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Tilly The Rescued Cat Still Without An Owner After 21 Years
7th Apr 2016, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

PERHAPS THE BEST HOME OF ALL Despite being the cat who could never get a home, tortoiseshell Tilly has had a pretty comfortable life at the Wednesbury Sanctuary and is still going strong into her 20s. She lives with Joyce Clarke, who runs it, in her cottage. Read more at http://www.expressandstar.com/news/2016/04/04/till y-the-rescued-cat-still-without-an-owner-after-21- years/#Z61tiBiCd6BaYGSp.99

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Consumer Survey: Shark Fin Soup Tied To Weddings But More Than Half Surveyed Are Willing To Rep
7th Apr 2016, by WWF Malaysia

WWF-Malaysia’s Asian City Shark Fin Consumer Survey 2015 reveals that consumption of shark fin soup is strongly tied to celebrations such as weddings (85%). The majority of consumers (57%) responded that it would be acceptable to replace shark fin soup with alternatives at weddings.

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Timeline Photos
7th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

Get your FREE DrPets Anti-Germ Conditioning Shampoo for your beloved pet this weekend! Visit Dr.Pets at Booth 1044 during the Pet Fiesta event, April 8 - 10 at Setia City Convention Centre. Mark your calendar to redeem the freebie! Thank you to Dr.Pets for supporting animal welfare and PetFinder.my.

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Cat Takes Regular Rides On Tokyo Subway All By Himself!
7th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

The story: http://www.lovemeow.com/feline-1708143 982.html A cool cat has been taking the train in Tokyo regularly. He keeps the human passengers company and brings them plenty of smiles. In Tokyo, the city’s Seibu Ikebukuro Line has attracted some commuters, animal lovers, to get on just so they can get a chance to meet a very special feline passenger. Some repeat passengers believe they have been sharing the train with the kitty since 2013 according to RocketNews24. Sometimes, he...

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Hai.hari Ni Admin Nak Membebel Sket.stress Ni.so K..
7th Apr 2016, by SCRATCH

Hai..hari ni admin nak membebel sket..stress ni..so kene kasi release..seorang kawan sedang sibuk survey sana sini pasal declawing a cat..ayat mudah..nak buang kuku kucingnya..sbb dah menjahanamkan waterbed kesayangannya...apakah???!! Sebab tu sebelum decide mahu bela apa2 pet pon..kene consider pelbagai perkara yg maybe berlaku..cthnya..kerosakan perabut, perkahwinan, pindah keluar negeri, alahan, kos nak maintain kebajikan haiwan, pendapat housemate/parents/spouse yg serumah dengan dgn kita......

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Pet Fiesta (8th – 10th April 2016)
7th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We will be at Pet Fiesta, Booth no. 2213. See you there! Time: 11am until 9pm Date: 8th – 10th April 2016 Venue: Setia City Convention Centre

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Vincent’s Tooth Extraction Today
7th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

Vincent did not come back for lunch or dinner last night. We went to look for him and called for him, but he did not appear. I was a little worried…what if he refused to come back and I could not take him to the vet’s today? This morning, he also did not appear at the patio for breakfast. We later spotted him sitting on the pillar between our house and the neighbour’s. He refused to come down. Offers of food also did not work. Well, of course it wouldn’t, since his gums...

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Timeline Photos
7th Apr 2016, by SPCA Sarawak

Come and join us this Saturday from 4pm to 10pm at The China house! We will have a pet adoption campaign, some stalls selling preloved items and pet food; Hearts Treasures will be there too! Two petitions will need your signature - one calling for support of our TNVR campaigns and another calling for the ban on the consumption of dog and cat meat. Lend us your support in the fight for animal rights!!

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The Benefits Of Massage For Animals
7th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

The full article is here. Does your veterinarian perform post-operative massage on patients after surgery? Dr. Narda Robinson, writing for Veterinary Practice News, encourages DVMs to learn to perform bodywork or employ someone in their practice who does: “Gentle, careful, scientific and evidence-informed massage can work wonders for those patients who accept touch and need help recovering from surgery, trauma or a variety of medical conditions. “Even with animals that don’t...

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Indy, The Greatest Hero Shines Again
6th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

Just now, Cow went into a crazy frenzy and attacked poor Bunny for no reason at all. I saw it all, and Cow had engaged Bunny into a locked-body fight, rolling on the floor. I quickly grabbed a bedsheet and threw it over Cow, but that didn’t quite stop him. I then covered Bunny with the bedsheet, and that finally stopped the fight, but now before fur flew and two claws had come off. Cow was chased out of the room and guess who took over control? YES! It was Indy, our great defender o...

