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Timeline Photos
1st Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

Are you inadvertently stressing out your dog? Your dog can become stressed for a variety of reasons. For example, dogs on leashes typically feel stress when they encounter other dogs – especially if the other dog is off-leash. This is probably because it's difficult for our canine companions to greet each other in natural doggy fashion while tethered to us. But what many people don't realize is the extent to which we, as pet guardians, can create stress in our dog. The veterinary publication...

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Calling For Fosterers And Rescuers. Bersemperna Ev..
1st Apr 2016, by SCRATCH

Calling for fosterers and rescuers!! Bersemperna event di Putrajaya hujung minggu ini, kami akan mengadakan adoption drive dimana kucing kucing yg di bawah jagaan anda, anda boleh bawa untuk adoption drive bagi mencari furrever home mereka. Anda berminat untuk menyertai? Tempat adalah terhad. Sila email kepada kami dengan tajuk ' Putrajaya Adoption Drive ' kepada ktaj.adoption@gmail.com. Terima kasih! Image source : Google

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Timeline Photos
1st Apr 2016, by SPCA Selangor

Receive a Royal Canin Starter Kit when you adopt a puppy or kitten from us! Visit http://bit.ly/1RBkKbL for more info on the benefits brought to you by Royal Canin Malaysia.

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Timeline Photos
1st Apr 2016, by SPCA Singapore

ANIMALS FOR ADOPTION (2 & 3 APR 2016) Do come by and get acquainted with our furry friends at 50 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699012. To find out how to get to our new premises, please click onto this link http://spca.org.sg/contact_locateus.asp - View our adoption gallery: http://www.spca.org.sg/services.asp - View adoption fees and process: http://www.spca.org.sg/services_adoption_informati on.asp - View shelter's opening hours: http://www.spca.org.sg/contact_openinghours.asp N ote: Som...

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Timeline Photos
1st Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

Shiro For Adoption — Petaling Jaya http://PetFinder.my/pets/75340 Shiro is a timid but gentle girl, and to her, the best place in the world is to be near her beloved humans. A little patience may be needed for the new owner to gain Shiro's trust and confidence, and she would thereafter transform into an energetic and playful girl who adores soft toys and ping pong balls! If you have a cozy home and a lil' love to offer, Shiro will gladly be your most loyal companion. http://PetFinder.my/pet...

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Selamat Tgh Hari.sudah Makan Kah Uollss??? Jgm Lup..
1st Apr 2016, by SCRATCH

Selamat tgh hari...sudah makan kah uollss??? Jgm lupa temu janji esok di putrajaya...eh....bukan setakat kucing aje tau..musang pandan...mcm2 ada la...dtg tau...beli sambil menderma..maklumat..scroll bawah ok.. PALoF 2016 Putrajaya Animal Lovers Fiesta (PALoF) akan diadakan di Lobi Auditorium Cempaka Sari, Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya bermula dari 2 hingga 3 April 2016. Pelbagai pameran dan pertandingan haiwan-haiwan peliharaan bakal diadakan termasuk Special Cat Show , arnab, ular, musang pa...

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Updates On 1st Apr 2016
1st Apr 2016, by WWF Malaysia

Thank you very much to all those who participated in the Kung Fu Panda 3 contest, which closed yesterday. We will notify the top five winners by Friday, 8 April 2016.

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Hello Kawan2. Ada Ke Yang Nak Order Lagi? Cepat2 E..
1st Apr 2016, by SCRATCH

Hello kawan2. Ada ke yang nak order lagi? Cepat2 email kami di ktaj0311@gmail.com dengan details yang diminta. HARI NI HARI TERAKHIR ORDER UNTUK POSTAGE BULAN MAC YE. Order selepas ini akan di bawa untuk postage bulan April.

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A Very Handsome Neutered Kitty Is Looking For His ..
1st Apr 2016, by SCRATCH

A very handsome neutered kitty is looking for his furrever home!! Sep sikit sape kate dia handsome.. Location : Jalan Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur Contact : 011 2310 6232 - Joan If you have some space in your heart and in your home to adopt him, please contact Joan today! If you can't, please share this post around so that he can be in his furrever home soon!! There are many more adorable cats and dogs waiting to be adopted in our Online Adoption House https://www.facebook.com/groups/KTAJ.OAH/ ...

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1st Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

Friendship means more than just having someone's back. Sometimes, you actually have to climb up on their shoulders.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Work With Elephants And Wildlife
1st Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

The story: http://www.care2.com/causes/leonardo-d icaprio-visits-elephants-on-trip-to-protect-one-of -the-worlds-most-irreplaceable-places.html Indon esia’s Leuser Ecosystem is known as the last place on earth where orangutans, rhinos, elephants and tigers coexist in the wild and has been called one of the world’s most irreplaceable places. Despite it’s environmental and economic value as an intact rainforest, conservationists are still battling to stop it from being de...

