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14th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

The closest living relative of the fearsome T. Rex? Chicken. Nope, not kidding. Chickens are amazing! Enjoy a meat-free meal at http://KindMeal.my/ and intelligent, sentient chickens will thank you!

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Timeline Photos
14th Apr 2016, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

YOU CAN SEND A VIRTUAL HUG RIGHT NOW When wildlife explorer Richard Wiese visited the U.K.’s Abbotsbury Swannery, he came across a swan who had been injured flying into a chain-link fence. As Richard tried to comfort the swan for transport, he was deeply moved as the bird intertwined necks in one very special gesture of affection. SHARE this post with the people in your life who deserve a "hug" today. Photo Credit: Born to Explore/ Facebook www.HarmonyFund.org

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The Scare Of My Life (Vincent Went MIA)
14th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

Vincent went missing after lunch yesterday. He ate a very hearty lunch (asked for a second helping) and that was the last I saw him. The grass-cutters came and usually the PatioCats will hide somewhere and re-appear after they are gone. At dinner time, only Daffodil, Rosie, Ginger, Heidi and Zurik were present. I went out to look for Vincent and called him, but he did not turn up. At supper time (yes, sometimes they ask for a kibble snack), my husband was back and usually whenever he calls, Vin...

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Hope For FIP Cats (and Their Caregivers)
14th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

The full article: http://thebestcatpage.com/2016/04/12 /fip-may-no-longer-death-sentence-young-cats-resea rchers-say/ “We found that antiviral treatment led to full recovery of cats when treatment was started at a stage of disease that would be otherwise fatal if left untreated,” the scientists noted.. All of the cats in the study made full recoveries and were back to their old selves within 20 days of receiving the antiviral treatment. If a cure can be found for FIP, it...

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More Information On Non-Toxic Pet Pest Repellents
14th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We always have many enquiries on flea and tick repellents for animals. There is also grave concern regarding the many spot-on products available on the market. This article provides some information which may be useful for all of us. An excerpt: Who wants to hear that mysterious compounds with tongue-twister names like “cyphenothrin,” “permethrin,” or “diethylmetatoluamide” (DEET) are in the pesticide you’re about to put on your pet? I certainly don&rs...

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Feeding Pups With Makeup Sponges
13th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

Feeding Newborn Pups with Makeup Sponges Here's a possible new way to feed new born puppies. These sweethearts are called preemies, 48 hours old, and they are nursing off of a makeup wedge sponge. You can make these by cutting the ends of a rectangle make-up sponge into a V-form. Then, use a syringe full of milk and drip milk slowly onto the middle and watch them nurse away. They will automatically let go when they are full, hence, preventing over-feeding. This new idea might be much bette...

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Neutering Aid For 1 Dog In Cheras (Angie Ng Chow Keun’s)
13th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We have fully sponsored RM150 for the spaying of this female dog. Text received: Dear Dr Chan, Re: Neutering Claim A Sabahan worker rescued at industries area in Cheras K L. After neutered, I will put on Facebook for adoption. Attached here the pictures of the dog. Thank you! Yours truly, Ng Chow Keun

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Blankets Sold (by Donation) At Pet Fiesta 2016 And Feedback On The Fire Monkey Blankie
13th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

Here are the blankets sold (by donation) at Pet Fiesta 2016. Cat breeds was bought by Koo for RM150. Koo says he likes the size as this blanket is BIG. The Cat Breeds cloth and the brown cloth are contributed by Agnes Cheong. Jungle Book 1 was bought by a supporter for RM150. The Jungle Book cloth is contributed by the anonymous donor from Penang. I used our own cloth to make the trimmings at the sides, so that’s where the patchwork is. Blue Delight was bought by another suppor...

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Thank You Very Much, Rinny Leong!
13th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We would like to express our grateful appreciation to Rinny Leong for making the effort to collect tshirt orders from her friends and colleagues. This round, Rinny collected 20 tshirt orders for us and she came all the way to collect them yesterday. Way back when we started this fund, we were sustained solely by our tshirt sales for the first three years. Sales was really good back then as we sold a lot of tshirts during Wesak, but since two years back, there is no more provision for external b...

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Photos From SPCA Selangor, Malaysia's Post
13th Apr 2016, by SPCA Selangor

Octavia De Witt is a much loved star at De Witt residence and we are all overjoyed 🐾🍾🍷! Octavia is our blonde princess , gentle, elegant and a true Malaysian pure breed in every sense. We wish you many happy and wonderful years with your new family!

