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Abandoned Dog For Adoption (real Cutie!)
24th Jun 2011, by AnimalCare

This is a wee bit of a complicated story as it's received from a third party, so I'll do my best to report it as I understand it.  A dog was found abandoned at an apartment area in Puchong.  The guards took in the dog, and have now tied it up.  They are feeding the dog, but not providing it any shelter from the rain or the sun.  It's been two days now.  One of the apartment dwellers, a Ms Latha (012-4633788) has taken on the responsibility of trying to find an adopter fo...

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Chewbacca, A Little Rescued Kitten In Real Bad Shape
24th Jun 2011, by AnimalCare

Ref: http://www.myanimalcare.org/2011/06/urge ntly-required-post-surgery-care-for.htmlChristine (a student) and her friends brought the little rescued kitten to our vet today, as reported in the posting above.  I only managed to get to the vet's in the afternoon and here's the X-Ray:It's confirmed diaphragmatic hernia.It doesn't look good at all, if you can see from the X-Ray.  There's practically nothing much left in the abdominal cavity.  Everything's pushed to the lung cav...

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The Five "Gingershells" Are With Nandhini Now
24th Jun 2011, by AnimalCare

Remember the 5 kittens that someone had dumped in front of my gate last week?  In a styrofoam box?  Well, I had to send to them to the vet's for treatment as they were having diarrhoea and flu.  I don't know if Bunny had picked up something as Bunny started sneezing three days ago as well.  Anyway, our first vet dewormed the five and our second vet applied eyedrops for the fluey ones, and these guys are REAL survivors, because they improved and are now as active as ever; eati...

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A Case In Sungai Petani Reported By Devi Raj
24th Jun 2011, by MDDB & MCCP Penang

It was earlier reported to us by Devi Raj from Sungai Petani, Kedah that one of her neighbors had intentionally chained their dog on a very short leash causing difficulty for the dog to lie down or even move around. Our rescuers went ahead for a house visit tonight and managed to locate the house and convinced the owner to leash the dog on a longer chain instead. The owner agreed and MDDB & MCCP Northern is happy to present the owner with the leash.We requested for the owner to secure the ne...

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Our World Today - People Power Can Release The Worlds Saddest Dolphins
24th Jun 2011, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

On 1 August 2011 Our World Today Inc. (a not for profit) is launching a news website to provide people with the truly inspiring and challenging stories that are often not portrayed in mainstream media. More »

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Tiger Trade Data Specialist
24th Jun 2011, by WWF Malaysia

We are looking for  a  Tiger Trade Data Specialist , based in TRAFFIC SEA, Petaling  Jaya. TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, works to ensure that trade in wild animals and plants is not a threat to the conservation of nature.  TRAFFIC and WWF work together in the WWF Tigers Alive Initiative, which aims to double the number of Tigers in 2022 through a wide range of activities aimed at effectively managing...

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Executive, Knowledge Management (KM)
24th Jun 2011, by WWF Malaysia

We are looking for an Executive, Knowledge Management (KM), based in Petaling Jaya Office This position plays an internal consultancy and advisory role in terms of Information and Knowledge Management to the Senior Manager, Knowledge Management as well as key business initiatives in the organization inclusive of designing and managing Knowledge Management related programs, projects and activities for the organization. Key outputs include, but are not limited to  ensuring all staff has timely...

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Bunny's Fine And So Am I (I Hope!)
24th Jun 2011, by AnimalCare

Many thanks to everyone who's been enquiring about Bunny and me.  Bunny is doing fine.  The wound is closing up now, and he's slowly getting back to being himself.  Yes, two more days for the antibiotics and he's already started fighting on Day Three but I managed, somehow.  Just two more days to go...wish me luck!And while I was battling with a high fever and a "huge-rock-in-the-head" migraine, well, guess what...Bunny's been looking after me!  Absolutely down and out a...

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Transport Help Required For Amber
24th Jun 2011, by AnimalCare

Amber has started bleeding again.  She probably needs another chemo jab.  Krystal has requested for transport help for Amber, from Ara Damansara to USJ Taipan, and back, tomorrow.  If you are able to help provide transport, please contact Krystal directly on 016-2292625.

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Urgently Required - Post-Surgery Care For Kitten
24th Jun 2011, by AnimalCare

Christine, a student, was on the phone with me all night.  She was trying to rescue a little kitten that was injured.  Long story cut short, after midnight, she managed to get the kitten.The kitten was brought to our panel vet this morning and it's not good news....The kitten, estimated to be about two-and-a-half months old, has a bad injury on the leg.  The wound is already full of pus now.  This injury can either be treated or the leg can be amputated.  The kitten is v...

