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Lee Poh Kheng ,. Ispca. James Lee Soon Ming Lee Po..
11th May 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

遗憾得知 Lee Poh Kheng 女士已经离开我们, 但是她对 ISPCA 和动物们的关爰永远都在. 今天从 James Lee Soon Ming 律师手中领取 Lee Poh Kheng 女士生前(遗囑)捐赠怡保防止虐待动物 协会 RM2000.00 支票. Regret to learn that Madam. Lee Poh Kheng has left us, But her LOVE for ISPCA and the animals is always there. Today, we received a cheque donated by Madam. Lee Poh Kheng from the lawyer James Lee Soon Ming. 感谢 Lee Poh Kheng 女士 及其家人. Than...

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Ispca 5600kg. Ispca Food Bank Has Received Generou..
28th Apr 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

感谢怡保中央公市(冻肉供应商)每个月 捐赠 ISPCA 食物银行约 5~600kg 羊肉,我们也会分派给怡保一些喂流 狗的义工。 ISPCA food bank has received generous donation of 5~600kg of mutton from one of the frozen meat supplier. ISPCA management has decided to distribute these to our volunteers to continue in feeding the strays. 有需要的义工可以联络我们。 V olunteers can contact us. #TNR #ISPCA

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Rhone Ma Malaysia Sdn Bhd Ispca 72 Nexgard. Thank ..
21st Apr 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

非常感谢 Rhone Ma Malaysia Sdn Bhd 赠送 ISPCA 庇护所 72 盒 NexGard 除蚤药. Thank you so much to Rhone Ma Malaysia Sdn Bhd for donating 72 boxes "NaxGard" to ISPCA Shelter. ISPCA 管理层衷心感谢 Rhone Ma (M) Sdn Bhd. 慷慨支持。 Rhone Ma Holdings Berhad

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We Were Informed That A Stray Dog Fell Into A Deep..
19th Apr 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

We were informed that a stray dog fell into a deep ditch and could not get out. When we arrived at the scene and found that it could not be approached, we could not immediately save it. With the help of passers-by, we built a simple plank and let the stray dog use it as a bridge. After we left the scene, the staff of the leisure park informed us that the stray had jumped up safely. Thanks to the kind and helpful passers-by and staffs for helping us and the stray dog. 被通知有只小浪掉...

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Usm. Today, Usm Student Took A Hormone Test With T..
11th Apr 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

今天与来自 USM 学生为庇护所的狗狗做荷尔蒙测验。 Today, USM student took a hormone test with the shelter dogs. #ispca #TNR

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This 10-Year-Old Rottweiler Is Called Queenie. Her..
7th Apr 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

This 10-year-old Rottweiler is called Queenie. Her family had to immigrate to another country, so they decided to put her up on adoption. What they didn't know is that Queenie's too old for most people and nobody wanted to adopt her. Her owner decided to send her to the vet and "put to sleep" (PTS). After we had a talk with the vets, we decided to postpone her fated day and try our best to find another new family for her (T&C applied). Luckily, with the help of other volunteers, we found a kind ...

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An Event In Cooperation Between Ispca And The Pera..
2nd Apr 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

An event in cooperation between ISPCA and the Perak State Government. 怡保防止虐待动物协会 与霹雳州政府合作的一项活动。 Coming soon on May 2021. 推广TNR计划(暂定五月) Promote the TNR program. #TNR #ISPCA

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Thank You Ms Candy Individuals Who Despite Difficu..
29th Mar 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

Thank you Ms Candy individuals who despite difficult times like this still care about the strays in our shelter. ISPCA would like to express our deep gratitude on you generous support, we have received a total of 150 kg and RM1000 cash of pet food donations under our food bank program. 感谢善心的Ms Candy在这艰难时刻关怀庇护所的动物, 并捐赠粮食于我们 ISPCA 食物银行,我们在此代表庇护所的动 们向你们致万二分谢意。 感谢你的心 意。 ...

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62noriah 35/ Tnr.m. Tnr.m. Who Is A Homeless And D..
14th Mar 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

在怡保南区有一位哑巴露宿者(62岁)义 反顾地照顾两只小浪,其中有多位市 民包括一位善良的马来同胞Noriah (35岁/护士) 支助狗狗所有的节育费用,并为牠们 册 TNR.M ,让牠们能在这条街上快乐地生活下 。 感谢这一区多位商家和居民的体谅 和包容,让小浪在TNR.M计划下多一次生 存的机会。 (注)我们也把这两只小浪 信息转达于市政厅执法单位。 who is a homeless and disabled p...

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Special Thanks To Pahang Pharmacy Companion Animal..
13th Mar 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

Special thanks to Pahang Pharmacy Companion Animal for donating 10 packs of [Simparica] flea and ticks tablets to ISPCA for our furbabies in shelter. As usual, a portion of these will be distributed to our volunteers for strays. #PahangPharmacyCompanionAnimal

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Cmco,mco. Mr Yong 40 Ispca Food Bank,14. Ispca She..
10th Feb 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

面对新冠疫情的冲击,庇护所面对的 銷可以说是百上加斤,糧食也面临短 ,日前政府一直实施的CMCO,和刚开始 MCO,令我们无法向市民公开筹备所需 糧食与经费。 所幸 (Mr Yong)揚先生 慷慨解囊捐赠 40包狗糧于 ISPCA Food bank,其中14 包将会转送其他流浪狗喂食义工。 ISPC A shelter's daily expenditure is getting higher especially during this pandemic and the shelter is short of dog food supply. Due to the imple...

