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Sponsor Medical Treatment Of Injured Animals
Please contribute to PetFinder.my's urgent medical fund.
Every dollar makes a huge difference in saving these animals' lives.

To keep track of your donations, please sign up at PetFinder.my or login to your existing account first before proceeding with the donation steps below.

Please Select Payment Option:

Online Banking

Bank-In / Cash Deposit
Online Banking

Please follow the steps below to perform an online bank transfer:
  1. Login to your online banking account (i.e. Maybank2U, CIMB Clicks etc).

  2. Initiate a transfer to the following Malaysian bank account:

    Account Name:PetFinder Society Petaling Jaya
    Account Number:8002924999
    Reference / Description:PF_MEDICAL

    You have not logged in to PetFinder.my. Please do so if you wish to track your donations.
    Sign up now or login to your existing account.

  3. Please email the electronic receipt to and specify the reference PF_MEDICAL as well.

  4. Please ensure that you accurately specify PF_MEDICAL as the transaction's reference / description. This will allow us to properly track your sponsorship and attach it to your PetFinder.my account's Donation History.

  5. If your online banking service allows you to notify the recipient by email, kindly fill in so we will also receive the bank's email notification on your transaction.

  6. Your sponsored funds should appear within 3 working days and you will receive an email confirmation. If it does not show up, please contact us as soon as possible.

  7. For non-CIMB users such as Maybank2U etc, please initiate an IBG (Inter Bank Giro) / Instant Transfer to our CIMB account. We use CIMB as its online service provides us with accurate tracking of transaction date/time and payment reference, so that we can properly associate each transaction with the correct donor and recipient pet.

Medical Sponsorship Policy

By contributing to the medical fund in PetFinder.my, you agree to all of the following clauss in our Medical Sponsorship Policy:
  1. Only animals by PetFinder.my Verified Rescuers qualify for medical sponsorship.
  2. The final amount disbursed to the animal will depend on the vet's medical bill submitted.
  3. Only medical treatments pertaining to the animal's injury will be covered by this fund, determined at the sole discretion of PetFinder.my.
  4. If you choose to sponsor a specific animal, all of your funds would go towards this animal. However, if you have contributed more than is required for its treatment, PetFinder.my will automatically distribute the excess amount to other animals awaiting urgent medical sponsorship.
  5. If you contribute to the Medical Fund in general, PetFinder.my will automatically distribute your contribution to animals awaiting urgent medical sponsorship.
  6. To keep track of your contributions within your PetFinder.my account's Donation History, you would first need to login to PetFinder.my prior to obtaining the reference / description and making the donation.
  7. Your sponsored funds should appear within 3 working days. If it does not show up, please contact us as soon as possible.
  8. Donations made are non-refundable and non-tax exemptable.
  9. PetFinder.my may make amendments to this Medical Sponsorship Policy at any time without prior notification.

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