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When Kindness Can Be A Weakness
24th Jun 2011, by Noah's Ark CARES

How many of us are actually guilty of endlessly chasing after materialistic wants in the modern society, just because our basic needs are so easily fulfilled nowadays that we take it for granted? Cannot decide on which new handbag to buy online or busy looking through the itineraries of different travel agencies for a planned holiday to USA? Though Singapore is a fast developing country there will be always a group of disadvantaged and needy citizens somewhere struggling to make ends meet everyd...

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Photo Feature
24th Jun 2011, by SPCA Singapore

Pet Care Tip: Many of you may have seen rabbits living in cages and standing on wired flooring. It may seem fine but actually, it’s not. Rabbits don't have padded feet like cats and dogs, so it hurts the rabbits to stay on wired flooring. Over time, the uneven flooring could cut into their feet and leave them with nasty and painful sores and abscesses. Besides the pain your beloved rabbit has to go through, you would also incur unnecessary medical costs. Please remove that wired flooring toda...

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Squirrel's Back....with His Friend!
24th Jun 2011, by AnimalCare

Remember Squirrel?  Well, he's definitely back, despite his tree-home being chopped down by the neighbour, and he's even bringing a friend every day.  I think it's the same friend as the one last time.Both squirrels have been coming every day, several times, too, to eat the cat's leftovers.  And this is despite the massive drilling and hacking in the neighbour's house (which is contributing to my migraine!!).The other friend is really shy, so I didn't manage to take his photo.

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Vivian's Cat Spayed
24th Jun 2011, by AnimalCare

Vivian Leong sent a mother-cat to be spayed under our sponsorship today.  She also brought along the kittens to check if they could be vaccinated.  The vet said the kittens are still too young.  The kittens are up for adoption.  If interested, please contact Vivian at vivianleongkhaiheng@gmail.com

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Updates On Toby The Cat
24th Jun 2011, by AnimalCare

My friend, CP, went over to do healing for Toby on Tuesday.  She said Toby made quite a bit of noise during that one hour.  Yesterday, Toby was in pretty bad shape, but apparently, today, he's better.  Toby might even be discharged tomorrow!Let's keep on sending positive thoughts to Toby, shall we? Sorry there is no photo.  My viral fever is literally "killing me", I can't even drive.  But I'm still going to work!  There is no medical leave for people in the te...

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Boy-Boy, Male Cat For Adoption
24th Jun 2011, by AnimalCare

From Lisa (kuoklisa@gmail.com):Boy-Boy is an abandoned cat that I found. He's around 7 years old. He's slightly long haired and has beautiful blue-grey coat. Boy-Boy has been neutered and now needs a loving, forever home. If you know someone who might be interested in adopting Boy-Boy, please let me know. He's very lovable. Boy-Boy is currently boarding at the vet's.  There is a RM150 adoption fee to cover his neutering cost.I'm also attaching some pics of Boy-Boy.  He's been boarding ...

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Pets Pavilion Events, Setia Eco Park
23rd Jun 2011, by SPCA Selangor

Volunteers/would-be-volunteers, we'll be doing sales of merchandise, StopAnimalAbuse.my petition and pet adoption on that day, time is from 8am-5pm. I don't want to sound like a pervert asking people to dress less, but be advised that the event is outdoor in the park... Just so you know. Interested please email kelvin.spca@gmail.com terima kasih~!

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Domestic Short Hair Kitten For Adoption - 6 Months, Ming Ming From Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
23rd Jun 2011, by PetFinder.my

My name's Ming Ming, which means bright & clever. I am a mischievous boy that was rescued when I got stuck at the roof of a mamak shop! I love to play and be cuddled. See how comfortable I am on my lil' bed!

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Google Maps
23rd Jun 2011, by SPCA Selangor

Hi all, a member reported seeing an injured stray cat with bone sticking out of leg last night here - open air malay restaurant near a T- junction, near Masjid Sri Petaling, Jalan 3/149j, Taman Seri Petaling. It's a ginger cat, medium sized. Anyone in this area can see if the cat is still there, and if possible take him/her to the vet, or as a last resort bring the cat back to the SPCA?

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Of "Karma", Intentions, And Spay-Neuter
23rd Jun 2011, by AnimalCare

For the last few weeks, we have been working pretty hard to talk a bigtime rescuer into spaying-neutering the 100 over dogs in his shelter.  He has repeatedly refused because of his own beliefs, ie. if he spays-neuters the dogs, he himself might not be able to produce children in his next life.  He also said maybe the dogs would not be able to reproduce in their next life (as dogs? humans? or another beings?).It was extremely hard to convince him as he is very staunch in his beliefs, i...

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