Hall of Shame

There are many abusive pet owners out there that mistreat their pets, or pet scammers and irresponsible pet merchants that try to cheat people of their hard-earned money.

Our members have made their cruel deeds known to the world - both to put them in shame and to raise awareness among other pet owners.

If you came across any such cases, please share it with us here.

Disclaimer: These articles are submitted by our members and do not represent the view of PetFinder.my. If you find that any article contains inaccurate facts or slander, please state your supporting facts accordinglyin the corresponding post there so others may see and judge for themselves. You may also contact us to further review the matter.

TopicReported ByDate
A warning about a shitty owner!tamyraselvarajan2022-09-06
Returned puppy without neuteringMel Lee2019-12-28
2 pedigree dogs suffered & died in Wawasan, PuchongMay03052018-11-16
Neglected Labrador in Jade Hills, KajangMay03052018-11-15
Animal AbusePrestine2018-10-23
Adopter - big time liarLC20152017-09-28
Watch Out for the RuebenMyLittleHamster252017-01-28
Puppy abuse at One Pet Shop (Subang Jaya)K9YoYo2015-11-19
Orang myanmar suka makan daging kucing ?hafeez hashim2015-05-20
OMG ! Hati dan jantung kucing sangat lazat dimakan apabila digorenghafeez hashim2015-05-20
Memakan kucing bukan satu kesalahan mengikut undang-undang negara.hafeez hashim2015-05-20
Cat Adopter lied about spayingSukisan2015-04-12
Beware this cat adopterNicole Wong2014-03-11
Share & shame this heartless man kill the dogs / catsgraceccy872013-11-07
Cruel adopterJijikiki2013-08-04
Dog drag on motorcyclekmleong2013-05-23
Pet adoption from Cameroon scammerMoonAngel2012-10-22
IMPORTANT. Be Watchful Of This Cat Adopter: "Eqin" or "NurKittyLover". Alert To All Cat Rescuers.Vee202012-10-06
May God bless these con artists or dishonest people...bear702012-08-10
Terrible owner leaving dog under harsh weatherhuikoon2012-08-08
Disgusting situation in Great Eastern Mallceline.chan2012-08-08
Dog Thrown Alived into Manhole, Cyberjayamelmel2012-08-03
Animal cruelty at its best!stonestone2012-04-17
Cat Scalded Steamed Hot Water by Hawker Stall Ownermelmel2012-03-17
Think puppy mills don't exist in Malaysia?Maneki Neko2012-03-08
Beware of con artist in OLXManekineko Cattery2012-01-29
Petknode Cat Boarding NightmareLyn_Cat2011-09-04
Is this acceptable?vani2011-04-08
Rascal didn't deserve this! Pjud@Hafizuddin, this one concerns YOU!Vee202011-04-07
Living zombiesCT YEOH2011-03-26
CCTV of cat abusingadrianng872011-03-03
Pet shop abuses their dogs for sale (PENANG)JScott2011-03-01
leecathy25@hotmail.com !!!deeda2011-02-05
Facebook video of Poodle abuselewin2011-01-23
Evil X-owner!vani2011-01-13
ade org cube nak menipu sy mbeli kucing ragdoll..hafina_862010-12-15
crush videovalerie2010-11-21
Hit-and-Run Case at Taman Bukit Mayang Emasshanhui2010-11-04
Ipoh City Council Shoots And Kills Elderly Person's Therapy Dograinmaker.joanne2010-11-03
Removal of "What MCFA didn't tell you" ThreadAdministrator2010-10-22
Pls pass this on or report to police !!!larry2542010-10-18
Encouraged the public to lodge reports if you "Suspect" knew of any Bogus Vets.or Petshop Fake Vetdog is my buddy2010-10-15
Beware of Simon L a bogus dog trainer from Melakabear702010-10-07
