :D
haikal   Apr 12th 2012 at 6:46PM
so cute~

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