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Sunday, 4th Sep 2011, by AnimalCare

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I contacted Wani over this case and Wani got the rescuers to send the sickly cats to the vet in PJ. So I drove down there to wait for them in case any downpayment was needed for these cats. The important thing is to get them treated first to save their lives. The next step would be to locate their owners to take them back.

The cats soon arrived.  There were six of them. These are the worst of the lot, I was told.

 This poor, poor cat was in very, very bad shape. She is all skin and bones.
(This is the dying cat in the previous post.)

 She's severely dehydrated and the vet says even perfectly healthy cats, without food and (especially) water for 7-8 days can end up like this.

She is totally skin and bones.I have never seen a cat this emaciated before.

 On drips now.

After being on drips for about 5 minutes, she started mewing softly.  Before that, she had no energy to even mew. She only made a strange-sounding noise. This is so, so pitiful and tragic. And all of these are pets whose owners had left under the care of this boarding house.

I hope this cat makes it. My only consolation is that she can still stand.  

 These two are also emaciated, but not as bad.

 Also skin and bones.

Both were checked and they would need subcutaneous fluids. Will be fed small amounts frequently since the stomach has probably shrunk after not having any food for so many days. Feeding them small amounts regularly is the proper way to bring them back to health. The vet says the chances of survival for these two are good. 

For some strange reason, these cats were shaven on the body. Why were they shaven? The rescuers said they were found that way. 

These other three cats were also examined, but found to be alright. They are all dehydrated, but not in dire straits. Hospitalization is not necessary, so the rescuers were advised to give them small amounts of food regularly until they normalize back to health.

Nerq Suzana, the founder of KTAJ, called to say they might be bringing another batch of cats, just rescued, so we waited.

While waiting, I spoke to the rescuers and an owner who had boarded her cat at this boarding house.

This is what I gathered, from the information but it may not be entirely accurate as I was also receiving updates on the phone by another rescuer who was still there on site.

Apparently, this is a very well-established boarding house with a proper website. They had advertised an RM3.99 per day special rate for the Hari Raya season and had taken in something like 200 or more cats for boarding. It works on door-to-door delivery too. 

Some owners wanted their pets back but they pets were not delivered back to them. So, sensing something was not right, some of the owners broke into the place and discovered the tragedy.  

The cats were left in carriers and some in cages, but they had not been fed (probably throughout the entire duration of the boarding, judging from the emaciated condition they were in). Nine cats had died, some were stuck to the floor. A mother-cat and her kittens had also died. 

These are all owners' pets and NOT strays.

Rescuers said the cats were soaked in pee and poo and there was no evidence that they had been fed at all. Many were found inside carriers. There was a large carrier with three big cats inside. They had probably been left like that since Day One. 

The two proprietors of the boarding house have been detained by the police. It was then that they led the police to another premises and found more cats. All in, they had probably taken in more than 200 cats, or maybe even 300 (I am not sure of this figure as I'm receiving conflicting numbers from the rescuers). The proprietors operate from a shoplot, but the cats are boarded elsewhere.  

The rescued cats were then brought to the police station and many owners turned up to collect their cats. Currently, about 70 over cats are left unclaimed. Some owners are taking the first flight back from overseas, after having been informed through facebook.  

I also spoke to an owner who had taken back her cat earlier and had brought her cat to the same vet for a check-up. Her cat is also dehydrated but will be alright.

She said she had paid for a single room, and had gone to see the single room too. It was air-conditioned and even had toys. She booked online for that room, and the rate was RM13.99. But when she delivered her cat there, the cat was not placed in the room but left inside the carrier. 

She didn't question the proprietors, but noticed her cat was transferred from her own carrier into another carrier.  

She suspected something was not quite right when she tried booking for that room again online, and it was still available.

Her cat was rescued this morning. 

Rescuer, Mas, has just informed me that they will be staying on with the 70 over cats at the premises of the boarding house until tonight to wait for the owners. If the owners still do not turn up, the rescuers will take 3-4 cats each and foster them for the night. 

We need help to locate the owners of the three cats whose photos have been published in this post. We hope they will claim their pets from the hospital where they are currently warded. The owners of these three cats can contact me at chankahyein@gmail.com or Wani at wanimuthiah@gmail.com, if they need clarification.  

Cruelty at its worst....that's all I can say for now.  

Updates later, if anymore.

Updates at 7.45pm - One of the rescuers has just contacted me. One more cat needs medical attention, so I've arranged for the cat to come in tonight to one of our Subang vets. Updates later.

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