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Lost in Kuala Lumpur
Kuching Manja, 5 Yrs

Found in Old Klang Road
Mixed Breed, 3 Yrs

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Calico Persian Cat - Persian Cat
ProfileFemale, 11 Years 6 Months
SpayedNot Sure
ConditionMinor Injury
BodyMedium Size, Long Fur
ColorBlack, Golden, White
LocationTaman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur
Posted9 Dec 2009 (Updated 13 Dec 2009)
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I found a Calico Persian cat restless in my balcony at night [7th December 2009]. I live in Taman Melawati, near to K Club.
It's friendly and has a pink collar on it's neck. It's a female. Maybe around 8 - 9 moths old.

It's very dirty and very thin. I have taken it to the vet for check up and grooming. It will be staying there for a day or 2. I have no intention of keeping this cat, since I have so many to feed. A Persian cat needs a lot of attention. If anyone knows who this cat belongs to or you need more information on the cat, email me:


Update [12th December 2009] : I'm happy to say the owner has claimed the cat. I asked for proof and she showed me pictures of the cat she had in her cellphone. She came to my house this afternoon around 1 -2pm. She asked me if she can see the cat, so I took the cat downstairs. I asked her how long the cat was missing, she told me 2 days when the cat has been with me for 5 days! The cat was so thin, and the vet told me she was in shock and extremely dirty, and on top of that, she had an eye infection! [The vet also said she must have been missing for at-least 2 weeks]

The owner of the cat saw her cat at my place and didn't even bother to carry her and hug her, after all it is her pet, and you should be missing her. To my surprise she didn't do anything, she just called the cat and did nothing! She doesn't even know that the cat was too thin! [The girl was still young, probably a teenager] So, she had the nerve to ask me if she should pay for her medical bills? Obviously without asking you should! I took care of her, and I let her in my house and she took so much of my time! Then another girl came out and asked the same thing, should we pay anything? I said again yes. Then she said, I need to go to KL now, so maybe later we'll take the cat. [I was so confused and thinking, my god, they shouldn't even think about KL, and leave her in my home, take her and be thankful.] Anyway, they left, and I said it's OK she can leave the cat here and claim it at night or something.

At around 10 or so, she smsed my mums phone saying this : "Hye, im the owner of the lost cat. so, i called u juz nw but u didnt answer. r u gonna giv the cat bck or u want us to take action for dat? n we hv waiting infront of ur hse for quite long. ill report to the police if u reluctant to pass the cat. please return the cat 2moro by 8am @ no 69 jln a1." [Excuse the stupid english, I just copied her sms.]

Now, people with their right minds will know that was very rude! She had the nerve to say those things when clearly when I was available, she went to KL instead of taking the cat. I don't care if she called the police. It's clear I did not steal the cat and I have proof. Why should I waste 2 hours of my time putting up posters around the block, and put up ads all over the net! And on top of that, I'm not into Persian cats! Now you guys tell me, am I wrong or they are wrong? They neglect their cat, and let it be, that's why it ended up at my balcony.

Anyway, after all that, my cousin called and told the girl to apologize for that rude and cruel sms. She came with her dad [Proves that she is just a stupid little girl, who's so scared, and does not have the guts to face us, and say sorry, and thank you for our kind gesture.] Her dad came in, and said "I came here just to take the cat, that's all" Another rude asshole. I came down and told him everything and I was so filled with anger! They dare say all that, so rude. I told him where's your daughter? Isn't this her cat? Why is she just standing out there, and not saying anything? The father had a disgusting attitude, and he didn't even know what to say. Stupid! He told me, "why should I pay"?? Like?? Everyone who sees this will obviously think this guy is whacked. Anyway, finally the daughter came in and said sorry and thank you. I wanted to scold her more, but my maid grabbed the cat and told me to stop fighting. She said sorry, thank you, took the cat and ran.[They live a couple of blocks away from me. No. 69 Jalan A1.]

Anyway, I just wanted to share the story. How stupid can people be? I cared for the cat, and I desperately wanted to find her owner. And when I did, this is the thanks I get. I have decided to call the vet I went to, he could give them a call. And the posters are proof I didn't want anything but to find the owners. I took her to the vet, obviously because I cared.

I thought I had to let all that out to everyone, and put those bloody idiots in the hall of shame.

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Calico Persian Cat - Persian Cat

There it is again! hehe.
There it is again! hehe.

The funniest and cutest reaction from her is when I scratch her back!
The funniest and cutest reaction from her is when I scratch her back!

She loves sleeping ontop of the cage!
She loves sleeping ontop of the cage!

Calico Persian Cat - Persian Cat

Calico Persian Cat - Persian Cat

Calico Persian Cat - Persian Cat

Calico Persian Cat - Persian Cat

Calico Persian Cat - Persian Cat

Calico Persian Cat - Persian Cat

Calico Persian Cat - Persian Cat

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Mow Mow

Page: 1 2 3    56 Comments
Marmoreal   Dec 10th 2009 at 5:47PM
cute cat....
i like it..huhuhu
can i take care of her?
i stay at taman melati
nathrahmy   Dec 10th 2009 at 6:52PM
Cute cat :)
neems   Dec 10th 2009 at 9:39PM
Well guys, I am really busy now. I need to ask questions before deciding who she'll stay with. There are more than 10 people now willing to take her. And not all of them are honest with me about what they want her for.
Fareen   Dec 10th 2009 at 9:53PM
There are many who will be willing to take her since she's a DLH. Unfortunately if she was a DSH, there may be less takers :( Btw, you mentioned last time that the picture here is not the real pic rite? You just used it to show what a Calico persian looks like. Unless you've uploaded a real one already.

