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Dog With No Paws
20th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

Dog With No Paws It's hard to believe she almost died in a trash bag. In South Korea, where dog meat is a delicacy known as gaegogi (although the practice of eating it is less common these days), Chi Chi was one of many born to be consumed. According to her Facebook page, the 2-year-old yellow Labrador's feet were bound and she was hung upside down — it was believed her meat would become more tender this way. She was stuffed with food to make her gain weight quickly. "She was hung from her...

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Timeline Photos
20th Apr 2016, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

HOW MANY ANIMALS HAVE WE RESCUED SO FAR? Over the last 15 years we have rescued over 9,000 animals, from fragile baby birds to the magnificent green turtles that grace our beaches. The number of calls to our Wildlife Rescue Hotline increases year by year. We rescued just over 1,000 animals in the year 2011/2012, and an incredible 3,100 in the year 2014/2015. What will the rest of 2016 bring? And 2017? 2018? We simply cannot continue to help the increasing number of animals in need without...

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Animal Workshop 19 April 2016
20th Apr 2016, by SPCA Singapore

RECAP OF YESTERDAY'S ANIMAL WORKSHOP We had a turnout of 10 participants and here's a snapshot of what they were involved in. We thank The University of Melbourne Pre-Vet Club for collaborating with us and we look forward to more of such sessions in the future. This was a great opportunity to inspire a passion for animal welfare in our future generation of veterinarians. Thank you to the spontaneous participants as well, for making yesterday's session fun-filled and enjoyable. We hope that...

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Photos From SPCA Selangor, Malaysia's Post
20th Apr 2016, by SPCA Selangor

Our names are Valeria and Sandy These nice photos do come in handy But look into our hearts and soul You will find much more than a pot of gold Visit us at Spca this weekend .....💞💝💘💖

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Photos From SPCA Selangor, Malaysia's Post
20th Apr 2016, by SPCA Selangor

I'm Marco and I'm short A year old but noisy I'm not Life for me has certainly been rough But give me a home and I promise you love❤️💛💚

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Neutering Aid For 1 Cat In Seri Kembangan (Mohd Fairul Kamarulzaman B. Hamzah’s)
20th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We have sponsored RM100 for the spaying of Chombi. From: mohd Fairul Date: 2016-04-16 13:57 GMT+08:00 Subject: Chombi neutering subsidy To: chankahyein@gmail.com Hai Dr.Chan ,pada hari rabu 13/04/2016 saya telah menghantar seekor kucing betina untuk dimandulkan. Chombi adalah stray cat yang saya jumpa di jalanan dalam keadaan sakit dan saya telah membawanya pulang.chombi telah pun berumur lebih kurang 1 tahun. setelah membela chombi selama lebih kurang 1 bulan chombi telan melahirkan...

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Please Support Ispca Food Bank. 2150g. We Rearrang..
20th Apr 2016, by SPCA Ipoh

[ Please Support ISPCA FOOD BANK ] 我们重新调整庇护所的粮食分配, ç¢ ºä¿æ‰€æœ‰åŠ¨ç‰©éƒ½æœ‰æ¸©é¥±çš„一餐。 这里共 æ”¶å®¹ä¸¤ç™¾å¤šåªç‹—ç‹—ï¼Œæ¯ä¸€å¤©æˆ‘ä»¬æä¾›ä¸ €é¤ç»™åŠ¨ç‰©ä»¬ï¼Œ 每一天共需八十公斤干 粮与十个 (2150g) 罐头。 æˆ‘ä»¬å¸Œæœ›å…¬ä¼—èƒ½æ…·æ…¨æ”¯æŒæˆ‘ä»¬ç š„食物银行, 让动物们有温饱一餐。 æ ˆ‘们也公开免费领养庇护所的狗狗。 å¸ Œæœ›ä½ èƒ½ç»™ç‰ ä»¬ä¸€ä¸ªçœŸæ­£çš„家。 we rearranged the food distribution to ensure a...

