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Mei Mei - The Lovely Lady
2nd Jul 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

I first saw Mei Mei in May this year. I was accompanying my nephew and his mother to see two puppies at a factory in Jurong, as they were looking for a puppy to adopt. When we got there, we saw quite a few adult dogs in an enclosure where the puppies were held together with their mummy dog.They all came to us, seeking attention and greeting us with their smiling faces. I then saw this white dog with no tail. Her sad look and gentle behavior immediately struck a cord in my heart. Her ear was clip...

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Benji Gets A New Family !!
30th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Sparky in his new home. Yesterday, our newest family member, a Bichon Frise (previously known as Benji) arrived. As many of you would remember him as the "dirty mop", you would also know that he was abandoned by his last owner at a construction/industrial area. Noah's Ark Cares rescued, cleaned and nursed Sparky back to his former bouncy self.When he first arrived, he was named Benji. However we have since re-named him Sparky as my husband Richard wanted his name to start with an "S", in line ...

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Before And After - Honey (Mongrel)
29th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Honey is one of our fortunate rescued victims. She is our poster girl for July in the Noah's Ark calendar 2008.She is one of our success story of an abused animal - rescued, treated and rehomed to a loving family.Frequently few people bother about the negative impact they have on an animal abuse done on a reckless whim. There are also many people out there with a compassionate heart who give their time, effort and money unconditionally to rescue these animals.We hope those in the compassionate c...

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Lady Amazes The Drs !!
27th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Lady sitting at the Vet, patiently waiting for her turn to see the Dr.Lady arrived at Mt Pleasant (Whitley) in a pet transport. The pet transporter said she was well behaved and enjoyed looking out of the windows during her journey. At the reception, she waited patiently for her turn, occasionally dragging us out to sniff other dogs! This is a vast difference from when we last took her out. Then, she was not interested in anything or any dog and was basically in a world of her own.Dr Nan checkin...

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JJ - The Loyal Stray Dog
26th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

We received a call from a lady to help a stray dog in Jurong. No, it’s not the one hogging the limelight of our blog recently, although this one deserves more attention; positive attention, that is.There is this stray dog - JJ, she used to be a factory dog and she used to have an owner. Her then owner was the security guard of the factory. The factory had a no animal policy and JJ was kept in secret inside the guard house; only to be let out after dusk.When the factory moved out, JJ was left ...

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Junior - Maltese
25th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Junior was a Maltese belonging to a family with 3 daughters. Initially, the father of the house had originally said that he did not like dogs. Yet the reason why this family got Junior was because the 3 girls wanted to tell their friends that they had a dog although they didn’t love nor want to look after him.Due to much neglect, Junior's fur soon became matted and dirty, while having not enough food resulted in his malnourishment. Not being trained well also caused him to constantly dirty the...

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Rottie Attacks Puppy Prince !!
25th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Off to a joy ride!! Hurray!!Little puppy Prince's royal carriage arrived on Sunday afternoon to fetch him to visit his mommy, Lady - he was all excited to be going on a long car ride to the pet hotel. He had not seen his mommy for a while. Throughout the journey, Prince was well behaved. He sat upright on the back seat and looked out the windows excitedly, as if remembering the route.When we arrived there, Prince was as usual a little fearful of all the loud barks coming from the kennels, greeti...

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Noah's Ark NDW 2008 Photography Contest
23rd Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

It's the time of the year for National Dog Walk (NDW) again!!This year, the event will take place on 03 August 2008 at West Coast Park. In conjunction with National Day celebration, we encouraged all waggies and their parents to turn up in our national colours of red and white.At the same time to raise funds for their fellow four-legged friends in Noah's Ark, there will be a Photo Contest with a National Day Dog theme and it's open to all ages.All entries are to be printed on 4R glossy/matt pho...

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Update - Truffles Is Home!
22nd Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Truffles arrived safely at Noah's Ark and her caregiver/rescuer from Singapore had the pleasure of making a trip to Noah's Ark to release Truffles into 10 acres of lush doggie paradise! The joy and pleasure of watching Truffles bolt into the vast lands of the Sanctuary was an indescribable feeling.The joy shown in Truffles sprinting with boundless energy across the entire Sanctuary, the happiness and light in her eyes, her gratefulness - I'm sure it made volunteering and rescue work all worthwh...

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Barnie - Saint Bernard
20th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Helloooo.....My name is Barnie and I am a Saint Bernard, the famous breed of dogs from the Swiss Alps bred for rescue work.I was rescued in Malaysia. My ex-owner imported me but had no time to train or care for me. To control me, I was tied to a toilet for a year. The lack of excercise caused my leg to turn inwards as I was still young and growing then.Finally, he had enough of me and sent me to SPCA Selangor. All dogs that are been sent there has a time frame of 2 years to be rehomed before bei...

