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Suhaida's Kitten Spayed
9th May 2011, by AnimalCare

Updates:  I have just been informed that this spaying has been postponed because just prior to it, the kitten had diarhoea.  Nor Suhaida, a worker at FRIM, wrote to me last week, requesting help for a female kitten, estimated to be about 6 months of age, who was thrown in front of her house.  Suhaida would love to adopt the kitten but was worried that she (the kitten) would eventually breed and she won't have the financial resources to look after so many!With the help of her colle...

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This Is Will Power
9th May 2011, by AnimalCare

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1316864/Th e-legged-pig-whos-celebrity-China.htmlHogging the limelight: Meet Zhu Jianqiang, the two-legged pig who's become a celebrity in ChinaBy Daily Mail ReporterLast updated at 5:21 PM on 1st October 2010A pig which was born with just its two front legs has become an unlikely celebrity in Henan Province, China.The 10-month-old animal, known by villagers as Zhu Jianqiang, which means Strong-Willed Pig, was born with only two front legs, which i...

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Photo Feature
8th May 2011, by SPCA Sarawak

Dear Friends of SSPCA. We received an urgent message from an animal lover in Bintulu who is currently taking care of a pregnant cat at her rented home. She is looking for anyone who can adopt the female cat immediately as she is working long hours and only home to feed the cat. She is willing to share the cost of spaying the cat and the kittens once adopted. Please contact Ping at 016-8733292. Photo of cat attached.

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An Abandoned Couple
8th May 2011, by Zeus Communications

On 15.4.2011, I received a call from my fosterer that a pair of Chihuahuas were found squeezing in a corner under the hot sun outside a house along Surin Ave around 2pm, a male and female. I asked him to bring them to safety while I rushed down. Nobody was in the house and neighbours claimed that the dogs don't belong there. A very tired and sad dog Checking to see if their eyes were alright Both were dying of thirst and the stench was horrible. Pus was oozing out from Girl's wound...

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Happy Mother's Day!
8th May 2011, by AnimalCare

As we humans celebrate Mother's Day, allow me to wish all of you out there who have acted as surrogate-mothers to the many kittens, puppies, cats and dogs (and other animals) whom you have nursed as preciously as your own children. Many of the little ones would not have survived out there in the cold had you not intervened and taken them under your care. A Tribute to Mothers They love their own...like precious gems.That's my mother with me (the one with very little hair) on my first birthday.&nb...

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Friendly Street Dog In Kepong, Looking For A Home
8th May 2011, by AnimalCare

This is a request from Cheong Sook Kuan :Contacts:  Sun Shung - 012-2355151 / Sook Kuan - 012-2528098You see i was bringing my 3 dogs to the park near my house in Kepong when a dog followed us home. He's quite nice looking; doesn't look like a stray dog at all so perhaps he is lost. Since then he thinks my house is his territory and had been standing guard outside my house for the past 3 days. He barks at people who comes near the house and sometimes even chase vehicles. The neighbors ...

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The Four Strays Dogs In Klang
7th May 2011, by AnimalCare

Ref: http://www.myanimalcare.org/2011/05/four-dogs-spay ed-neutered-in-klang.htmlWe sponsored the spaying of four stray dogs in Klang rescued by Mandy's sister and family.Here's one of them recuperating.We also subsidised their vaccinations and deworming.

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Panda And Ice-Cream, Vaccinated And Dewormed
7th May 2011, by AnimalCare

Joanne (Horsey's rescuer) brought two puppies from the colony at the factory site where she works to our panel vet for a check-up today.  According to the vet, both Panda and Ice-Cream (that's their names) are still too young to be spayed, so, they were vaccinated and dewormed.  They would be ready for spaying, probably next month.  Having their meal at the factory.Panda at the vet's today.Ice-CreamPreviously, we did not have enough funds to cover vaccinations, but now (thanks to ...

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Amber (the Emciated Dog) Has TVT
7th May 2011, by AnimalCare

Ref: http://www.myanimalcare.org/2011/05/urgent-transpo rt-and-fostereradopter.htmlKrystal finally managed to enlist help from two students from Taylor's who offered their pick-up to take the emaciated dog (now named Amber) to our panel vet for a check-up today.  Amber arrived in a big cage.Look at that....the poor thing.  It already looks "eaten-up".One look at it and our vet said it's TVT, and it's a pretty bad one, too.Lean Ee and I were both there to meet Amber.  That's Lean E...

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7th May 2011, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

HERNIA BOY AFTER HIS SECOND SURGERY HERNIA BOY AFTER HIS FIRST SURGERY HERNIA BOY AFTER ACCIDENT HERNIA BOY AFTER ACCIDENTJames had been with us since the middle of last year after a car ran over him. Initially the vet thought that there was spinal chord damage and that he was paralysed but after the necessary tests, it was found out that the had diaphragmatic hernia due to the accident. He had his first surgery last year but had to undergo a second and more intricate surgery after he started s...