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Awesome Elephant-Grandmas!
1st Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

The full story: http://www.upworthy.com/most-animals-d ont-have-grandmas-but-elephants-do-and-what-granny -does-is-awesome What do elephant grandmas do for their families? Elephant grandmas help protect the baby, keep track of it, and help it if it gets stuck. Grandmas are also often the boss of the family, too. They can lead the family to the right places to forage or drink or lead the way when interacting with other elephant families.

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Neutering Aid For 1 Cat In Johor Bahru (Len Siew Moey’s)
1st Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We have sponsored RM100 for the spaying of this female cat. From: choi choi Date: Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 12:49 PM Subject: Neutering Aid Application To: “chankahyein@gmail.com” <chankahyein@gmail.com> i writing this email on behalf of my mother, Len Siew Moey. She neutered 1 female cat. She pick up the cat from backstreet of house, and neuter the cat in nearest clinic. She take care of the cat after surgery. After the cat recovered,  she release back to the backstreet and...

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A Prisoner Of Love.. For Eight Years
1st Apr 2016, by Noah's Ark CARES

April is the exact same month but it was many years ago - in 2007. At a HDB carpark in Aljunied, a medium-sized white and tan mixed breed dog stood there, tied to a lamppost. He must have been standing there for a few hours with neither food nor water, seemingly waiting for his owner. Many cars and people passed by, but nobody came forward to find out why the dog was there.At about 10pm, a white van drove up and a man emerged from the van. He untied the dog from the lamppost and tried...

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Incredible Photos Document Secret Lives Of Street Cats
31st Mar 2016, by AnimalCare

Please read the full story: http://www.care2.com/causes/incredible -photos-document-secret-lives-of-street-cats.html The most important point: It‘s Time to Stop the Killing Out of the 70 million stray cats that populate our streets, on average, only 6 to 8 million ever make it into the shelter system, and the majority of those that do rarely make it out alive. Putsche says, “Nationally, over 70 percent of all cats that enter shelters are killed there — on top of that, ...

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The Day Cleo The Cat Saved Her Owner
31st Mar 2016, by AnimalCare

It’s not our Cleo, it’s another Cleo. Ref: https://myanimalcare.org/2009/07/3 1/another-kitten-rescued/ In July 2009, my students and I rescued a little kitten, first named Celine, and finally adopted by my friend, Jas, and renamed Cleo, after Cleopatra. Well, it’s been 7 years now and I bumped into Jas the other day and did she have a great story to share! “Cleo saved my life!!”, exclaimed Jas. It was an ordinary day when Cleo detected the presence of an unwa...

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Baby Vs Cat
31st Mar 2016, by PetFinder.my

Baby vs Cat These hilarious illustrations by The Oatmeal perfectly sums up why we should have a cat in our lives! What do you guys think? We'd love to hear your personal experience! Pick your purr-fect ball of fluff at http://PetFinder.my to start your happily ever after. Source: http://bit.ly/1kIssVG

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Thank You Very Much (March 2016 Donors)
31st Mar 2016, by AnimalCare

‘Tis time to say a huge thank you once again to everyone who has contributed to our Fund this month. No of animals neutered this month: 187 (a record high since we started!) – 150 cats, 37 dogs. Neutering aid paid out this month: RM19,638.00 (also a record high…ever!) The donors: Anonymous donors Agnes Cheong Ahmad Amir Kamil Bangi Gateway Sdn Bhd Chucky & Blackie Connie James CP Ong Dayang Nurfaezah Abang Ahmad Elaine Chan Elsie Kho Event: 7th Animal Awareness Day F...

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Thank You Very Much, Jon Tham And Team KNVB-9!
31st Mar 2016, by AnimalCare

Jon Tham, who has previously run (yes, literally RUN long distances) to raise funds for us, has again, raised another RM500 for us through the Viper Challenge. We thank Jon and his team very much for their kind and generous donation!

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Neutering Aid For 2 Dogs In Puchong (Cheng Kar Mun’s)
31st Mar 2016, by AnimalCare

We have sponsored RM300 for the spaying of Tiga and Lapan. From: miu Miu Date: Sun, Mar 27, 2016 at 10:09 PM Subject: 2stray dog, at taman gembira spraying To: chankahyein@gmail.com Hi Dr Chan, the dog  family i found at kuchai Lama restoran, they got 4 dog 3female 1male, i bring 2 female dog they call Tiga & Lapan to spray ,

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