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Instantly update yourself on the latest animal welfare developments. Leading animal shelters and rescuers will share news and knowledge with you, consolidated through their blogs and social media pages.

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Jolin In The House
26th Apr 2011, by Second Chance

No no, not Jolin Tsai.. this Jolin is way more adorable and cute >_< ~Hi, I’m Jolin! I’m 3 months old. Would you like to adopt me? ~   Jolin had a blast during the Petster’s 100 days 100 pet adoption drive at Tesco Kepong. Although she didn’t get adopted, she was doted upon and received lots of love from everyone. ~ MY’s lovely niece that absolutely love dogs ~ ~ Mona/Lisa ain’t too happy that Jolin gets more Geeta’s hug time than her :D ~ ~ treats &...

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Merry’s Update (Part 1)
25th Apr 2011, by Second Chance

Received email from Ai Ney about Merry condition after the operation: “we visited merry again this morning, she still can’t come back with us yet, coz vet wants to monitor her a few more days. but guess what, merry stood up in the cage, and her behind legs are like a normal dog's again! I am so happy and can’t wait to see her walk. Will keep u posted on Merry's recovery and  progress ok. many thanks from Merry, Berries (her puppies), Julie (my friend fostering them) and me!”

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Merry’s Story….
22nd Apr 2011, by Second Chance

Ai Ney is an independent dog rescuer. 3 months ago, she rescued one mother dog together with her 3 days old puppies. Unfortunately, the mother dog (Merry) born with a knee problem. Following are the story of Merry from Ai Ney: MERRY is a dog my fren and i rescued over 3 months ago, together with her then 3-day old puppies, from under a car. She could be born with luxating patella (a knee problem), and the pregnancy may have worsen it. Both her hind legs are bent, and sometimes she drags her ...

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2 Major Exciting Events This Weekend!
19th Apr 2011, by Second Chance

To all avid readers of this blog and supporters of Paws Mission, we thank you very much for your kind support to date. This is to inform/remind that there will be 2 major events that Paws Mission is participating this weekend (23rd and 24th April 2011- Saturday and Sunday). PetFinder Charity Fair (fundraiser)Date: 23rd and 24th April 2011Location : Sunway Pyramid, Orange Wing, LG2Time: 12pm - 8pm (both Saturday and Sunday)For more information, please visit's ...

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It’s Jabby Time
15th Apr 2011, by Second Chance

First of all, many many thanks to Dr Goh who drop by the shelter to vaccinates the furrizens. This really saves us lots of trip and time to transport them to the clinic. Throughout our rescue and rehome mission, we’re truly blessed to have the assistance and understanding of the compassionate vets whom had help us in so many ways. Our heartful thanks to you all! ~Some pictures from the jabbing session~

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They Just Love Visitors!
13th Apr 2011, by Second Chance

The first thing that you’ll notice when visiting the shelter is the barkings! That’s the furrizens welcoming you to their humble abode. And now we have little excited pups welcoming you with their curious nose and waggy tails =) It was a very exciting day for the furrizens when Mun Ee and Alan dropped by. Many many thanks to Mun Ee and Alan for your generous donation and time =) ~ the very excited and ‘kepoh’ pups ~   ~ TOYS! we love toys!~ ~ every furrizens want...

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Adopt An Amigurumi Dog And Help Us
12th Apr 2011, by Second Chance

First of all, our heartfelt thanks to Sam and her aunt for generously donating their time and effort to make these adorable amigurumi dogs to help us raise fund =) Arigatou!! ~copy and paste from Wikipedia~  :D Amigurumi (編みぐるみ?, lit. knitted stuffed toy) is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures They’re portable and they come in brooch or key chain =) You can bring them anywhere with you! For more pictures, please cli...

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Mark Who?
11th Apr 2011, by Second Chance

Mark was one of the pups-in-pail that was being surrogated by Mei Mei… Still ring no bells? Mark has one other brother who’s looking down on him from heaven. Mark grew up with lots of other pups  Mei Mei’s care .. ~can you spot Mark? He’s the tiny light brown pup :D~   Sickly little Mark when he was just rescued After he is well enough to move into the shelter, Mark was relocated to the puppy Kennel under MY’s care =) Mark, now. All grown up and look...

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The Adopted Pup That We Forgot To Post
10th Apr 2011, by Second Chance

As i was looking through the pictures from Happy Garden Adoption Drive, I came upon this picture and start knocking on my head…. Gosh, i can’t believe i miss out the adoption of this pup! It’s one of the CNY OKR pup. Our sincerest thanks to the adopter for choosing to adopt =)       That’s Cotton, that was being fostered by Eileen, and have since been adopted too =)

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Melody’s Adoption
10th Apr 2011, by Second Chance

THis is a very delayed post (Richard, this one’s for you :D )… almost one month, to be exact. During our Happy Garden Adoption Drive, Melody was very friendly and worked very hard greeting and making everyone feel welcomed. One girl fell in love with Melody immediately. All of us can see that too and prayed that she would adopt Melody. Our prayers are answered when she came back with her daddy and adopt Melody! aaAawww.. a very happy and content Melody =) Thanks so much for...

