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Timeline Photos
19th Apr 2016, by SPCA Selangor

The Pet on a Canvas artworks by Aunty Suzi are ready to go! These specially hand-painted pieces will up for 'adoption' during our April HeArts event @ Taylor's University Lakeside campus. Drop by the Student Life Center on Wednesday 20th, where these limited pieces will be on display. There's only one of each, so they will go on a first-come-first-serve basis at a min. donation of RM 150! See you there!

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A Female Great Dane Is Currently Up For Adoption. ..
19th Apr 2016, by SPCA Seberang Perai

A female Great Dane is currently up for adoption. Only for dog lover who has experience in caring for this giant breed. For more details, please contact 0124983583. Note: This dog has already been spayed.

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Timeline Photos
19th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

[-20%] Wholesome & Healthy Meals, Aenon http://KindMeal.my/Aenon/deal-460.htm AENON The Health Kitchen at Jalan Cheras offers you a healthy and delicious gastronomic experience, founded upon the principles of whole grain, all natural, vegan, no deep-fried, no MSG, no caffeine and no irritants (chili, pepper, vinegar). Indulge in their wholesome Asian and Western main meals and healthy, guilt-free desserts at an exclusive 20% discount. Restaurant is closed on Fridays and Saturdays. Dine now w...

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19th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

Corals are losing color at an alarming rate, no thanks to global warming. We have to act fast, or it may be too late.

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Pagi Semalam Kami Ada Share Macam Mana Nak Buat Su..
19th Apr 2016, by SCRATCH

Pagi semalam kami ada share macam mana nak buat susu kucing emergency kalau pet milk kan? Okay, pagi ni kami share benda asas yang perlu dibuat jika korang tengah foster baby cat tanpa ibu. Paling penting. BE GENTLE with the kitten. Thank you The Pet Collective for an informative video.

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Psssttt.ada Sape2 Yg Guna Mcm Ni.litter Tray Sorok..
19th Apr 2016, by SCRATCH

psssttt...ada sape2 yg guna mcm ni..litter tray sorok dlm kabinet ke gerobok ke hape..supaya tersorok sikit jamban anak2 bulus ni..Ada?? Mana uolls beli atau custom made? Admin x reti la nak bikin modify sendiri..almaklum..tak reti kraftangan..keras tangan ada la..share sikit...

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Eva Has Just Arrived To Her New Furever Home In Lo..
18th Apr 2016, by Langkawi Animal Shelter & Sanctuary Foundation

Eva has just arrived to her new furever home in London. Mummy Jo Storey is so happy to have her. Eva is now catching up on cuddles 😝. Cino will be arriving at Berlin very soon.

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Update Adopted. A Male Shih Tzu Recently Surrender..
18th Apr 2016, by SPCA Seberang Perai

A male Shih Tzu recently surrendered to the shelter is currently up for adoption. Interested adopter to please contact Madam Tan at 012-5523447.

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Timeline Photos
18th Apr 2016, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

WE DO GOOD THINGS TOGETHER www.HarmonyFund.org "Today we received our box from the United States with the microscope,the stethoscope and the set of operating utensils special for veterinarians. We are sooo excited and will also send you a video with an update on the construction of the new building that had been stopped for so long!!" - Linda Cox of ASODEPA in Venezuela Thank you all! www.HarmonyFund.org

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Governments Of Britain And The Netherlands Pile Less Meat On Dietary Advice Plate
18th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

The news: http://www.meatfreemondays.com/governme nt-piles-less-meat-on-dietary-advice-plate/ The way your dinner plate looks is changing – or at least it ought to be, according to the latest official dietary guidelines published in Britain and the Netherlands. Every year both countries produce a “plate” graphic, divided into segments, illustrating how much of each food group their citizens should be eating to achieve a balanced diet. And this year fruit, veg and sustai...

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Barcelona Joins Meat Free Monday!
18th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

The news: http://www.meatfreemondays.com/veg-frie ndly-barcelona-joins-meat-free-monday/ Inspired by the YouTube appeal made by MFM founder Sir Paul McCartney in advance of the COP21 climate talks in Paris in December, a pro-veggie proposal was put to the local authorities by the Catalan Republican Left party and won the support of the ruling Barcelona en Comu party. Barcelona joins cities such as Bordeaux, Oslo, New York and Vancouver in encouraging citizens to cut down on their me...

