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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - May 2019

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Neutering Aid For 1 Dog In Tumpat, Kelantan (Lim Seong Ann’s)
24th May 2019, by AnimalCare

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this dog. Ms Lim has provided updates and photos of all the seven previous dogs neutered under our aid.  Please see below. The previous dogs:

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Neutering Aid For 1 Cat In Shah Alam (Seng Pui Mun’s)
24th May 2019, by AnimalCare

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat. Ms Seng has two more cats to be neutered in this colony. The photos are below. We are grateful to Ms Seng for providing us with photos and updates of all the previous cats claimed from us when we requested for them on 4th April 2019 (https://myanimalcare.org/2019/04/04/neutering-aid -for-1-cat-in-shah-alam-seng-pui-muns-13/).  We are also grateful that Ms Seng has always provided all that we asked for for all her applications th...

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Updates On 24th May 2019
24th May 2019, by PetFinder.my

Skittles For Urgent Adoption — Kuala Lumpur https://PetFinder.my/pets/93683 An affectionate girl that loves to snuggle, be petted and brushed, and always game for some cat toys and laser-light chasing! A new home is urgently needed for Skittles as the rescuer is leaving the country shortly. Would you like to be the new companion for this sweet girl?

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In Order To Repair The Badly Damaged And Uneven So..
24th May 2019, by Second Chance

In order to repair the badly damaged and uneven soil eroded access road to our shelter, we have to DYI to repair the road. How did we repair the road temporarily? We packed the broken concrete, bricks , stones in the kibble bags & filled up the huge spaces eroded by heavy rainfall. You can see from the video below on how hard our shelter's supervisor, Painan worked to repair some parts of the eroded road. 💪💪 For long durable accessible road , we still need to lay a layer of concrete mix...

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Have You Lost Your Cat??. Found In Solok Batu Buki..
24th May 2019, by SPCA Penang

Have you lost your cat?? Found in Solok Batu Bukit, Tanjun Tokong - contact Richie Low 0127801714 (cannot always take calls but will call back if he has a missed call)

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Botswana Lifts Ban On Elephant Hunting
24th May 2019, by PetFinder.my

After five years, hunting will sadly now be allowed in Botswana, home to about a third of Africa’s savanna elephants.

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Cannes International Hair Care Products (fundraising!)
24th May 2019, by AnimalCare

We would like to thank Cannes International Sdn Bhd for offering their science-backed natural hair care products to us for fundraising! This Hari Raya, how about gifting a loved one quality hair care products? We will ship it for you! To purchase and for enquiries, please write to chankahyein@gmail.com. Take a look at their very competitive prices! For further information about their products:https://www.cannes.com.my/

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Hornbills Are Special For Sarawak Unique And Cultu..
24th May 2019, by WWF Malaysia

Hornbills are special for Sarawak – unique and culturally important. It is considered good luck when a hornbill flies over the house. But it is now endangered. Sarawak may lose its’ coat of arms one day if we continue to lose these iconic birds. Say NO to the hunting of hornbills. Do your part. Save wildlife. #savewildlife #eatingwildlifeisnotcool #hornbills #thinkglobalactlocal #wwfmy #sarawak #landofhornbills

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What A Lovely Young Couple From Southern India, Mr..
24th May 2019, by Second Chance

What a lovely young couple from Southern India, Mr & Mrs Umesh~~😍😍 The couple is on job assignment and they spent time helping at the shelter last weekend. Thanks to this kind and lovely couple! 💞💞

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A Warm Message From A Young Volunteer "I'm Ashvin...
24th May 2019, by Second Chance

A warm message from a young volunteer: "I'm Ashvin ... I was one of the sunway student volunteers. I'm interested in volunteering at the shelter ..." Here is Ashvin! He didn't come alone, he was with his friend! They spent a wonderful time with the fur kids at the shelter. Thanks Ashvin and his friend! 😘😘

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Thank You Running Cat And Everyone Who Participate..
24th May 2019, by PAWS

Thank you Running Cat and everyone who participated for the a-meow-zing support! 😻

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Zurik And The Blanket Cats (the Staring Game)
24th May 2019, by AnimalCare

Zurik’s breakfast pattern is such that he will have his raw chicken fillet and kibble (not the world’s best combination, but it’s the best I can do for him since he needs a high protein diet and he loves kibble), then he will have his morning medicines (steroids (now only once a day), Vetri DMG, RetroMAD1, B Complex and fish oil). After that, he will come back for his reward, which is Cindy’s Salmon Recipe kibble. Zurik likes Cindy’s more than Solid Gold’s Ind...

