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Korea Wallpaper Has Generously Donated 152 Bags Of..
21st Jul 2018, by PAWS

Korea Wallpaper has generously donated 152 bags of 20kg dog food to PAWS as part of their #SaveTheGogos campaign! This will be enough to feed the dogs at PAWS for two whole months! The first batch of 50 bags were delivered today. Thank you so much to everyone involved. We are overwhelmed by your amazing efforts!

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We Will Be At Bazaar Of Hope At Citta Mall With An..
21st Jul 2018, by PAWS

We will be at Bazaar of Hope at CITTA Mall with an adoption drive for both cats and dogs. Do drop by if you have the chance! 21st & 22nd July, 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm

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Nicknamed Cheshire, This 2-Year-Old Cat 70922 Has ..
17th Jul 2018, by PAWS

Nicknamed “Chesire”, this 2-year-old cat (#70922) has captivating eyes of the Chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Her tri-coloured coat are unlike others with unique patterns. Her laid-back personality makes her a great companion for all ages. #pawspj #opttoadopt

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Timeline Photos
15th Jul 2018, by PAWS

Russell the Miniature Pinscher is adopted! Although Russell is the tiniest amongst all dogs here, he has a big personality. We will surely miss his presence, trotting about in the shelter, especially his “Dad” (far left). Ultimately, we’re glad that he has a loving family now.

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Thong Mang Has Been With Paws Ever Since She Was A..
10th Jul 2018, by PAWS

Thong Mang has been with PAWS ever since she was a little pup and was fostered personally by our shelter personnels. Now at 3 years of age, this once frail tiny puppy has grown into a strong adult, standing tall on her white paws. After waiting for three long years for someone who can understand her and to give her a forever home, Thong Mang’s wait was finally over. A kind gentleman had decided to give her a chance for the freedom she needs. Now, Thong Mang is able to run free with her friend...

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One Look At This Cat, You Must Be Wondering How It..
9th Jul 2018, by PAWS

One look at this cat, you must be wondering how its face can be so symmetrically asymmetrical. It is the two-faced cat or known as Chimera cat. Chimerism is the genetic condition where the cells contain 2 types of DNA resulting from the fusion of two embryos. In other words, they are their own fraternal twin! In fact, we have a cat in our shelter that has chimerism! You can find her (#70325) at C2 section. #pawspj #opttoadopt

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Did You Know That We Have An Adoption Drive At Ado..
6th Jul 2018, by PAWS

Do you know that we have adoption drive at Adopt 1st! Centre@ SS2 Central every weekend? Come and visit us there! Help save a life by opening your hearts and homes to these lovable animals. For more information, please visit bit.ly/Adopt1stCentreMY. *Adoption procedures apply. **All animals are neutered, vaccinated and certified healthy.

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Why Were Malay Women Walking Dogs? PAWS Explains |..
3rd Jul 2018, by PAWS

A viral video of Malay women walking dogs along Subang Airport Road was recently circulated. Thank you Malay Mail for allowing us to clarify. Link to the video in question: https://www.facebook.com/viralmeletop/videos/18672 45539998649/

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PAWS Animal Welfare Society (@pawspj) • Instagram ..
1st Jul 2018, by PAWS

We are (finally) on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/pawspj/ Do give us a like/follow/share for a daily dose of cuteness in your life!

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Our Sweet Gal Here D58 Has Been With Us Since May ..
1st Jul 2018, by PAWS

Our sweet gal here (D58) has been with us since May 2016 and is in need of a place to call "home". She gets along well with other dogs and loves being pampered with hugs, pats and scratches (the ultimate combo!). Although she is almost 5 years old, her energetic demeanour says otherwise! You can find her at the D5 section at PAWS. #opttoadopt

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Updates On 1st Jul 2018
1st Jul 2018, by PAWS

Dear all, Starting 10th July 2018, My Vet Clinic, a veterinary clinic located at PAWS, will be open to the general public. My Vet Clinic provides veterinary services such as general health check and treatment, vaccination, neutering, and soft tissue surgery. We would like to clarify that we are not directly affiliated with this clinic, which is wholly owned by Dr. Sujey (016-5939158). PAWS is merely renting out the premises to My Vet Clinic. Additionally, starting 10th July 2018, all animals s...

