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Update On Kapar Girl. Her Pcv Increase To 35 After..
13th Apr 2021, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Update on Kapar Girl : Her PCV increase to 35% after blood transfusion this morning. Body temperature normal and condition far stable after surgery. She has mild weigh bearing on affected left forelimb, a promising beginning 🀞🏼, could urine on her own however still have to assist with stool evacuation.

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Cube Is As Good As It Gets So We Think He Is Prett..
13th Apr 2021, by Second Chance

Cube is as good as it gets! So we think! He is pretty much a perfect dog in many ways! Come get to know him during our adoption drive on Sunday, 18th April at The Square, Jaya One, Pj, between 11am-5pm. This bundle of perfection was discovered in an abandoned construction site, trying to feed himself and exploring crossing the roads by himself! He was brought to the construction site to be a β€œjaga!” It didn’t make sense, and was a very cruel move, as shortly after he was brought in to be a...

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We're Moving. Please Be Informed That The Shelter ..
13th Apr 2021, by PAWS

We're Moving! πŸŽ‰ Please be informed that the shelter will be closed starting 16 April 2021 for relocation purposes. All visitations, including adoptions, surrenders and donation drop offs will be on hold until further notice. We will see you at our new location to start a new chapter with PAWS. Stay tuned for the announcement of our new address! 🐾 . . . #paws #pawspj #animal #animals #adoption #petrescue #adoptdontshop #opttoadopt #nonprofitorganization #cat #cats #dog #dogs #sheltercat #s...

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Tragedi Ramadan Pertama. Kejadian Awal Bulan Ramad..
13th Apr 2021, by Malaysia Animal Association

Tragedi Ramadan pertama. Kejadian awal bulan Ramadan adalah penemuan dua ekor anjing mati terikat tangan dan kaki dengan mulut berbuih. Selain itu sebatang kayu mop berhampiran anjing. Dipercayai kedua-dua anjing malang ini dipukul hingga mati dalam keadaan berikat berdasarkan keadaan tubuh dan penemuan bahan bukti disekitar mereka. Kejadian disedari awal hari ini oleh orang ramai di Jalan Mesra 25/66, Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam Selangor menyaksikan bahawa masyarakat di negara ini belum benar-be...

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Feeder Hana In Cyberjaya Recently Told Us About Th..
13th Apr 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

Feeder Hana in Cyberjaya recently told us about this mama dog who’s not only pregnant but has a string/wire tied around her paw that’s been there so long that it has eaten into her flesh and gotten tighter and tighter over time. The foot looked swollen and she is hobbling around on 3 legs. She must be in so much pain for so long and to save her foot from amputation (hopefully) we rushed over late last night. It was storming but we had to try to find her, even if she tends to wander around...

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Meet This Playful, Adventurous And Curious Pair Of..
13th Apr 2021, by PetFinder.my

Meet this playful, adventurous and curious pair of siblings! The sister is strong and independent, while the brother is a little timid but adapts quickly to new environment. Both are equally sweet and purr for affection! Adopt them at Kuala Lumpur: https://PetFinder.my/pets/105509

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Did You Know That Bornean Elephants Are Coming Int..
13th Apr 2021, by WWF Malaysia

Did you know that Bornean elephants are coming into more contact with people, thus increasing human-elephant conflict due to improper land use planning and fragmentation of forests? This is a worrying sign that the remaining endangered population is severely threatened and could face extinction in our lifetime if this trend continues. Today, with only about 1,500 of them left in the wild, urgent and continuous actions need to be taken in order to conserve and protect these gentle giants. Join t...

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Update Teddy Has Been Found. Teddy Is Lost - 13 Ye..
13th Apr 2021, by SPCA Penang

Teddy is lost - 13 years old, male. Last seen: Near Chung Hwa Confucian School. If found, pls contact 012-3828264.

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Every Day At Spca. Brrrrr With This Cold Sweater W..
13th Apr 2021, by SPCA Singapore

EVERY DAY AT SPCA Brrrrr! With this cold sweater weather, our cattery is filled with lots of sleepy, sleepy days… 😴 β„οΈπŸ± But no matter the weather, our animals are always patiently waiting for their forever warm homes. Visit spca.org.sg/adoption for more info.

