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Kebelakangan Ini Menjadi-Jadi Dakwaan Penderaan Da..
23rd Feb 2021, by Malaysia Animal Association

Kebelakangan ini menjadi-jadi dakwaan penderaan dan jenayah kezaliman kucing serta anjing. Hari ini hantaran dibuat Saudara Fariq Rashid dalam Facebook menyatakan kucingnya dan beberapa kucing lain dipukul di kepala hingga mati. Bangkai kucing diletakkan hanya 200 meter dari rumah kediaman pemilik. Namun apa yang dikesalkan maklumat disertakan sering tidak sempurna dan tidak lengkap. Tiada nyatakan tarikh, hari, tempat dan paling mendukacitakan adalah tiada sebarang khabar berita mengenai lapor...

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There Is Love Budding At Mddb. Teia Is Three Legge..
23rd Feb 2021, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

There is live budding at MDDB. Teia is three legged and Benji is paralysed. Both were in different sections in our previous place and hardly met. When they were placed in the same area in our new place - sparks flew and both stuck to each other like glue. Teia also became very possesive over Benji and now attacks any other doggo that growls at Benji. Love, they say, is a many splendoured thing.

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Have You Ever Seen A Turtle With Horns?. A Japanes..
23rd Feb 2021, by Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

Have you ever seen a turtle with horns? . A Japanese news paper published an article on this rare female Chinese Pond Turtle that was discovered with horn-like projections above both of her eyelids, on 19th July 2020. . The horns are believed to have been a result of skin cuticle mutation. Further analysis and research will be conducted on its genetic and pathologic aspects. . Read more here: https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20200718/p2a/ 00m/0et/023000c

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I Remember Coming Home From School In My Scruffy U..
23rd Feb 2021, by WWF Malaysia

โ€œI remember coming home from school in my scruffy uniform and messy hair, rushing to see the notes my mom used to leave before she left for work. I found her neat and clean cursive handwriting admirable. I would throw myself down onto the sofa and read the notes out loud, excitedly. The notes would vary from recalling the incident from the night before or how she felt about me. Even though the reading time lasted for one or two minutes, I felt that it was precious because she let me know what...

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Do You Have A Tiny "Gorilla" At Home
23rd Feb 2021, by PetFinder.my

Do you have a tiny "gorilla" at home? ๐Ÿ˜†

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Rewilding Sees Jaguars Return To Argentinaโ€™s Wetlands
23rd Feb 2021, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

Jaguars are back in Argentina after successful rewilding efforts! #wildlifeconservation

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Mana-Mana Pemilik Rumah Dan Pemilik Kebun Yang Ser..
22nd Feb 2021, by Malaysia Animal Association

Mana-mana pemilik rumah dan pemilik kebun yang sering merungut diganggu kera, beruk dan monyet hingga merosakkan harta benda dan tanaman. Cubalah kaedah Saudara Joey Hanif. Tak perlu lakukan dosa dan jenayah dengan cara bunuh beruk, monyet dan kera melalui kaedah racun atau tembakan bersepai kepala. Juga tak perlu sembur cat ke badan monyet atau kera. Sekali cuba. Berbulan monyet, kera dan beruk tidak menyinggah. Silap hari bulan jika kita terlupa. Boleh jadi kita pon tekejut pengsan kerana i...

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Thank You So Much James From Bukit Antarabangsa Fo..
22nd Feb 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

Thank you so much James from Bukit Antarabangsa for giving this little one her forever home! Have a good life little Mantou โค๏ธ

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Dog Inherits Millions
22nd Feb 2021, by PetFinder.my

LuLu the rich pup inherited $5 million from her late owner. ๐Ÿ’ฐ

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Kadang Kala Kasihan Nasib Anjing. Diluar Dikatakan..
22nd Feb 2021, by Malaysia Animal Association

Kadang kala kasihan nasib anjing. Diluar dikatakan mengganggu dan menakutkan pengguna jalan raya. Dalam pagar pula malah dilastik. Bertahun kerja takkan tidak biasa dengan psikologi anjing dan tak ada training bagaimana menguruskan emosi ketika ada ancaman haiwan jalanan yang garang? Perkara ini tak akan ada kesudahan melainkan barisan penghantar ini mendapat pendidikan emosi berdepan dan menangani ancaman haiwan seperti anjing ini. Kata orang tua-tua. Kalau dah benci tu yang tak elok saha...

