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Shihtzu For Adoption – 2 Years Old
10th Jun 2011, by Second Chance

Paws Mission received SOS message from one rescuer: My relative operates a pet shop and one day one indian guy brought a male shihtzu about 2 to 3 yrs (fur in terrible conditions and blinded in one eye) to her shop for grooming.  After leaving the dog there this man did not come back for the dog.  Now the dog has been boarding at this pet shop for almost 2 months already. I have asked her to e-mail me the photo. She told me the dog is very good dog and does not...

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Updates On Merry (part 3)
10th Jun 2011, by Second Chance

Received email from Ai Ney on Merry’s Update. It’s been slightly more than 1 month since Merry’s surgery on her 2 hind legs with severe luxating patella. Her right hind leg, which was more severely handicapped than the left, was operated on twice as the vet wanted to correct the leg as best he could. Sometimes, Merry would be limping with 3 legs, and other times, she walks fine on all fours. Nevertheless, Merry can now walk much better and even run! Our heartfelt gratitude goes to ...

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Another Aunty That Look Likes Our Beloved Aunty Kiew & Uncle Wong
7th Jun 2011, by Second Chance

We received email from an independent rescuer recently. She told us a story about the aunty which is a dog lover. Aunty name Angeline whom Iris met few years ago in her neighborhood feeding stray dogs. As years stretched by, she had rescued numerous injured dogs, put them back to health and adopted them through the process. Now she has more than 20 dogs at her home in a rented landed property in KL. She has no choice but to move this coming October as the land had been sold to developer.&...

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Dogs Up For Adoption
7th Jun 2011, by Second Chance

Dogs and puppies are looking for good home. Anyone interested, kindly contact / 017 338 6317

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Last Minute Pup
5th Jun 2011, by Second Chance

The tiring but awesome 2nd day at Pet World Exhibition @ Midvalley ended with an added bonus. A very determined girl called us while we’re packing to leave and express her interest to adopt one of the pup she fell in love with earlier that day. She’s in PJ and she’s willing to drive all the way back to Midvalley to pick the lucky pup up. It was so very last minute hence the title :D ANd here’s the lucky pup =) She’s a very shy pup and loves to sleep >_<    ...

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3 Easy Step To Help Sponsor A Furry Fren At Pet World Exhibition
5th Jun 2011, by Second Chance

PS: This is only applicable during Pet World Exhibition at Midvalley. Last day of this fantastic event is tomorrow (5th June 2011). Don’t miss it >_<   Step 1 : Make your way to Mid Valley and head to the exhibition hall at Level 3.    Admission fee is RM5 for adult and RM2 for kids.         &# 160;   ** If you’re driving, we recommend that you come early as parking space is very very limited in Midvalley. &#...

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Till We Meet Again
2nd Jun 2011, by Second Chance

Our senior furrizen Docky was found sleeping soundly yesterday and forgotten to wake up. R.I.P. Docky... His cheeky smile never failed to bring us sunshine Docky is the most senior furrizens at the shelter, and prolly the healthiest one around. How old was he when he was rescued? The rescuer Vivian mentioned that she first met Docky as a lil pup during her kindergarten years. And now the rescuer is already 18 years old. So you do the maths ;) *Click here to read about Docky & Vivian's story*...

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For Adoption: Tom Angus The Handsome Kitty
1st Jun 2011, by Second Chance

By Rescuer Lynette Lim:TOM WAS RESCUED a few weeks ago. He was wandering around outside my friend's office looking for scraps to eat. The scrawny little tyke was skin and bones. He pulled at my friend's heartstrings and she bundled him up in a box to bring to me for fostering.He had a fungal infection and this had made him lose a lot of hair. After weeks of treatment most of it has grown back and he now has a lovely striped orange tabby coat and an elegant long tail. He is long limbed and ...

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Miyo (3 Legs Dog) Is Looking For Home….
30th May 2011, by Second Chance

Miyo was rehomed last Thursday but being return after 2 days…. Due to the previous adopter  said, they allow miyo go everywhere without cage( which the owner used to keep her inside her cage when she is  not home). But maybe when they r not around, maybe  miyo want do her business or too scared be alone, Miyo kept on scratched the door until alarm ringing n try to run away. Maybe  Miyo is so used to accompany with her dog friends, then act weird. So, the previous adopter&#...

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Adoption Drive On May 2011 (Part 2)
29th May 2011, by Second Chance

Today is the last day for the adoption drive for May 2011… Adopters:     Busy moments:…..   Yes, we got 22 dogs adopted. We would like to thanks for all the volunteers, supporters, adopters and fosterers for the successful adoption drive.