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Costa Rica: Unique Hybrids
6th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

Costa Rican Rescue Organization Saves Hundreds Of Unique Dogs Territorio de Zaguates in Costa Rica is fighting the mutt stigma by naming unique new “breeds” based on the lineage of the homeless dogs they save. The result is hundreds of happy endings… That's the beauty of mixed-breed dogs. Their diverse gene pool gives them stronger constitutions and longer lives. And yes -- each one is perfectly unique! So why not look for your Flame-tailed Spaniel Shepherd on http://PetFinder.my tod...

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Vincent Needs Tooth Extraction
6th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

Vincent ate his meals during the time when I was in Japan, but it took a lot of coaxing and persuading. I know his gums probably hurt very much. We’ve tried the supplements, the antibiotics, turmeric and the pet gel. The first vet did say that there is no cure, only maintenance. Vincent might need repeated steroid injections, which will not be good for his kidneys. Yesterday after I came home, Vincent came back for meal times but he simply refused to eat all day. I sensed he was trying to...

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Neutering Aid For 3 Cats In Petaling Jaya (Maslinda Bt Abd Talib’s)
6th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We have sponsored RM290 for the spaying of Kakak Baik and Cik Tipah and the castration of Abang. From: maslinda.atDate: Sat, Apr 2, 2016 at 9:38 AM Subject: Neutering of 2 female and 1 male To: chankahyein@gmail.com ‎Hi Dr Chan Hope you are well Today we are going to send 2 female and 1 male for neutering. They are all rescued cats and now feeding in my area Would like to apply for subsidy. 1. Kakak Baik Someone dumped her and her kitten in our place last january. the kitten died d...

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Photos From SPCA Selangor, Malaysia's Post
6th Apr 2016, by SPCA Selangor

Brothers Kenji and Jack adopted from Spca were reunited today😍 We love seeing our adopted animals treasured and loved as they should be. Precious boys we hope to see u2 again soon!

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Neutering Aid For 3 Cats In Sg Buloh (Stephanie Wong Suk Wern’s)
6th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We have sponsored RM300 for the castration of Kai Bo, Bun Lok and Pen Ta, all male cats. From: Stephanie Wong Date: Sat, Apr 2, 2016 at 5:34 PM Subject: Neutering Cat: Kai Bo To: Chankahyein@gmail.com DEAR Dr Chan, I rescued this cat at Pasar Pagi nearby my house (Sg Buloh). I bring him to the clinic in PJ to do neutering. All the kittens we will take good care,  and looking for people to adopt them. Attachment herewith picture before and after neutering. Pet’s name:  Kai Bo ...

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Neutering Aid For 1 Dog In Kuala Lumpur (Lieu Yei Ming’s)
6th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We have sponsored RM150 for the spaying of Black Pearl. Ms Lieu has been rescuing and neutering dogs for many years, using her own money. She just found out about our aid recently and is now applying for it to lessen her financial burden. She does her best to rehome the neutered dogs and also spends quite a bit in taking care of their other medical needs. Black Pearl is her latest rescue. Rescued in Jln Ipoh, Tmn Mastiara, near Metropolitan Park.  I  keep & feed  her, until s...

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Neutering Aid For 1 Dog In Cheras (Cash Thong Seiw Ling’s)
6th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We have fully sponsored RM100 for the castration of this dog. Dr Chan,puppy ini tangkap di taman megah cheras,sudah cut cari adpoted,tapi sekarang dia masih kurus sikit,mahu bagi dia makan gemuk sikit,baru cari good home bagi dia。Thank You

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Spotlight - Lucius
6th Apr 2016, by SPCA Singapore

ADOPT A SENIOR Lucius may not be a kitten anymore at 10 years old but he is still very young at heart. He was brought back to SPCA when he was 7 years old as the family who adopted him was worried that Lucius might scratch their baby. Sweet Lucius is ready for his second chance and is looking for a loving family, who will take care of him, for the rest of his life. If you are interested in adopting Lucius, we encourage you to visit him at our shelter at 50 Sungei Tengah Road, to get acquai...

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Timeline Photos
6th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

Woody, Whiskey & Cola For Adoption — Puchong http://www.petfinder.my/pets/75384 These 3 siblings may look very different, but they all share a common trait — cuteness overload! Their sparkling eyes, mischievous faces and and affectionate purrs will melt your heart and keep you perpetually entertained. All 3 have to be adopted together, as they are very attached! http://www.petfinder.my/pets/75384

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Neutering Aid For 2 Dogs In Petaling Jaya (Eileen Ng Ai Ling’s)
6th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We have sponsored RM300 for the spaying of Jojo and Lucy. From: Eileen Ng Date: Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 11:01 PM Subject: Neutering subsidy for Baby Girl Jojo To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com> hi Dr Chan              I would like to seek neutering subsidy for Baby Girl Jojo. She is about 8 months old and used to hide under an abandoned van opposite a Chinese restaurant in Ara Damansara. She appeared in the area a few months ago, but unclear wh...

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