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Photos From SPCA Singapore's Post
24th Feb 2020, by SPCA Singapore

FRIENDS FOR LIFE: 19-YEAR-OLD MILO In 2019, SPCA distributed ‘paw-neer generation’ packages to senior dogs and the oldest dog found was a 19-year-old Dachshund named Milo. Late last year, Milo passed away from age-related illness. Despite their heartbreak, Milo’s owners hope to inspire others to keep their companions for life. Mr Ono: “We fell in love with Milo when he was ~3 months old in Tokyo, in July 2000. Milo warmed up our home and connected us with neighbours with his adorable l...

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Updates On 20th Feb 2020
20th Feb 2020, by SPCA Singapore

SPCA VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT “I work from 6am to 6pm on weekdays as a gold trader but no amount of money can compare to the immense joy I feel when volunteering at SPCA. For a long time, I followed the good work SPCA did for community animals in Singapore. So when I decided it was time for me to start giving back more actively, SPCA was my number one choice. My life’s primary value is compassion. Every day, I try to incorporate that into everything I do. So when it comes to caring for these a...

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18th Feb 2020, by SPCA Singapore

WOUNDED CAT’S AMAZING RECOVERY *GRAPHIC* Godfather was rescued with a severe necrotic wound, which exposed his tail bone. He was found extremely dehydrated and emaciated and his tail severely damaged by a bacterial infection. Our veterinary team started work on him immediately, including administering fluid therapy and performing a blood test. Test results revealed he was anaemic and had Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). We put him on an extensive course of antibiotics, flushed and cleaned his w...

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Updates On 17th Feb 2020
17th Feb 2020, by SPCA Singapore

 An SPCA officer rescued this kitten from a shopping mall’s loading bay! His limbs were stuck in a drain and were covered with sticky glue, possibly from a pest control company’s rodent glue trap that was found beside the drain. Luckily, a security guard called us for help. At SPCA, our veterinary team removed the glue and our inspectors reported the incident to AVS. Glue board traps have caused multiple accidents in the past and not all animals are l...

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14th Feb 2020, by SPCA Singapore

ADOPTION SPOTLIGHT: MASSON ‘WATER BOI’ Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Find someone who will love you like how Masson loves water. 🐶: “Masson LOVES showers, mud, grass, and puddles. Idol: Joseph Schooling. Sometimes I barks at flying plastic bags or drink cans. Still puppy-y. Very cuddly. Quite shy. Needs human socialisation. Came into SPCA with three siblings (all were adopted except me). HDB-approved. Give me chance. Take me home.” Potential adopters can visit the SPCA dur...

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Updates On 13th Feb 2020
13th Feb 2020, by SPCA Singapore

DON’T MAKE PETS WEAR MASKS (COVID-19 ADVISORY) 🙅😷 As we battle the COVID-19 outbreak, concerned pet owners might be tempted to make their pets wear masks. Our vets strongly advise against doing so as this is unnecessary and comes with risks. On top of possibly causing significant discomfort, obscuring an animal’s mouth with a mask will hinder the animal from dispelling heat and could cause a serious heat injury. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there is no eviden...

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Photos From SPCA Singapore's Post
6th Feb 2020, by SPCA Singapore

HAPPY TALES “We took in Chachou in August 2019, when she was so tiny and only 6 weeks old. We were only supposed to be her foster family for two weeks but eventually decided to adopt her. It was our best decision ever! We never regretted it; she is such a cheeky, playful and cuddly kitten. We love her so much. In November 2019, we moved back to our home country, France, and took Chachou along with us. She was great during the flight and is now discovering the cold French winter. We love her...

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Updates On 4th Feb 2020
4th Feb 2020, by SPCA Singapore

SPCA RECOMMENDS: A PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD & SINGAPORE’S ANIMAL WELFARE HISTORY Quote “SPCA2020” to enjoy 20% off these two books until 24 Feb 2020. NUS Press will donate $2 to SPCA’s Community Animal Clinic for every purchase made using this code. Buy the books here: Marjorie Doggett's Singapore - http://bit.ly/marjoriedoggett Imperial Creatures - http://bit.ly/imperialcreaturesbook

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27th Jan 2020, by SPCA Singapore

THANK YOU for making 2019 an unfur-gettable year. We hit two major milestones last year: we reopened our upgraded Community Animal Clinic and saw the nationwide dog TNRM (Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage) sterilisation programme go into full swing. Over the years, we have changed lives through initiatives such as sterilisation programmes, lobbying for policy change, expanding our premises and enhancing our medical facilities. Our services cover 24/7 emergency rescues, cruelty & welfare investigat...

