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Updates On 12th Nov 2018
12th Nov 2018, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

WE ARE BACK. This blog was where we started as a rescue group exactly 10 years ago and its timely that we make a come back here. However, we are unsure if our followers are still here and will give us the support that they did 10 years ago. Please drop a comment if you are still here. We will be updating this page to fill-you up on what we were up to the last four years. It is good to be back.

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Goodbye Brianna
16th May 2014, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

We received some very heartbreaking news this morning. Brianna is no more. She succumbed to her severe tick fever and we are truly shattered upon hearing the news. The vet tried everything possible - she was just too weak and too traumatized. To Mr. Bow-and-Arrow as well as dog haters who want all dogs dead, hope this piece of news makes you happy. This was a very very sick dog, and Brianna's condition was further aggravated by the trauma of being shot at. Wherein lies compassion? Brianna would ...

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A Bow-And-Arrow Attack
15th May 2014, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Allan called us on the 13th of May 2014 to alert us about his neighbor who had shot two arrows at a dog.Dog Shot Once in Its Front Leg and Once in Its BackThe Alleged Dog ShooterThe dog, named Brianna (a.k.a. Bree) which means "strong", was rushed to Animal Medical Centre (AMC) for emergency treatment. The vet at AMC treated the wound, but refused to admit Bree overnight as she was heavily infested with ticks. We brought Bree back to our Halfway Home where she was given a tick bath the...

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A Dead Man's Wish
1st May 2014, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

One of our regular donors who lives in the UK frantically contacted us on the 27th of February 2014 after receiving a suicide note from her friend - a 58-year-old German man living in Malaysia. A copy of the suicide note was forwarded to us, and the late German man had pleaded for his dogs and cats to be rescued.While we were on our way, the police (who arrived at the scene first) confirmed the man's death, and notified us that the local council was there with private canine bounty hunting compa...

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Because I'm Happy!
5th Apr 2014, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

On the 27th of December, 2013, a resident of Skudai, Johor discovered a dog with a disfigured face and contacted MDDB. Innumerable maggots squirmed around what used to be the dog's snout. A distress notice was immediately posted on our Facebook page to alert nearby community volunteers.Spotted in Skudai, JohorIt did not take long for one of our followers to respond to the emergency. She admitted the dog at a vet in Johor who administered morphine in the dog for pain relief. The vet was clueless ...

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It's Raining Cats And Dogs This November!
5th Nov 2013, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

As you can see below, we have been buried by an avalanche of rescues which require urgent veterinary care. In addition to this, we also have other rescues that are being neutered and vaccinated. We simply do not have the money at the moment to pay for all these dogs. We hope that you will take our predicament into consideration and help us with your generosity. Contributions in any amount are greatly appreciated!COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND INTEGRATION INITIATIVE BHDPublic Bank Account No: 31517937...

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October Rescues
1st Nov 2013, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Running a rescue group that carries out consistent rescue of puppies and their mothers is not an easy task. In addition to the countless puppies and mothers picked-up almost on a daily basis, there are also the seriously injured dogs that come our way. MDDB’s main problem is space to hold all our rescues until we find them suitable homes.There are queries as to why we do not have a shelter – the answer is simple – having a shelter would be contradictory to the Trap-Neuter-Relea...

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Appeal For Donation To Settle September 2013 Veterinary Bills
26th Sep 2013, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

September is coming to an end, and it is the time of the month again to settle our veterinary bills so as to allow us to continue bringing severely injured and maimed dogs for medical treatments. As we rely on the public to fund our operations, we would like to appeal to your kindness and generosity to help defray the medical costs of the many dogs under our care.RONALDORonaldoWe received an SOS about a badly injured dog in Seri Kembangan about two days ago. Two rescuers brought him to us (we ha...

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Our Little Fashion Icons - Valentino And Patch
19th Aug 2013, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

VALENTINOValentino, also known as Little V, was dragging himself through the streets of Ipoh when Audrey found him. She immediately sought the help of MDDB, which agreed to take over the case.Valentino was believed to be the weakest among his siblings, and thus, was abandoned by his mother when he could not keep up. The mother may also be malnourished when she was pregnant with Valentino.When discussing the prognosis and treatment options with our panel veterinarian, the vet was optimistic that ...

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Embracing Another Milestone: First International Adoption
14th Aug 2013, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

The Stray PuppyOne rainy day, a stray puppy squeezed through the gate, and sought shelter in the porch of a house in Cheras. Its mother whimpered anxiously, out in the street, in a vain attempt to call for her sole puppy to follow her. And, it was this fateful day that marked the beginning of something beautiful - the duo's journey to the Land of the Free.The Mama DogThe family spotted the puppy in their compound, and alerted MDDB. Our Rescue Coordinator attended to the distress call. Both mothe...