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Some Of The Cats We’ve Helped In Wong Yee Heng’s Colonies
18th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

Wong Yee Heng & friends, who claim every week for the neutering of many cats, sent us the photos of some of the cats whose neutering we have sponsored:

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Neutering Aid For 9 Cats In The Klang Valley (Wong Yee Heng, Lee Chin Chin & Rose Au Ah Kieu’s)
18th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We have fully sponsored RM900 for the spaying of 5 female cats and the castration of 4 male cats. All cats have been returned to colony. Lee Chin Chin’s cats in Kepong: Rose Au’s cats in Ampang: Wong Yee Heng’s cats in Cheras:

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Neutering Aid For 1 Cat In Petaling Jaya (Daniel Kwok Tak Hoong’s)
18th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We have sponsored RM90 for the castration of Paul. Daniel has requested an aid of RM10 less (his donation back to the Fund) so that more animals can be helped. Thank you very much, Daniel! Considering the fact that we help more than 150 (187 last month) animals per month, if caregivers are willing to re-donate even RM5 back to us, more animals can certainly be helped! From: Daniel Kwok Date: Wed, Apr 13, 2016 at 7:42 PM Subject: [Daniel Kwok] SS23/6 Neuter – 13th April 2016 To: Chan Kah ...

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Natural Ease Spray And Pet Spray
18th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

We are pleased to introduce a new pet spray from Natural Ease! All proceeds go to our Neutering Fund for the street animals. The difference between the Spray and the Pet Spray is that the ingredients in the Spray has been refined for human use. The basic ingredients in both are the same. About the Pet Spray: An anti-pathogenic pet spray that is completely natural. Effective treatment for pets for: Bacterial and fungal infections Hot spots Paw infections Ear infections Effective against Salm...

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A New Primal Freeze-Dried Flavour For Dogs And Cats!
18th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

Avant Pet has acquired a new flavour of Primal Freeze-Dried for dogs and cats!  And it’s just arrived on our shores today! Avant Pet’s Primal Freeze-Dried is also one of our merchandise for fundraising. For enquiries, please write to chankahyein@gmail.com.  

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BARF Treat For Lunch
18th Apr 2016, by AnimalCare

All the cats had a BARF treat for lunch today! One tray isn’t enough anymore now that they are eating more BARF, so I used two trays today. It’s been slightly more than a week of “training” and switching them to a BARF diet. We started with just a little bit and initially only Cleo, Bunny, Indy and Tabs were willing to eat it. Cleo loved it instantly, of course. Cow, Tiger and Pole refused to eat on the first two days. Then, slowly, as I mixed it with their Monge canned...

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Timeline Photos
18th Apr 2016, by SPCA Selangor

Join us at the Taylor's University Lakeside campus Student Life Center for an art-themed, fun-filled fundraiser celebration - painted portraits of SPCA animals, specially-designed t-shirts, games, food & beverages and more! For more information, call Arief or Helen at 42565312 (10am - 4pm, Tue - Sun)

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This Unique Coloured Looking Dog Named Tigger Is L..
18th Apr 2016, by SCRATCH

This unique coloured looking dog named Tigger is looking for her furrever home!! Location : Bayan Lepas, Penang Contact : 012 507 4419 - Alexis If you can adopt Tigger, kindly contact Alexis today! If you can't, please share this post around so that she can be in her furrever home soon!! Tigger is eligible to receive our neutering subsidy. TnC applies http://kucingterbiaranjingjalanan.blogspot.my/p/su bsidi-pemandulan.html There are many more adorable furry friends waiting to go to their fur...

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Timeline Photos
18th Apr 2016, by PetFinder.my

Happy 8th Birthday to PetFinder! Yep, we're turning 8 today. It feels like forever since we found a loving home for our very first cute doggy. It's been 3,000 days of non-stop hard work, but every second of it is worth it when we see a new sparkle of hope and joy in a precious life. There are now 30,000 happy families — where 4-legged stray furries are showered with love and care, while the owners are rewarded with a lifetime of joy and loyal companionship. We have also worked hard to enco...

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