Removal of MCFA ThreadsAdministrator2010-10-06
Dogs killed because they were hungry? yet birds rescued as they were underfed? Justice?nurkasih2010-09-23
The Girl , The Puppy, And The basketizwanbest2010-09-16
Don't you wish Malaysia has laws like this?MidnightMaiden2010-09-11
Irresponsible & Unconsiderate Adopteradrianng872010-09-02
N N Pet House in Damansara Uptown, Petaling JayaAngelsoo2010-08-26
Pet Family in Taman MegahAngelPie2010-08-26
The woman, the cat and the wheelie bin...Simon2010-08-24
petshop di kajang terlalu terukkacak2010-08-23
Pet shops and traders - cash crop!comyncats2010-08-11
A cause for MoggieMoggie2010-07-31
Dispute Resolved - Dear Fluffyluvnett2010-07-06
Accident Paralysed Dog Left Few Days 2 death @ Road Sidemelmel2010-07-04
Saya Tertipu dgn EVESHARON41.. So The Others Beware..Devoted Lily2010-06-27
Eating Male Cat Meat!graceccy872010-06-26
Cylos Siang - Harassment & Abuse of PetFinder.myAdministrator2010-06-21
Witnessing a murder!tayarsotong2010-06-15
Liar! Cheating for having a cat!nur azua2010-06-14
Vietnamese workers killing stray cats for food in KL/PJFurKids2010-06-09
God made animals for testing!tlllastar2010-06-01
Abused Tiger Show @ A'Famosa, Malaccamelmel2010-05-31
For Free OR For Sale!Felix The Cat2010-05-30
A Most Atrocious and Barbaric Act Towards Dogs in Baliblackie0072010-05-27
Scam by QQpoodles or Cyclos Siang!!!Gisele2010-05-13
Unethical Pet ShopFelix The Cat2010-05-10
Beware of this suspicious and awful person in adopting pets!!rayching2010-05-08
Abandoned: 6 kittens n mother cat in bangsarsupermutts2010-05-04
Local councils among the biggest abusersWorkinglady2010-04-19
Beware of this suspicious and awful person in adopting pets!!Bebeyaya2010-04-11
Voiceless Dog -Wood Shoved Down Throat, Leg & Neck Tied Tight 2 Polemelmel2010-03-17
Strip Of His Title Offvivienlpl2010-03-07
Nasib seekor anak kucingjuannasue2010-03-02
Poisoning my beloved Cat... CAT KILLER!malanil2010-02-26
MPS (Selayang) - Pound Dog Crueltymelmel2010-02-21
Feel Cheatedlogivol2010-01-01
Petting Zoo, a good idea?nurkasih2009-12-31
Rude owners!neems2009-12-12
Kepada Pakcu - kitten Backyard breeder do trade through forumnasharuddinali2009-12-11
Ramai penipucrool2009-12-10
Cucu Maine Coon Pakcu- kitten Backyard breeder do trade through forumnasharuddinali2009-12-09
A Touching StoryBouquet2009-12-09
Chow bought from leeyapfei (kkdoggie) died of corona & parvo virus :(mspy2009-12-07
kucing street dijual?!!nani2009-11-29
Cruel Neighbor!naj18122009-11-06
Beward of Muhammad Aizatkingofleon2009-10-16
Kentucky Fried Crueltyrowentan2009-10-14
Foie Gras - A Cruelty to Gooserowentan2009-10-14
Kittens Found Abused, Dead, Left In Front Of Their MotherDeki2009-09-26
Beware of Cylos Siang***Selling sick dogsiew keong2009-09-24
DBKL buat hal lagi? - Finding Milobbpie2009-09-17
Cremated' dogs dumped in fieldBryan2009-08-26
Check tis out!!trustles2009-08-20
Veterinarian who don't deserve to be one!!!navarani2009-07-16
Kenal tak?zahraannur2009-07-16
Bonsai Kitten...nurkasih2009-07-15
Do You Know There Are Dog & Cat Fur Product ??Hunter2009-07-15
South Korean People !!verilus2009-07-12
Dog left to die in a plastic bagDeki2009-07-04
Two legged dogsBerniceW2009-06-30
Noise pollution at nightverilus2009-06-22
How To Choose An Ethical VetDeki2009-06-21
- please adopt me -Hunter2009-06-20
