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Apeng - Domestic Medium Hair Cat
In Heaven
CatDomestic Medium Hair
ProfileMale, 3 Years 2 Months
BodyLarge Size, Medium Fur
ColorBlack, White
LocationPjs 2, Selangor
Posted24 Aug 2010 (Updated 25 Sep 2010)
Apeng is my cat back in my hometown in Seremban. Every weekend I always go back to see Apeng because I miss him so much. Apeng is very adorable and smart. He can understand me, talk to me and his eyes show emotions like no other cat can. Apeng knows his name that even if I were in the house and he is out to next door's house, I just need to shout "Apeng! Apeng come here!" and he will come, definitely. I think in his previous life, he was a handsome man. Why did I say that? That's because he's acting very un-cat-ly. He also always stares into the mirror and looks very deeply and then will meow in disbelief like, "I cant believe I'm a cat, now!". He will do this at least 4 times a day.

He likes to play polis sentri with me, he likes to chase me around and then 'sep' me then I will 'jadi' and it's my turn to chase him back. He's a smart, handsome, tall, gorgeous cat.


Apeng has passed away today at 240pm. We were almost there at the vet for a 3o'clock appointment. He was a strong and very unselfish cat. Apeng has died peacefully he looks as if he is sleeping, he even smiled. We love you Apeng, Abah especially deepenly sad when you are gone. Abah and mak have lost their loyal bestfriend, and me and along love you terribly much. May you rest in peace and know that our prayers are always with you
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Handsome boy
Handsome boy

Apeng with mirror
Apeng with mirror

Apeng with emak
Apeng with emak

Apeng with abah
Apeng with abah

if u stare hard enaf u can see him smiling
if u stare hard enaf u can see him smiling

Macam baru lepas sawan babi
Macam baru lepas sawan babi

fluffy furry^^
fluffy furry^^

Apeng - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Apeng - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Tall handsome mancat
Tall handsome mancat

With Eskimo and Oreo
With Eskimo and Oreo

white undercoat
white undercoat

fav pose :D
fav pose :D

fav spot
fav spot

Apeng - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

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Owner's Pet

Share your comments here16 Comments
rawr2buny   Aug 24th 2010 at 2:05PM
nyaaa~ my fav pic would be the first and last pic, pndainye apeng pose hehe. taktau la baru2 ni im a lil obsessed with cats yg mcm pakai topeng ni or tuxedo.

and LOL comelnya tengok cermin. *squishes apeng*
ooo so this is not tuxedo but 'mas & mantel'? ok noted :P haha! comel laa! the one i saw in SPCA pun mcm ni la ;_; nnt la lepas puasa and raya, i'll try asking spca if he's still available ke tak :P boleh culik bawak balik nnt. hehe!

LOOL tadi sha bace ur comment on apeng dekat tepi kawan2. tergelak2 pasal muka keji & lembu new zealand! dorg pandang pelik je XD muka keji eh? i'd love to see his muka keji! tadi my friend ckp kucing die suke buat muka poyo. hahaha comel la kucing2 ni, mcm2 muka. kyon? muka kesian :P

waaa u watch anime too?! hahaha! <3
huhunenec   Sep 2nd 2010 at 9:46AM
"Macam baru lepas sawan babi"
azmyrax   Sep 2nd 2010 at 9:48AM
actually that looks more like after renjatan elektrik LOL
My handsome boy is sick now :'( :'(. Pray for his health
ManekiNeko   Sep 24th 2010 at 1:28PM
Wah,Apeng! Please get well soon. Azmyrax, have you taken him to the vet? Any idea what's wrong? Know that he's got my prayers.
azmyrax   Sep 24th 2010 at 4:17PM
thank you ManekiNeko, at first we thought apeng has got jaundice so he was warded and given 5days antibiotic course. Then, I took him to another vet, whom then prescribed him with liver stimulant and anti-inflammatory for his lung (lung sounds not clear). Now the jaundice has subsided, but he is still not eating. He is no longer that fluffy cat like up there. He's so skinny in just few days because he's not eating at all. but he drinks water a lot. tomorrow im taking him for blood test
Hi all, Apeng has passed away today at 240pm. Thank you for your prayers and love
ManekiNeko   Sep 26th 2010 at 9:38AM
Oh, Axmyrax, I am SO sorry! My heart goes out to you and your family. Apeng sounded like a very special cat, and I bet he's now prancing around kitty heaven, looking in all the mirrors to see that he's handsome again. :-)
adamyala   Sep 26th 2010 at 10:57AM
R.I.P hensem boy apeng ....
You ve brought so much love and joy to azmyrax & family.
wanilliyana   Sep 26th 2010 at 11:01AM
azmira, terkejutnya dgr Apeng dh tak ada..
sabar ya.. at least this handsome boy dh bergembira kt atas sana..insyallah he will always remember u and your family
MidnightMaiden   Sep 27th 2010 at 10:20PM
Azmyra, so sorry to read about Apeng. U tried your best, girl. I know it's cliche, but at least he's not suffering anymore. May u rest in peace, handsome boy.
azmyrax   Sep 28th 2010 at 11:01AM
ManekiNeko, adamyala, wanilliyana and MidnightMaiden, thank you so much for your wishes. Though it was a short one, I believe Apeng has had a happy life. Everyone loves him terribly much even our neighbours because he was one very exceptionally smart cat. He was 80% human, 20% cat, I think. We have tried our best so did he. He died in my hand, I was holding him in the car, I was so thankful I was the last person he saw before he left us. It was an easy going, he took his last breath and that was it. We are so proud to have him. It feels so quiet now in Seremban without him. So much heartache of him leaving us, we cant stop talking about how funny and smart he was.
Oh well, thank you all for your support and help. We really appreciated it. Thanks^^
Rizalmn   Sep 28th 2010 at 11:45AM
Hi Azmyra,

I am so sorry on your loss.. R.I.P Apeng..
macgyverjune   Sep 28th 2010 at 12:08PM
Axmyrax, I am deeply sorry for your loss. Apeng was such a handsome man cat indeed. He is at peace now and no more pain.

I now how u feel right now. Really down and sad. I even cried reading your post. I loss 4 cats to FeLV. But we have to be strong for our other furkds.
rawr2buny   Sep 29th 2010 at 9:34PM
mira, im so sorry on what had happened :( sorry too for late response. i read ur sms but im down with high fever since last week it took me like 10mins before i can fully understand what happened isk isk.

so speechless. be strong yea, im sure apeng had had a happy life with you & ur family. ;_; may apeng's soul rest in peace. insyaAllah.

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