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Puppy Sungei
31st Aug 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

DISCLAIMER: THERE MAY BE CERTAIN PICTURES THAT MAY MAKE YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. IF SUCH, WE WOULD ADVISE YOU NOT TO SCROLL DOWN. THANK YOU.Stray feeding – It entails so much more than just providing food for the homeless animals roaming the streets. Sterilization is our goal and also that of many stray feeders and animal welfare groups, in an arduous quest in working towards a stray-free Singapore.When stray feeders see injured animals, they cannot turn a blind eye to it and pretend nothing ha...

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Winner Of The First Animal Communication Scholarship
31st Aug 2010, by Zeus Communications

Veron and Lynda at a recent eventMs Veron Lau, 38, is the winner of the very first Animal Communication scholarship, proudly sponsored by Animal Talk Ltd. Veron is the Vice President (voluntary) of Cat Welfare Society. She is a Communications Manager by day and cat woman by night! Here's what Veron says ; I became involved with cat welfare when I moved to my own place 7 years ago. It was never an issue where I lived previously and I came to realize that it was the dedicated work o...

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Aunty Yoke’s Cats
30th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

sAnother stray beauty spayed. Snowy is another stray kitten fed by Aunty Yoke in OUG.She helps Aunty Kiew in feeding the cats in OUG. Her first cat spayed in April 2010 Look at the cat now. According to Aunty Yoke, her tail attracts alot of attention.Just look at the variety of food she prepared for these cats Aunty Yoke with Snowy. Snowy will be released to where she stays. They too are up for adoption.If you are interested to adopt please contact us.

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Unexpected Mission…….
30th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

after Adoption Drive …….Looking For Our Lost Furrizens!I was pretty shocked when I received Sam’s call on one of our missing furrizen on our way home after the adoption drive. After one day of hectic work at the adoption drive, I am sorry I could not join in the mad search for our lost furrizen, BUT VERY PROUD to announce that I have faith in you all, my fellow friends. I truly enjoyed myself working with all these wonderful selfless ne...

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Subang Enjoying Her Role As Godmother..to Girlie’s Pup
29th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Our dear Subang has taken up a new role. She is now the godmother to Girlie’s pups! And she is very dedicated to her new role.. guarding Girlie’s pups fiercely when Girlie is resting.         Girlie is very kind and generous to let Subang near and spend time with her pups and also grateful to Subang for the help.          Subang also help Girlie guard her house @_@ Notice that Girlie’s house has went through another upgr...

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Millie Found A Home Too
29th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

We’re overjoyed to hear that Millie has been adopted too! Unfortunately I wasn’t around to take the picture of the adopters.. Awfully sorry @_@ But we like to thank the adopter profusely for giving Millie a home. THANKS SO MUCH! Millie used to hog the shed entrance spot because she want to be sure the people who came to the shed will see her first. She believed this will increase her chance to be adopted =)

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The Smile Says It All
29th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Why is Chuan Chuan smiling so happily? *Ruff Wuff* Hi all, i’m so happy, coz today, I will be going home with a pretty girl! I’m so lucky rite? rite? *tail wags none stop* Ah Hah! Not only him but his sibling renamed Panda went home too the day before.Blur Panda, not knowing that he is going home with Cary and Kent feeling lost being carried but we definitely know that he will not complain having a home to go to. To our 2 Cover Pups(they were featured in the S...

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Going Home
28th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Euro and Pound felt nervous upon arrival of their new home. Mama Kunna quickly take a towel to wipe Pound dry as they throw out on to each other due to car sickness They start to warm up with new Mama Feeling comfortable and tired, they dozed off……ZZZzzzzzzz To Kunna May you be blessed with years of happiness and joy with the company of these 2 new siblings in your life.

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Mun Mun, Beautified
28th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Nope, no surgery is involved. No botox, no reconstructive surgery or whatsover.. Just love and care by the amazing people that are dedicated in getting her recovered from demotex. Of coz with the help of proper and healthy food plus some supplements =) That said, please always feed your canine companion with proper healthy food to ensure they’re in the pinkiest of health! I took these pictures when I first visited the shed in May 2010.       Mun Mun with one of...

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Sneak Preview 5 - 马里欧弟弟
27th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Haha…for sure we will never ever leave Mario out!! Mario has grown up so much ever since he came to the shed… L Look at his big and round tummy… Age : 3 months Gender : Male Favourite : Barking non stop at Mulan…scolding Mulan for whatever only God-Knows-What reason…heee..heee..he is pretty bossy in the shed…a potential good guard dog…. SiZE DOES NOT MATTER!!! remember …29 August 2010…IOI Mall….