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Pansy Is Gentle, Affectionate And Intelligent. Wit..
22nd Feb 2021, by PetFinder.my

Pansy is gentle, affectionate and intelligent. With proper care and attention, this little girl will surely blossom into an elegant lady! She was previously adopted by an irresponsible student, and the rescuer in hoping to find her a better home. Adopt Pansy at Cheras, KL: https://PetFinder.my/pets/103200

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Happy Si Anjing Jalanan. Terima Kaseh Abang Dan Ka..
22nd Feb 2021, by Malaysia Animal Association

Happy si Anjing Jalanan. Terima kaseh Abang dan Kakak Polis. Kenyang perut suka hati. Jom sama-sama ucap terima kaseh kepada mereka berdua. Semoga negara ini melahirkan lebih ramai individu berjawatan keselamatan baik hati seperti Abang Polis dan Kakak Polis ini! Tahniah dan semoga tuhan membalas kebaikan anggota berdua ni. #dvs #perhilitan #pbt #animals #stray #wildlife #wild #wildanimals #dogs #cats #strayanimals #saveouranimals #cruelty #animalcruelty #saveourstray #feeder #animalfeeder #l...

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Puppies Up For Adoption. Please Call The Number Be..
22nd Feb 2021, by SPCA Selangor

PUPPIES UP FOR ADOPTION ๐Ÿถ Please call the number below if you are interested ๐Ÿ‘‡ ____________________________________________ _________________ Puppies for adoption asap!โค๏ธ Here is some details about them: Female 2 months puppy Mixed breed Friendly & playful Preferred Location: kl/selangor STRICTLY NO to caging/leash/tied up/plan to leave them outdoor most the time/ treating them as security dog/guard dog. Treat them as your own one & own family member. Vaccination & dewormed is ...

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Updated 22/2/21. Thanks To The Kind Donors, So Far..
22nd Feb 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

Updated 22/2/21. Thanks to the kind donors, so far, we have collected Rm1,100, we still need Rm7,818.87 to cover all the expenses. The total is Rm8,918.87. Please continue to help us so we can continue with our cause. No amount is too small. Your kind contributions are very much appreciated. Please comment or pm us so we can keep track. Thanks so much in advance. Account name : TRAP NEUTER RELEASE MANAGE SOCIETY OF KUALA LUMPUR AND SELANGOR. MAYBANK Account Number 512558325774 Swift Code...

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Harimau Malaya Disyaki Cedera Parah Di Kesan Dalam..
22nd Feb 2021, by Malaysia Animal Association

Harimau Malaya disyaki cedera parah di kesan dalam sebuah ladang kelapa sawit. Sumber tidak rasmi mengatakan video ini diambil di Felda Kerteh 3, Kerteh Terengganu baru-baru ini. Disyaki Harimau Malaya dewasa ini mengalami kecederaan parah di kakinya yang terkena jerat dan mengakibat dia tidak dapat melarikan diri sewaktu dihampiri. Mana-mana penduduk yang menemui kes sebegini adalah dinasihatkan menghubungi segera PERHILITAN negeri untuk mendapatkan bantuan menyelamat. Elakkan menghampiri Ha...

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Lost Guinness Was Last Seen At Seri Sungai Long, K..
22nd Feb 2021, by PetFinder.my

[LOST] Guinness was last seen at Seri Sungai Long, Kajang. He is suspected to have escaped through the jungle to surrounding areas, such as Cheras Perdana, Bandar Hussein Onn and Batu 10 / 11. Help reunite Guinness and receive a RM500 reward: https://PetFinder.my/pets/104703

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Adopt Dont Shop. Both Females, About 1.5 Months Ol..
22nd Feb 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

Adopt donโ€™t shop! Both females, about 1.5 months old. Must agree to spay. Serious adopters and enquiries only. Location Ampang. WhatsApp 016-2663305 or 012-9696573.

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These 2 Baby Girls Are Still Looking For Their For..
22nd Feb 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

These 2 baby girls are still looking for their forever homes! Location Ampang. If you can adopt them, please WhatsApp 016-2663305 or 012-9696573 ๐Ÿ’™

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Ended The Night Last Night With 2 More Pups Findin..
22nd Feb 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

Ended the night last night with 2 more pups finding their forever homes! Thank you so much Yap from Kepong and Ray from Hulu Langat for adopting and giving this baby boy and girl their forever homes! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

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We Are Now In The Midst Of River Terrapin Nesting ..
22nd Feb 2021, by Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

We are now in the midst of River Terrapin nesting season. Here is some interesting facts about River Terrapins! . Also, #didyouknow that we offer free-download-interactive Turtle Activity Book on River Terrapin, that are both adult and children friendly? . Download yours today! Don't forget to leave us your honest reviews :) Link: https://www.turtleconservationsociety.org.my/produ ct/rebecca-the-river-terrapin/ #education #riverterrapins #turtleactivitybook

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