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A Video Involving A Case Of A Man Repeatedly Kicki..
23rd May 2022, by SPCA Singapore

A video involving a case of a man repeatedly kicking and hitting chickens has been circulating - https://www.facebook.com/groups/179531089457/posts /10160182620829458/ The SPCA is seeking the identity of the person in the video to assist with investigations. The incident occurred at Hougang Ave 3, at the carpark near the Community Centre. Anyone with credible information in relation to this case can call our 24/7 hotline at 6287 5355 (ext. 9) or e-mail inspector@spca.org.sg. Information provi...

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National Rescue Dog Day. Celebrate With Our Trap-N..
20th May 2022, by SPCA Singapore

NATIONAL RESCUE DOG DAY Celebrate with our Trap-Neuter-Release-Management (TNRM) team! What better way to commemorate the day than by paying tribute to the community dogs (affectionately known as Singapore Specials) who live on our sunny island? The TNRM team at the SPCA traps and sterilises them to help manage the street dog population and prevent unwanted breeding and overpopulation of these dogs. While some of the dogs are released back to the site, did you know that ~1800 dogs have found lo...

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Cat With Wounds On Face. Spcasingapore Was Alerted..
16th May 2022, by SPCA Singapore

CAT WITH WOUNDS ON FACE #spcasingapore was alerted of a cat at Bukit Purmei with multiple wounds spanning its face, causing panic to passersby! Thankfully, they were mostly superficial wounds, and the kitty only needed help cleaning them so that he wouldn’t keep scratching. It was a good thing kitty made a trip to our Community Animal Clinic as he was diagnosed with cat flu. He has since recovered from his wounds and flu, and has happily returned to his neighbourhood under the watchful eyes...

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Vesak Day. The Dangers Of Mercy Release. Every Yea..
15th May 2022, by SPCA Singapore

VESAK DAY THE DANGERS OF MERCY RELEASE Every year, millions of captive animals are released into the wild on Vesak Day as a practice of “mercy release”. Each year, we remind the public of its dangers. While the activity is based on the tradition of compassion towards animals, it unfortunately causes more harm than good. Illegal wildlife trade When there is a demand, there is a business. The adverse effect of mercy releases is that it fuels the illegal wildlife trade, and many are often un...

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A Peek Into Our Interns Lives. Ameliacommunication..
12th May 2022, by SPCA Singapore

A PEEK INTO OUR INTERNS’ LIVES Amelia—Communications Department Looking to kickstart your career at #spcasingapore? We’re happy to share more about what the people behind SPCA do - simply comment on what other roles you are curious about. 😉 If Amelia’s experience of being an SPCA intern is something you wish to experience, you’re in luck! We’re currently looking for 2 Programmes and Admin interns who will be involved with developing/running programmes for our largest upcoming ca...

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Help Our Animals While Shopping. Spca X Fairprice ..
11th May 2022, by SPCA Singapore

HELP OUR ANIMALS WHILE SHOPPING SPCA x Fairprice Online From now till 31 May, you can help our animals with just a few clicks while doing your online shopping! Fairprice will be providing 7 pet supply bundle options that you can simply add to cart and they’ll be delivered to our animals. The bundles include daily necessities such as food, cleaning supplies, and of course our animals’ favourite treats! (っ˘ڡ˘ς) Visit https://bit.ly/spcafairprice22 this month of May to shop for our ani...

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Happy Tales Socks. Meowwwo Do You Know How I Got A..
10th May 2022, by SPCA Singapore

HAPPY TALES: SOCKS Meowwwo! Do you know how I got adopted? I stared at hooman through the gates and gave her the biggest MEOW. Even though it initially scared her, she fell for my adorable “manja” charms after 10 MINUTES. ヾ(=`ω´=)ノ” That’s some skills I’ve been honing. I’ve since been spoilt rotten by everyone (as hooman always says), and every bed in the house belongs to me! I spend my day going around asking for chin rubs and butt pats, watching shows (Tom and Jerry is my f...

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Clinic Tour. Kids/youths Programme. Thank You Ever..
9th May 2022, by SPCA Singapore

CLINIC TOUR KIDS/YOUTHS PROGRAMME Thank you everyone for your enthusiastic interest in our monthly programmes! We’re happy to share that our Clinic Tours have been fully booked, but do keep a lookout for our upcoming June holidays programme. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Ps. We’ve come to realize that many of you (who are not youths 😉) are very keen on our programmes as well… we hear you! There’ll be more upcoming programmes for you too!

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Be Kind To Animals Week. 1-7 May. From Our Furry F..
6th May 2022, by SPCA Singapore

BE KIND TO ANIMALS WEEK 1-7 May From our furry four-legged friends to our beautiful wildlife, animals enrich our lives in more ways than we can imagine. As we commemorate 'Be Kind to Animals week' let us remember we all have a responsibility towards keeping them safe all the time. Let us celebrate our wonderful animals and accord them with the respect they deserve!

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Spca Adoption Drive 03. Clinic Tour. Date 14 May 2..
4th May 2022, by SPCA Singapore

SPCA ADOPTION DRIVE 03 + CLINIC TOUR Date: 14 May 2022 (Saturday) Time: 11:00 - 15:00 Location: SPCA, 50 Sungei Tengah Rd, S699012 Our adoption drive is back again for the month of May! Join us once again from 11am to 3pm, to say hi to our animals, and potentially give them their #foreverhome. 💙 No sign-ups needed, just pop by! To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to view our animals, visiting time will be kept to 10mins per group of 5. Do remember to join us early, to avoid any dis...