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Photos From SPCA Selangor, Malaysia's Post
20th Apr 2016, by SPCA Selangor

Taylor's Uni ADP team fundraisers and creates awareness for Spca special thanks to Anna Edwards, Se lecturer in ADP 🐾🐶

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Timeline Photos
20th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

PJ For Urgent Fostering — Seri Kembangan http://PetFinder.my/pets/75584 This cool, charismatic boy is urgently in search of a temporary fosterer for the next half a year, while the owner prepares due paperwork to bring them along to Australia. Fosterer is preferably able to take care of his playmate Blu together as well, who is just as smart and chill. Keep calm with cool cats. PJ: http://PetFinder.my/pets/75584 Blu: http://PetFinder.my/pets/75585

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Handsome Looking Kitty Is Looking For His Furrever..
20th Apr 2016, by SCRATCH

Handsome looking kitty is looking for his furrever home!! Location : Kajang, Selangor Contact : 017 685 7505 - Nabila If you can adopt this kitty, kindly contact the number stated above today! If you can't, please share this post around so that he can be in his furrever home soon!! He is eligible to receive our neutering subsidy. TnC applies http://kucingterbiaranjingjalanan.blogspot.my/p/su bsidi-pemandulan.html There are many more adorable furry friends waiting to go to their furrever home...

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Timeline Photos
20th Apr 2016, by WWF Malaysia

KSL Charity Walk and Run 2016 is happening on 8 May 2016 in Canary Garden Klang. Part proceeds from the run will be channelled to WWF-Malaysia's conservation efforts. Register to join the event now at https://goo.gl/SYaaJy Hope to see you there, thank you.

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20th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

A touching moment when injured swan reunites with its beloved rescuer.

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We Have Found Our Anonymous Cloth Donor!!
20th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

Ref: https://myanimalcare.org/2016/03/01/a-w onderful-surprise-from-penang/ Remember how we received a surprise package from Penang and it contained three pieces of beautiful and quality cotton? Well, we have found our anonymous cloth donor! It’s our long-time blog follower, Alicia Chow (and Snowy)!! Thank you so much, Alicia & Snowy!  We have already sold Jungle Book 1 and Enchanted Castle 1! More blankets coming up in due time!

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It Is Ok To Love Cat.ok Juga Kalau Nak Bela Banyak..
20th Apr 2016, by SCRATCH

it is ok to love cat..ok juga kalau nak bela banyak2..TAPIIIIIIIIIIII...pls adopt...bila dah adopt jgn kutip x reti stop lak...jgn jadi hoarder ya..bela ikut kemampuan, kita bertanggungjawab jaga kebajikannya, akhir kata..kualiti lebih penting dari kuantiti...sekian pesanan penaja di pagi hari...kbai!

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Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue
20th Apr 2016, by SPCA Selangor

Anyone has space to take in one or two of these lovely dogs temporarily/ permanently? Look at those faces!

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Mr Zurik Eats Yoghurt!
19th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

Would you believe it? Mr Zurik ate Farm Fresh yoghurt today!!! That’s called yoghurt, Mr Zurik. Try it? йогурт, Mr Zurik, sir. And he’s eating it, folks! He’s eating it!! Yes, folks, he finished it all and asked for more! Ginger boycotted BARF today and wanted good ol’ reliable Monge instead. He didn’t want yoghurt for today too. I go by the rule that cats know what they want. So we provide, within reason. Yes, aren’t we...

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Another Blanket Is “adopted”!
19th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

With grateful thanks to Agnes who forwards the remaining blankets’ photos (after Pet Fiesta) throughout whatsapp, the last three blankets have now been adopted! We’ll write about the first one here: My mum did these blue-themed 9-patch motifs. From a simple technique in youtube, I cut them up… …like so. And you can turn the four squares any way you like for a random design. The blue motifs weren’t enough, so I sewed some red ones, making use of the same idea....

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Declawing Cats: Say No!
19th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

Thinking of declawing your cats? Think AGAIN! The declawing procedure removes not only the claws but the entire knuckle joint of each toe. Let Jackson Galaxy explain to you why declawing is such a bad idea and is illegal in many countries. If you're interested in discussing cat health and care topics, check out our Forum at http://PetFinder.my, and of course we have adoption listings for cats and dogs, too. Source: https://goo.gl/vEAZep

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ACRES Enrichment Video
19th Apr 2016, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

TIME TO REVISIT AN OLD VIDEO ABOUT TORTOISE ENRICHMENT! It was only a few years ago that all of the animals at the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC) were housed indoors inside our quarantine building (mistakes made by the contractor during the construction of the centre meant that we couldn’t use the outdoor enclosures as planned). Back then, animal care work was more tedious, with the need to continually replace the old newspaper bedding for all our tortoises. Due to the concrete environ...

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Timeline Photos
19th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

Muffin For Adoption — Seremban http://PetFinder.my/pets/75661 This girl is a big-time Green Day fan that howls and sings to one and only one song — Green Day's 21 Guns! Intelligent, obedient and very affectionate, Muffin loves playing fetch, running around and performing tricks for delicious treats. If you are prepared for the care and commitment, this sweet girl would welcome you with open paws! http://PetFinder.my/pets/75661

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