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Instantly update yourself on the latest animal welfare developments. Leading animal shelters and rescuers will share news and knowledge with you, consolidated through their blogs and social media pages.

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Mixed Breed Dog For Adoption - 4 Years, Bandit From Kuala Lumpur
12th Jul 2011, by PetFinder.my

BANDIT, a super sweet and gentle girl rescued from a grocery store chased by the guards. Check out the lovely girl's video, enjoying a little patting and chilling out under the table!

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RWS Yet To Reply, Email Resent Today...
12th Jul 2011, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

From: Louis Ng (ACRES) Sent: Wednesday, 29 June, 2011 4:17 PMTo: 'Krist BOO Chee Lan' krist.boo@RWSentosa.comCc: 'Lynn LEE Li Jun'; 'kris.koh@rwsentosa.com'; 'john.hallenbeck@rwsentosa.com'; 'robin.goh@rwsentosa.com'; 'enquiries@rwsentosa.com'; 'reservations@rwsentosa.com'Subject: RE: Answers required to address public concerns with regard to dolphins Dear Krist, Thanks for your email. ACRES has be...

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12th Jul 2011, by SPCA Selangor

Did you know each state has a Department of Veterinary Services branch? You can get their contact details from their online Directory, to report animal cruelty/neglect cases!

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Photo Feature
12th Jul 2011, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

Here's a photo of a pair of feral cats enjoying lunch today. I began management of the colony about 12 years ago. Today there are just two old timers still living, both senior cats but doing very well. It's a 365 day a year job, even during extreme snow storms, but three of us share the responsibility and never miss a day.

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12th Jul 2011, by SPCA Sarawak

1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years. Any separation from you is likely to be painful.  2. Give me time to understand what you want of me. 3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well-being.  4. Don't be angry with me for long and don't lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends,         your entertainment, but I have only you.  5. Talk to me. Even if I don't understand your words, I do understand your voice when speaking to me.  6. Be aw...

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Spaying (Ovariohysterectomy): The Benefits In Dogs
12th Jul 2011, by SPCA Sarawak

Newspapers, radio, and television commonly feature articles about pet overpopulation. They stress the fact that too many puppies and kittens are produced every year and that there just are not enough potential owners to go around. The obvious conclusion is that we should breed fewer dogs and cats and produce fewer litters. The best way to ensure that this occurs is through sterilization procedures, so a larger percentage of dogs and cats are incapable of breeding. Performing an ovariohysterectom...

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Two Ginger Popsicles Are Adopted!!
12th Jul 2011, by AnimalCare

Our vet had so kindly allowed Nandhini to put the Popsicles up for adoption at his clinic, so Nandhini sent two gingers and two tortoiseshells on Saturday.  Today, Nandhini was informed that the two gingers have been adopted!!So, there are now two more tortoiseshells.  One more ginger popsy (Lilo) is still with Nandhini as Lilo still had a bit of diarrhoea on Saturday, but is okay now.  I hope we can get all the Popsicles adopted soon.P.S.  The Popsicles are the 5 kittens dum...

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Kelly And Jacinta's Dog Shelter In Ipoh Needs Urgent Help
12th Jul 2011, by AnimalCare

A friend from Ipoh, Chew Keang, alerted me to Kelly Tan and Jacinta Emmanuel's dog shelter in Ipoh a few weeks ago. I have been asking for information and photos so that I can post it up here and the readers can help out, and I've finally got the information from them this evening.  This morning, Kelly Tan called me and explained that they are in dire straits right now.  They need funds very urgently to help sustain and maintain their 100 dogs located at various small shelters which th...

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12th Jul 2011, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

BLACKIE looking relieved to be finally off the streets.Finally he is relieved and happy, looking-up at his rescuer and feeling grateful. We won't let you down Blackie Boy - you can count on us.Blackie waiting to be taken to the vet.The tumour on Blackie's side.The bulging tumour.Tumour - ruptured and ulcerated.Blackie, feeling relieved that someone has finally cared to help him.Please help us help Blackie.Yesterday while we were busy at our adoption drive we received a call from a young lady ask...

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12th Jul 2011, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Our adoption drive at the Summit Subang Jaya went on fine although we had anticipated otherwise due to the Bersih rally a day earlier. We had also not made any announcements in the media and solely relied on blog, Facebook and email announcements. A big thank you to all our volunteers who gave their best to ensure that the adoption drive went on well. Terima Kasih.

