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Taro Kimura - Tabby Cat
ProfileMale, 10 Years 9 Months
VaccinatedNot Sure
DewormedNot Sure
BodyMedium Size, Short Fur
ColorGray, White
LocationSaujana Putra, Selangor
Posted16 Sep 2009 (Updated 27 Apr 2010)
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This is another cat that I found walking and searching for foods near my condo lobby. Somebody put a collar on his neck but never pick him up. He has been walking around for almost 2 months. He is very friendly and I pick him up to my house & feed him most of the time. The reason why I could not keep him is because he is not welcome by my 4 other male cats. He is very friendly & his voice is unique( at first I thought he is a FEMALE cat). If you're interested, please do not hesitate to email or sms me.
Thank you.
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Heyyy there, I'm Taro...
Heyyy there, I'm Taro...

I need a new home :(
I need a new home :(

This mummy keep on feeding me everyday, thanks..
This mummy keep on feeding me everyday, thanks..

Ahhh I just woke up from a quick nap..
Ahhh I just woke up from a quick nap..

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Page: 1 2    27 Comments
babycatlurve   Nov 13th 2009 at 3:47PM
hello cik lola, yes2 i dpt u r msg, sorry i was busy yesterday lupa nk reply.. *sigh*
taro masih lg xberapa nk mkn, i think its better for me to let him fully recover dulu then baru i bg u adopt.. is that ok with u? right now dia xnk makan kalau i xde, susah nnti i takut if i bagi dia now later on dia xmkn lansung..
babycatlurve   Nov 13th 2009 at 3:48PM
oh btw, nnti i upload Taro punya other 2 siblings yg baru jadi pengunjung tetap my condo.. i bg deorang mkn as well, nanti u chek tau ;)
CikLola   Nov 13th 2009 at 7:23PM
oho2..nvm...ape3 just bgtau..cm sian plak tgk taro..huhu
CikLola   Nov 15th 2009 at 2:50PM
baby..im so sowie..dr ape yg u ckp..taro cm sgt memerlukan u..so xnk la kaco die..nvm la..xda rezeki..by da way..lola dh adopt yg len..hope taro cpt sht
babycatlurve   Nov 16th 2009 at 3:54PM
2 la, i pon rasa mcm tu kan, i have to keep him sbb dia pun xberapa sihat lagi.. xpe2 u dh dpt yg lain? wahh sure yg comel jugak kan? ;)
thanks coz wish taro cepat sihat, jahat sape yg buang dia 2.. masa i jumpa dia masih pakai collar, sgt kejam dia pnya owner tu kan :(
babycatlurve   Nov 16th 2009 at 3:56PM
archie andrews tu pun kan, i jumpa dia dekat bawah condo i, he was all wet & his body was shaking maybe sebab dia lapar sgt2.. masih kecik lagi taw u, i xsampai hati tgk dia.. org bg dia makanan pelik2 dia masih xde gigi kuat so dia xblh chew.. :(
kenapa org sgt kejam??? buang merata je kitten tu... i tgk tangan dia kena fungus pastu misai dia patah2..... *sad*
CikLola   Nov 16th 2009 at 4:32PM
hurm..siannye...knp la bela kalu x mampu..aduss..xleh trima tul la org yg wat cm tuh..hope All of them will recover as soon as possible..
UmmKhadeejah   Dec 9th 2009 at 1:26PM
da jd owner ptt btggjwb la seumur hidup kucing tu...kucing is not juz animal...ada perasaan gak...hmm...may be die lost kot sbb ada collar...hrp2 cptla taro dpt new parent.
CikLola   Dec 9th 2009 at 2:37PM
sue2..4 ur infomation..yaya bgtau taro dh hilang or kene curik..pas da recover dr sakit br la org nk..aduss..truk tul
babycatlurve   Dec 9th 2009 at 5:12PM
memang, selalu mcm 2, bila sakit semua buang.. mcm my kitten yg nama archikins tu la kecik2 dh kena buang.. kesian taw cik lola.. umur dia xsmp sebulan lebih nk mkn ape kt luar 2..
sue 007, i pun xpaham naper owner 2 bg dia pakai collar pastu biar taro sejuk n lapar kt luar 2.. sgt sedih..
CikLola   Dec 9th 2009 at 6:11PM
hurm..terukkn..i wish the owner dtimpa musibah kalu die seksa pets die..sian tau..kalu xmampu jgn lew amek..bio org len jg..aduss..ekh2..yg kitten tuh ada x pic die..update laa..mesti comey kn
babycatlurve   Dec 10th 2009 at 5:25PM
mmg, yaya mmg wish sgt2 owner taro 2 ditimpa musibah.. biar dia taw mcm mana taro rasa kena buang.. haaa archikins tu ade2 yaya ade gamba dia nnti yaya upload ekk cik lola.. tu ada sikit je kn time dia kecik, sekarang dh getting gebu2 hehehe..
CikLola   Dec 11th 2009 at 1:05AM
xsabo nk tgk...nice 2 noe u by da way..hek4..u very helpful n nice person yaya..
babycatlurve   Dec 23rd 2009 at 3:49PM
awwww tq cik lola.. u r such a nice person as well :)
dah yaya dh upload 2, cik lola jgn lupe tgk gambar2 archie andrews taw :)
zul87   Jan 21st 2010 at 2:53PM
can i know. mcmana nk jaga bg bulu kucing xluruh?
ajoy8   Jan 21st 2010 at 3:45PM
senang jer..jgn kasik kucing ko mkn benda2 yg ko mkn..yg berminyak..klu nak kasik ikna pon..biar rebus ikan tu..jgn goreng
babycatlurve   Jan 22nd 2010 at 3:13PM
yesss, the most important thing is jgn bagi makanan manusia to ur cats zul87, and kalau boleh beli premium cat foods (means yg xjual kat supermarket).. So far my cats mkn Acana / IAMS / blackwoods ok je xluruh bulu..
ajoy8   Jan 29th 2010 at 12:15PM
sekali sekala mandikan ngan shampoo..at least 2 minggu skali..n sikat bulu tu
fiffydyna   Apr 24th 2010 at 3:10PM
so cute!! hopefully he will get a new house soon.. i can't adopt any now.. so sad :(
NsiMiakkl   Sep 14th 2011 at 2:41PM
babycatlurve may i knw where do u stay?which saujana putra?is it bandar saujana putra nearby Elite Hway?

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