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Inspiring Storytellers At Sembang@wwf
13th Apr 2021, by WWF Malaysia

Join us this Earth Day to celebrate inspiring storytellers speak about our food systems. We created Sembang@WWF as a platform for us to listen and share ideas on what we can do to make a change for a better environment. Check out the videos to hear what our young speakers will be talking about.

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What Happens To Street Animals When Tourists Suddenly Disappear?
13th Apr 2021, by PetFinder.my

As coronavirus forced the world into lockdown, another sizeable population had also been hard hit β€” stray cats and dogs.

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Selamat Berpuasa From All The Furry Friends Of Paw..
13th Apr 2021, by PAWS

Selamat Berpuasa from all the furry friends of PAWS! β˜€οΈ . . . #paws #pawspj #animal #animals #adoption #petrescue #adoptdontshop #opttoadopt #nonprofitorganization #cat #cats #dog #dogs #sheltercat #sheltercats #shelterdog #shelterdogs #pet #pets #stray #strays #catsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #straysofinstagram #donate #DONATION #ramadanmubarak

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Third Ru , Our Fb Fan , She Pm Us She Would Like T..
13th Apr 2021, by Second Chance

Third πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒRu , our FB fan , she pm us she would like to visit our shelter. Here she is , she brought gifts for our fur kids 😍😍😍 She even stayed back to offer bathing service to the furbies πŸ›€πŸ›€πŸ›€see how they enjoy the bathing πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ #donations #adoptdontshop #animalshelters #dogslovers #animallovers #volunteers #careanimals #sponsorship

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Let's Go For The Second One Andy Is Our Regular Do..
13th Apr 2021, by Second Chance

Let's go for the second one ✌️✌️✌️Andy is our regular donor cum supporter 😊😊😊 This time Andy brought his friends with a lot of gifts to the shelter, our fur kids & our workers πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thanks Andy & friends for appreciating the hard work from our workers too 😘😘😘 #donations #adoptdontshop #animalshelters #dogslovers #animallovers #volunteers #careanimals #sponsorship

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Blessings Keep On Coming From Kind Hearted People...
13th Apr 2021, by Second Chance

Blessings keep on coming from kind hearted people πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Let's look at the 1st kind donation!!! πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†Again, Psych arranged her kibble donation to our shelterπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ The furries are so excited when received the gifts 😁😁😁 #donations #adoptdontshop #animalshelters #dogslovers #animallovers #volunteers #careanimals #sponsorship

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Cat Rescued From 15ft Whittlesey Drain
13th Apr 2021, by PetFinder.my

Norman, a grey moggy, found himself in a spot of bother deep beneath a road in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. Fire crews used chimney rodding equipment to entice the furry feline out during the two-hour rescue mission.

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Dear All,. After Much Deliberation And Discussion ..
13th Apr 2021, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Dear all, After much deliberation and discussion woth Little Paws Veterinary Clinic, we decided to transfer Kapar Girl to Lian Veterinary Clinic in Klang. This is to enable her rescuers and well wishers in Kapar to visit and also look out for her. Little Paws will pay Lian Veterinary Clinic - out of Kapar Girl's collection - for the surgery. Kapar Girl also has a deep pocket wound at the pelvic area as a result of the accident. Dr Lian managed to perform three surgeries on her today : 1) Left ...

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Updated - 12/4/2021. Thanks To All Generous Sponso..
12th Apr 2021, by TNRM Malaysia

Updated - 12/4/2021. Thanks to all generous sponsors, up till today, all dogs and cats have been sponsored except #6,7,8,9 & 12. Please continue to help them so we can help more. Please leave a comment if you can sponsor fully or partially so others can sponsor the balance. Thanks so much in advance. Account name : TRAP NEUTER RELEASE MANAGE SOCIETY OF KUALA LUMPUR AND SELANGOR. MAYBANK Account Number 512558325774 Swift Code : MBBEMYKL Thank you so much

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3-Legged Rescue Dog Is There For His Dad After Divorce
12th Apr 2021, by PetFinder.my

3-legged rescue dog is there for his dad after his divorce. πŸ₯°

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Dog Missing. Fully White Color Medium Mix Breed Do..
12th Apr 2021, by SPCA Penang

‼️ DOG MISSING ‼️ Fully white color medium mix breed dog Name called SNOWBELLE 🐢 She is female , and she fur is short now Left the tail fur , She missing at PAYA TERUBONG area And she very friendly with human Anyone saw her please contact 012 499 5747

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