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Adoption Drive On May 2011 (Part 1)
29th May 2011, by Second Chance

Paws Mission held a 2 days adoption drive at the shed on 28 May 2011 – 29 May 2011 from 9am to 5pm. Volunteers came early in the morning to shed to get ready everything.   Thanks Sam and Kim for sponsoring the balloons. Adopter & Fosterer…..     Thank you very much to the adopter and fosterer for giving these furry angel a sweet home…. Reporter from New Strait TImes….. Interview the adopters: Interview the volunteers on how ...

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Owner Searching For His Companion
28th May 2011, by Second Chance

Mr. Michael Seow's dog ran out of the house compound while gate was opening. If anyone has seen or found the dog. Pls contact him at 03 7958 7912/016 263 7912 or email Below are the details:Location : Section 17, Petaling JayaDate Lost : 8/11/2010Breed : MalteseGender : MaleName : ChewyAge: 4yearsColor : WhiteCollar : Yellow with TagDetails: Dog ran out while opening gate. There's brown patches on nose, pinkish paws and short tail. Also, there's small lump near front legs

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Thank You For Lending-A-Helping-Hand
27th May 2011, by Second Chance

A big thank you to Samantha Keo, Skeith and Adrian Chan (from left to right) from HELP University College. Many many big fat kisses from our Paws Mission furrizens.Thank you for cleaning the shed (or picking up the poop >_<), feeding the doggies and helping out for this weekend adoption drive :) We really appreciate your help in lighten our burden.

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Please Come And Visit Us - 28/5 & 29/5
27th May 2011, by Second Chance

How could u resist all these puppy-eyes & not pay them a visit? The puppies need TLC badly ;)We are having an adoption drive this coming weekend. Over 130 doggies are looking for good homes. Please spread the words and make their dream come true!

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Give This Furry Angel (3 Legs Dog) A Sweet Home.
26th May 2011, by Second Chance

Paws Mission received an email from one of the adopter last week. Two years ago she adopted this little angel from a vet clinic when the puppy was only about 2 months old. According to vet said the puppy actually was dumped inside a paper box near the clinic. When she was discovered whole body is full of ant, exhausted, dehydrated and worst part was one of her front leg was found infected badly. To rescue her,  she was force to be amputated. After she was undergone this complicated surger...

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Pet Adoption Drive 28th & 29th May 2011
23rd May 2011, by Second Chance

Dear All,Paws Mission will be holding a pet adoption event on the said dates at our shed (Old Klang Road).If you know of anyone who is currently looking for a pet dog, pls let them know and come visit us this coming weekend! Of course, all who would like to visit our event are also welcome to be there as we appreciate all forms of kind support. The first 40 adopters will receive an attractive gift pack comprising dog food, shampoo and vouchers sponsored by PETSTER magazine. ADOPTION IS...

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Vote At DiGi WWWOW Awards!
12th May 2011, by Second Chance has been nominated by DiGi for the WWWOW Awards, under the Best Internet for Good category!Let's help win in this category, so we can better raise awareness on pet adoptions and animal welfare through DiGi's campaign publicity.The Winner is determined by votes, so please help out by voting for place your vote, kindly follow the steps below:Go to the page Proceed to bottom section of entry, t...

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We Love To Hear From You!
10th May 2011, by Second Chance

Pictures and updates of our ex-furrizen never fail to make us smile. ANd today we’re very delighted to receive pictures and updates of Mercy from Richard. Thanks Richard and Jessie for the lovely pic and most importantly for believing in Macy and giving her the opportunity to show how clever she is ..hehe!   ANd some updates on Mercy’s class that really make us proud (although we had nothing to do with it) and just prove that given an opportunity, any dog can be a great dog =) Jus...

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It’s Not Always A Happy Ending..
10th May 2011, by Second Chance

There’s never always a happy ending for every rescues.. Time and time again we have to deal with the loss of our dear 4 legged friends. And it is always harder when we already bonded with them. These are  pictures of Smartie and Sweetie, these 10-day pups were rescued from near the side of a drain behind our shed, actually there were 3 of them, one passed away already when found.   Aunty Kiew took them back to the shed and cleaned the wound and the maggots ( it’...

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No... Thank You For Taking Care Of Me
6th May 2011, by Second Chance

A touching and amazing piece of article by Chuck Wells. Do check out more healing and inspirational poems here. I remember bringing you home. You were so small and cuddly with your tiny paws and soft fur.    You bounced around the room with eyes flashing and ears flopping. Once in a while, you'd let out a little yelp just to let me know this was your territory. Making a mess of the house and chewing on everything in sight became a...

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