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Sunday, 4th Sep 2011, by AnimalCare

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The news below is from Jacqueline Thien and some other rescuer-friends who have alerted me within the last hour. Please proceed to the location to help if you are near.  

Hi Dr,

I'm helping Kucing Terbiar Anjing Jalanan to ask for your help to post on your blog and urge those who board their cats at this boarding house in Damansara Damai to collect their pet immediately at Balai Polis Sg Pelong Paya Jaras.

Owner of the boarding premise no way to be found, more than 90 cats inside the pet shop, 9 kittens/cat were found dead, some alive were thrown outside of the shop ,inside a carrier..some were missing.. Location is at Damansara Damai (from KTAJ facebook info). KTAJ needs more volunteers to help in shifting the pets too, they are short of volunteers now..

For more info, pls read at KTAJ facebook page :

Thank you very much for helping, Dr..lets hope every owner finds their cat..


Some screenshots received:

I'm in phone contact with Maslinda and Bella (of KTAJ). I've offered our subsidy for the cats who need immediate medical attention. For the sake of saving their lives, the sick cats ought to be send to the vet immediately. 

Maslinda just sent this photo of another dying cat:

According to information received, the owners had left food supply for their pets, but the cats were not fed. Some owners are still overseas right now, and pleading for help to rescue their cats.  

It is confirmed that 9 cats/kittens have died. The owner of the boarding house has been located already. Some of the cats are currently at the police station.  

Will update more.  

Updates at 3.20pm - I have contacted a vet at Kinrara. He may have a sporo case so he can only take 3-4 of these rescued cats (from the boarding house) and would need physical help with cleaning the cats, etc.  

Our Subang panel vet can also help, but only at 8.30pm tonight.  Our other vet is closed today. 

A pet hospital in PJ is open today and I have alerted the rescuers to this.  

Meanwhile, the rescuers have located a nearer vet.  I hope they are now sending the cats there. We'll pledge for the expenses for now so that the cats can be treated first. We hope the owners will take back their cats as soon as possible.  

Updates at 4.00pm - Rescuers are sending the sickly cats to the vet in PJ now. On my way there. Updates later. 

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