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Update Both Rabbits Have Been Adopted. Two Rabbits..
28th Jun 2018, by PAWS

Two rabbits have been neutered and are now ready for adoption at PAWS! Let's find them a new home :) The white and brown one is 7 months old and female, and the brown one is a year old and male. Aren't they fluffy and adorable?

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Updates On 25th Jun 2018
25th Jun 2018, by PAWS

Please be informed that the shelter will be closed on Saturday (30th June 2018) from 12.00 noon onwards for PAWS's AGM. We will be open as usual on Sunday (1st July 2018). Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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A Fun And Exciting Day For Us At The Dog Trex Vent..
23rd Jun 2018, by PAWS

A fun and exciting day for us at the DOG TREX Venture today at PAWS! Taylor's University students set up a dog obstacle course at our field for our puppies and dogs to play! Despite the rain and gloomy weather, they sure had a good time 😄 Huge thanks to the Taylor's University students who organised the event and all of you for joining us today. Special thanks also to Farringdon Group for sponsoring the landscaping and fencing of this plot of land which made all of this possible!

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Updates On 14th Jun 2018
14th Jun 2018, by PAWS

IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARDING Selangor Neutering Subsidy As of today (14th June 2018), the funds for Selangor Neutering Subsidy have been fully exhausted. All applications received after this date will not be processed as the programme has officially come to an end. Selangor Neutering Subsidy was a programme funded by the Selangor State Government to assist with reducing stray cats and dogs by offering a neutering subsidy to qualified applicants who neuter cats and dogs. This was a pilot project ...

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Updates On 12th Jun 2018
12th Jun 2018, by PAWS

Selamat Hari Raya! Please be informed that the shelter will be closed on Friday and Saturday (15th and 16th June 2018) for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. We will be open as usual on Sunday (17th June 2018). Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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On 23rd June 2018 Saturday, Taylor's University St..
9th Jun 2018, by PAWS

On 23rd June 2018 (Saturday), Taylor's University students will be setting up a dog obstacle course at PAWS which will be open to all! Feel free to join us for this exciting event! More info at Dog Trex Venture

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Thank You Inspideans For The Generous Donations. F..
8th Jun 2018, by PAWS

Thank you Inspideans for the generous donations! From January through February of 2018, Inspideans had the chance to buy one-of-a-kind t-shirts that are cool, funky and artistic. There were six designs in all featuring spirit animals that seemed to describe some Inspideans. It’s no coincidence that the project’s group is called SASI – Spirit Animals Shirts by Inspideans. Through the sales of the t-shirts, SASI collected RM2,000. The group then decided that this proceeds should go to the...

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Updates On 7th Jun 2018
7th Jun 2018, by PAWS

Our partner is looking for staff. HIRING @ Klinik Haiwan Vet Partners (Bandar Puteri, Puchong) We are looking for those who have a passion to work with animals and seeking a career in pet industry to join us as Customer Service Representatives. Vet Partners (Bandar Puteri, Puchong) 宠物诊所急聘 - 客户服务员 我们有专业兽医指导如何 正确照顾宠物和了解它们的需求,如 面对客户和增加您的自信。今天就加 我们的大家庭! 5 wor...

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Updates On 5th Jun 2018
5th Jun 2018, by PAWS

Critical update for the Selangor Neutering Subsidy - as of today (5th June 2018), we have enough funds to approve approximately 80 more subsidy applications. At the rate applications have been submitted to us, we estimate the funds to be fully exhausted within the next two weeks. Unfortunately, once the funds are exhausted, we will no longer be able to grant any more subsidies. A further update will be provided when the programme ends.

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