Anyways, great that you took the trouble to take care of her...Hopefully the real owner shows up...Maybe she had gone missing for weeks hence her condition.

If you decide to put her up for adoption, I hope you do your best to find a genuine cat lover cos like you rightfully said, taking care of a DLH or a Persian is no easy task! At the minimum must be dedicated to comb her fur daily! :)

Again, well done Neems for helping this cat :)
Crool   Dec 10th 2009 at 10:25PM
hehe, so cute, let me become her nanny since u kind of bz , i can take care of her, u can take her anytime u want til u get the right owner to give... just want to do some charity for my holiday.....at least I have something to do better than nothing
Acqua   Dec 10th 2009 at 10:41PM
neem careful.
Crool   Dec 10th 2009 at 10:48PM
neems u must make sure the fur not wet sbb it can caused the fur bergumpal n the white colour kat bhagian dada dia might turn to cream or yellowish colour.....kena comb the hair selalu, since she's long hair..
neems   Dec 10th 2009 at 10:56PM
Thanks all. :) She's been so drowsy after coming back from the vet. The vet told my sister that it was so difficult to bathe her! They had to put her under anesthesia! I was kinda shocked to see the medical bills, sigh. Well, I have no idea what's wrong with her mouth, it's always like that [You can see in her first picture I uploaded]. It's always wet and tangled. I have no experience with a Persian cat. I'm doing the best I can. I wipe her mouth and nose, and she's very obedient. She's still very thin, but doing better. Her appetite is good too.
Fareen   Dec 10th 2009 at 11:33PM
Did the vet say anything abt the tongue sticking out? is that constant? The fur being wet around the mouth and chin area could be due to her drinking water cos unfortunately this one is flatfaced...Need to keep the eyes, nose and mouth area clean cos can't avoid that area being wet...does she have any medical issues at all? any infections? ear mites?
Crool   Dec 10th 2009 at 11:37PM
I think her mouth is normal since u already brought her to the vet actually my winter also like that on the mouth area easy to get wet n the vet said its normal, Yes my dear the cost of Longhair cat is a bit expensive than the other, i'm glad that u really take care of her, well if there's something that u need to know, do not hesitate to ask , we'all here willing to help as much as we can...anyway i wish all the best for her.
AleenAim   Dec 11th 2009 at 12:07AM
chomeynyer....really glad if i can adopt her...
Crool   Dec 11th 2009 at 12:25AM
Kak shiela: jgn bimbang la kak... crool kemungkinan crool x kan dpt hak penjagaan someone already talk bad bout me, kadang2 tue kan kak crool pelik juga org nie suke sgt tikam belakang, depan ckp manis dpn ckp buruk .... tp xper crool terima seadanya, tp i hope the person yg ckp buruk pasal i dpt balasan yg lebih lg sbb fitnah org dosa besar kan kak..... crool kena tuduh seorang breeder......kelakar giler ....

nanti crool sms akak la , atau call bley sembang2 pasal kucing n talk about the person yg xder kerja lain mencanag nama org,hehe..anyway crool x mau gaduh2 hehe ... mcm x matang plak...itu style budak2 namanya.. ish2 ... klu berani ckp la depan2 nie nak sembunyi mcm tikus..hehe..
CikLola   Dec 11th 2009 at 12:29AM
comeynye..patut la ramai nak..hope sum1 will take care of her..

crool..org tuh jeles kot..sbb tgk anak2 bulus crool cantek3..xkn dsbbkn crool jual sekor dua dtuduh breeder..aduss..

pemikiran x matang kot
koleq   Dec 11th 2009 at 12:36AM
uiks, siapa yang kutuk crool?nk kena org tu hehehe...xkan jeles ngan crool kot..dah anak2 bulus crool semuanye kiut miut, nk wat macamna?
neems   Dec 11th 2009 at 12:36AM
I'm sorry guys. I cannot speak your language. Please speak English. Sorry.
Crool   Dec 11th 2009 at 12:41AM
actually they din't agree the people that saying i'm a breeder .....anyway so sorry, maybe i shouldn't be here someone really jealous with me...:( ciow..
all the best neems...
koleq & lola :trima kaseh for the support, i pun wondering who is the person, tp i dah dpt agak da, a few in my head now... x der ape2 la... org yg suke firtnah tu, insaf la sebelum terlambat, memfitnah org tanpa usul periksa umpama dosa membunuh org,smekum..haizz
CikLola   Dec 11th 2009 at 12:44AM
opss sorry neems..i hope all the best with this beautiful girl..love her colour
neems   Dec 11th 2009 at 12:59AM
Please carry on your conversations else where. This is a serious matter, I would really like some serious people to adopt this cat. Thank you.

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