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PF5320 - Mixed Breed Dog
DogMixed Breed
ProfileMixed Gender, 2 Months
Amount2 Pets
BodySmall Size, Short Fur
ColorBlack, Brown
LocationPuchong, Selangor
Posted19 May 2009 (Updated 30 Jun 2010)
Adoption FeeFREE
3 male & 3 female
all 3 male are brown in color
1 female dark brown, 1 female bright brown
and another female is nearly black

4 days old puppies, haven't open eye. my friend found them in front of his house. meaning someone place (throw) them there.now, they are temporary take care by my friend.

hope and appreciate if someone can adopt these poor little pup.

updated: 15/07/2009

little pups grown up healthy and vaccinated, but unfortunately 2 survived. i name them kollie (female) and Browie (male). they 2 months old now.

i will try my best to send them to interested adopter. appreciate the new owner promise to neuter them at 6 months old and take good care.

updated: 30/07/2009

checked with my friend both little condition today. oh! they are about 3 months old now, cute and active but still small small size.

Nope, doesn't mean they are not healthy, in fact both of them are strong & fit. But they are less than 2kgs.

ya.. ya.. conclusion, both of them are actually small size doggies.
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PF5320 - Mixed Breed Dog

PF5320 - Mixed Breed Dog

PF5320 - Mixed Breed Dog

PF5320 - Mixed Breed Dog

PF5320 - Mixed Breed Dog

PF5320 - Mixed Breed Dog

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Page: 1 2    29 Comments
Sashy   May 20th 2009 at 6:57PM
Crazy person!!! Do they expect your friend to single handedly raise all the puppies? Or just expect your friend to do clean up for the dead puppies?
Hope your friend is managing alright, remind him to wipe the puppies tummy with a warm cloth after feeding too, so make them pee n poo
Deki   May 20th 2009 at 8:15PM
Aiyoh, aftr gamblelee now dis batch, how cum so many crazy ppl? Juz 4 days old?????????
vivi   May 20th 2009 at 8:27PM
dunno what will this world turn into after 20 years.
all unwanted babies will crawl around ur neighbourhood.
stupid stupid people
MinceToiletPaper   May 20th 2009 at 9:51PM
Its good also cause phoenix must be famous in his neighbourhood as a pet lover so they just brng them there cause sure pupps would not died. Its a compliment i see.
vivi   May 20th 2009 at 10:10PM
mr d,
it's a compliment but then people will take advantage and keep throwing the unwanted to her house.
we should not encourage people to do such irreponsible thing.
Deki   May 20th 2009 at 10:32PM
Mr D, u encouraging ppl 2 dump their puppy at phoenix's hse?? Dis is only 4 days old puppies.....may die if not taking care properly
buffy   May 21st 2009 at 11:35AM
OMG, so poor thing...phoenix, u sure won hurt them 2 hold like dat?
vivi   May 21st 2009 at 1:05PM
as long she hold them gently then it wont hurt but please becareful as a few day old puppie bone are very delicate.
good luck phoenix
PuppyWanted   May 21st 2009 at 5:24PM
Anyone wanna help phoenix, pls call her hp listed so that you can help her with her 6 puppies? Feeding 6 puppies is really tiring. You may want to consider take care of 1 puppy first and in the meantime ppl can call phoenix for adoption.
phoenixlim   May 21st 2009 at 9:16PM
thank you for all the comments,
the pup now at my friend house,
his is taking good care, he is future vet doc.
so, no worry of the pup...
they are healthy at the moment.

what we worry is whether any1 willing to adopt them or not.
chino   May 22nd 2009 at 12:03AM
HI PHoneniX...no wonder ur neighbour abandon these helpless new born at ur houz...!!!!my opinion is these puppies nid to wait till 1 month 1st than u nid to upload their photo ..im sure many pf members will help U..:)Actualy not only this but all homeless d0ggy we really wan they can be rehome!!!Godbless
PuppyWanted   May 29th 2009 at 6:14PM
hw r the puppies now ?
phoenixlim   Jun 4th 2009 at 12:19PM
1 female & 1 male pass away last week. we try our best to find them a home. any1 help?
chino   Jun 4th 2009 at 1:02PM
:(PUppy without mom will nid extra care,nids lots of time.u nid to touch them ..example u nid to remind them pee and poo to0!like their m0m lick them using our hands (with glove)after feeding nid to burb them too like babies.now i cant help as my time table also tide D(put soft towel for them as nite the temperature cold.near a month d.(the surviver will b the tough and strong living will d0ggy..piliphine belive thats will bring the 0wner lucks!!)

PuppyWanted   Jun 4th 2009 at 1:43PM
Please upload their latest pics so that more potential adopter will be able to see the puppies.
vivi   Jun 4th 2009 at 3:17PM
Ohh poor puppies
don give up.
Chino's suggestion is very good.
2 weeks puppies are still very weak.
They still need ur attention very much.
and they get hungry really fast too.
Good Luck.
Alice   Jun 17th 2009 at 6:04PM
can you post more picture of them? I wish to adopt one of them
charleneleticia   Jun 23rd 2009 at 4:06PM
hi..r the puppies still available for adoption?
phoenixlim   Jun 26th 2009 at 10:21PM
very busy recently...
i getting my friend update me their photo and health status, then i will post / update it...
Shouta   Aug 2nd 2009 at 8:36PM
May I adopt Browie?
It's very cute...
I hope i can adopt it
I've been dreaming for a pet since i was a kid
But my parent don't allow me
Now I am 17 years old, they allow me to have a pet now...
I really hope i can adopt it...

How do I contact you?
It's my first time to take care a dog
Can you teach me how to take care of them?
My MSN is
Thank you
Please reply me as soon as possible

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