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The Gorgeous Snow White!
8th Apr 2011, by Second Chance

Snow white was adopted during Cutie Pet Fair last year. ~SNowie saying goodbye to her fosterer Mrs Lai~ We’re so glad to receive her latest pictures from her adopter! ~Snowie, now.. looking chic with the pink flower ~ Snow white is now called Snowie =) Ain’t she stunning? We like to thank the adopter again for giving snowie a loving home =)

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Help Animals & Have Fun @'s Charity Fair
1st Apr 2011, by Second Chance

Ever wanted to play a role in helping homeless animals and contribute to their welfare? A golden opportunity is coming your way soon., Malaysia’s leading pet adoption portal which has found homes for over 6,000 animals, will be organizing a Charity Fair on April 23 & 24 in conjunction with their 3rd anniversary. Sunway Pyramid has generously sponsored the venue in line with their humanitarian and educational efforts. With the primary aims of raising funds and awareness, t...

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31st Mar 2011, by Second Chance

Cash Donations can be banked into the following account: MBB Account No. : 112857033831 (YEOH SAIK KIM & LIONG AI WEE)Kindly drop a note to our email address ( so that we can acknowledge with thanks.  We also welcome donations in kind such as Rice, puppy and Adult kibbles, Canned food, clorox, disinfectants, dog shampoo etc.

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About Us
31st Mar 2011, by Second Chance

We are a small group  of simple minded animal lovers who met through the net when we read about Aunty Kiew’s plight. Our efforts are limited as we have our daily commitments to attend to. We rendered our help whenever time permits and within our limited capacities. We do not impose on anyone to help though help extended to us are highly appreciated .We hope to find good homes for as many homeless animals as possible.Cash Donations can be banked into the following account: MBB Account No. ...

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Are You Worth It?
30th Mar 2011, by Second Chance

    He’s your friend He’s your partner He’s your defender He’s your dog         You’re his life You’re his love You’re his leader               He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart       ~You owe him to be worthy of such devotion ~ We came upon this great poem at a website and like to share it with pet owner out there… Sunny, Top Top...

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Joey Is All That’s Left Part 2
29th Mar 2011, by Second Chance

Check out picture of Joan and Joey at their temporary shelter in the shed =) Can’t tell who’s who? Here’s a tip from Mrs Lai >_< Joan –> white tail end.. and standing ears Joey -> black tail end… and drooping ears Aren’t they absolutely adorable?   Latest AWESOME update : Joan adopted! Yiippaaayyy!! Many many thanks to Isabella from Malacca for giving Joan a home =) We hope she’ll bring lots of joy to you and your family! ~aaawwww… loo...

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Joey Is All That’s Left Part 1
29th Mar 2011, by Second Chance

From the 6 pups rescued by our fellow rescuer Michelle prior to the Happy Garden Adoption Drive, Joey is the only one is still looking for home. It must be sad for her to be apart from her siblings, but it must be even sadder for her that she haven’t found her forever home. So please, if you’re interested in getting a pup, why not choose to adopt her instead? ~ Happy Garden Adoption Drive Eve : 6 very frightened looking pups ~ ok.. it’s actually 5 very frightened pups and 1 very stubborn...

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Handsome Boy, Now Known As Guinness
29th Mar 2011, by Second Chance

All of us miss Handsome Boy dearly, so we decided to pay him a visit one fine Sat =) Our thanks to Peggy for accommodating us (and for waiting for us too) ! Thanks a lot! ~Guinness looking charming and dashing~ Guinness took a while to recognize us, probably because we only seen him only a couple of times :D ~Guinness obediently standing by Peggy ~ According to Peggy , Guinness is a good guard dog. Good boy, Guinness =) ~Guinness have 3 other 4 legged fren as his companion! ~ Yes, ...

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Have You Met Sisi?
29th Mar 2011, by Second Chance

We have posted about Sasa, the shy gal with droopy ears and pleading pair of eyes, white panda eyes.. and white tuxy chest :D But have you met Sasa’s sister, Sisi? Sisi is very very shy. It will take a while to gain her trust, but once you did, it’s totally worth it, as she will love you unconditionally. ~Sisi, then… very camera shy  ~ ~ Sisi, now.. much fatter & healthier *thanks to MY!* but still shy ~   Both Sisi and Sasa are still looking for home. Pl...

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Puppies Just Wanna Nap And Play
25th Mar 2011, by Second Chance

Starring : The pre-CNY pups rescued from OKR market Guest star: Melody and Bruno     Hi hi… wanna play with me?                   I like playing hide and seek                   I like to play “house house”..                 I like to “chew chew”       ~But sometimes we like to play wi...

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