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Selamat Hari Raya Furriends. Spcasingapore Wishes ..
3rd May 2022, by SPCA Singapore

SELAMAT HARI RAYA FURRIENDS! ✨ #SPCASingapore wishes all our Muslim friends a joyous day of love! We hope you enjoy this deserved time of celebration with your family, including your little furry ones.

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Pets Are Not Furniture. Do Not Simply Discard Them..
29th Apr 2022, by SPCA Singapore

PETS ARE NOT FURNITURE Do not simply discard them It has been recently shared in Parliament that there has been an increase in the number of pet abandonments in the past 5 years. Over half of these cases involved the abandonment of cats. We are also deeply concerned that global trends are indicative that we may soon see a further increase in the abandonment of ‘pandemic pets’ as people return to work. At SPCA Singapore, we’ve had people tying their dogs to our gates as ‘surprise gift...

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Adoption Spotlight Camy. Hi Everyone I Am Camy. I ..
27th Apr 2022, by SPCA Singapore

ADOPTION SPOTLIGHT: CAMY Hi everyone… I am Camy. I didn’t want to do this post because I am very shy and I am an introvert, I prefer hiding in boxes and being alone. But the hoomans told me if I do so, they’ll give me extra treats. I love treats!! I’ll do anything for treats. (=^ ◡ ^=) I first came to #spcaingapore in 2019. I came from a place you guys call a “hoarding situation”. It was cramped and stinky. No one cleaned my toilet, and my food/water bowl were never changed. I di...

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Picasso Cat. They Do Not Like To Be Painted. While..
24th Apr 2022, by SPCA Singapore

PICASSO CAT THEY DO NOT LIKE TO BE PAINTED While we are unsure if this is a case of a deliberate act of cruelty, or if Picasso Cat decided to play with paint, we know for sure that cats do not appreciate being painted. Our little Picasso actually got the help she needed by dashing into someone’s house. Thankfully, the kind person contacted #spcasingapore to help rescue her. Paint contains toxic chemicals that harm animals in many ways, including irritation, difficulty breathing, vomiting/dia...

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Happy Tales Bradley. Ruff Ruff I Am Bradley And I ..
22nd Apr 2022, by SPCA Singapore

HAPPY TALES: BRADLEY Ruff ruff! I am Bradley and I am excited to share my adoption story with you! In 2012, I was waiting patiently in SPCA shelter for my #foreverfurmily. My brother was nibbling on my legs at that time. I didn’t care, I knew I had to put all my attention to looking out for THE ONE. That’s when hooman saw me, and boy, did I put my best paw forward. I was the sweetest, most tolerant, and gentlest pup amongst them all. *proud* ∪^ェ^∪ While I did puke on the way hom...

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Thank You. Our Second Adoption Drive Of 2022 Was E..
19th Apr 2022, by SPCA Singapore

THANK YOU 💙 Our second adoption drive of 2022 was eggtastic, and our participants in our egg-hunt were eggs-tra eggcellent! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Thank you again to @chengtai_nursery for allowing us to host the hunt at their space. Our second long-staying cat (Rocky!) found his #foreverhome this round, and everyone at the SPCA couldn’t be happier. We are heartened by the support and patience of everyone who joined us, and we will make an effort to run more adoption drives for our animals! ...

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Adoption Spotlight Tita. Hurro I Am Tita, I Am Onl..
18th Apr 2022, by SPCA Singapore

ADOPTION SPOTLIGHT: TITA Hurro! I am Tita, I am only becoming 3 years old this year, and this is my third attempt waiting for a #foreverfamily. I got returned (by different hoomans) twice now, and I am hoping the third time’s the charm. Each time I was so excited, a new home, a new life! But why do they all not want to keep me forever? I can get a little protective of certain hoomans (it is after all my duty to love you 🥺) and you would need to continue my training so that I can get more...

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Stop Using Glue Traps - Youre Killing Our Cats. Ca..
15th Apr 2022, by SPCA Singapore

STOP USING GLUE TRAPS - YOU’RE KILLING OUR CATS Cats turning up to our #SPCASingapore Community Animal Clinic covered in glue is a constant and painful occurrence. It’s so common that sometimes we can get up to 3-4 cases in just a week. We have long advocated against the use of glue traps due to the harm and extreme suffering it causes to the unintended victim. When an animal gets caught in these traps, their struggle to escape causes chunks of fur to be ripped from their skin. If the glu...

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Spca History. Did You Know? Spcas Old Premise At M..
14th Apr 2022, by SPCA Singapore

SPCA HISTORY Did you know? SPCA’s old premise at Mount Vernon was officially opened on this day, 14 April 1984. That is 38 years ago! We’ve come a long way as an organisation, but some things will never change, and that is our love for animals. We’ll always be #friendsforlife. Thank you to all our two-legged and four-legged furriends who have been with us all these years, the SPCA would not be possible without you. 💙 Photo credit: Colleen & Bernard, DeDamselfly Photography

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A Birden. Spcasingapore Was Alerted That There Was..
14th Apr 2022, by SPCA Singapore

A BIRDEN #SPCASingapore was alerted that there was a parakeet in a upside-down predicament. While we generally do not attend to bird rescues (due to the lack of proper equipment), our officers understood that this was an urgent situation as the caller mentioned that the parrot had been hanging in the same position for at least two days. Thankfully, further inspection by our Animal Rescue Officers revealed that the parrot was mostly in good health - lively but struggling to detach itself from th...

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