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Indy On Ledge
24th May 2019, by AnimalCare

After returning from the vet’s yesterday, Indy ate quite a lot, all on his own. But this morning, he decided to do the ledge thing again. He was sitting on the shelf in the garden when I approached him with his breakfast. That’s when he ran away and jumped onto the ledge….again, exactly like yesterday. Indy, please come down for breakfast! Indy: NO! So I left him alone and fed everyone else. It took about 40 minutes before he decided to come down, at the “invitation&rd...

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Double Charity Hari Raya Donation To A Community Feeder
24th May 2019, by AnimalCare

Recipients: Community cats and dogs Donor: Hugo The petfood: Monge Kitten Kibble 10kg – 5 packs Cindy’s Delicious Red Meat Tuna Salmon – 6 boxes Cindy’s Lactose-free cat & kitten milk – 2 boxes Alps chunks canned dog food Lamb – 1 box Salmon – 1 box We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery. About the Double Charity Donation: https://myanimalcare.org/food-aid/ Double Charity: (1) donate petfood to shelter & street animals, (2) donate toward...

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Yes, I Will Sponsor Tana Chard's Shelter And Care!
24th May 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Living on the streets wasn’t easy. I had no one to care for me and every day was a struggle to find shelter and food. One day I was hit by a car. My name is Tana Chard and I've lived at the Soi Dog shelter since a kind lady found me and took me there. Will you please fund my ongoing care? Please go to https://bit.ly/Sponsor-Tana-Chard and sign up to sponsor me! Sadly, my leg couldn’t be saved and this traumatic experience has left me scared of people. I’ve never known what it is like to...

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Become A Superhero For Dogs Like Stefania
23rd May 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Will you please become a Superhero for Strays to help dogs like Stefania? This poor girl has been through some horrific suffering and there is no government funding or any other source of help. Please become a Superhero for Strays now at https://bit.ly/Save_Dogs_Like_Stefania We first heard about Stefania when the woman who found her got in touch with our shelter. Stefania had just shown up one day outside her house. She was battling chronic skin problems and was in appalling condition. Our ...

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Stray Cat Shows Up At Fire Station And Moves Right..
23rd May 2019, by PetFinder.my

This stray cat just wanted to be loved, so he showed up at a fire station and moved right in.

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
23rd May 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Sweet Trenall has been waiting patiently at our shelter for 1045 days. Being a black dog, she has been overlooked time and time again. Trenall would give anything to be your loving companion. Please don’t make her wait any longer! >> https://www.soidog.org/adopt/trenall-172

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Eng Version Below. "". L. Maybank 5012-0808-5710. ..
23rd May 2019, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

(Eng version below) 因为没人带狗狗及时就医,它私 长的性病肿瘤已经和一颗芒果一样大 了😭😢 浪浪们真的想说 〖没结扎让 我们好痛苦!〗 其中之一就是因杂交而 患上性病 网友求救,它是新山顺利花 园救援的母浪浪,狗狗其实有名字, 叫 "洋洋",那边有疼她的爱心妈妈,可是 却因缺乏知识,没有带她结扎和看医 ... 这么多年来我们在顺利花园救了很多 、很多浪浪...

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If You Use Boostit E-Wallet You Should, Please Con..
23rd May 2019, by Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

If you use #BoostIt e-wallet (you should!), please consider donating your shake rebates to TCS! Every sen helps! Happy World Turtle Day!

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