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In Order To Ensure All The Fur Kids' Healths And S..
10th Feb 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

In order to ensure all the fur kids' healths and shelter's environment, ISPCA has arranged with veterinary doctor to apply vaccination and flea medication to all the dogs in shelter for year 2021. There are approximately 180 dogs within shelter and this is considered a major vaccination work by the doctors and their assistants. Two of the doctors even bitten by a few of the dogs. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ISPCA has barely gotten any donations from public and therefore, ISPCA has to bear a...

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Ispca Received A Call From Ms Darshini Regarding A..
25th Jan 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

ISPCA received a call from Ms Darshini regarding an American Pit Bull Terrier suspected to be abandoned at Medan Gopeng area, it was seen there for about 3 days already. Together with our volunteers, we proceeded to the location to look for it. Fortunately, we were able to trace him down. His hindlegs are too weak to even stand up. Tears can be seen when we approached to help him. We weren't able to detect any microchips with details of owner on his body. With the help of volunteers, we moved ...

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Ispca Received Call From Ms Salmi Norli Last Week ..
20th Jan 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

ISPCA received call from Ms Salmi Norli last week asking for help as one of the strays she has been feeding was injured badly at its right front leg. We found out that its entire front leg is infected badly until part of the bones is exposed. The injury was handled by some kind soul before but it didn't help much. We immediately sent it to veterinary clinic for treatment but sadly, the front leg has to be amputated. The poor fur kid is now temporary staying at O My Dog Pet Hotel to be taken c...

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Mesyuarat Bersama Agensi Kerajan Dan Badan Bukan K..
14th Jan 2021, by SPCA Ipoh

Mesyuarat bersama agensi kerajan Dan badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) dalam isu menangani anjing liar diracun. 今天受邀至怡保警区总部与警 商讨近期在怡保发生一连串流浪狗被 毒害事件,警方将会在黑区加强巡逻 呼吁义工如发现可疑人物或状况即刻 警方投报。 出席单位/团体 1) 霹雳州兽医局投诉组 Jabatan perkhidmatan veterinar Negeri Perak 2) 怡保市政厅执法单位 Jabatan pelesenan dan penguakuasaan majlis bandaraya ip...

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60 Kgs Ispca. Puan Nazirah. Today, We Thanks Ipoh ..
29th Dec 2020, by SPCA Ipoh

今天感谢市民捐赠 60 kgs 猫糧给 ISPCA 食物银行. 我们全数转赠给 Puan Nazirah. Today, we thanks ipoh Residents donating 60 kgs of cat food to ISPCA Food Bank. We donated it all to Puan Nazirah. Pn. Nazirah 是怡保市其中—位流浪动物喂食义工 , 她经常在工作之余兼职 [ 小丑 ], 额外为流浪动物赚取食物和医疗费用. Pn. Nazirah is one of the stray animal feeding volunteers in Ipoh, She often works part-time as a [clown], to earning food and med...

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In Conjunction With Mr Mrs Chooi 30th Wedding Anni..
28th Dec 2020, by SPCA Ipoh

In conjunction with Mr & Mrs Chooi 30th wedding anniversary, he make donation to few needy NGOs. 结合崔先生夫妇结婚30周年,他向 少数有需要的非政府组织捐款. Thanks for Mr Chooi & family generosity

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One Step At A Time To Create A Utopia For The Stra..
23rd Dec 2020, by SPCA Ipoh

One step at a time to create a utopia for the strays. 一步一脚印,打造一个属于小浪 的乌托邦。 Majlis Bandaraya Seberang Perai (MPSP) finally agreed to support TNRM program and signed the memorandum (MoU) with ISPCA, making it the third city with TNRM after Ipoh and Cameron Highland. 继 怡保,金马仑之后,北马威省市政厅(M PSP) 承诺支持 TNR.M (诱捕-节育-回放原地)计划並与怡保防 虐待动物协会(ISPCA) 签署备忘录(MoU)。 TNRM won't be...

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Note This Article Contains Photos That May Be Sens..
22nd Dec 2020, by SPCA Ipoh

There has been several cases of dog poisoning in Ipoh. More than 20 stray dogs have fell victim. 怡保在这星期里发生多宗毒狗 件,其范围几乎是整个怡保区,超过20多 只小浪惨遭毒害. 毒狗案地区 / Dog poisoning areas are: : 1) taman ampang 安邦花园 2) taman cempaka 白兰园 3) taman botani 翠林园 4) jalan Lau Ek Ching 刘—清街 5) tambum 打们区 6) gunung rapat 昆仑喇叭 This morning we found out that a lot of strays have been poisoned, our vo...

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Hui Huige Huige Ispca 300kg 200kg 200. This Aftern..
17th Dec 2020, by SPCA Ipoh

今天下午,来自实兆远的善心青年 Hui Huige (Huige) 及他朋友们捐赠 ISPCA 食物银行 约 300kg 米糧 和 200kg 狗糧,让庇护所 200多只毛小孩有温饱一餐。 This afternoon, Hui Huige (Huige), a kind-hearted young man from Sitiawan, and his friends donated about 300kg of rice grain and 200kg of dog food to the ISPCA Food Bank. #ispca #TNR

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