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23rd Jan 2020, by SPCA Singapore

Bubu, a Syrian hamster with a slipped disc, was abandoned in a toilet at the SPCA in a neon green bag. One of our staff has since adopted him. This year, as we celebrate the Year of the Rat, please do not get rodents on impulse. After 2008’s Year of the Rat, SPCA Singapore saw an increase in hamsters being given up for a few years after. Numbers increased from a yearly average of 300+ abandoned & surrendered hamsters to over 500 in 2010 and more than 600 in 2011. Many animals are dumped wh...

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Photos From SPCA Singapore's Post
17th Jan 2020, by SPCA Singapore

Hint: she's somewhere in the middle! 😸 We took our rescue mission to the next level after a 2-month-old kitten got stuck on a tree at Kampung Arang road. Mohan brought her to safety and she is now receiving medical treatment in our clinic.

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Updates On 16th Jan 2020
16th Jan 2020, by SPCA Singapore

Ouch! We received a call regarding a cat that had trouble eating. Our rescue officer picked up this boy at Changi and brought him to SPCA’s clinic, where we removed a large fish hook that had pierced his mouth and tongue. After treatment, he was returned to the location where he had been found. 😄

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Updates On 23rd Dec 2019
23rd Dec 2019, by SPCA Singapore

SHELTER OPENING HOURS (XMAS & NY) Merry Christmas, friends! Please take note of our shelter opening hours during this festive season. 24 Dec - 11.00AM to 12.30PM 25 Dec - 11.00AM to 4.00PM 26 Dec - CLOSED 31 Dec - 11.00AM to 12.30PM 1 Jan - 11.00AM to 4.00PM 2 Jan - CLOSED ——— This Xmas, help over 200 needy animals a month by funding their clinic and shelter supplies. Donate to our wishlist here: bit.ly/SPCAXMAS2019 🎄

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Updates On 18th Dec 2019
18th Dec 2019, by SPCA Singapore

DOG RESCUED WITH MAGGOT-INFESTED EARS In August 2018, Harvey was rescued with severe, maggot-infested ears. Our veterinary team worked hard over 6 months to treat him. As his ear infection persisted despite valiant efforts, we decided to send samples from his ear to an overseas laboratory and discovered he had a multidrug-resistant bacteria in both ears. One of his ears had to be amputated. With Amber Compounding Pharmacy, we customised medications for him and after a year of treatment at SPCA...

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Resorts World Sentosa Dolphins Brought In For ‘human Entertainment’ & ‘corporate Profits’: SPCA
17th Dec 2019, by SPCA Singapore

RELEASE RWS DOLPHINS In a recent viral video, a dolphin was seen repeatedly banging its head against the wall at S.E.A Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). For years, SPCA and ACRES have campaigned against their captivity, but to no avail. Four of the 27 RWS dolphins that were caught from the wild have died so far. In 2019, World Animal Protection called for the public to avoid Dolphin Island at Resorts World Sentosa, highlighting their concerns in a report titled ‘The Show Can’t Go On...

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Updates On 15th Dec 2019
15th Dec 2019, by SPCA Singapore

SPCA XMAS WISHLIST 2019 If good boys and girls deserve presents from Santa, we’re sure our animals deserve all the love in this world. But in reality, some pets are abandoned during ‘spring cleaning’ seasons, possibly due to impulse purchases. This Christmas, help over 200 needy animals a month by funding their clinic and shelter supplies. SPCA’s Community Animal Clinic requires ~$600,000 per year to operate and our team sees over 20 animals daily. We are not government-funded and re...

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Updates On 12th Dec 2019
12th Dec 2019, by SPCA Singapore

HDB’s CAT BAN The SPCA shared its views in The Straits Times, explaining why this rule needs to be repealed. Cats have been banned in HDBs since the first flats were built. There are already many responsible pet owners keeping cats in HDB flats without causing nuisance to their neighbours. We feel that lifting the ban, setting rules on responsible cat ownership, and implementing a microchipping & registration scheme, will improve cat management and welfare in Singapore. If we ban cats and ...

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Updates On 11th Dec 2019
11th Dec 2019, by SPCA Singapore

APPEAL FOR INFORMATION - $1,000 reward Anyone with credible information can call our hotline 6287 5355 Ext. 9, or email inspector@spca.org.sg. Information provided will be strictly confidential.

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Updates On 28th Nov 2019
28th Nov 2019, by SPCA Singapore

APPEAL FOR INFORMATION The SPCA is seeking this man’s identity and the location in the picture to assist with our animal cruelty investigations. If you have any information, please contact us at inspector@spca.org.sg. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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Updates On 3rd Nov 2019
3rd Nov 2019, by SPCA Singapore

URGENT APPEAL: DOG ABUSE There is a video currently going viral showing a man beating a dog, and then burning the animal’s fur. He is apparently based in Singapore and Thailand. The SPCA has made a police report. We are urgently seeking information on the man pictured here to assist with investigations. Additionally, we are looking for information relating to the address of where the dog is located. You may contact the SPCA via our 24hr hotline at 6287 5355 ext 9 or email inspector@spca.org...

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