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Instantly update yourself on the latest animal welfare developments. Leading animal shelters and rescuers will share news and knowledge with you, consolidated through their blogs and social media pages.

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A Deep Sense Of Loss
14th Sep 2010, by Zeus Communications

Venus has been at the vet for two weeks now. After having gone through so much pain and suffering, she has almost nothing left in her. Having had a miscarriage, scabies and a hip dislocation, all within a short span of time, a deep sense of loss and hopelessness can be seen in her eyes as she spends her days staring blankly.She has had a steady stream of visitors – readers of our blog, animal lovers, friends etc; either visiting her or stopping by to make a contribution to her vet bills. Her b...

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Weathering The Storm
13th Sep 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

An early Sunday morning in August, there was a huge storm that stuck NANAS. Howling winds and darkened skies were an indication that a big storm was approaching. True enough, it was not long before it started raining heavily. Within minutes, severe winds came through the main lodge, causing mayhem on the second floor. As a result of the unrelenting winds and continuous rain, the roof was seriously damaged, especially since there was a lack of a wall structure to break the wind. Whist we were com...

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10th Sep 2010, by SPCA Ipoh

ISPCA FOOD FAIR Hear Ye! Hear Ye! We will be holding our annual Food Fair on 7th November 2010 at the St John’s Ambulance Hall (HQ), Ipoh. The Fair will be held from 9.00 am to 2 pm. Food coupons are priced at RM10-00 per book and are available now and during the Food Fair. If you wish to purchase the food coupons now, please call Judy at 012-4551443. Besides an array of sumptuous food for you to pick and purchase, the following events will be held as well :- (1) a demonstration by th...

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Zeus 2011 Calendars In Aid Of The Street Dogs And Cats We Help
8th Sep 2010, by Zeus Communications

Starring the abused and abandoned pets that we have helped, as well as featuring our pet projects, the Zeus Communications’ 2011 Calendars are finally here! All funds raised from the sales will go towards the sterilization of industrial dogs and street cats, as well as the rescuing and rehoming of abandoned and abused pets. The proceeds will also be used to provide pet food to caretakers and security guards who devotedly care for strays on their premises.Zeus 2011 Calendars on Sale Now at...

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8th Sep 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 ADOPTION DRIVE Dear all,this time of the year is always very frightening for us due to the large number of rescues. This is because the mating season was just over. We now have with us countless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Given this we will be holding our adoption drive at The Summit Subang Jaya this Sunday Sept 12 from 11.00am to 7.00pm. We are also very short of dog and puppy dry and canned food as well as only have a bag or two of rice left. This is a ve...

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Noah's Ark Calendar 2011
6th Sep 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

Dear Friends, Supporters and Well-Wishers,Buy a Noah's Ark CARES 2011 Calendar and help support the animals rescued by Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary and Noah’s Ark CARES.2011 is the Lunar Year of the Rabbit. The rabbit represents humility, because it is soft and cuddly, quiet and unassertive.In a legend from India, a rabbit travelled in the company of an ape and a fox. The god Indra, disguised as a hungry beggar, decided to test their hospitality. Each animal went in search of food, an...

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Why Didn't You Slow Down?
3rd Sep 2010, by Zeus Communications

Did you not see me running across the road? Why didn’t you slow down? I was tired . . . .I was on heat . . . . there were so many male dogs chasing me, taking turns to mate with me. I had spent days on end, running, just to get away from them. It was painful and I was scared.Male dogs taking turns to mount the black dog (Venus)Carried onto the table for examinationI ran across the road to get away from the pack of at least 8 males dogs, taking their turns on me. I had not eaten for days b...

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Puppy Sungei
31st Aug 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

DISCLAIMER: THERE MAY BE CERTAIN PICTURES THAT MAY MAKE YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. IF SUCH, WE WOULD ADVISE YOU NOT TO SCROLL DOWN. THANK YOU.Stray feeding – It entails so much more than just providing food for the homeless animals roaming the streets. Sterilization is our goal and also that of many stray feeders and animal welfare groups, in an arduous quest in working towards a stray-free Singapore.When stray feeders see injured animals, they cannot turn a blind eye to it and pretend nothing ha...

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Winner Of The First Animal Communication Scholarship
31st Aug 2010, by Zeus Communications

Veron and Lynda at a recent eventMs Veron Lau, 38, is the winner of the very first Animal Communication scholarship, proudly sponsored by Animal Talk Ltd. Veron is the Vice President (voluntary) of Cat Welfare Society. She is a Communications Manager by day and cat woman by night! Here's what Veron says ; I became involved with cat welfare when I moved to my own place 7 years ago. It was never an issue where I lived previously and I came to realize that it was the dedicated work o...