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Updates On 31st May 2013
31st May 2013, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Its been quite a while since this blog was updated as most of our updates are now being done on Facebook. However, having received a note from an old supporter who does not Facebook, I've realised its time  this blog is 'reactivated'. Much has happened since the last update and I'll try my level best to summarize everything and post them here in a day or two. I have  decided that this blog would henceforth  also be a conduit for me to share my thoughts in addition to our MDDB acti...

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14th Jul 2012, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

MALAYSIAN DOGS DESERVE BETTER will have its adoption drive tomorrow July 15 at Jaya One shopping complex tomorrow.DETAILSDate: July 15 Time: 11.00am to 6.00pm Venue: Jaya One shopping complex in Petaling Jaya at Block NB1 which faces Station 1 and Old Town White Coffee.DOGS THAT WILL BE UP FOR ADOPTION1) HENG THE HUSKYHeng was found wandering along Klang with a bad skin condition and zillion of ticks. he has since been treated and also neutered. Heng is very good natured and obedient.2) MR TIED-...

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7th Jul 2012, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Milo the dog was found tied to an electrical pole in Segambut about a month ago.The pint-sized dog’s front and back paws as well as his neck was secured tightly to the post and the dog was both frightened and in pain.Luckily canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) highlighted Milo’s plight on its Facebook page after being informed by a member of the public and managed to get several rescuers to rush to the spot and free the dog in the wee hours of the morning.Milo...

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28th Jun 2012, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

 It was an interesting day today with us having the opportunity to meet a man mentioned in this post. Although Shalinee Fernandez had said that is company was a private dog catching company, the man explained that his biz focused on other areas. He rectified the misconception that his was dog catching company and stated that it was instead an animal control, disease control, vector management and training business . He said his company does not kill the dogs caught as they do not propagate...

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28th Jun 2012, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

 This is the last time Justice will ever be mentioned until his adopter comes back from overseas. A bunch of morons, who are trying to distract negative attention that’s currently on them, are making wild allegations about us and Justice. Besides making baseless allegations, they are also accusing us of stealing our own dog? Aileen is also lying through her teeth that Justice was forcibly taken. We had duly informed the adopter that we were removing the dog. Furthermore, Aileen had SM...

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27th Jun 2012, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

The players in this story is Crazy Puspa Rani, Spurned and Spiteful Shalini Fernandez dishonest petshop owner Aileen Lee. Its amazing how some people fuelled by vindictiveness and sheer jealousy can go to extraordinary measures to spread their lies.The current issue re Justice is one such case where a bunch of lunatics who have nothing whatsoever to do with the dog claiming the dog. Then there's the pet shop woman who exploited the situation to sell her products and then lodged a police report t...

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27th Jun 2012, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

In their frenzy to get back at MDDB, the group that dumped 40 unspayed dogs, that they 'rescued' from the DBJKL pound, is contradicting each other with lies over and over again. Here's an example of them contradicting each other in their frenzy:So, who's speaking the truth here? We are offering dinner for two at a hotel buffet to anyone who can pick up the most number of lies and baseless allegations from Mukunan's rant. Once you have selected, please email your answers to malaysiandogsdese...

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25th Jun 2012, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

This is the latest allegation by this sick puppy. Pay the pet shop when the adopter Eswaran was already paying all of Justice's expenses? And who is Aileen Lee to say she wants to PTS Justice when Eswaran is still the owner? LATEST DEVELOPMENT  Shalinee Fernandez lying through her teeth alleging that pet shop was supposed to foster him for two months and we had not picked him up. Read below and you'll find that he was adopted by Eswaran 016-2323127. And when we wanted him back after his pro...

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9th Jun 2012, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

http://thestar.com.my/metro/story.asp?file=/2012/6 /9/central/11429824&sec=centralDATE: SUNDAY, JUNE 10 VENUE: SUMMIT SUBANG JAYA MAIN ENTERANCETIME: 10.00AM TO 6.00PM

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25th May 2012, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

1) ADOPTION DRIVE with more than 15 beautiful puppies looking for a home.Date: SATURDAY, MAY 26VENUE: Alt.Space cafe,  27-G, Block J, Jaya One, Section 13, Petaling JayaTime: 11.00am to 10.00pm 2) Have you adopted from MDDB? If you have, we would like to meet you and your pooch. Please come and join us for a simple home-cooked dinner and participate in some merrymaking. .Date: SATURDAY, MAY 26VENUE: Alt.Space cafe,  27-G, Block J, Jaya One, Section 13, Petaling JayaTime: 6.00...

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