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We Are Cleaning Up The Shelter At The Moment, And ..
20th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

We are cleaning up the shelter at the moment, and hopefully will be able to operate as usual by next week. We have enough of newspaper, towels and boxes. Please don't send to us. We welcome monetary donation to rebuild or replace appliances and some infrastructure. Our official banking detail is as follow: Account name: SSPCA CIMB Account: 8005274525 Swift Code: CIBBMYKL Bank's Address: 262, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 93100 Sarawak, Malaysia Or, you can transfer via Sarawak Pay. Thank you ...

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Tuesday, 19 January 2021. Woohooo What A Pleasant ..
19th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Tuesday, 19 January 2021 Woohooo! What a pleasant surprise to receive a freezer from anonymous donor to kick start a sunny day. Thank you so much πŸ™πŸ’• 2 wheelbarrows, dog's kibbles, canned food, washing detergent, and shelving rack, rice packs started to flow in the later part of the day. We are so blessed to receive these stuff. Thanks so much and God bless your kindness! πŸΎπŸ™ Food for our residents was simple mixture of kibbles and canned food. Thanks to Mdm Anna for contributing 7 c...

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Monday, 18 January 2021. We Are Delighted To Recei..
18th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Monday, 18 January 2021 We are delighted to receive more stuff: washing detergent, bleaches, huge water tanks, another water pressure spray (Yoohoo!) from benevolent donors today. We just couldn't wait any longer for our water pump to be up and running in the next few days! Food for our residents was simple today, a mixture of kibbles and canned food. Thanks for constantly supplying kibbles and canned food. Staff was busy the whole day as they did thorough spring cleaning at shelter, laying...

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Someone Circulated This Photo Trying To Sell Sand ..
18th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Someone circulated this photo trying to sell sand bags by using a picture from our photo file. We wish to inform members of public that we are NOT selling any sandbags to anyone. Please do not use the photos from our page without permission. Thanks.

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M’sian Man Throws Cat From Hilltop For The Sake Of Social Media Content
18th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

What type of human is this, tossing a cat up into the sky? Whoever has information on the perpetrator, please contact us. https://worldofbuzz.com/msian-man-throws-cat- from-hilltop-for-the-sake-of-social-media-content/

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Sunday 17th January 2021. Today Was Mostly Sunny A..
17th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Sunday 17th January 2021 Today was mostly sunny at shelter. The Junk Kuching cooked delicious warm meal for the animals. Thank you! We also received rice packs, fans and trolley from Ms Mary Chan from Kuching Dance Academy, and more sturdy shelves from general public. Thanks πŸ™ Water Pressure Gun came in handy for us too. We couldn't wait until our repair guy comes to fix the water pumps. Oh yes, more commercial use rice cookers. Thank you donors and volunteers! Just to let you know we hav...

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Saturday, 16 January 2021. The Fb's Live Auction P..
17th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Saturday, 16 January 2021 The FB's live auction platform done by Ming Dynasty on Friday evening raised RM10k for SSPCA!! Thank you so much!! JCI Padawan team came to help out at the shelter while our wonderful staff team and laid down hollow blocks to make stable ground for the new water tanks! Pedro bade farewell to "January" who was adopted by our Ahli Patliament from Lubok Antu. Plus there were some walk in donors who gave cash donations! Thank you to everyone again for your support! ...

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Tonight Ming Dynasty Is Doing A Fundraising Activi..
16th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Tonight Ming Dynasty is doing a Fundraising activity for SSPCA & S.O.S Kuching. Do support and bid on items to help the animals in need. πŸ’ͺ

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Friday Was A Better Day At The Shelter, Without An..
16th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Friday was a better day at the shelter, without any floods from the night before. A few dogs were adopted or fostered - off to new 🏑🏑. πŸ™ As we are not able to resume our kitchen yet, more food was specially cooked for the animals by @thejunkkch as well as our Sarawak Culinary Heritage chefs! And thank you too to KianChiong Co for sponsoring a new water pump, a water tank and a new hose πŸ™πŸ™ Thank you again to all the donors and volunteers today! Just to let you know we have more t...