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Sneak Preview 4 - 史努比妹妹
27th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Please come and meet our happy sunshine Snoopy darling!!! Gender : Female Age : 5 months Forever cheerful and happy go lucky… If you like to take her home, please come to IOI Mall!!!

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One More Lost Dog!!
27th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Ohhh no!!…We hope this isn’t real…another lost dog found by Eileen within 2 days….oh..boy…!! Dear dear owner out there, please please please watch out for your pet dog…do not ever let them roam around freely without your supervision, you may know the way home but NOT your dear pet dog!!! See the mail from Eileen below: “This schanuzer, whom i named Felix, was found in Kota Damansara on Aug 24th evening. He looks like an old dog, and was wearing a thin red collar He has a mag...

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Wishbone's Wish-Upon-A-Bone Finale
27th Aug 2010, by Zeus Communications

Wishbone's granting of pets' wishes kicked off in May 2010 and concluded with the finale on 21 August at Bishan Park's Green Room. Men and dogs were dressed in smart suits for the event finale and for once, the men were ALMOST as hot as the dogs!Attractive door giftsThe Pet Wedding beginsRed, the little PoodleUtt and  . . .  M-utt??The event was graced by MTV celebrity, Utt, who is Wishbone's ambassador and a fellow animal lover. Utt hails from Thailand and has a 14 year old JRT back h...

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Help Paws Mission At IOI Mall This Sunday~StarMetro,Friday August 27,2010
27th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

From StarMetro:Celebrate this Merdeka with a good deed! Indepen-dent dog rescue group Paws Mission will hold its monthly adoption drive at IOI Mall on Sunday (Aug 29) to find homes for more than 30 puppies and dogs.Paws Mission is urgently seeking to rehome the animals to ease congestion at its shelter, which has been inundated in the past month with a number of female dogs and their newborn litters.Paws Mission coordinator Ho Lai Peng said the group successfully rehomed about 16 pups and dogs d...

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Check Out The Furrizens Photo Album
27th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Hey y’all, please do check out the new photo albums we uploaded in Facebook! Yes, it’s the pictures of the lovely furry frens in the shed that are looking for home. Yeah, most of us here are pretty much facing a blogger’s block… ok ok.. just me.. While i’m recovering from my blogger’s block, I shall let the pictures do the talking >_< Of coz, there are still many many more album to be uploaded, as we have more than 50 furrizens in the shed to date.. I have lost count alre...

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National Dog Walk 2010
26th Aug 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

Dear Supporters, Friends and well-wishers,Looking to spend a fun day with your dog? Come join us on Sunday, 5 September 2010!Noah's Ark CARES will be taking part in The National Dog Walk and Carnival 2010. Your participation will make this a memorable event for both you and your animal companion. Noah's Ark CARES' merchandise will be sold at the event - come over to our booth, look for us. Also, it will be an excellent time to pre-order your copy of Noah's Ark's 2011 calendar!All proceeds go dir...

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Foster Home Urgently Needed For 2 Pups
26th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

A SOS mail from E-Ching , on behalf of rescuer Deborah Ong, urgently seeking help to rehome 2 cute pups or a temporary foster home : “ Two female pups, local breed, one month old. Mummy dog is a stray. The pups and Mummy are staying on the 3rd floor landing of a shop lot which house workers of the Fu Kua Restaurant downstairs. They are healthy. But one of the workers (Myanmese) who looks after them said that his co-workers are complaining about the pups. So he is going to throw them ...

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Sneak Preview - 3
26th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

What about a pure black pup? Big build but very good natured girl! She knows the command "come", "seat" and "lay down". Age : 3 months Gender : Female Pei Pei when she was small… Cheeersss…please dun forget…29 August 2010 IOI Mall!!!

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Sneak Preview - 2
26th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Name : Fellis Age : 3 months old Gender : Female Character : Bossy, leader of her pack, intelligent and smart! Fellis when small: More photos of Fellis…. Please meet us on 29 August 2010 at IOI Mall if you are interested in Fellis!!

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GrASS Land Funds Upate
26th Aug 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

To Our Wonderful Supporters,We have currently received a total of MYR 1581.89. These funds are kept in our bank account and will not be touched until we have reached our goal.We thank you for all your support & we keep praying and hoping for more donations to pour in.

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