Oh, humans are so cruel.ilaina932009-06-17
2009 Half Year Resolutionantimonopoly2009-06-16
Russian Restaurant Busted for Cooking DogsBerniceW2009-06-12
Shame on you....Deki2009-06-11
Richman's Dog - A Birthday Present turned miseryBerniceW2009-06-02
Mutilated Cats.....azris2009-05-27
Rescuing a pup from being feasted by vietnamese workerBerniceW2009-05-24
Dog poisoned while going for a walk: Please keep your pets on a leashSashy2009-05-14
Pulau Ketam & MPK Klang Dump Dogs in Uninhabited Islandmelmel2009-04-21
Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shopdog is my buddy2009-04-20
2 type Pet Shop. you meet before?dog is my buddy2009-04-07
Online Etiquette - How To Deal With A Forum Bullyblackie0072009-03-21
More animal cruelty in least expected places!t.ruth2009-03-08
UPM Cruelty to Animalst.ruth2009-03-05
Protest Board. Download heredog is my buddy2009-03-02
Awak Kenal Dia? Abai kucing, pemilik didakwa 4 tuduhandog is my buddy2009-03-01
Puppy rescued after being thrown out of carstonestone2009-02-27
Your donation already gone!dog is my buddy2009-02-12
Catch DBKL Animal Crueltydog is my buddy2009-02-11
Cat and Dog Slaughter In Chinaazris2009-02-08
Dog Butchery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nachichan2009-02-08
Protest Animal CrueltyEileen082009-02-05
DBKL Animal Crueltynynakayle2009-02-03
Now, Nilai council may impose licensing for catsmew mew2009-02-01
KITTENS used as bait.Ferreted2009-01-25
Emaciated dog with inherited skin condition found wandering in Klangdog is my buddy2009-01-15
"Why dog only"? Dog owners in Nilai must now get neighbour’s permission,dog is my buddy2009-01-15
Shameless Man Resells Adopted KittenAndyKoh2009-01-13
Caution when using cages (not for the faint hearted)acsyen2009-01-05
Pet lovers protest cats on the menu in Chinaazris2008-12-19
What An Arrogant Tyrant! Shame On You!incredulous2008-12-10
Please lend me a hand...mrsdolittle2008-12-09
Poor golden dog for sale by bad sellerkaycee2008-12-07
Got Conned into buying a sick dogjolie2008-11-22
Dog Cruelty By MPSJCasualgal2008-11-09
Firms charged on 'toxic' pet food-news.bbcdog is my buddy2008-10-22
What Good Is A Pet Food Class Action?-Susan Petersdog is my buddy2008-10-17
Guard dog vs padlocksFerreted2008-10-08
Squirrel SmasherFerreted2008-09-27
PETA vs IAMSsomebunny2008-09-24
Animal Suffering for Human Benefitlynielime2008-09-18
Injured Cat Found.Darren2008-09-18
Boycott Cruel Restoran Aleef Caterers at TD129, TTDI MarketPawprints2008-09-17
Heartless and Ignorant Pet-Ownerashleywong2008-09-14
Shame on you MyPet Distributer - USJ10 Subang Jayatrinity11072008-09-07
Cat TrapJune2008-08-30
May You Rot In Hell 3...Penghulu2008-08-26
May You Rot In Hell 2Penghulu2008-08-26
Watch this if u dare !!!anitayusof002008-08-25
May You Rot In Hell...Penghulu2008-08-24
Women accused...Penghulu2008-08-17
Lin Guan Ying watchdog to kill by poisondog is my buddy2008-07-30
.:: Inconsiderate HUmans! ::.BabyZee2008-07-24
Please Help Dog in Miribaca8820042008-07-17
Truffles - Adopted & Resoldmw_pon2008-07-13
She's so cunning!mizzena2008-07-12
What a shame!Vivian2008-06-13
What the hell Dog Meal Business at Chinadog is my buddy2008-05-09
Dogs being tortured to death...veanne2008-04-27
Dog With Tumor Abandonedacsyen2008-04-24

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