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Our Dogs Are Outside Our Shelter. They Are Thinkin..
15th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Our dogs are outside our shelter. They are thinking why our shelter looks so much different? When are they able to have comfortable place to stay? If you're free to lend a hand to help us today, head over to our shelter to help us clean up. The dogs couldn't wait to have a clean drier place to stay.

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Another Wet Wet Wet Night At The Sspca Shelter. Ou..
14th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Another wet wet wet night at the SSPCA shelter. Our volunteers were keeping an eye out on the water level and at midnight we got the "all hands on deck" call. Took about 2 hours for the waters to subside, leaving another mess mud and debris to be cleaned up in the morning! So if you would like to help us clean up (again!) do come by the shelter, we would be open for assistance from 8am til 3pm. Just look for Senty. Please hold on to your donations in kind til after the King Tide is over, we have...

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Sspca Shelter Flood Again Worsen Than Last Night. ..
14th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Sspca shelter flood again ! Worsen than last night ! Need more hand to secure the dogs ! Now ! Please go if you can ! 12:06am 14 Jan 2021

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Please Halt Your Delivery Of Donation-In-Kinds Suc..
13th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Please halt your delivery of donation-in-kinds such as kibbles, rice, newspapers, cardboard and towels to our Animals Shelter for the time being, until the King's tide is over by Monday. We are indeed very blessed to have received plenty of aid today. Thanks to everyone for rendering your valuable time for helping us in one way or another since last evening. We will still be cleaning up the space tomorrow. If you have the time, drop by and help us at shelter. Let us all pray for the rain to...

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So Sorry That We Are Not Able To Reply Immediately..
13th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

So sorry that we are not able to reply immediately. Our main priority is clean up the area and giving food to the animals. We appreciate your concern and we will reply your messages as soon as possible. Thanks for your kindness.

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Today Will Be A Tough Day At Our Animal Shelter. P..
13th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Today will be a tough day at our Animal Shelter. Plenty of clean ups to be done. If you're free today, come over and help us. We need your strength. If you're not able to contribute your strength, you can also drop off some items in need urgently, such as - Old Newspaper - Towels - Shelving/rack - Fridge/freezer You are also able to contribute monetary, though our bank account CIMB Account No. 8005274525, or Sarawak Pay (refer to comment for the QR code). We shall update the progress at our s...

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Ever Wonder Why Your Dog Loves To Roll In The Mud?..
11th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Ever wonder why your dog loves to roll in the mud? After shower, your dog is trying to cover up an unwanted scent, perhaps the shampoo that you are putting onto them. Your dog's nose is so much sensitive than yours, and if he feels like he can't shake a particular odour he goes into full-on dirt rolling mode. This behavior is usually quite fine, and shouldn't be cause for alarm. Dogs can just as often be rolling around in the mud because they're having fun as they can be due to stress. A lot...

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Looking For A 4-Legged Companion To Kick Start You..
10th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Looking for a 4-legged companion to kick start your 2021? Come and see them at Barkpark Borneo, 10am to 2pm today.

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Thanks So Much, Donors For Giving Us Lots Of Goodi..
9th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Thanks so much, donors for giving us lots of goodies at Animal World Kingdom Junction.

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Spay/neuter Your Pet 3. Myth Spaying And Neutering..
6th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Spay/Neuter your Pet (3) MYTH: Spaying and neutering is unhealthy for pets. FACT: Just the opposite! Neutering your male companion prevents testicular cancer and some prostate problems. Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast tumors, which are malignant or cancerous in about 50% of dogs and 90% of cats. Spay/neuter will help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

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Spay/neuter Your Pet 2. Myth 2 Spay/neuter Operati..
5th Jan 2021, by SPCA Sarawak

Spay/Neuter your Pet (2) MYTH 2: Spay/neuter operations are expensive. FACT: The cost of your pet’s spay/neuter surgery is far less than the cost of having and caring for a litter and abandoned them on the streets. It only takes one surgery to stop from my headaches on where to place the litters. Since cessation of public veterinary clinic by the Dept of Veterinary Services Sarawak in the late 1990s, we have to bring our pets to private vet clinics to sterilise our pets. We found out that ...

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