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The Circle Of Life And Love
26th Oct 2013, by AnimalCare

While Marina mourns the unexpected demise of Polkadot at her new home, life begins for 3 new kittens in Marina’s home. Cotton was rescued by Marina sometime last week, and she was suspected to be either pregnant or has a tumour as the vet could not feel the kittens (if any). So the vet advised to wait for a few weeks to see if Cotton would deliver. Cotton did this morning. And the circle of life goes on… From: Marina M <marinarocm@yahoo.com> Date: Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 11:26 A...

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Be Happy At Rainbow Bridge, Polkadot
26th Oct 2013, by AnimalCare

Polkadot had come such a long way, from the day she was rescued by Marina, given medical treatment until she healed, was adopted, re-adopted, and finally, adopted to a good home. But we received sad news this morning. Polkadot is gone now. For every being born, his/her lifespan is determined. We don’t know how long we and our loved ones will live. We only have moments. Precious moments. We know Marina did her very best for Polkadot. Polkadot had a good life, she was well cared for. That...

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Kathina At The Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (26th & 27th October 2013)
26th Oct 2013, by AnimalCare

The rains have come and gone. It’s Kathina at the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association and we will be doing fundraising for the animals through the sale of our merchandise (tshirts, soap, toothpaste keychains, etc), all by donation. Do come and join us if you are in the neighbourhood. Saturday, 26th October: 7pm until 11pm Sunday, 27th October: 6.30am until 2pm. Kathina is a traditional Buddhist festival where lay devotees offer the requisites of food, shelter, clothing and medicine to the re...

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Tabs’ Fun In The Garden
26th Oct 2013, by AnimalCare

Tabs had been itching to go out for a romp. So being Saturday, I thought I’d give her a supervised treat. She’s been quite mischievous lately, so she has to be watched. Daffodil and Vincent watch her. Brother-and-sister, Ginger and Rosie, watch from higher ground. Mr Zurik was still around and he growled at Tabs. Tabs stopped short in her tracks, so I had to shoo Mr Zurik away. Ich gehe nirgendwo hin. (That’s German for “I ain’t going nowhere.”) Tabs con...

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Jumbo Waits For His Vibrant-Mickey Blankie
26th Oct 2013, by AnimalCare

Faizati sent these photos last night, after 10pm: What??? I won?? I really won?!! Jumbo’s friends do a happy dance for him! Jumbo is the latest addition to Faizati’s cat-family and he is a big-time Primal fan! This makes Jumbo a big-time AnimalCare supporter too! Vibrant Mickey will be posted to Jumbo by Poslaju Express today!

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Help Needed For Dog In Butterworth (Wazura Saruni’s)
26th Oct 2013, by AnimalCare

If you are able to help, please contact Wazura directly on her email below. From: wazura saruni <wazura.saruni@gmail.com> Date: Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 10:27 PM Subject: Injured dog in Butterworth To: chankahyein@gmail.com Hi Dr. Chan, I just received a call from my sister in Butterworth.. she informed that there is an injured dog maybe broken leg under a car nearby SSF home deco in Taman Inderawasih. The dog could not move properly seems only dragging her/his leg. Appreciate if you could s...

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And Vibrant Mickey (Blankie No. 8) Goes To….
25th Oct 2013, by AnimalCare

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2013/10/24/heres-vib rant-mickey-blankie-no-8-the-auction-begins-ends-a t-10pm-friday/ Many thanks to Jumbo & Faizati, Wine Dogs and PC Leong!! And the vibrant Tabs-Mickey Blankie goes to…  A very, very special “thank you” from Tabs!! This blankie will always have good memories for Tabs. Thank you very much, Jumbo & Faizati!

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Updates On 25th Oct 2013
25th Oct 2013, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

CAVE DWELLING DOGS WHO HUNGER FOR HUMAN BONES??? http://www.care2.com/causes/do-these-cav e-dogs-hunger-for-human-bones.html Halloween chills have arrived early in Dahab, a former fishing village that kisses the Red Sea on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. The shore of this diver’s paradise is guarded by ‘blue hole,’ a deceptively deep underwater tunnel known as the Diver’s Cemetery as nitrogen narcosis sends victims into a semi-conscious fall to the ocean floor. Ghost town silence has swal...

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Updates On 25th Oct 2013
25th Oct 2013, by SPCA Singapore

Sisi and Coco are lovely two-month-old kittens whom we found on St John Island during our trap, sterilisation and release operation conducted last weekend. These two babies were in a corner on the island, looking a little malnourished. If given some tender loving care and attention, these two would be a hit with visitors to our shelter. Confident of finding them good homes, we brought them back with us to Singapore. Our lovely foster-parent stepped forward and offered her home as temporary sh...

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TGIF…for The Cats Too!
25th Oct 2013, by AnimalCare

Ahh…after a very, very long week, it’s Friday! Heidi makes herself very much at home these days… She was sleeping here from morning until now… Cats can really sleep, especially on a cold day. Nowadays, Vincent, Heidi and Ginger are inside the house most of the time. Daffodil and Timmy are at the patio while Rosie is at her “other houses”, chilling out with her friends. Mr Zurik comes for meals and he too comes into the house these days. He is welcome, as long ...