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Timeline Photos
13th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

[-15%] Fine Dining at Delhi Royale http://KindMeal.my/DelhiRoyale/deal-385.htm Delight your taste buds with authentic Delhi cuisine in the comfy fine dining environment of Delhi Royale, KL. Indulge in their extensive vegetarian-friendly menu such as their signature Tandoor Snacks, fluffy Rotis, Paneer & Mushrooms, Vegetables, Soups, Salad and authentic Punjab desserts. Dine now with KindMeal.my app's free coupons! http://KindMeal.my/DelhiRoyale/deal-385.h tm

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With Regard To The Dog Below, Please Allow Us To C..
13th Apr 2016, by PAWS

With regard to the dog below, please allow us to clarify with some good news. The dog catchers were not from MPSJ as previously reported. They are from MBPJ. As MBPJ does not have a dog pound, the dogs they catch are sent to our shelter. We can confirm that this particular dog was sent to our shelter earlier this week, and is still currently safe here. As per our procedure, we will keep the dog at our shelter for two weeks for the owner to reclaim the dog. Please take note that we will NOT ent...

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Cats Experience Less Stress When They Have Boxes
13th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

The full article: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/31 715/20150210/cats-experience-less-stress-when-they -have-access-to-boxes-says-study.htm Why cats and boxes mix has long been a mystery. Now researchers from the University of Utrecht have discovered why, publishing the results of their findings in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science. In their study, the researchers set out to determine if boxes can help in alleviating stress in shelter cats. Felines have long had an affinity...

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Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better
13th Apr 2016, by SPCA Selangor

Is this your dog? Caught by MPSJ in Subang Jaya, please claim him/her at the pound if this dog is yours!

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Singapore Pre-Vet Club Event At SPCA
13th Apr 2016, by SPCA Singapore

ANIMAL WORKSHOP (19 APRIL 2016) We are delighted to be working with The University of Melbourne Pre-Vet Club, to inspire the next generation of veterinarians at the below upcoming workshop. If you are currently studying a science pathway at a Singaporean university or studying science related subjects at a Singaporean high school, please do register for the workshop at https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/singapore-pre-vet- club-event-at-spca-tickets-24383824676 Spaces are limited and registrati...

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Rascal The Sweet Looking Dog Is Looking For His Fu..
13th Apr 2016, by SCRATCH

Rascal the sweet looking dog is looking for his furrever home!! Location : Bayan Lepas, Penang Contact : 012 507 4419 - Alexis If you can adopt Rascal, kindly contact Alexis today! If you can't, please share this post around so that he can be in his furrever home soon!! Rascal is eligible to receive our neutering subsidy once he is old enough to be neutered. TnC applies http://kucingterbiaranjingjalanan.blogspot.my/p/su bsidi-pemandulan.html There are many more adorable furry friends waiting...

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Selamat Pagi.ini Chachi.kucing Follower Kami.fav S..
13th Apr 2016, by SCRATCH

Selamat pagi..ini Chachi..kucing follower kami..fav spotnya dia blkg laptop...to keep warm katanyaaaa...

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Timeline Photos
13th Apr 2016, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

SEEKING PROFESSIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILMER We're seeking a film crew to shoot & produce video content of our rescue partners in Serbia, Bosnia and Turkey. The end product would be a series of 5 - 6 emotionally engaging videos (each about 120 seconds long) that present the power of our international animal rescue work in its most joyful & fulfilling light. We'd like to get the filming going within the next several weeks, with two locations in each country. The crew we seek will be experienced, org...

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A Greek Yoghurt Treat For The Cats
12th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

Believe it or not, I just learnt about Greek yoghurt over Pet Fiesta. Apparently, it’s a much hyped about food these days. Here’s some information about it: http://health.usnews.com/health-news/diet -fitness/diet/articles/2011/09/30/greek-yogurt-vs- regular-yogurt-which-is-more-healthful So, I bought Greek yoghurt for the cats (and myself) today. For the cats, I read that yoghurt helps transition them to raw food because it provides healthy bacteria to the gut. Indy was alread...

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The Inheritance
12th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

The Inheritance Sometimes inheritances are great, and sometimes they're Greg. After Sylvia's aunt dies and leaves Greg, the cat, in her care, Sylvia changes her lifestyle to suit his needs by providing him with his favourite things, such as a private swimming pool and candlelight massage, until she finds out the truth about her inheritance. This is yet another fabulous video by the folks at Cat CATastrophes, which won the CatDance Video Award 2014. Let's face it. We cat-lovers don't need a le...

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