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Wishbone's Wish-Upon-A-Bone Finale
27th Aug 2010, by Zeus Communications

Wishbone's granting of pets' wishes kicked off in May 2010 and concluded with the finale on 21 August at Bishan Park's Green Room. Men and dogs were dressed in smart suits for the event finale and for once, the men were ALMOST as hot as the dogs!Attractive door giftsThe Pet Wedding beginsRed, the little PoodleUtt and  . . .  M-utt??The event was graced by MTV celebrity, Utt, who is Wishbone's ambassador and a fellow animal lover. Utt hails from Thailand and has a 14 year old JRT back h...

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National Dog Walk 2010
26th Aug 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

Dear Supporters, Friends and well-wishers,Looking to spend a fun day with your dog? Come join us on Sunday, 5 September 2010!Noah's Ark CARES will be taking part in The National Dog Walk and Carnival 2010. Your participation will make this a memorable event for both you and your animal companion. Noah's Ark CARES' merchandise will be sold at the event - come over to our booth, look for us. Also, it will be an excellent time to pre-order your copy of Noah's Ark's 2011 calendar!All proceeds go dir...

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GrASS Land Funds Upate
26th Aug 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

To Our Wonderful Supporters,We have currently received a total of MYR 1581.89. These funds are kept in our bank account and will not be touched until we have reached our goal.We thank you for all your support & we keep praying and hoping for more donations to pour in.

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Why We Need Land So Urgently?
26th Aug 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

Because we want to stop the stray dogs and cats from being abused by evil people.What they do to strays? Beat them up, torture them, butcher them, shoot them with rubber bullets to kill them after catching them in an inhumane manner.Now, we want to have a center not only to help the domesticated stray animals but also the wildlife as there are plans to build a second animal testing facility in Malacca, Malaysia.The first one was found in Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia but has yet to be exposed.Plea...

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GrASS Requires Land & Building Funds
26th Aug 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

As of June 2010, GrASS is now about 1.5 years old. GrASS is currently aiming to raise funds to acquire land on the mainland of Penang, Malaysia as land on the island itself is scarce & very costly. With this in mind, GrASS has decided to bring together a few other animal shelters & independent pet rescuers whom have the same goal in mind to make it all come true.Because we do not have land, we are limited to the number of strays we are able to take in. Our shelters are fosterers, ...

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Little Joe Goes Home
24th Aug 2010, by Zeus Communications

Volunteers discharged Little Joe from the vet and returned him to the factory on Sunday. He was very quiet on the way there and kept looking out of the windows. When volunteers turned into the lane he lived on, Little Joe immediately jumped up and was visibly excited - he knew he was home! On the way homeThe moment Little Joe got out of the car, he raced up and down the road as if he was doing an invisible obstacle course - he was lucky that it was Sunday and there were no other cars on the road...

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Azalia’s Tale By Su Mei Lenden-Hitchcock
22nd Aug 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

It was a Wednesday afternoon and a group of us were headed for our very last gathering before my friend left for Australia to further her studies. It had been years since we last met. As usual, the same two friends were late and so my friend Jia Rong and I met up first. We had known each other since primary school and we were both passionate about animals. And that’s when it all started…Knowing how much I cared about animals, Jia Rong told me about two kittens she had seen on her way to meet...

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A Tribute To Max
20th Aug 2010, by Zeus Communications

Max, a Bull Mastiff, passed away peacefully this morning at 9am, in the comfort of his home and in the loving arms of his owner, Ms CL. She had adopted him some years back and had given him the best of everything - from numerous car rides, to swims on the beach, to his very own swimming pool. Max had tick fever slightly more than a month ago and despite two blood transfusions over the past week, he got weaker by the day and finally passed on this morning.To all who knew Max, he was a g...

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Little Joe's 3rd Update
19th Aug 2010, by Zeus Communications

Little Joe has been staying at the Vets for the past 15 days. This is the longest we have ever warded a rescued stray. His bill too, has come up to a rather substantial amount. We thank everyone who has contributed to his bill, visited him and cooked nutritious food for him –Little Joe says Thank You!Little Joe and his doleful eyesWe have tried our best to help find him a home but sadly, there has been no takers, so Friday our volunteers will discharge Little Joe from the Vet and he will ...

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Volunteer With Us Today!
17th Aug 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

Love animals? Enjoy being around them or working with them? Wish to give back to society in some way?You can! Simply by volunteering with Noah's Ark. Help our 4 legged friends, be their voices, shower them with love & give them hope. Be an Ark Angel! Noah's Ark is located just across the causeway in Johor Bahru but you can easily help while in Singapore too. Here's what you can do:Visits to the sanctuaryIf you have a car, you can drive to our sanctuary with yo...

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End Abuse And Ill Treatment Of Dogs In Puppy Mills
15th Aug 2010, by Zeus Communications

Dear Friends and Fellow Animal Lovers,The puppy mill industry in Singapore is currently poorly regulated. A puppy mill is a factory that churns out puppies for commercial profit. In Singapore, due to inadequate puppy mill regulations and the lack of clear and enforceable best practices and guidelines in the industry, irresponsible puppy mills are able to mass produce puppies solely for profit, with little or no regard for the welfare of the breeding dogs. Most of these dogs are kept in appalling...

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