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Photo Feature
11th Jul 2011, by SPCA Seberang Perai

Spotty is a very loving girl found straying in the neighbourhood. She is in fact the new kid on the block resulting in her being bullied by the senior strays and constantly being chased away by humans. Spotty has since been spayed and is now looking for a good home. Anyone interested in adopting her, please contact Ellen @ 016-4021781.

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Lucky, Cat For Adoption
11th Jul 2011, by AnimalCare

This is a request from Karen Huang:This kitty's name is Lucky...suggested by a friend who said it was lucky to have met me. I picked him up from a garbage dump on Sunday (3 July) and brought him to the vet. The vet said Lucky has 3 broken legs. I am fostering him and and he is now well enough for adoption. Lucky is a really loving cat, very vocal when he hears a familiar voice and LOVES to be touched, and very active and playful. Lucky is now able to move into a new and loving home. Please note ...

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Rescued Puppies For Adoption (urgent)
11th Jul 2011, by AnimalCare

This is a request from YF:An aunty jogger rescued these puppies from the edge of a forest. She is fostering the puppies and she hopes they can be adopted ASAP as her health is not very good. She said she has seen authorities in yellow vest (no, not Bersih people, just security people) catching puppies. Please advertise them in AnimalCare and Petfinder. Spaying will be sponsored by AnimalCare or Metta Karuna. I will donate back to the organisations. As she cannot speak English...

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Best Friends Animal Society Nonprofit “Brand Of The Year”: A Big Win For The Animals
11th Jul 2011, by Best Friends Animal Society

It was a nice surprise for us here at Best Friends to learn that Best Friends Animal Society had been named Non-Profit Brand of the Year in the recently released 2011 Harris Poll EquiTrend® study.  Apparently for people in the brand equity biz, it’s quite the honor. As you’re well aware, the non-profit category is stacked with high profile brands such as Susan G. Komen For The Cure, The Nature Conservancy, United Way, American Red Cross and many other animal welfare organizations. We were...

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Updates On Karuna (doing Well!)
11th Jul 2011, by AnimalCare

Here's Karuna, folks...According to the vets, she is doing as well as can be expected of such an old dog and one who was brought in in this state.  The daily cleaning of the bite wounds continues.  Karuna is still weak, but she is able to walk to a corner to poo, and the best news is that she has a great appetite!She looks pretty sad...poor thing.  I suppose that's how an old dog feels when she has no proper home or people to love her.  The bullying and attack by the pack of ...

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Female Dog, Spayed
11th Jul 2011, by AnimalCare

Roselin brought a female dog for spaying under our sponsorship today.  This is one of the many dogs that Roselin feeds over in Section 17, PJ.  Tomorrow, Roselin will attempt to catch her puppies.  After the operation, upon waking up.

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Why Neuter Your Dog?
11th Jul 2011, by SPCA Sarawak

Why Neuter Your Dog?Dr. Lila Miller, D.V.M., ASPCAMale dogs and cats mark territory by spraying urine. This is especially true of cats, whose urine has a very strong odor. Neutering eliminates the odor and markedly reduces the incidence of urine spraying. It is most effective when performed before marking starts, but will often work even after the marking has become a habit.Neutering eliminates the occurrence of testicular cancer.Neutering markedly reduces the incidence of benign hyperplasia of ...

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Photo Feature
11th Jul 2011, by SPCA Penang

Rottweiler found On cantonment road. Near to Bell Road. It's a male he has a red collar on. You can call 016-4177499 Mr Tan. Or 012- 4591229 for Ms Lim.

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Job Vacancy At SPCA - Veterinarian
11th Jul 2011, by SPCA Penang

Veterinarian Requirements:Candiate must have a degree in Veterinary ScienceMature and able to work independentlyDuties:Treatment, suregery & keeping records of all animals at the shelterOrganise talks and educate the public and schoolchildren whenever requiredAssist the management in any educational projects on responsible pet ownership whenever requiredSupervise the working schedule of kennel staff and volunteers working with all animals at the shelterMaintan a good standard of operating p...

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Photo Feature
11th Jul 2011, by SPCA Penang

Pups for Fostering We have 3 cute little stray puppies which was brought in today. If you have the time, we need your help to foster them for a period of 5 weeks.They have been dewormed and deflea. Anyone interested, kindly email back or call us at 2816559 during our office hours from 8.30 a.m. till 4.30 p.m. We look forward to heaing from you. SPCA TEAM, TQ

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