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Mini & Troy - West Highland White Terrier Westie Dog
DogWest Highland White Terrier Westie
ProfileMixed Gender, 14 Years 6 Months
Amount2 Pets
BodySmall Size, Medium Fur
ColorCream, White
LocationPj, Selangor
Posted19 Dec 2008 (Updated 14 Jun 2010)
Adoption FeeRM 800
Verified Rescuer
I currently have 2 westies up for adoption. A male and a female.The previous owner has given them up due to his busy schedule. They are a very loving pair and also a very active and attention seeking. Below are the term and conditions I am setting for their adoption:-

Both of them must stay together and should not be separated as they are very attached to each other.
As they are white and have medium length hair, new owner must be prepared to groom and bath them regularly, preferably hand stripped.
New owner must allow house visits from me to check on their well-being regularly.
Both of them must be indoor dogs.
Owner has to send them for basic obedience training and also house train them as they are not currently house trained.
Prefers owner who is willing to feed raw food if not high quality kibbles.
New owner must bear cost of neutering, vaccination and other medical bills that they have occured during their stay with me.

Interested parties can contact me at . I would appreciate at least an introduction of yourself and would also like to know more on your past experience in handling dogs.
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Mini & Troy - West Highland White Terrier Westie Dog

Mini & Troy - West Highland White Terrier Westie Dog

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Page: 1 2 3 4    78 Comments
FurrenzPets   Jul 13th 2009 at 2:59PM
Thanks for your suggestions andy. They are already spayed le. I spay all the dogs that comes into my hands. Dogs and humans are not the same but I do not feel that i should be 'breeding' myself also. Too many unwanted children n pets in the world. Dogs can't think like us so we have to spay them.

Anyway I already have 4 dogs of my own and I do love them but I don't feel any attachment to them. i rehome many dogs and some has been with me for more than a year. So they will have to be rehomed when the right person comes along.
Sashy   Jul 13th 2009 at 3:13PM
GL to them, poor things still looking for a home :(
grasspg   Nov 18th 2009 at 6:00PM
Hi Yen,

I got a person who'd like to adopt is it RM800 for both dogs adoption fee?

Will let you know more details.
FurrenzPets   Nov 19th 2009 at 2:38PM
I'll get back to you shortly on them. My current fosterer is getting attached to them too. Will confirm whether they are still available or not then.
noob   Nov 24th 2009 at 4:56PM
some person is very funny~
if only RM 800u still cant afford~
then pls stay away from any pet,OK?
u all know how many cost for take care a dog or not?
for exm: i hav a golden
i need
deworm RM4/ mon
heart guard RM13/mon
vaccine 4X 10in1(RM80)=320/year
food 80/mon (not include i will buy meat,can and
snack for her)
rope and toy for her is about RM50/mon at least
cause she will bite everything....then u need to buy a new one
and they will bite something in ur house
sofa? coffee table?then also need to change new one
when they are sick also need go for vet
if only RM800 also cant afford~then pls stay away from any pet
stephanietsl   Nov 24th 2009 at 6:19PM
Sometimes, we got to understand that, there are people who really want to have a dog, but they not afford to pay much to get it but that doesn't mean they can't take care of them. There are also reason why they can't get a big dog as they maybe stays in flat or apartment. When they got a pet, they will know automatically how much they needs to fork out to keep the pets. What so if they are rich enough to buy 2-3k dogs? End up also either abandon them or send them to SPCA. I just went and visit SPCA Penang and saw white breed pekingese with her puppies, the lady told me, the owner abandon the whole family. So what if you are rich to BUY them? There's lot of people who not enough to eat willing to feed the dogs rather than themself. Yes, to have a pet needs to do lots of calculation, I didn't even expect I got my shih tzu, who the breeder negelected, within 4 month I spent few thousands on his medication due to he's sick since the day I got him, don't need to calculate the normal jabs and all. And am I rich? I wish! But there's a responsibility to bare, as I think, I don't eat, my dog got to eat. He's sick, I can't be sick.

Let other people to fork out what they can afford to adopt a dog, sometimes people says, money is not an issue, then why charge so much? Doesn't it better that the extra charges to let the new adopter give to the dog instead? Of course minimal charges needs to be charge, but not over charge.

One thing is true... If you don't think you can commit don't even think to get one pet, head over and do volunteer work at the compound, you gets to play with them as well.

Think. Can you take out RM150/month just for basic check up and food? Haven't include with accessories and *touch wood* other sickness treatments.

