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Stray Dog Who Couldn’t Stand Learns How To Run
7th Aug 2020, by PetFinder.my

Watch this paralyzed stray dog learn how to run ❤️

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Calling All Monkeys In Singapore
7th Aug 2020, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

CALLING ALL LONG-TAILED MACAQUES IN SINGAPORE Here is our first webinar for long-tailed macaques in Singapore, to learn about coexisting with humans. #ACRES #Coexistence #SGWildlife #HumanMacaqueConf lict This series is brought to you by students from National University of Singapore Seeds of Good Programme

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Don't Cull, Neuter Eng Version. 365tnrm. 50 - 80. ..
7th Aug 2020, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

DON'T Cull, NEUTER (eng version 👇) 请支持‼️结扎代替扑杀‼️ 杀 既残忍又无效,而收留只能是缓兵之 计 结扎才是真正解决方法 365天,每一 天我们都在为猫狗结扎、上街诱捕浪 做TNRM (结扎、原放、管理) 没有流浪,就没 伤害 不从源头管制数量,浪浪悲歌 唱不完 救援工作也永无尽头 😢 每月我们协助捕捉、结扎50 - 80只浪浪 而其中也尽力津贴经济困难 独立人士 更...

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Thank You To The Family Of The Late Madam Lee Khua..
7th Aug 2020, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Thank you to the family of the late Madam Lee Khuan of Bangsar who made a RM1,000 donation in her memory. May her soul rest in peace.

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Pasukan Pakar Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar Malay..
7th Aug 2020, by Malaysia Animal Association

PASUKAN PAKAR JABATAN PERKHIDMATAN VETERINAR MALAYSIA (DVS) SANGAT MENGAMBIL BERAT MASA DEPAN ANJING PITBULL. Hari ini Memorandum Anjing Pitbull berjaya diserahkan. Memorandum diserah oleh Arie Dwi Andika, Presiden Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia kepada Y.H Dato' Dr Norlizan Mohd Noor, Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Perkhidmatan Vererinar Malaysia (DVS). Pertemuan berlansung selama 1 Jam 30 Minit. Semua yang dizahirkan oleh Pencinta Haiwan telah BAPAK sampaikan. Termasuk keperluan Anjing Pitbull diberi 2nd ...

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Shelter Dog Max Overcomes Fear Of Cars (Up For Adoption)
7th Aug 2020, by SPCA Singapore

OUR SINGAPORE SPECIALS: MAX (UP FOR ADOPTION) Today is Day 1918 since Max came into SPCA. 🐶📆 It’s been 5 years but he isn’t giving up on finding a forever home. During his time in the shelter, we discovered Max had a fear of cars and went great lengths to avoid boarding one. 🚙 To prepare him for adoption, our volunteer dog mentors did crate training with him. He was also rewarded for approaching cars at a comfortable distance until a positive association was formed. Now, Max absol...

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5km2017. 5118rm10. 72094. Virtual Communication Ca..
7th Aug 2020, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

📣📣再次呼吁爱心参与📣📣 这场5KM虚拟义跑的20%盈利将捐助园区 毛孩子们,帮助补贴我们每月17万马 的开销 🐶🐱 不止有5人同行1人免费的团购优惠价 另外18岁以下的爱心朋友还有rm10的优 惠折扣噢 ~ 报名链接 : https://bit.ly/2PxlSD2 报名和提交跑步成绩 期间 : 7月20~9月4 更多活动疑问欢迎私讯 👇 Virtual Communication Carnival 傳•樂2.0

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Little Whiskie At Petaling Jaya Was Abandoned By H..
7th Aug 2020, by PetFinder.my

Little Whiskie at SS23, PJ was abandoned by her stray mom and siblings, leaving her alone fending for herself at a back alley. Very affectionate girl that will greet you with sweet, gentle purrs! A home is urgently needed as she may not survive long there. Can you open your heart to adorable Whiskie? https://PetFinder.my/pets/100404

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Daphne Who Had Multiple Fractures In An Accident M..
7th Aug 2020, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Daphne who had multiple fractures in an accident may be discharged soon as her surgeries have healed well.

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Two Of Our Special Dogs Singgam And Zorro Vomitted..
7th Aug 2020, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Two of our special dogs Singgam and Zorro vomitted yesterday and are admitted at St Angels. Please send them positive vibes. Singgam was a watch dog at a lorry depot for many years. He started having bad eyesight and was ryn down by lorries multiole times before we rescued him. His hind legs are damaged and he cannot use them. Zorro was caught for our TNRM exercise in Klang but we did not return him to his original spot after surgery as he had a serious eye injury.

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Wwf-Malaysia Is Delighted To Be Part Of The Ocean ..
7th Aug 2020, by WWF Malaysia

WWF-Malaysia is delighted to be part of “The Ocean Starts from Here” campaign by DAVINES MALAYSIA to raise awareness and funds for conservation efforts. For every post Like or Share Davines Malaysia will donate RM2* to support WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts (* applicable for the first 500 Likes or Shares only). Become_An_Ocean_Keeper today!

