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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - March 2019

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Bless These Korean Police Officers!!
10th Mar 2019, by AnimalCare

Such kind police officers!!  Bless them! Malaysian government, watch and learn!  Compassion is wisdom and strength.

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
10th Mar 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

I arrived at the Soi Dog shelter with a large, maggot-infested wound. I was just two months old and they named me Margarita. Will you help me by going to https://bit.ly/Sponsor-Margarita to sponsor my care? Those early days on the streets were a struggle that has scarred me deeply and still today, at 6 years old, I am a very shy and nervous girl. This means that I need a lot more work before I can be adopted. You can still help me by doing something very special. Will you visit https://bit.ly/...

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
10th Mar 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Columbo is still looking for a home in the UK! Can you help him? He is a very sweet natured, affectionate boy looking to find his furever family. He is known for his charismatic smile and laid back personality. Columbo’s favourite activities include going for walks with his human and exploring new places and smells. Don’t let his love for adventure fool you though, Columbo is also a big fan of cuddles and belly rubs! His ideal home consists of people who love him and can spend time with hi...

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Please Help Sick And Injured Homeless Cats!
10th Mar 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Without people like you, thousands of cats in Thailand would be left to suffer from illness, malnutrition, and injuries caused by road accidents or cruelty. If you love cats, please go to https://bit.ly/help-cats-now to join the Care for Cats Club now. Your membership will provide medical treatment and shelter for cats with nowhere else to turn. Please go to https://bit.ly/help-cats-now to join now. Without you, these cats will suffer on the streets, never having known a kind touch. Please giv...

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The Same Old Story, Until…
9th Mar 2019, by AnimalCare

It was Einstein who said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It is true, especially when it comes to feeding Vincent. Since tomorrow is Sunday, I went to the pet store and bought a variety of food back, for Vincent. Yes, even dogfood. Amy was so kind she gave me a few more sample packets of RC Exigent (the one that Vincent loved earlier on). Later in the evening, I went back and bought a packet of RC BabyCat as well. I thought I was all ready for...

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The Dodo
9th Mar 2019, by PetFinder.my

Watch this tiny little puppy get brought back to life!

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Soi Dog Foundation
9th Mar 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Flight volunteers wanted! Are you booked to fly FROM Thailand to Canada, the U.S. or Europe? Find out if you can help an adopted animal get home! Please EMAIL flightvolunteer@soidog.org We have a number of rescued animals that have been adopted and are waiting to get to their forever homes. Can YOU help us get them there by being a FLIGHT VOLUNTEER? We organise everything and there is NO COST to you. Previous flight volunteers have described it as the most rewarding experience of their lives...

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Eng Version Below. Jojo Jojo. Jojo Jojo. Jojo. Joj..
9th Mar 2019, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

(Eng version below) 兽医怀疑被人纵火、严重烧伤头 的毛孩JOJO,妈呀 😭😭 整个脑袋都外露,不见了一层头皮、 肉模糊,Jojo也失去了一只眼睛,左眼 内部严重腐烂 ... 星期一安排动眼珠摘除手术 原来Jojo 有主人的,主人说狗狗不听话叫了不 来,所以采取放养方式 (牵狗出门是常识啊!) 😡😡 邻居妹妹说Jojo时常因为喜欢追摩多, 致印度人很生气常殴打他。 Jojo失踪 了...

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International Women's Day 2019 With TCS & Womenfol..
9th Mar 2019, by Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

- English translation below - Pada 8 Mac sempena #HariWanitaSedunia, kami telah menganjurkan kelas DIY untuk komuniti wanita di Kg. Pasir Gajah di mana kami membuat losyen dan pelembab bibir! Tiada bahan kimia berbahaya yang digunakan. Program ini dianjurkan untuk menyokong pemberdayaan komuniti. #produksemulajadi #komuniti #pemberdayaan #TakNakPlastik ----- On 8th March, we organised a DIY class for the women community of Kg. Pasir Gajah where we made lotions and lip balms from scratch! No...

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Another Mini (Tiger B)!
9th Mar 2019, by AnimalCare

Here’s another beautiful and amazing miniature figurine (“mini”) created by Ms Wong Pei Ling! This mini is ordered by Wine Dogs TB EE TT Lady CC, and we would like to thank them for their very generous donation of RM400 to our Fund for this mini of Tiger B, and another RM100 has been banked in in memory of Fei Zai and in appreciation of Ms Wong Pei Ling’s loving efforts. Here are some photos: It is amazing how life-like the mini is, especially when Ms Wong does them...

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A New Eatery With Meatless Options
9th Mar 2019, by AnimalCare

Oftentimes, it can be a little difficult to get meatless options at some eateries, but not so at this new eatery which opened along SS18/6 in Subang Jaya recently. It’s called “Little Wonders”. It doesn’t have a signboard yet, but the address is No. 51, SS18/6, Subang Jaya. We have been there three times now and we are impressed with the food (I’d say it’s of a 5-star standard) and the service (also 5-star standard). The two chefs are very friendly and humble....

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The New Super-Alpha In The House
9th Mar 2019, by AnimalCare

Me!! Yes, he has been spraying on the mats, the cushions and wherever he likes, for many days now.

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Damy Having Fun
9th Mar 2019, by SPCA Penang

From Sylwia on our cats awaiting adoption - Damy is little kitty-boy so he likes to play and have fun, he appreciates even a toy made from old newspaper and ribbon

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Project-Based Applications (new!!)
9th Mar 2019, by AnimalCare

We are introducing something new – Project-Based Applications! This special provision is for caregivers who want to do the neutering and/or vaccination of a certain colony with a fixed number of animals, in a short time. Our current policy only allows a maximum of 3 animals per week, but if there is an urgency to do more to stabilise a colony quickly, we now have this provision to help. However, it is still dependent on fund availability. So, if you have an urgent need to do more than 3 an...

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Vincent’s Lunch With A Twist
9th Mar 2019, by AnimalCare

At about 1.00pm, Vincent came into the kitchen to ask for food. He was all excited when Ginger asked for kibble. The sound of kibble being poured out has always excited Vincent. He used to come running into the kitchen whenever I emptied out a bag of kibble into the container. The smell of raw meat also used to get him all excited. When I used to cook for the cats, I would come home armed with trays of raw meat. Vincent would jump onto the counter and ask for a piece. He would take a whole piece...

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Sitting Like A Lion
9th Mar 2019, by AnimalCare

Still very dignified. His spirit is strong. Subcut. I think he knows he needs this. No resistance at all. And this always happens: When we reach 200ml, Vincent will sit up. He knows it is almost over. He just knows.

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Selamat Hari Sabtu. Baru Bangun Ke Tuuuu???. Kredi..
9th Mar 2019, by SCRATCH

Selamat hari sabtu! Baru bangun ke tuuuu??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kredit gambar dari follower Alberto Elfymori Terbelit (terbelit betul jari admin nak taip)

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Cleo’s Properties
9th Mar 2019, by AnimalCare

Cleo: These are mine. ALL mine. Mine only. Whoever wants to use them has to pay rental. Er…except my mum. Okay, my mum can use them without having to pay rental.  I am a reasonable cat…not heartless. Mine!!  Mine!!!  Mine!!!!!!

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Timeline Photos
9th Mar 2019, by SPCA Selangor

We have a new girl joining in cattery! Her name is Lala. She is shy but curious and ready for adoption. #cutecream #adoptionready

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Timeline Photos
9th Mar 2019, by SPCA Selangor

Nothing beats being in her favourite spot. Mandy loves the cool floors in the edu room. Come see her and friends at SPCA! #cooldown #cozyspot #readyforadoption

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