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Noah's Ark Tour In September
20th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Hello everybody!It's Jojo Schnauzer again!!I want to thank everyone who came for our tour on 07 June 2008. The animals were elated that they were showered with much attention. The dogs had lots of pats, the kitties were cuddled and the horses enjoyed their apples and carrots.Due to overwhelming response, many had to be turned away. The inital plan was to only take a bus load of visitors but we ended up with 2 buses. We have also received many requests to organise the tour soon.Hence we have deci...

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Wang Wang - Mongrel
18th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Hello everyone!My name is Wang Wang which can be translated as "汪汪" (meaning barking in mandarin) or better still "旺旺" (meaning Fortune )!!I was rescued by SPCA Selangor, who saved me from my nasty owner who poured hot water on me and left me alone to die from the wounds.She was eventually charged in court. Her penalty for animal cruelty was 1 day of jail time and a nominal fine.She got away fairly lightly but the scars of her misdemeanour will always stay with me physically. Till now, t...

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The Lady Smiles!
17th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

A bit of fresh air does wonders to bring on that smile! Volunteers brought Puppy Prince to visit his Mommy over the weekend. See the cute picture of the little one waiting patiently in the pet hotel's reception, to go in and visit his mommy? He had no idea what was in store for him - it was his first visit there.When we walked through the gates and towards Lady's kennel, Prince started shivering as all the other dogs started barking enthusiastically to welcome him. When we finally got to Lady...

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Our Visit To Noah's Ark By Andre Tang
17th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Andre and Bushy Tail cosy up with each other in Wisma Kuching.7 June 2008 (Saturday)Yesterday was the most exciting and the best day of my life! My mom, sisters and I visited Noah’s Ark. It has been years since we went there. The weather hasn’t been very kind. Nevertheless, my sisters and I just couldn’t wait to get there, even if it floods!We boarded the coach and after 1 long hour, which seemed eternity, we finally got to Noah’s Ark. As we entered the sanctuary, all the dogs came runni...

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Road Show @ MGS Paya Lebar
15th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

On 20 May 2008, Noah's Ark Cares was invited by Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School to participate their Career Day event.Our spokesdogs present on that day were Zeus (Mongrel) and Princess (Cocker Spaniel). Both of whom are rescued and rehomed by Noah's Ark Cares.They were there to educate the girls on jobs relating to animals like e.g.; careers in vet science, management of strays population, education in responsible pet ownership, running an animal shelter etc..Here are photos of the road show...

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Memories Of Noah's Ark Tour 07 June
13th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Stealing a surprised kiss!! Three years ago, on a day which felt like a “puppy” day, my husband and I decided to visit SPCA with the hope of adopting one. As it turned out, it was closed on a Thursday, and being the ignorants we were, we ended up buying a 2.5month old Shih Tzu.Champagne was our first puppy. With the benefit of hind sight, we won’t be buying puppies any more, especially from commercial pet shops or puppy mills. But Champagne gives us indescribable joy every day and in an e...

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Lady Checked Into The Pet Hotel Today
12th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Our volunteer went to Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital this afternoon to fetch Lady to the pet hotel.Somehow she knew she was going to be moved to a new place. The Vet Techs mentioned that when they open her cage, she usually stands up and walks out of the cage.Today when they opened her cage, she just lay there and stared at them - the same blank and empty stare that followers of our blog have seen in almost all of Lady's photographs.The two Vet Techs gently put on her new collar and leash, donated ...

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Lady Will Be Discharged Tomorrow!!
12th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Yippee!! Lady will officially be discharged from Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital tomorrow!!Our volunteer will fetch her to Pet Hotel where we hope she will recover soon and be strong for her ear surgery.The Vet Tech at Mt Pleasant suggested we bring her puppy - Prince, to stay with her at the pet hotel but we are still toying with that idea as it would be at additional costs to us.Lady is scheduled to stay at the pet hotel for between 1 to 2 weeks. The bigger enclosure there will have more space and...

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Update - Lady (10 June)
11th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Still her quiet self since admission.Wound has been cleared of maggot.Tucking into liver and gizzards donated by a well wisher. Volunteers visited Lady over the weekend and her wound is healing. The Vet Tech at Mt. Pleasant tell us she is eating well but still a little dazed and still in shock.They take her out for her daily walks but she does not seem to want to walk and often needs to be carried to the grass and carried back to her cage. They think she may be confused with all that has been ha...

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Waffles (Update) - 09 June
9th Jun 2008, by Noah's Ark CARES

Little Waffles still has the bone pin in her hind leg. She has been living with a fosterer for the past 2 mths with lots of "cage rest" in order for her bones to fuse.According to the fosterer, she is still not putting weight on her hind leg and we're getting a little concerned.In the opinion of her Vet - Dr Simon Quek, she is young and recovery period is generally should be quite fast. Waffles (her fosterer calls her Audi) had a surgery on Wed (June 4) to have the bone pin removed.Stay tuned to...

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