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Friendster Hub, Ss2 Kepong Delights You With Creat..
7th Aug 2020, by PetFinder.my

Friendster Hub, SS2 & Kepong delights you with creative Asian fusion meals, encouraging a greener and healthier lifestyle. Their young, energetic team will indulge in signature bento sets, hot wok sensations, local favorites and nutritious juices within a cozy environment. Enjoy 20% off with KindMeal.my App: https://KindMeal.my/FriendsterHub/deal-676.htm

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My Talk With Jane Goodall: Vegetarianism, Animal Welfare And The Power Of Children’s Advocacy
7th Aug 2020, by PetFinder.my

This month marks 60 years since Dame Jane Goodall first ventured into the wilds of Gombe, Tanzania, at the tender age of 26 to study the behaviour of chimpanzees. She has devoted her life to species conservation and campaigned tirelessly for a healthier environment.

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Msg Fr Meghna. Hai Semua, Minta Jasa Baik Anda Sem..
7th Aug 2020, by TNRM Malaysia

Msg fr Meghna: Hai semua, minta jasa baik anda semua tolong share. Ini kucing saya bernama Mimmie. Bulan lepas dah hilang. Saya dah share banyak dalam group kucing² semua. Then ada member dari group info untuk check kat Pusat Kurungan Haiwan DBKL. Masa itu baru saya baru tahu ada tempat cam itu. Semalam saya ada pergi tapi, banyak kucing dah kena adopt. Pekerja kat sana ada bagitahu yg macam pernah jumpa kucing saya tapi, orang lain dah kena adopt kot. So, plz anyone ada tak adopt kucing ka...

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Kucing Sedang Berehat Mati Sengaja Dilanggar - Pem..
7th Aug 2020, by Malaysia Animal Association

KUCING SEDANG BEREHAT MATI SENGAJA DILANGGAR - PEMILIK KERETA DIMINTA TAMPIL Satu insiden kejam melanggar kucing sedang berehat hingga mati telah berlaku pada 23 Julai 2020 lepas. Pemandu Kereta dikenal pasti seorang lelaki Cina dengan nombor Plat BML8... Kejadian berlaku di kawasan tempat letak kereta Flat Razak Mansion, Bandar Tasik Selatan Kuala Lumpur pada 12.50 tengah hari dirakam CCTV Tempat Letak Kereta Badan Pengurusan Razak Mansion. Saksi menghubungi Animal Malaysia untuk memaklumkan...

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Shelter Dog Spike Learns To Muzzle (Up For Adoption)
6th Aug 2020, by SPCA Singapore

OUR SINGAPORE SPECIALS: SPIKE (UP FOR ADOPTION) Spike has been looking for a family for 8 years. 🐶 He is a fearful dog who is still learning to be comfortable with humans. Our volunteer dog mentors decided to include the muzzle game in his training to help him in situations where handling is needed, e.g. vet visits, ear cleaning. To form a positive association with muzzles, our volunteers first gave him treats whenever they showed muzzles to him. After many sessions and advancing only when...

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Perlakuan Ini Bukan Melatih. Ianya Lebih Kepada Me..
6th Aug 2020, by Malaysia Animal Association

Perlakuan ini bukan melatih. Ianya lebih kepada membuli dan mendera Kera. Ia satu kaedah zalim yang melanggar Akta Pemuliharaan Hidupan Liar 2010. Di Negeri Pantai Timur seperti Kelantan dan Terengganu memelihara Beruk hanya untuk tujuan memetik kelapa sahaja dibenarkan dan masih ada Lesen Memelihara dikeluarkan okeh pihak PERHILITAN. Namun apakah tujuan dan fungsi memelihara kera atau monyet yang tidak mampu bekerja untuk manusia seperti mana beruk. Kejadian ini dikesan berlaku di Kelantan. Mo...

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Authority Of Kuala Kanhsar District Perak Has Agre..
6th Aug 2020, by SPCA Ipoh

Authority of Kuala Kanhsar District (Perak) has agreed to collaborate with ISPCA for TNR(M) program. A discussion is to be held with animal rescue group/ volunteers of Kuala Kangsar to exchange ideas on the effective implementation of TNR(M). ISPCA has already come up with the necessary SOP which is also currently being in use by Ipoh City Council (Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh). District secretary, Mr Mohd Ikram Bin Ahmad and the enforcement team also agreed to go for a six month TNR(M) trial run star...

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Blender Boy For Adoption — Shah Alam
6th Aug 2020, by PetFinder.my

Blender Boy is super approachable, friendly and fiercely protective, the perfect guardian for your house or farm. Full of love, Blender Boy is a pure being at its best. Available for adoption at Shah Alam: https://PetFinder.my/pets/100327

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Urgent. A Rescuer Is Looking For Someone Who's Abl..
6th Aug 2020, by SPCA Selangor

*URGENT* A rescuer is looking for someone who's able to foster Durian (health condition: on flu meds, tested FIV positive) for 2 months as the rescuer is trying to free up space for him. Please contact the rescuer here: https://www.facebook.com/stacy.cheong.5

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