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The Gift Of Life
7th May 2011, by Noah's Ark CARES

It’s another year and your birthday rolls around again. Here’s an honest question. Are you tired of receiving presents that well, you don’t really want?We have all gone through that. We are really grateful for the well wishes and thoughtfulness of our friends, but you have to admit, sometimes people just buy the more bizarre things.Ever wondered if there’s a better and more meaningful way to spend money? How about a birthday gift that will save lives?Come share your birthday gifts with u...

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Ginger's Updates
7th May 2011, by AnimalCare

Ginger is an elderly cat, rescued by Alex from the street in her neighbourhood.  Currently, Ginger is being treated for mange (which looked real bad three weeks ago).  Ginger was also skin-and-bones when first brought in, which suggests more underlying problems, but Alex would like to do everything reasonably possible to give Ginger a comfortable life.  Alex has adopted Ginger, and we are helping with the costs of the medical treatment.  Ginger is also long-haired, which sugg...

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Requesting Help To Catch Some Dogs
6th May 2011, by AnimalCare

This is an urgent request from Azimah (azeema@isis.org.my).  She is doing her best to save some dogs and she needs help.I’m Azimah. Like many other animal sympathizer / rescuer I have non ending stories of abandoned dogs in my area which I’ve been trying to rehome without success. Eventually most of them end up dead upon being “rescued” by the MPS after complaints lodged by neighbour/neighours. I stay in Rawang.I was advised to contact you in case you are able to help. I’ve been t...

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6th May 2011, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

MALAYSIAN DOGS DESERVE BETTER (MDDB) ADOPTION DRIVE   DATE: MAY 8, 2011   TIME: 11.30am - 7.30pm   VENUE: MAIN ENTRANCE SUMMIT SUBANG JAYA   DETAILS: 019-3576477,012-3739007,017-2081844   MORE than 25 puppies and dogs up for adoption.

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6th May 2011, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

We received a call recently about a family that regularly abuses its dog. We have the adress as well as the necessary evidence and want to lodge a report with the DVS. But before we do that we want to lodge a mass police report. Please respond here if you want to join us in lodging the report - probably tomorrow night - and we'll pick a suitable police station. Please watch the video to see for yourself - the abuse occurs at one of the houses located on the righthand side of the screen.This happ...

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6th May 2011, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

TEDDY, STLL LOOKING FOR A HOMEIT’S GOING to be puppies galore at the canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) adoption drive at the Summit shopping complex in Subang Jaya this Sunday.The event which starts at 11.30am and ends at 7.30pm, at the Summit’s main entrance, will see about 25 puppies being put-up for adoption.MDDB adoption coordinator Christine Lai said the puppies that would be up for adoption were rescued from Klang, Petaling Jaya and Cheras.“We have many mor...

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Medical Treatment For Dina's DBKL Rescued Cats
6th May 2011, by AnimalCare

Ref: http://www.myanimalcare.org/2011/04/great-news-for -dina-and-kittens-at-dbkl.htmlDina managed to rescue 2 adult cats and 4 kittens due to be euthanised at the DBKL pound.  Rachel and Jamie adopted two:These are Jelly and Bean.However, the adopted kittens were found to be unwell.  They started vomiting and had diarrhoea.  One of them was diagnosed with parvo virus.  Dina wrote and I offered the assistance of our vets, but due to geographical convenience, Dina had to take ...

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Clarification: Helping Needy Rescuers
6th May 2011, by AnimalCare

Helping needy rescuers with money or food donation is not actually within the mission of AnimalCare as our resources are very limited and we can only focus on providing medical help (spay-neuter and medical treatment) for stray animals, especially to needy smalltime rescuers who face a financial burden in settling vet bills for their rescues.  Within these two years, I have, on my own initiative, raised funds to help rescuers like Meiji, Phaik Imm and recently, Susan, in areas other than sp...

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Harmony Fund: The Amazing Work Of Animals Asia
6th May 2011, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

Did anyone see the recent story about a tea farmer who saved two orphaned bears in China? Many other cubs spend their lives on brutal bear farms. But there is hope. Have a look at what happens when heroes intercede. If you can, please make a small donation to help provide food, veterinary care and campaign support to help put an end to these "farms" once and for all. Thank you.

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Connie Yuen, A Tiny Angel, With A Big Heart
6th May 2011, by AnimalCare

Connie Yuen is the daughter of the Yuens (whose deeds I have just highlighted in the previous posting).  While waiting for her parents one day, she picked up this little kitten (pix below).  The kitten is up for adoption.  If interested, please contact Sumitra on 013-3830019.

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