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Updates On 25th Oct 2013
25th Oct 2013, by PetFinder.my

Introducing.. the PJ Cute Fat Puppies! http://www.petfinder.my/pets/49829/ 4 plump, healthy, active and superbly adorable pups from Petaling Jaya seeking loving homes and good space to run around. Must commit to spay/neuter the pups once they are old enough. Wanna bring one of them home to be your family's new sweetheart?

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“Stray-Free” Vs “Stray-Friendly”
25th Oct 2013, by AnimalCare

Recently, a lot of people forwarded a petition to us urging us to sign it. It was lobbying for a “stray-free” community. Many rescuers and animal caregivers signed it but I did wonder if they knew what they were signing for. A “stray-free” community would mean the continuous capturing of stray animals. Is this what animal caregivers want? Just as in bank documents and legal letters, it is really, really important to read what one is signing. I think about two years back, ...

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Mia's Story.
25th Oct 2013, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

MIA’S STORY...the final chapter... In this final video documenting the story of Mia, Sabrina returns to MacRitchie to tell the story from beginning to end; of how Mia was found, rescued, rehabilitated and released. Sabrina tells of the emotions felt on that joyous day, when we were finally able to return Mia to her natural home, here in Singapore. Now that Mia is back in the wild, with her own troop where she belongs, the ACRES Macaque Response Team are on a mission to raise awareness of t...

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Updates On 25th Oct 2013
25th Oct 2013, by SPCA Singapore

Calling all animal lovers. Here is a wonderful opportunity to work with the animals. We are inviting applications for the post of an Animal Care Officer. The job requires you to be in contact with people and you will need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively on a wide range of animal care issues. •Duties include cleaning of cages, taking care of animals, and assisting in animal rescue •Experience in handling animals will be an advantage •Physically fit •Must be able to...

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Updates On 25th Oct 2013
25th Oct 2013, by SPCA Selangor

We still have furkids waiting for home, come over and play with the them, your perfect companion could be the one in our center! We're open everyday 9am-4pm. Our location: http://goo.gl/c4PKpH

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Rescue Case 拯救案子 - Kai Kai & Jia Jia
25th Oct 2013, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

狗狗在幼小的時候可爱模样总是令人 爱,就像小婴兒一样饲主会倍加关爱 顾,但人们常有喜新厌旧的心态,加 上小狗只要一生病,变老或变得不可 ,人类不愿再花钱花时间照顾,他们 往就成为人类不负责任下的牺牲品。 We all know that puppies look cute when they are young. They are just like small children; need a lot of care from their owner. But, those irresponsibility owners always have thought of grass ...

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希望护生园流浪猫狗领养日 H.O.P.E Pet Adoption Drive
25th Oct 2013, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

Sunday11:00am until 5:00pm56G/56-01,JALAN BESTARI 3/2, TAMAN NUSA BESTARI,NUSA JAYA, 79150 JOHOR. 我们的流浪动物领养日来了!! 于2013年10月27号 (星期日) 上午11点至5点在位于TAMAN NUSA BESTARI,NUSA JAYA的SUPER PET前进行。 We, HOPE shelter will be having our outdoor adoption drive on the 27th Oct 2013, Sunday in front of SUPER PET, located at TAMAN NUSA BESTARI,NUSA JAYA from 11am-5pm! *任何疑问详情请拨打以下热线:012-716 7123 (IRIS LEONG) *ANY Q...

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感谢Siek Fang小姐以领养代替购买 Sincerely Thanks For Ms.Siek Fang Choose To Adopt
25th Oct 2013, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

感谢Siek Fang小姐以领养代替购买,给小米克斯 孩(混种菜狗)一个家,大家选择自收 所领养一只无家可归的动物们,让他 们有个安身之处! Sincerely Thanks for Ms.Siek Fang choose to adopt Mixed-Breed puppy rather than purchased it, her love and cares to this furry kid and let it own a warmth home and family. 还有上万的流浪动物在街头流浪,等 一个安身之处和一双温暖的援助之手 他们何时可以终止流浪的...

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希望大家可以站在我们的立场和难处设想,好吗?... Seriously Hope You Can Stand On Our Side To Understand It, Ok?
25th Oct 2013, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

希望护生园是个非盈利和非政府资助 团体,并且秉持着不执行安乐死。目 护生园内逾千只毛孩就快挤爆护生园 了,他们由于处在拥挤的空间内而不 发生打斗。另一方面护生园每个月承 的庞大支出非常的吃力... H.O.P.E is a NGO organization and 100% NO-KILL Animal shelter. Currently shelter is too crowded and no much place for furry kids, they faced a big problem due to space and everyday they're fighting with oth...

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希望护生园狗狗洗澡日 H.O.P.E Doggies Bathing Event
25th Oct 2013, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

Sunday, November 10, 201310:30am until 1:30pm81300 Lima Kedai, Johor, Malaysia(Kindly scroll below for English Write-up) 任何关于洗澡日活动的交通问题,地 询问或细节,请联络 012-716 7123 (IRIS LEONG) / 016-791 1638 (AUNTY JIA JIA). 谢谢 :) -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- 狗狗洗澡日又来了!就在11月10号,想 进来看看狗狗帮忙他们洗澡的朋友们 别犹豫了,快来吧!:) 希望护...

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