No offense, just my point of view... I'm still bengang over the pekingese in SPCA with 2 puppies... and a pug... Ahhhh.....!!!!
MYcareLIFE   Jan 25th 2010 at 5:36PM
FurrenzPets   Jan 25th 2010 at 6:00PM
These are dogs not humans.. Are you saying that you go around mating without any protection like them and sow your seeds with many different partners?
meii   Feb 14th 2010 at 9:12PM
stelleonard   May 7th 2010 at 10:38PM
hello? mr.noob? can i say something? i have been taking care of dogs for 19 years.. i grew up with them.. and i all that rm800 is really too much for a dog.. maybe that is how u pet them.. my dogs stay fit with normal care.. toy? but one with better quality.. or just give him a ball to play with.. food? dogs eat wat u give.. they dont choose.. if u train them to eat rich food... its not their fault.. and worm and vet thing? why do u need a vet when u take care of ur dog with lots of care and love? for u its only rm800 for dog.. but for me.. rm800 for dog? wat? i can take care of my 12 dogs with that amount of money.. sorry for telling.. but this is the truth... good day...
MelissaK   May 8th 2010 at 1:10AM
RM800 for two purebred dogs that have been spayed/neutered and are up to date on their vaccs/deworming isn't too much to ask at all. Not saying to simply charge an adoption fee for purebred dogs because they're somehow superior to mixed breeds (they're not!) but this is what I would personally do to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands (dishonest people adopting for free then reselling the dogs/use them as breeding machines/stingy people who only want a free pedigree then aren't willing to spend money on the dog to make sure it's properly cared for). Vaccs cost anywhere from RM30-90 depending on which type you get and the surgical fee of spaying/neutering costs anywhere from RM120-300 depending on where you do it. Throw in the cost of food, heartworm prevention etc. and do the math - how is RM400 per dog too much? I have to agree with noob - if you're not willing to pay the adoption fee which doesn't even cover the real cost of caring for these dogs then please don't get a pet lest it suffers when you're not willing to spend money on proper food/healthcare after adopting it.

stelleonard I hope you don't mean none of your dogs are vaccinated from your rhetorical question of why dogs need a vet. Your dogs won't stay healthy with "lots of care and love" alone, they NEED vaccinations/deworming or they won't be able to fight off diseases that can kill them if they are ever unlucky enough to get infected! If you really love your dogs please educate yourself on responsible healthcare and take your dogs to the vet for the basic shots they need.
Rommel   May 15th 2010 at 5:18PM
This 2 dogs still up for adoption haaahhh....!??!?

I agree with Stelleonard,
dogs always being dogs the way they are, it was people try to change into business industrial, I have dogs in past can make life span between 9-12 yrs. If your environment clean why you want to poison your dog every month for deworm and every year for vaccine ? They need it at first 6 weeks and follow on yes... Like human lah... No need regular vaccine after adult, heart worm, deworm etc. Its how your option to raise them.

How you feed, how you spend time and walk them.. All this trendy of regular to vet was all nonsense with all this chemical to poison your dogs as not necessery if your dogs not sick.
I keep my dogs very fit because consume time for walk and running with them, they happy if you provide they nature but regulation for ticks yes necessery.
Making rm400 adoption fee it's up to owner but good luck for 4-5 yrs old dogs ? People spending money to buy dogs because they have an option to choose what they want, that's the money for.
Puppies more expensive as pure breed coz as an option you like to be first for dog to recognize you.
This 2 dogs what so ever pure breed, cute, tame easy to handle... What ever it is suite anyone ?
For me, sure owner have experience with these dogs that will easy to see who will be suitable and deserve to adopt.
I love keeping dogs because the function of dogs suite my life, it doesn't matter ho much it cost, even it's for free but how much it cost me is the commitment why I keep them.

Dogs it's not a trophy, not trendy, can be fashion if you do it right. Even my dog more happy eating my left over dinner, not bcoz fancy of expensive dog food, as long my dog happy, healthy and everything suite my dogs coz thatthe way I want as an optionfor me.
My tip to owner, if you really love your dogs, just try to give them away to your close friends lah....
Sometime the way you want didn't suite the way people want to pay for, so make wise decision.

Cheers and good luck for Mini and Troy.
FurrenzPets   May 15th 2010 at 5:38PM
I wish the owners can think like how you do. Unfortunately the owner can't be bothered at all. Am sure he would even dump them on the streets that is why they are taken in by me. Many who wants to adopt them wants perfect dogs but in reality no dogs are perfect. Even pups develop certain behavior issues. One day the right person will come along for them.
SSPHOON   May 26th 2010 at 3:14AM
of course RM800 is not agreeable...u are now like selling them away but at 50% discount. With a heart it should be free or min charge RM50 OR RM100 just to compensate some expenses, which the rest comes from your charity.
ManekiNeko   May 26th 2010 at 9:13AM
Ssphoon, I disagree. Look at the numbers of dogs Siew Yen rescues and fosters. She pays for medical care and neutering, and feeds them all premium food until she can re-home. I'm sure that RM800 for these 2 dogs doesn't come close to the money she has spent on their behalf. If she simply did all this rescue work for no compensation, she would be able to rescue many fewer animals.

If you find the adoption fee disagreeable, then don't adopt these dogs. But please don't criticise someone who rescues, shelters and re-homes dozens of homeless dogs and tell her she should be MORE charitable... :-(
Sashy   May 26th 2010 at 11:29AM
If you want a free purebreed dog (doesn't everyone?) you can try the purebreeds that are constantly being advertised in petfinder/mudah/other sites for only RM100! wow! so cheap! (coughsarcasmcough).

Or you can try SPCA or PAWS, but the dog will be thin, dirty, and tangled, so you have to be able to look beyond the grime. And cough out a few hundred adoption fees anyway
CanuckinKL   May 26th 2010 at 1:33PM
Ascyen pls do not listen to detractors like ssphoon. You do an amazing job in fixing other people's mistakes; those that refuse to spay/neuter their pets and contribute to an unwanted population of dogs/cats.

Too many people troll petfinder looking for pedigree dogs that are cheap or free. As melissaK pointed out some are not looking for pets but for a way to make money by reselling or breeding.

You are wise to be charging an adoption fee.

FurrenzPets   Jun 14th 2010 at 3:40AM
Both of them have found the perfect home =)

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